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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Diamonds on the Ice

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Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko

Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline

It was not often that fresh Nekovalkyrja soldiers were deployed just as their assignments went on shore leave. Kasumi considered herself quite lucky for the break, as it gave her time to explore new hobbies and vocations. During training, she had very little time to herself, so she took full advantage of it.

Kasumi wore a pair of black jeggings, black heels, and a white, long-sleeve blouse. As she stepped out of her hotel room, Kasumi took a breath and looked down at her outfit. She wanted to go ice skating, but all she lacked was a partner...

As fate would have it a young Mikodimus happen to be rounding the corner when he took notice of her. Mikodimus would see an extremely diminutive Nekovalkyrja woman, with white hair tied in a vertical ponytail. She had striking green eyes and very full, burgundy red lips. Kasumi's eyes met with Miko's blue eyes, staring for what seemed to be an awkwardly long period of time, given the context of the encounter.

Then it clicked for him. This was one of the new girls that had joined the ship and he had been meaning to meet up with. "Hey, was hoping I could run into you during our time off. Ships cook, might of seen me making your meals. Mikodimus if you happen to forget my name." He was beaming as he spoke with her.

"Ohh...I'm Kasumi...Ozaki Kasumi.", she answered, her voice sounding nervous and excited. "I'm one of the infantry, but really...I just got out of basic. I was just...getting ready to go somewhere...", she said, scratching the back of her head as she spoke.

"Nice to meet you Kasumi. Well I am free for awhile so if you don't have plans with somoene else, I am open to join you." A warm smile crossed his face while speaking with her.

"Oh sure! You were just who I was looking for actually! Want to go ice skating?", she spoke. "I haven't done it before, but...I've downloaded some information on it, and I think I'll be able to balance myself on the skates...", she added somewhat uncertainly.

Miko puffed out his chest a little as she said she had been looking for him. Feels nice being wanted he thought to himself. "Ice skating huh, didn't even know they had that here. I am game to learn, promise not to fall on you." He said with a giggle.

"Well...let's go!", Kasumi said somewhat excitedly. "I've downloaded the directions and everything. All we need is to get there!"

Ice Skating Rink

The ice skating rink was inside of a large athletic complex. As Kasumi and Mikodimus walked inside, the white ice of the rink itself came into view. The rink had few skaters, as the native Azorean population were an aquatic species by nature, and preferred water-based athletic pursuits over surface-based pursuits.

Kasumi floated up, straining to see over the barrier and into the rink itself. The green-eyed Nekovalkyrja sighed with relief when she saw how few skaters there were on the rink. She lowered herself back to the ground and walked to the nearby counter,

"This is sweet looking." Miko said walking over to the edge of the rink taking a look at it. "I am so going to crash and burn trying to do a triple south paul or whatever it is they call tricks on ice." Miko had no clue how to skat but did not stop him from trying to act like he knew something.

He followed up behind Kasumi and put his arms on the counter.

"We would like to be sized for ice skates.", Kasumi spoke as she took off her shoes, unveiling her equally diminutive feet with violet painted toenails.

The woman behind the counter asked for payment and sized Kasumi's feet. She followed the same routine for Mikodimus as well. After sizing both of their feet, she entered a door behind her counter and came out a minute later with two pairs of skates.

Mikodimus received a black pair of ice skates, while Kasumi received a pair with a tacky design and pink stripes.

"I had to give you a child's size.", said the woman behind the counter, as she looked down at the diminutive Nekovalkyrja in front of her.

Miko could not help but chuckle a little at her fancy shoes. "Going to look faaaancy out there with your shoes." As he tried to walk though he almost fell on his face. Lucky for him floating is a valid option.

Kasumi pouted as she took the skates. "I require a form of compensation.", she said in a cold tone.

"Look,", the woman started. "You paid for ice skates, and you have them.", she countered.

"This is a humiliation and unbecoming for a soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai to wear.", Kasumi answered quickly. "Give me proper skates, or refund my money.", Kasumi said.

