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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Five: Kekkon

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The miniature albatross shivered slightly, standing in an otherwise ideal position for the ceremony, feet planted at approximately shoulder width, wings folded neatly behind her in a pink windbreaker of sorts. Her Type 35 was freshly requisitioned-the best sort of clean possible-for ideal performance, her rank pins arranged upon her breast in an orderly fashion.

The little Shan smiled when she noticed Anastasia had finally gotten around to fixing her damaged wing. If there wasn't a procession coming along right at this time, Arb-Arb would have been asking Ana almost the exact same questions her infantry roommate was firing away with...

Upon the Empress's arrival, the Kaiyo's weapons operator delivered a bow which brought her upper body nearly horizontal, lasting for several seconds before realigning herself.

Eden closed her eyes and smiled delightedly as Saki approached her from her right. Her senses tingled and little shivers ran up her spine and rose to her face, which did something Eden rarely did, blush. She opened her eyes a moment after closing them, then looked to Saki as they found their place in front of the podium with glowing golden eyes.

Happy tears at the corners of them that threatened to fall and, soon, she was sniffing and smiling up at the Empress before she bowed deeply, as the rest of the crew had done upon seeing Himiko approach and speak. She then turned back to look at the beautifully dressed and even more beautifully endowed brunette next to her and reached out her hands to hold Saki's in her own as two tears fell from her bright eyes.
Yoshida opened her mouth as if to say something, and then it just hung there, waiting to catch flies. The empress was really here! She hoped she was properly presentable, worrying about hairs being out of place, or if there was a loose thread in her clothes. So worried about her appearence she was that it was a moment before she shook herself out of her stupor and bowed, giving her the respect she deserved. Especially seeing as she showed up allthe way here to their captian's wedding! Being graced with the empresses's presence like this, surely was one of the biggest honors one serving in the star army could receive.

Then, she looked up, still in awe as she took everything in. From the reverent faces of those around her, to her captian's tears of joy. This was definetely an occasion Yoshida would remember for the rest of her days.

Anastasia noticed Orion's gesture, smiling. She snapped into attention as the Empress arrived, moving towards the podium. Anastasia bowed alongside Yoshida, choosing not to do an Elysian bow as to not insult or... smack anyone.

After an appropriate length of time, Anastasia stood up again. She stayed at attention, listening to the Empress. This was actually happening, she was standing feet away from one of the largest political figures in the system. If not, the largest.

Mitsuko looked away from the happy couple as the royal entourage arrived, security deploying with practiced skill and ease, shepherding the Empress into position. She was impressed at the efficiency of it all, as the podium, lectern and microphone seemingly appeared out of thin air just where they needed to be. The Logistics Neko bowed respectfully at the proper time, sneaking a glance at the visiting Empress before keeping her eyes on the two officers. She just needed to stay still and quiet, and hope that the other crew members did the same, and they could get through this without a royal incident.

Hanna Madsen was eager to judge the quality of her makeup application on the Shosa. Would the sun expose some blending mistakes to the entire crowd...and to the Empress? Was her own makeup within Star Army regulations? Did she exaggerate Eden's eyebrows too much for her taste? And, did she really put too much bronzer on the Shosa?

All these questions and more afflicted Hanna as she stood, wearing the formal variant of the duty uniform, a Type 32 coat, and a Type 32 cap. She was wearing a more dramatic makeup look than usual today, a blue eyeshadow placed along her lower waterline and deep red lipstick defining her look.

It was not long until the Empress arrived with her retinue. Her gold kimono was ostentatious in its conspicuousness, yet on the graceful figure of the Empress, it was beautiful and befitting of someone of such rank. Her straight, jet black hair shimmered in the sun, giving her an almost...angelic aspect. Upon turning around, Hanna saw the Empress's red eyes, which further bestowed upon the Empress a divine essence, putting her far above the uncanny perfection of the Nekovalkyrja and placing her among mythical deities and ancient queens.

On cue from the crowd, Hanna gave a deep bow and rose after three seconds. It was difficult to keep her eyes off the Empress, but with great self-control, Hanna focused her eyes upon the pink sakura trees, which had a more modest kind of beauty than that of the Empress.

Out of the corner of her eye, Hanna saw Eden and Misaki approach the Empress and give a deep bow. Their earthly beauty reminding Hanna of her own earthly worries, Hanna strained the edges of her vision to get a glance at Eden's makeup. Eden rose and turned towards her betrothed, giving Hanna a partial view of her face. However, before Hanna could judge her work, the Shosa shed two tears.

No! You might ruin your face!

With an inaudible gasp, Hanna remembered that the setting spray, eye makeup, foundation, and lipstick that she used for Eden was waterproof. In theory, her makeup should stay put. However, as those two dreadful tears traveled down her face, they...did nothing!

With a deep sigh and a smile, Hanna admired the results of her work upon Eden, happy to have done her part for the wedding.

