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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-mission Nine: Care and Feels

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YSS Kaiyo
Medical Bay

Mikodimus had just finished his shift and was wondering back to his room to start packing his stuff. Before going there he decided to swing by the medical office to follow up on some post mission paper work.

Care had taken the liberty to continue what little work remained in her station, essentially doing her work as one of the more human aspects of the medical office. Though, truth be told, what work remained was simple tidying and verifications, something that would take minutes at most. So instead she found herself sitting at one of the desks, chin resting on her hand as the other input various requests into a computer. Her eyes were locked to the screen, and her form, devoid of neccesary moving parts, kept quite still.

"Ah perfect, someone is still here." Miko said while walking into the med bay and noticed Care was working away. Miko was still in his work outfit. White shirt with standard issue booty shorts with his iconic pink apron on. "Have a moment?" He asked taking a seat at the desk she was at.

The blue rings of her eyes glanced to Miko as he walked in, the soft glow a contrast to the dark material surrounding her iris'. "Of course, what do you need?" Her mouth moved as she talked, but it sounded just a bit off, as if her lips were mimicking a voice produced elsewhere. She couldn't quite recall this one, despite the efforts of recollection. A chef, of course, but his name and his personality slipped her.

"Just need some paper work filed from the mission.* He dropped a pad softly in front of her. "Guess they want to make sure I didn't break a few cogs in my head." He said with a grin.

Her eyes made an audibly click as her gaze shifted to the pad, right hand blindly moving to grab a pen. After a moment she gave a soft nod, before seemingly glancing over it one more time. Rehearsed, mechanical actions, and what had feeling behind it stood out because of it. "Looks fine to me. Then again the troublesome paperwork tends to go with the more extensive issues, like, say, having to get a replicant body." She paused as she shifted screens on the computer. "I can go ahead and file this for you, Mister Belmont, if you so wish."

"That would be awesome so I can go back to my day to day life. Paper work is such a bore compared to my cooking and fighting." He said in a joyful tone. He moved and sat on the desk. "So you plan in staying here all night or got plans to do something else?" A curious tone in his voice.

Care paused, having started to scan in the information from the pad he had handed her, thinking on the question. It wasn't one she expected, nor one she had really heard before. Her head tilted slightly, and she glanced upward as she vocalized her thoughts. "Well, I don't have to eat, and sleeping is... Optional. I don't have much that calls for my immediete attention, so I'd likely stay here unless something comes up." It was true, she was assigned a bunk upon her transfer, yet she found herself rarely in the room.

"Really? Doesn't that get boring to always be here?" Miko had put his hands on his lap and was just leaning back and forth while talking with her. "Well I am free for the rest of the night if you would have a desire to get out some." He said with a smile to her. Miko had only heard a little about Care but like all the crew, he made a point to get to know them.

Boring? That was one way to describe it. Repetitive, but to Care it was more about changing focus. "It does, but I just find something to put my mind to." She could feel words slipping out a bit faster than she could think about them, but Miko did seem friendly enough. "Like... I give myself a hypothetical challenge, an injury, whether made up or documented and I try to stabilize it with limited supplies, it's like a puzzle." Glancing to his face, she found his beaming smile aimed at her, which illicited one in return. It was an odd sight, watching the plates on Care's face shift to give the impression of a smile, while still not leaving gaps in the plating. "But sure, do you have anything in mind?"

"That is a good question, got a few different places we could check out. If anything just to get out of of the med bay." He commented trying to think of a place for them to go check out. "By the way, that smile suits you well. Should make a point to smile more often." As he finished his words he jumped off the desk and back on his feet. "I know just the place, you been to the observation deck?" He asked in a curious tone.

His compliment managed to gain a small chuckle in response. As Care stood up she offered a small shrug to his question, hands going down to straighten her shirt. "I've beeen there before, but not for any period of time." She had walked through it for just a brief time during one of her early self-guided tours of the ship. After that day she never mustered up much reason to really return. "I'd take it that's where we're going?" With her talking a bit more it was easier to understand what her voice was, it was clearly produced in her throat, synthetically through some device, and her lips and mouth moved to mimic what was said.

"Yup, lets blow this joint and go have some fun there." He reached over and grabbed her hand. "Engage protocol escort." He said giving her a wink as he chuckled.

Miko was an odd one, or perhaps he was perfectly normal, Care didn't exactly know enough about the people here to make an assumption either way. His hand gripped hers, as she gave another brief chuckle, her smile lasting as she stepped along with him. Her hands were segmened in dozens if not more of the same form of plates that lined her face, albeit much smaller. On touch, they felt almost like skin, although a bit more rigid. "You're the one who knows it better, though I'd imagine the kitchen is your forte." She mused.