The woman took the skates with a huff, turned back, and re entered the door behind her counter.

"Very good of you to stand up for yourself. Sorry for the joke before."

"No need to explain yourself, Miko.", Kasumi answered with a sigh as the woman returned with the skates. This time, pink stripes on the skates were covered in a few layers of white tape. For any passing skater, the skates would simply look like white skates with tape on the sides.

Without a word, Kasumi took the skates and placed her flats on the counter for the woman to store. She stepped away from the counter and floated in the air as she put the skates on, the pink stripes completely concealed by the white tape on the sides.

When they were tied to her feet, Kasumi nodded to Mikodimus and floated to the edge of the rink.

"Lets see how kind of fun we can have without breaking anything." Miko said as he jumped over the side of the rink. As the skates connected with the ice the tips grabbed and caused him to jerk backwards. This put him right on his ass on the cold ice.

"Ahhhhhhhh" He yelled out as he rolled side to side on the ice. "That is smart...glad my ass broke my fall." He said looked over to Kasumi.

Kasumi looked down at Mikodimus as he fell, her expression unchanging and somewhat intense. "You should hold on to the side of the ice, Miko.", she said, as she gingerly stepped onto the ice and worked to establish her balance.

"Don't even get a laugh or a funny look. Tough crowd." He commented as he got back on his feet. Miko had good balance but still being on ice for the first time was a new feeling that would take getting use too.

Kasumi walked along the side of the ice just behind Mikodimus. As she moved, the downloaded information began to register, and she felt less of a need to hold on to the side rails.

When she let go of the rail, she slipped and fell on her butt, her face turning beet red as she attempted to stand up. Just as she tried to get up, she slipped once again, falling in the same place she had fell initially.

Miko couldn't help but chuckle a little as he skated over to her barely staying on his own feet. "Here, let me help you up." His hand outreached to her with a smile on his face.

Kasumi leaned up, her face still blushing as she accepted the offer for help. The diminutive Nekovalkyrja generated a shocking amount of strength when she attempted to pull herself up. Kasumi pulled herself up with too much power behind her grip, pulling Mikodimus down to the ice as well.

Miko watched as he was pulled right on top of Kasumi. Even with his arms reached out the ice had other plans as he laid flat out on top of her. It took a moment for him to understand what just happen. "Uhhhh...well that didn't go as planned." He said with a chuckle as he floated up and away from her. "You ok?" He asked with concern in his voice.

Kasumi floated off of the ice as well, righting herself in the air just before she lowered back to the ice.

"I'm...fine.", she said, somewhat nervously. "Let's keep going, Miko."

"I am glad to hear that." As his words finished he again reached a hand out towards her. "Least if we fall together we both look like fools." A soft smile crossed his face while looking at her.

Kasumi took Miko's hand, finally finding her balance as she began to skate in earnest.

"Miko, we are members of the most powerful military in the Kikyo Sector. We should not strive to look like fools.", she said somewhat coldly.

"True, though the people looking at us are going to think we are dating so might give us a pass for being silly." As he finished talking he did a small circle around her.

Kasumi shook her head in disagreement, pushing past Mikodimus as she skated slowly around the rink. She was a woman that was focused on maintaining appearances. In her mind, if one could not keep their exterior image clean, then by extension, their invisible characteristics were inherently flawed. Shaking these thoughts out of her head, Kasumi decided to entertain Miko's words.

"Are we on a date, Mikodimus?", she asked, her pitch rising to form a question.

"If being on a date means enjoying your time with another, I would say so. Technically speaking though, we are just two crew mates hanging out. Can't say what others might think though." He spoke while being a little more daring and trying to balance on one leg. Which was more his just keep one leg a few inches off the ice.

"I like the sound of that better. You're handsome, Mikodimus, and I enjoy forming physical and intimate relationships with people. However, it is certainly too soon to call this a date.", she spoke.

