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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Thirteen: Evaluations and Examinations


Convention Veteran
Planet Yamatai
Uesureyan Fields
YSS Kaiyō II

Eden worked her way through the halls of the ship. Her bags were packed and she was mentally ready to leave for some rest and relaxation while the maintenance crews worked their magic on the Fuji-class. It wasn't apparent, though, as she wore a tense look on her face and a Type 35, with white panels.

"Sanssinia-heisho," Eden said to Boss as she got to the deck that the crew cabins were on, "where is she on the ship?"

"Sanssinia-heisho has just left cabin four and is returning to her quarters in cabin seven." Boss replied in it's neutral tone.

The Shosa moved to intercept the Separa'Shan.

She met Sacre between cabins and tapped her gently on the shoulder before hovering backwards, aware of the abilities of the symbiotes within Sacre's body.

"Ittô Heisho," she said only.

Sacre jerked around with a sudden movement. Her tail curled in, and might have tripped Eden if she had been on the ground. Sacre's hands were in posistion to throw a knife or to stab if she had caught Eden. Eden's golden eyes noticed the tip of the bone blade poking subtly out of Sacre's arm. Most people would not have seen it, but she had been looking. Soon as Sacre saw who it was, the blade silently slipped back into her arm.

"Eden-Shosa, I didn't expect to see you." She said, tensing slightly.

With a shake of her head, closure of her yellow-gold eyes, and a slight smile, Eden said, "I don't know why you would. Did you enjoy your time with our heroic helsman?" The Shosa's eyes had opened and she tilted her head towards the XO's cabin. "Care to join me in my cabin?"

Sacre had a good poker face, however, she still blushed slightly at Eden's comment. The two of them were together, but Sacre didn't know what that meant.

"Yes, ma'am, as you wish." Sacrereplied.

"She's," Eden said as she began walking to her cabin, "really amazing. You have good taste in the people you surround yourself with."

Sacre fell in beside Eden, the kink in her tail becoming apparent. It didn't hurt or impair her, however, having the last quarter of your tail kink at a couple of extra degrees was changing Sacre's gait, and she still hadn't mastered it yet.

"I'm not sure I can claim credit for it. She's very persistant when she wants to be. Perhaps lacking in judgement occasionally, like when she decided to befriend me, but very persistant." Sacre said self-depricatingly.

That warranted a small laugh from Eden as she pushed the access panel's main button outside of her cabin, opening the door.

"I'm sure she was fully aware of the consequences," Eden finally said after sitting down at one of the two chairs that were next to her desk, across from the door. Without hesitation, she said, "Please, sit down with me and we'll get to business."

Sacre sat and wrapped her tail around the chair, "What business do we have?" She asked.

Eden looked at Sacre with a steady gaze, "You have proven a few things to me since you were promoted to Ittô Heisho. What do you think those things are?"

Sacre thought for a moment, there was a moment of self doubt. She didn't feel she had really acomplished much of anything, and several of the crew had been killed on planet H. There hadn't been anything she could have done, otherwise she would have done it. She took a breath and rallied herself.

"With the help of Care and Miles, I've run a tight medbay. I've continued to train Miles. Last mission didn't go as smoothly as planned, but the Medic team preformed well, although I probably should not have pushed myself as hard as I did while taking the Palm." Sacre said, trying not to let the insecurity she felt inside show.

"How did you 'push' yourself?" Eden asked simply.

"I was injured, rather severely after the planet exploded. There were several small chunks of rock imbedded in my chest and tail. I had three broken ribs from where the armor took the blow. One of them paralyzied the lower quarter of my tail. In short, if I had been caring for myself, I'm not sure I would have said I was fit for duty. Despite this, I patched myself up and worked to rescue Mochi, resulting in the crushing of some bones in the part of the tail I coiuldn't feel at the time. Then once he was out of harm's way, I boarded the Palm. There I ran to Muyomi, causing more damage. Once the ship was taken, I slipped into unconciousness. I might have been able to stay up and help more if I hadn't pushed so hard to get to Muyomi." Sacre explained.

Eden nodded while listening and her jaw clenched and unclenched at certain points.

"How do you feel about combat scenarios, Sanssinia-heisho?" Eden asked. "Beyond what you have done in the past. I want to know what you want for the future."

Sacre thought for a moment, "For combat scenarios in the future? It might be nice if we turned swords to powsheres, but that's not very realistic." Sacre asked, trying to work her way through the question. "I enjoyed leading the medic team in the sickbay. I could see myself doing more of that and perhaps into combat as well. However, Care and Miles are extremely good medics. There is very little I can think of where I actually have to tell them anything anymore. Occasionally there is a situational awareness thing, but that's it. To get experiance with a larger group of medics, I'd probably have to transfer to a larger ship." Sacre paused, she liked the crew of the Kaiyō, they were her family. However, that wasn't what gave her pause. "However, right now I have something, I don't know what, with Gravity. Unless we transfered together, I wouldn't be able to explore that and I think she likes it here on the Kaiyō." Sacre explained.

"I would not lose our helmsman without putting up something a fight," Eden admitted, "...Unless she requested such a thing. I would like you to know that I would not lose any of my crew without a fight, including you, unless it was your wish." With that out of the way, she went on, "I have seen you show a proficiency in combat and in the sick bay, alike. I would not confine you to the ship when you could be helping others with their 'situational awareness' and addressing medical concerns as they come up in the field."