"Aye, the kitchen is my battleground I fight in each and everyday. I guess you could say that the observation deck is my playground then." He replied back to her comment. Since the mission Miko has made a point to get to know everyone on the ship on a more personal level. Having lost crew members it would be a shame to lose ones he never got the chance to know. While Care was interesting in that she was different, felt he might be able to learn from her. After a quick walk they made it to the open observation deck.

Care was different in quite a few ways, the model of her body wasn't something the Yamatai would typically do, assuming it even was of Yamatai origin. If he knew her name beyond 'Care' it would be clear that she was, at some point, a Freespacer. That alone presented many questions, but without asking it didn't seem like there would be much answer. "I specialize in medical practices, but it's hardly as fascinating as a non-practicioner would anticipate." She responded as they walked. "Though perhaps my perception is skewed, after all I don't exactly have much in common with the organic bodies I work with."

"Might find this hard to believe but sometimes us organic bodies have issues understanding each other. For example, what is your take on love?" A look of curious crossed his face. This was something he had been asking himself as of late and was taking a chance to see what Care might know on this topic.

"Love?" Her face shifted, a bemused, almost bewildered look crossed her face. Her eyes made a few noisy clicks as they adjusted, the change in emotion boding them with brief adjustments. Love was a difficult subject, especially for her. After all she hadn't felt it, but she knew it was there, or else the talk of it wouldn't set some part of her stability ablaze. "It's a... Difficult thing. It's hard to predict and often not logical but..." She paused, unsure of the words to describe it with. It's such an old word, how can she have such little to say about it. "...But it's nice. To love someone, and to have someone love you back must be a great thing." Her tone had changed, it seemed more practical, translating direct thoughts into the most fitting language, but even then it had a feeling of vagueness that didn't seem to fade.

Miko giggled as she tried to explain love to him. "You are right about it being illogical." His gaze shifted it to looking upwards as he walked. "Sorry for the sudden question about it. Things have happen and just felt like asking you. Its so simple yet so complex in nature." His words had gotten more soft. "It is nice, but it is scary also. It is nothing like cooking. With cooking I take a recipe, follow the directions and end up with a result. Its calculated and result never really changes. Love is like taking a bunch of ingredients, tossing them into a recipe and hoping for the best." He said with a laugh.

Care chuckled in agreement, but at the same time his words stirred up curiosity on what it was, what it felt like. Was it heavily physical? How mental was it? Did it amplify emotions? Could it really be controlled by any good degree? Care didn't know, and she doubted there was a simple answer to it. Glancing about as they entered the observation deck, she allowed her eyes to look over Miko once more. Minkan by design, genetically enhanced and biologically superior to previous generations, practically the biological equivalent of upgrading hardware. He was taller than Care, by a good nine inches, but then again her design wasn't built with height in mind. "You're one of the only people who have really asked me to... Hang out. Not that I've been avoiding it, I'm just not the best at being social with people I'm not familiar with."

"I been told that I am a little different but being different brings about many exciting things." His words trailed off as he walked onto the deck. "Ahhh, this view never gets old. I may not understand love any but this, now this I can understand perfectly." He said as he gestured with his hand and arm to look towards the towering windows.

Taking place next to Miko, Care turned her view to the windows of the deck, her eyes making the miniscule, barely audible sounds as they adjusted to the sight. The windows naturally bore the sights of what lay beyond the ship, the vast expanse of space and the lights of distant stars and formations, painting the infinite horizon with shifting yet constant colors. It was an impressive sight, not one that coud be taken lightly, even by those who have spent great amounts of time looking at similar sights. "It's certainly something. It's almost a scary thought, thinking about how little there is between the deck and what's outside."

Miko looked over to her. "Just the hardest to break material known to all." He said with a chuckle. "Plus its not like you need to breath so other than the absolute zero tempature you should be A OK." He continued to walk forward and towards the bonsai trees.

"I'm a fan of air. Can't talk very well without it." It was a dry but working joke, so she let it stay. Temperature was only a slight problem, as things outside a certain range did make her uncomfortable, but her survivable range was fairly decent. "But even with strong material it's a bit of an eye opener, if you understand what I mean. On a planet you're a few kilometers from the end of the atmosphere, but here it could less than arms length." Following his steps her gaze broke from the stars, and instead turned to the trees. "I take it people come here to relax? I can see why."

"Yeah, I discovered it due to other reasons. Few special moments have happen here for me." The tone in his voice had changed into a low, almost sad tone. He took his hand and brushed it across one of the trees. "I guess you could say I don't fear what is on the other side of that glass because I know what it is. Trying to understand another, now that is something to be worried about. That unknown, that to me is worth a worry over being sucked out into space." By now he had stepped over to the glass and placed a hand on it.

