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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-mission Nine: Snekflix and chill.

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YSS Kaiyo II

With an exited spring in his proverbial step, Abart'huse, the kaiyo's resident snakeman, happily slithered over to the edge of the onsen, letting the warm clouds of steam waft over his skin and scales. Taking a bath was a luxure that he didn't dabble in too often, mostly because of other things to do. Because of this he would only take such baths after shedding, as the fresh scales often felt a bit dry and crinkly at first. Nothing a good healthy bath couldn't fix.

With an audible rustling sound, Abart slowly slid in, dousing foot after foot of the lenghty serpentine tail in the steamy waters. With a long, delighted sigh he sunk the upper half of his physique under the water's surface, letting the herbal warmth seep into himself. As a partially cold-blooded creature, this was the closest he could ever get to heaven on earth, letting his whole body go limp, save for the little tailtip that poked out of the water, at the far end of the bath, swishing in delight.

At this point only his tailtip and top half of his head culd be seen, poking his head out far enough to breathe as he stared at the ceiling with unfocussed eyes. Occassionally the little snifflertongue would splash up above the surface, making for a most comedic sight.

Hoshi, as per usual, entered with another Neko after they had both showered in the foyer to the bath room. The shining light that echoed on the walls and ceiling struck the face of Peregrine Ironborn, a Santo Hei that had actually died in the last battle. A few hours afterwards, she was up and kicking and Hoshi made sure to make a good first impression on the Neko in the med bay that day.

Now, though, they were both just bathing together. Well, not just but...

Their bodies were slick with water and likely warm to the touch and Peregrine was laughing excitedly at an innuendo Hoshi made about two things a Separa had when they first noticed Abart.

"Hello, snake friend," Hoshi said, bowing lightly. Peregrine followed.

"Hmmm...?" An ansentminded hum was all tey would get at first, as the sttothed snake slowly turned his head over to where the voice came from. Looking at the two, abart quickly noticed Chusa hoshi to be among them, with the other being one of the new folk he ahadn't really takled to untill now. His relaxed, dazy eyes shot open as he propelled himself upright, giving off a hasty salute. "...ah! ..G-good evening, Hoshi chusa! Miss."

Abart's change in posture was mostly from surprise, as admittedly, the chusa's presence still made him a tad nervous from time to time. Also the fact that she and her associate were standing quite prominently in front of him wasn't helping in the slightest. ".....How are you two today?..."

"Peregrine is doing terribly today," Hoshi said plainly as she looked where she hovered in order to float over the rocks and went directly into the water.

"Ah... that's unfortunate..... at least the bath should offer some comfort... right?" Sitting back down, his tail still poked out above the water at the opposite end of the pool. "the temperature's lovely at least..... truely..." Leting himself down in the water again calmed his nerves a bit. Even after all his time aboard, some yamataian customs were hard to get used to for the pure-hearted snek.

"Ahhhhh~ Join us, Peregrine-kohosei," Hoshi said, calling the santo hei her student in Yamataigo.

"Juuust right to warm back up after a day of tedious cleaning shifts...heckin' cargo bay floor is so chilly....." A quick wiggle of his tail underwater supported his woes, alluding to his cold blooded nature.

"Do you need any accomodations like the Vekimen needed?" Hoshi asked, remembering the need for a heat lamp.

"Accomod-...." Oh right, he almost forgot. Being the vekimen's roommate, seeing Jax heat himself up under the heat lamps had become a common sight. for some reason he'd never thought of giving it a go himself. Odd. "That would be great, yes.... thought the difference in... size does tend to make things difficult. I use two shower booths just to speed things up nowadays" He joked, splashing some water around with his tailtip for emphasis, almost chuckling at the sillyness of the situation.

"It would be very nice to make you as comfortable as possible. Would you like our logistics peronnel to send out a communication for SAoY to consider standard equipment for some species is a little different..." Hoshi said as she closed her eyes. Peregring was standing oddly at the edge of the pool and put her hand in quickly. "Turn off your pain receptors and it's fiiiiine~"

"Aye, it's lovely.....you're missing out~" As a means of encouragement, the lenglty tail of the Separa wiggled about underwater, before poking out like a small loch-ness' monster, offering a "hand" to Peregine. Turning back to Hoshi, he continued their conversation. "Thank you, it'd be most appreciated. Though in all honesty most things are still very much doable, it's just sleeping that can get a bit troubling..... You know those Neko nest pits right?"

"Right," Hoshi said. "They had some enlarged ones on the first Kaiyo."

"Indeed, i was assigned to a room with one of those, along with 3 others, including Orion-hei. Let's just say that i alone could fill up the entire thing with my tail..... was quite a hassle to get everyone to fit." He recalled many akward nights where the occasional elbow or wing would not go unnoticed by the other cabin folks. "Hehe......so yeah, the current bunks are an improvement indeed, but still not quite enough to fit all of 'this' on it.

"We'll make special accomodations. Boss? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Boss said over the onsen's speakers, "We will have one of the rooms with the atmospheric manual control panels set up with a Neko pit right away."

Hoshi looked to Abart as she got up to get close to Peregrine, "Any other ideas to make this place run more smoothly?" she had said the last word in a lingering, long pronunciation as she moved her hand up the santo hei's arm to her shoulder.

"S-smoothly...?" Abart asked hesitantly, as Hoshi's clearly teasing attitude had it's desired effect. "Well uh.... aside from all that.... i uh... can't think of anything in particular.....Chusa...." The outstretched tail he held in front of Pere slumped a bit, wiggling nervously in the process.

"Think hard," she said, a twinkle in her eyes. ((tag))

"W-well.....i suppose i haven't been the most social so far... focussing mostly on the things to do.... Been wanting to get the rest of the crew better for a while now.... you know, outside of just coworkers." He turned his head away slightly, as certain [redacted] parts of his body were starting to think with a mind of their own. "Also it's be a great help i-if you two were to sit down!" ....That reddish face of his was a bit too intense to be just from the hot water.

Hoshi tugged Peregrine's arm a little and the Neko coyly put her chin to her shoulder. Hoshi's hand slid down to hold Peregrine Ironheart's and she led her to the waters edge just next to Abart. Their pink and creamy legs passed right by him and Peregrine just about stumbled on the rocks, basically falling onto him with a small splash.

Abart looked over just in time, after hearing the poor neko stumble and toppel over into the water. He instinctively tried to catch her with his tail, which was mostly succesful, thought it did mean she was now lying right on top of him, with his tail partly wrapped around her.

As the conscious part of his brain caught up to what just happened, his reddish face was staring right at Perentine's, red as a beetroot. "Y-...you okay?....those rocks are .....slippery...."

Peregrine seemed to wiggle as if getting into a bed with warm, toasty blankets, "Mmmmm~~"

"Abart!" Hoshi giggled.

"I'll take that as a yes...." He said meekly, unsure as to what to do now. Still, Pere didn't seem to mind, so he just sat there being all flustered. Hoshi's commentary was as provocative as always. "T-this is not my fault! She just...." He paused, looking back on the cuddly neko in his coil's hold.

Sitting there, he couldn't hold back the urge to hug her a bit more, given how suddenly she went from scaredy gat to nuzzly kitty. On top of that, he could easily feel her warmth though the cleansing bathwater. It was far from unpleasant.

Hoshi floated up and leaned back on a rock with her shins and feet bouncing in the warm water. Peregrine with her deep teal green hair that splashed past her rear was more than happy to sort of sway in Abart's grasp and for a few minutes, none of them really had many complaints or talked too much. They were content, they were calm, and they were clean in the onsen. All of the most important things.
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