Sutahira Medikku bowed towards the Empress, reallinging himself and quickly fixing any wrinkles in his uniform. He appeared to be in the same boat as the snake, having his first assignment aboard the Kaiyo while experiencing a Mishhu attack, attending a wedding between his Captain and her same-sex lover, and being so close to the Empress herself. He had to admit, he snuck glances at her, and was baffled by her gorgeous features. To say she was beautiful was an understatement. The Captain looked stunning as well, the makeup job done perfectly, her features complimented by her Kimono. The slight breeze carried the pink petals from the trees around them, and Sutahira quickly averted his eyes from the Empress to watch some petals land on the surface of the rippling river who's surface was broken by gentle gusts of wind, and were slowly carried off with the current.

This was a beautiful place for a wedding. Maybe Sutahira would have his here if at all possible. His mother had wanted to attend, and made sure that he was his most presentable since she couldn't, not letting him leave until his hair was made, his face scrubbed of all blemishes, and a slight smell of lemon lingering if anyone were to come up and sniff him. He loved his mother, and he was thankful she looked out for him.

She had also insisted on him saving his money, buying a wonderful gift for the Captain and the XO that he would present later at the proper time. He watched the rest of the ceremony, thankful that he could witness this occasion.

Following Eden with her own respectful bow, Misaki was also having trouble keeping happy tears from gleaning down her face. Her defenses held the tears in her eyes as she blinked them back away for the moment. Saki turned for face Eden and let her take her hands. She smiled at her raven haired and golden eyed bride as she took a slightly weighted breath to keep herself from crying happy tears. At any rate, she was in pure bliss.
The emerald-eyed Doctor stood stock still - today was one of the (not so) rare days that he was expected to act the officer and not himself, though today there was no away team or attack and instead smiling faces. Ceremonial uniform immaculately pressed, looking around he felt a sense of belonging for one of the first times. Such a beautiful life-changing event was about to happen and they had all come to offer their congratulations and support, not only that but it was the first wedding he'd ever experienced. Mochi had, by chance, been placed near the very front due to his little blue band - looking over to the other side of the walkway he nodded back to his fellow Juni as they locked eyes. The guys' side was slightly more disorderly than that of the girls' and he even had to throw a few looks at a couple of them as the murmured.

Of course, when the moment came that the empress appeared silence fell. With back straight as a board, he bent at the waist and delivered as uniform a bow as he could muster. Once the assembly had greeted their exalted guest, Mochi realised - much to his suppressed anger - that some of the males had either turned up late or not even bowed. A little part of him died inside, it was technically his responsibility to have made sure they were in form. 'Let's just hope it wasn't obvious.' he prayed internally before centering his eyes to the two women of the hour. They were both breathtaking and it was obvious they were made for each other, their eyes seemed to be bursting with joy even from where he was standing.

Aiko had been assembled there with the rest of the crew, her samurai Rei at her side. Like the rest of her comrades from the Kaiyo, she wore her white Type 35 uniform with ribbons and a blue officer's cap as requested rather than one of the fancy kimonos she usually wore when in the capital. The princess remained silent for her part, bowing with the others when the Empress arrived. Aiko had already paid her respects to the ruler upon arriving in Kyoto. Still, she felt inspired and honored to share in her presence today.

And yet that sensation remained second to the excitement from being here at all. To simply be at a wedding among those soldiers she served alongside filled her with pride and a sense of belonging to her Empire. The feeling was an unexpected surprise for the princess, and she held a weird discomfort just behind the sense of joy. Every time she glanced over to Eden and Saki, though, it melted away with the happiness radiating from them.

Today, here at Kyoto's Riverside among friends—and, if not distantly, family—had to be the most beautiful time Aiko had yet experienced on Yamatai.
Empress Himiko raised her hands and lowered them, silencing the murmurs of the crowd, and then began to speak.

"Loyal subjects of the empire...friends, family, crewmates, and brothers and sisters in arms, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage and exchange of vows between Teien Eden-Shosa and Norogumi Misaki, Chui. Marriage is an ancient tradition from the days before known history, where two or more people who love one another declare the unbreakable permanency of that that love to all. It is a commitment and a lifelong bond and should not be entered lightly or with second thoughts or reservations," she said.

"Do you, Teien Eden," Empress asked, "take Norogumi Misaki to be your lawfully wedded partner in marriage, to love, no matter what happens, as long as you both exist?"

Without hesitation and with a happy heart, Eden replied, "Yes," while she looked into Misaki's lavender eyes. "I do."
"And do you, Norogumi Misaki, take Teien Eden to be your lawfully wedded partner in marriage, to love, no matter what happens, as long as you both exist?" Himiko asked.

Misaki looked to the Empress and then to Eden, looking into her golden eyes while tears filled her own violet ones, "I do." She smiled as she began to think of the future, and smiling a bit more once she figured how all the paperwork would be a nightmare with now both Teien Eden and Teien Misaki.
"Then, by the power of the Yamatai Star Empire, we declare them to be married from this day forward. Let it be known to all," the Empress announced. She also read a traditional wedding blessing:

Bless them as unmoving and eternal
May their lives flourish like luxuriant trees.
May they, brides, together with Empire and earth, with the sun and the
moons, continue to give out light and radiance.
Thus we do reverently hope for them.

The Empress gave them both her congratulations and then stepped back and moved to the side, allowing them to share their moment as a couple. In precise motions, her entourage followed her as she departed.
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