Care, remained silent as he spoke, the rings of her eyes simply watching him. She couldn't pretend to know what he was talking about, because she honestly didn't know. Loss? Deep connection? It was all foreign to her. People were people, mortal and could vanish without proper closure. She didn't know if she was lucky or unlucky to never have been close to someone in a way that would make her feel the same way. "I'm not..." She didn't know what it was, a catch in her throat? It didn't make sense, and didn't seem to work quite right, so she forced herself to keep going, despite the uneasiness the feeling gave her. "..Familiar, with those emotions. I'm.. Sorry." The pauses and hesitance was noticeable, emotional on a low tone but it was clear even she didn't quite understand it.

Miko looked over towards her, his eyes had a soft look to them. "You keep that up and might just start to develop feelings Care." As he finished a smile crossed his face. "No need to be sorry, life is filled with good and bad times. Just how it is." He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "It is why I decided to hang out with you, see what it is that makes Care different. The you one could say."

Feelings? She had feelings, didn't she? Well, she thought she did anyway. But what did the lack of having all of them so far say about her? Could she feel them? Were they right? Was what she called sad the same as what he called sad? It was confusing, and twisted things about in her mind in a way she wasn't comfortable with. As he put a hand to her shoulder her eyes turned to him, her facial plates shifting to convey a sense of confusion and curiosity, pure blooded in its appearance. "How do I express some of these feelings?" The question was in earnest, though it was hard to tell where exactly it was coming from. "I feel like I'm... Not equipped to do so, like when they come up I can just feel that something dire is missing."

Miko looked to her with his kind eyes. "It might just be something you learn over time. Even for us who think know feelings have no clue half the time. We just react but do not really understand. Even now I have feelings of yearning and yet am completely confused what to do." He turned and looked at her. "So try not to think on it too much, hard to understand that which can not be really understood."

It was hard to tell intent in her eyes, that rested with the various expressions her facial plates could produce. She glanced away, to the windows once more, crossing her arms, a feeling welling up in her chest. But it didn't dissapate, and it felt odd to just have it sit there. It might have been a long sigh but stuck in the mental stages, unable to actually pull breath in to release it, just stuck with the natural desire to do so. It left her uncomfortable, and she shifted her weight briefly. "I'd prefer to understand it. It's... Bothersome, to not understand something so integral to me. But I guess I don't quite have that choice, do I?"

"Not at all, but hey you are coming to embrace the feelings." Miko said blinking at her a few times. "Which that much be something. Here I got something for you to think on. I been trying to put words to this feeling I have and this is what I came up with." He caughed to clear his throat. "Love is giving someone the oppertunity to destory you but trusting them not too." A smile filled his face as he spoke this. Clearly he was proud of himself having thought this up.

Care mulled the statement over, tilting head from one side to the other every few seconds. It meant a lot, clearly, both to him in its conception and in general. It was still something unfamiliar, but to her understanding it wasn't wrong. Love was a connection of trust, something greater than both, and she could recall seeing and reading great stories of love always left a pang of something missing in her chest. It was strangely masochistic, a desire to give others the oppurtunity to hurt you, the demand to take such a risk, but at what reward? She didn't know, so why did it appeal to her anyway? "I think it's a powerful statement." She began, taking a moment to pause. "But I think you'd be better asking someone more knowledgeable about the subject." She finally admitted, the act of saying she's never loved almost shameful to speak.

Miko thought for a moment at the idea of asking others. After a minute he thought of something to say. "I could but feel I would get a different answer. Love is different yet the same in how we express it. So its why I thought it would be nice to share with you since your different, in a good way." A smile crossed his face as he checked the time. "Oh gosh, I hate to cut this short but I got work still left to do. I got drafted into cabin 2 so need to move my things." He said rolling his eyes yet had a smile on his face. "Be mindful of Eden, she has a twisted sense of humor." A small laugh left his lips.

He had been drafted between cabins. It reminded Care of her own, which seemed vacant at any given point of the day. Just a neatly made bed with a personal bag on the opposite side of the pillows. Offering him once last smile she would wave him off, turning her attention to the windows once more. "Well it was good talking to you, Mister Belmont. I think I'll remain here for the time being." She concluded, mostly to herself. Miko was a good person from what she could tell, and she could hope that if he got along with the others, then there was a chance she would too. She wasn't exactly famous for having a large amount of friends, but that could change with time. Many things change with time.

Miko gave a quick wave as he left the deck. He was once again thrusted into a feature that was not known. Yet his talk with Care helped, it showed him that it would seem all walks of life fight to understand.
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