Sacre nodded, "I don't want to leave the Kaiyō." Sacre paused for a moment, "For the first time in a very long time, I'm happy somewhere. All of the crew, even the new ones I like." Sacre paused again. "Not that I want them to think I like them too much. It's just that their not always a complete and utter pain to deal with. Just annoyances." Sacre said, trying to put her more impassive face up.

Eden hid an amused smile poorly.

After a long pause, she said, "I want to see you continue to excel, Sacre Sanssinia-heisho. To do that we may need to address your attitude," she caught herself divulging her own thoughts, "I don't believe you're likely to obtain a morale award with your outlook, but that isn't usually the pinnacle of one's career. Accept that you may need to catch your tongue here and there to avoid the ire of your patients and commanding officers, alike. I haven't received any outright complaints from crew, but that isn't to say that there isn't reason to complain."

Eden let her statement end there before taking a long breath in, as if preparing for Sacre-heisho's answer.

Sacre thought for a moment, trying to think things through. "At the moment, I think the height of my career was saving Mochi. He's got a wife and child to think about." She said thoughtfully. "How I treat the crew isn't always the best. Hell, a robot with ennui is probably better at dealing with them then I am."

Eden's brows furrowed, "Is that a jab at our medical crew?"

Sacre seemed suprised, "No? It's a assessment of my ability compared with the rest of the medics. Care is a good medic and a friend, however she tends towards being dispassionate and withdrawn. However, I can see why they might prefer that to my... thorny exterior at times. Miles, well, He's handsome and friendly compared to me. As well as being the only one of us who might be described as outgoing."

Able to see the self-assessment and past the commentary on the Freespacer she had only just seen an hour before, Eden nodded her hime-cut hair.

"You are more than excellent at your job, most times. I do see problem with the way you handled Iemochi-juni on the field. His suit was a wreck and I had to extract him." Eden had grown obviously serious after uncrossing her legs and hunching forward, towards Sacre. She said nothing more.

Sacre clearly disagreed with Eden's asessment, "How do you think I should have handled it?" She asked neutrally.

"The way I handled it, by staying with him," Eden said, still leaned forward. "I lost my position on the battlefield to go back to the Juni's position and extract him. I don't see everything as being lost in that moment, though, as you were able to work to the best of your abilities after that decision was made."

Sacre strongly disageed with Eden's reasoning. "Stay with him why? His condition was stable. If we were to extract him. to where? The Kaiyō? She was chasing the planet. The Palm? That was a free fire zone." Sacre asked, noting some of the considerations she had made with her decision.

"That's a decision you made," Eden said, "and not a decision I would have made, myself. I do not claim to be the only officer on this ship capable of making decisions that benefit all of the crew, though, and have talked to others on the ship about the decision you made." She stopped, asking non-verbally if Sacre wanted to hear more by leaning back in her chair and shifting her jaw while her eyebrows raised.

"And their reasoning?" Sacre asked.

"The Juni said your efficiency was noteworthy," Eden told her while her gilded eyes softened. "He also believed you were able to carry out orders well while in the vicinity of the injured and dead." Sacre tried to decypher what was meant by that. She thought it was good, but her self doubt told her that there were negitive things to read between the lines.

Eden went on to add, "I agree, to a degree, with my officer's assessment and am willing to see your decision as a uniquely thoughtful one. I would like a high degree of cooperation amongst team members, and sometimes that means doing what makes sense over what is right. Yes, that does mean I don't believe you did what was right, but what made sense. Yes, that does mean I respect you and your decision, in hindsight."

Sacre nodded, accepting Eden's assessment. "Yes Ma'am. Anything else?"

"I want you to know that," Eden said. "A promotion is waiting for you after another successful mission. You were slotted to receive one by Hoshi after the Kuvexian's raid in the Himiko system, when we met success there. As you know, that raid never came and we were left waiting. I'm glad you were able to use that time wisely in the medical bay and cabin four."

Sacre blushed again, still trying to hide it. "I can certainly say it has been enlightening. Gravity is very determined in everything she does." This time there was a slight lifting of Sacre's tone. She was trying to hide it, but she was really in love with the helmsman.

"I hope it has been," Eden said with a wan smile. "I need to meet with her sooner rather than later."

"She blew up a planet while we were dealing with the Palm, she's very proud of that. But I should probably go get her and let her tell you about that." Sacre suggested.

Eden sighed wearily, "Chusa Taiyou Hoshi has informed me the Shôshô was not looking forward to that happening."

"Well, she's probably the only one. Everyone else who's heard about a planet blowing up has looked forward to seeing the explosion with baited breath." Sacre commented

"By the way," Eden said, unhappy to change subjects but unwilling to continue the line of discussion she was reserving for Gravity with Sacre. "Will you be joining her at Havok Festival? I, er, assume she is going. It's her kind of thing, after all."

"She's been pretty stoked about it, I think she roped us in to at least one race. Don't ask me how I'm going to contribute, unsuprisingly a life without many vehicles in it doesn't lead to a career with race shuttles." Sacre said.

"Well if you ever want pilot training," Eden said, "you know where to find me. I'll put in a word."