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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Thirteen: Put a Ring on Wyatt


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Planet Yamatai
Uesureyan Fields
YSS Kaiyō II

Wyatt was one of the few crew members lucky enough to have a room to himself, he thought it was honestly for the best that he would remain away from the others - where his strong personality might rub them the wrong way. Right in this moment the Minkan could not care less however, he simply sat on his bed with a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a cloth and the golden helmet he had nabbed recently from a dead Kuvvie.

That was another reason he liked to be in his own cabin, sure he would not complain if another crew member had to move in yet they may find his small yet growing collection of momentos somewhat strange - so far it was only the helmet and a chunk from his previous mindy yet they both had meaning to him, or enough to warrant a shelf at least.

"Knock knock," came a voice from outside of Wyatt's cabin, muffled by likely the XO's.

The Minkan's pointed ears twitched slightly at the noise, he put the helmet upsidedown on his bunk so as to not get the still-drying purple blood anywhere.

"The door is unlocked" he said, standing up from the bed and moving somewhat closer to the door, he hadn't been expecting anyone yet he would still welcome them in all the same.

"Konichiwa," Eden said, using Yamataigo to greet Wyatt as she bowed to him at the threshold to his room.

"Konichiwa Shosa," Wyatt spoke in return, giving the deepest bow he could without falling over, "Come in, to what do I owe the pleasure?".

Eden replied tersely but with a soft voice, "You did well on Planet H and the Palm."

An eyebrow raised in confusion on his otherwise stoic face before he began speaking, "But ma'am, with all due respect, all I did was get myself injured and barely make a dent in the enemy forces. Others did far more than I."

"That is the mark of a good soldier," Eden said, only, letting her hands fall behind her lower back, clasping one another.

The eyebrow went back down as Wyatt crossed his arms over his chest, wincing the tiniest bit as he shifted the not-quite-healed bones of his left arm into place. "Well count me flattered but the fact we got the mission done at all is enough of a praise for me... I've never seen an entire planet be used as a flak cannon before."

"You should get that worked out," Eden said, looking pointedly at his arm. "I don't want you finding it to be a bigger problem later."

"I appreciate the concern but fear not, Miles already gave it the once over for me and everything is back in place - I just need to wait a while for it to subside," the marksman said in reply, instinctively hiding that arm behind the other one. "If I may ask, I doubt you came down here just to check on me, so is everything okay ma'am?" Wyatt asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

Eden frowned slightly and momentarily before her gilded eyes sparkled with delight, "I came to give you something. I notice you are an avid collector..."

"Indeed, I see no harm in keeping physical memories around - as long as they stay out of the way... wait you got me something?" a child-like sense of glee could be seen behind his amber eyes as the realisation of what Eden had said sunk in. His mind began to race as to what it could be yet his body gave away very little of his internal workings.

"It's, eeto..." She said, biding her time as she rummaged around in a butt bag that seemed to be hooked onto her NSP holster. She finally took out a small box, big enough and most likely for jewelry.

Wyatt shuffled closer and eyed the box, he wanted nothing more than to know what was inside it but at the same time he did not wish to be rude and jump the gun.

"Heh heh," Eden said, a litle awkwardly, "I'm already married, so this isn't like that..." She opened the box to show a Star Army Ring in silver with a genuine blue diamond and the Fuji-class etched into the top of the gemstone while the name of their home, YSS Kaiyō II, etched into the bottom. "This isn't something I put little importance on. You are a very valued member of this crew and I would like you to have this," she said as she handed him the small red velvet box with the ring inside.

Wyatt initially had a small look of confusion and a slight blush on his face when the Shosa mentioned she was already married, the thought that it may be anything even remotely related to that hadn't crossed his mind until then but in hind sight it made sense, some people were like that. The pinkness quickly faded as he accepted the box and picked up the ring inside to inspect it further.

"I..." he began trying to speak but words simply would not come out, he was honoured beyond belief. "You'll have to excuse me Shosa... I don't often say much but I think I'm at a loss for words."

Eden put a hand on his shoulder, "You can feel a lot for the small things that remind you of moments in your life, of home, of family and friends and enemies vanquished..." She eyed the surreptitously half-hidden helmet. "They're all important if you want them to be. I hope this is one of many collectibles you come across in your life."

Wyatt slipped the ring on over the pointer finger on his right hand and closed the box, he would probably end up putting the ring on a chain around his neck or something to keep it out of the way but for now it would stay there. He wasn't too used to all this positivity he was being shown but it warmed his heart a little.

"Thankyou Sho- Eden, I appreciate this a lot" Wyatt spoke, the words sounded almost alien coming from his mouth, he raised a hand an awkwardly put it on Eden's shoulder as a way of hopefully conveying his thanks in full.

Being touched, even through a uniform, was nice to Eden and she opened her arms, embracing Wyatt in a hug.

"Uhm- oh" was all he let out as his superior suddenly embraced him, it took a second for the Minkan to process what was going on and he finally lowered his arms to give a horribly rigid hug in return, the action was poorly executed but the intentions were in the right place.

"Thank you," Eden said after she had let go of Wyatt and the two unentwined. In a low but discernible voice, she said, "Have you gotten close to any of the crew before this time?"

Wyatt was released from the hug and let out a small sigh of relief, he gave a curt nod in return before th question was asked, "Emiko-hei and I had aneye-opening chat a short while back but other than that It has just been the usual," He replied with, his mind going back to his small outburst that would've left the Neko hospitalised if it hadn't been in virtual reality. "I have heard talk of some of the more... intimate crew members, let us hope they don't let those emotions cloud their judgement too much."

"Loving those next to you as much as you hate your enemies," Eden said passionately. "There is something to be said for that. I would like you to learn more about your fellow crew. On that same note, are you going to Havok Festival?"

The marksman wished he had the capacity to show his team mates what they meant to him and he had essentially been stumbling around in the dark on this front but he supposed getting to know them was as good a place as any to start stepping out from his genetic disposition for being emotionally inept. He respected each end every person he served alongside even if he couldn't quite show it, he almost thought of the SAoY as a foster family since his own had fallen into disarray.

"I-" Wyatt was about to tell the shosa he would be staying on the ship and making sure it was there for when everybody came back but he had a sudden change of heart - no doubt most of the others would be going so what better time to start?. "I will be going, some company kept sending me incessant advertisements about it so I caved in," he lied straight to her face, giving the most reasonable excuse he could think of at such short notice.

"I'll look forward to seeing you show your dance skills while there," Eden said almost out of nowhere.

"I very much doubt that will happen but we shall see, I hear these festivals have quite the reputation for getting out of hand and being over the top," Wyatt gave as his response, he never had been much of a dancer.

"I hope so," Eden said. Stepping away from him, she took a long look at him. "You're a fine soldier, I hope to see more of you in action in times to come."

"Thankyou ma'am, as morbid as it may sound - I hope we have many more successful missions ahead of us," the minkan finished speaking and gave the lowest bow he could muster, this time it was less of a formality and more as a show of grattitude.

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