Kasumi was quickly finding her rhythm and balance on the ice, her movements graceful and measured. She found that she was already having quite a bit of fun, and before long the white-haired Nekovalkyrja was skating ahead at speeds that might have made it difficult for Mikodimus to keep up.

Since she was so focused on her fun, she did not seem to make a good conversation partner.

Miko just gave her a smile as she replied back to him. He could relate very much to the idea of having strong bonds with people. All his life he was taught to look out for family so his crew was no different.

He skated at his own pace watching as Kasumi got very good very quickly with the ice skating. Miko tracked her movment as best he could but was being far to laid back to focus on trying to better her.

As they passed close by he called out to her. "Your getting good at this, seems you was doing some study before hand."

"I did download some guides.", she answered, slowing down to let Mikodimus catch up with her. "I watched a few videos as well. I'm having fun and I think I might come here every day, as long as there aren't crowds.", she continued.

As if in demonstration, Kasumi sped off at nearly top speed, her child-sized skates carrying her around the rink with graceful acceleration and speed. She lapped Mikodimus twice before slowing down. Although she was not one to smile frequently, a content expression crossed her features as she looked at Miko, her green eyes brightly contrasting with her pink skin.

"Umm...", she started uncertainly. "Wanna race?"

"Oh, after watching you is there any doubt that you would not beat me?" A soft smile crossed his face as he continued his slow skating. "But If you would like I would be game for a race." His words were soft and gentle.

"Timer.", Kasumi said, as she started a timer in her own and Miko's digital mind.

When it reached the number "zero", the Kasumi raced off, building her speed with deep arm swings and hard blade falls.

As the timer hit zero a grin crossed Miko's face. The timer went off and he instantly accelerated to 70mph using his Minkan inertia controlling ability. What he lacked in grace he made up with speed and guided control. He used his hand against the side wall to keep his balance as he moved.

"Hey! No inertia!", Kasumi said with a playful giggle, as she pushed herself even harder in response, pushing one leg to the ice with all of her lower body strength behind it. She was far behind, but her competitive drive made her want to win, honorably at that.

He chuckled as he heard her complain about no inertia. As he got closer to the finish line he slowed his speed and started to skate on his own. She was quick and even with a lead he was unsure if he could still beat her or not.

Kasumi skated with intensity, lowering herself to nearly ground level as she took the corners. Her form was low and aerodynamic, and each step had all of her strength behind it. As she came towards the final turn, she found herself quickly catching up to Miko. Channeling all of the power in her legs, Kasumi flew on the ice like a peregrine, her skate falls hard and determined.

And like a slow motion snap shot out of a movie, they crossed the virtual finish line. By the tip of her head Kasumi manged to pull ahead at the right moment. Miko slowed to a stop and looked back at her. A shocked look on his face. "Damn you're fast, even pulling a fast one on you wasn't enough." A grin crossed his face as he leaned down to put his hands on his knees to rest for a moment.

Kasumi let a soft smile cross over her features as she slowed down on the ice, the only one that she spared during the entire affair, staring back towards Mikodimus as she did.

"That...that...was fun.", she said, softly. "I could come skate here every day, if I'm honest.", she said. "I just need to buy a proper pair of skates..."

"Careful though, that warm smile you keep giving off might just melt the ice." He said skating past her, placing a hand on her shoulder before moving on.

The pair skated on the rink for another hour before they left. When Kasumi reached the counter to return her rental skates, she bought a pair of white ice skates for herself, which the woman behind the counter said would be ready for her to pick up the next day when Kasumi inevitably returned to the rink.

Once they left the complex and returned to the hotel, Mikodimus saw Kasumi off at the door to her room, before biding the young Nekovalkyrja farewell.

Miko got back to his room, pleased having met another one of the crew. Kasumi seemed like such a great fit for the team. None the less the idea given to him by a friend to explore another adventure was on his mind. Either way he was sure they would cross paths again somehow.
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