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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Twelve: Checkup the Sleeve


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YSS Kaiyo

One of the good things about being a medic on a ship full of normally completely healthy people is that one got to use the heat lamp that was part of the Medbay's equipment all to one's self for hours on end. It was perhaps not strictly speaking authorized, but it certainly made long shifts in the sickbay easier. Sacre was curled happyly, basking in the light behind the desk, she saw she had an appointment soon. So her basking was soon to be interupted.

Wyatt approached the door that lead into the ship's sickbay, his strides were long and purposeful before he came to a halt and rapped his knuckles against the door rhythmically, three short knocks and a brief pause before another two knocks were delivered. While physically he felt fine, the marksman saw checkups as a necessary evil, especially considering some of the strange conditions that afflicted two of the crew members. Never when he joined the army did he expect to come face to face with a vampire or a demon yet he had seen both and hoped nothing strange was going on with his own body.

Sacre heard the knock, she felt an irritation at having to answer the door. Rather then just coming in to the medbay like a normal person. She stretched and turned off the heat lamp. She slithered towards the door and opened it. It was her next appointment, great. "Don't just stand there, come on in. It's not like the door is locked or anything. Did you not check or are you so weak that you can't open an automatic door?" Sacre asked acerbicly.

Wyatt let out a sigh as the door opened and he came face to face with the snake that he had briefly argued with in the power armour bay, it wasn't like the two were mortal enemies or anything but it certainly hadn't been friendly banter. "I assumed you would've appreciated the courtsey of me asking to enter your place of work, my bad" he replied with monotonously before crossing the threshold into the room. "So, where would you prefer me to be before we get started?"

Sacre turned back towards the back area of the sickbay, picking up a scanner and a tablet as she did so. "Here, on this this examination table. So, even though it's a low chance someone like you will say yes, I still need to ask. Have you had sex since your last check up?" She asked as she waited for him.

He moved over to the table and sat himself down on it, "No" was all he answered when asked the question, infact he didn't believe he had 'gotten any' since he had been on the ship.

Sacre made a note on her sheet, "On a scale of 'serious alcoholc' to 'I need my liver replaced today' How much alcohol are you consuming?" She said, waving the scanner at him.

"None" Wyatt began his reply with "It would impede by reflexes and decision making".

Sacre nodded, making a mark on her tablet. "I'll put you down as boring then. Take off your shirt." She said as she grabbed a stethescope.

"I'll take boring over being inept and requiring an ST, ma'am" He said before pulling his shirt up over his head to reveal his torso, muscle bound and with a few patches of fresh skin coming through where the old skin had been seared off during his recent brush with the Aether sphere.

Sacre put the cold sethescope directly on his chest, and started to listen to his heartbeat. She picked it up and put it down several times. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. She then examined the patches of fresh skin, making sure that each of them were healing correctly. The made some more notes and she looked up, "Open your mouth and say 'ahh' for me." She instructed.

Wyatt took a second to ask a question before he opened his mouth wide enough to be inspected "One question though, it's been bugging me a little, why was insulting my intelligence the first thing that came to mind when you saw me, it's water under the bridge now and all that but it still gnaws at me a little" he asked before opening his mouth wide and giving the instructed 'ahh'.

Sacre took and shined it around his mouth as she answered. She actually didn't really remember the comment that well, it had been just something she had said. "I can certainly see that the assment was correct. You aren't smart enough to put two and two together. Your an enlisted infantry grunt in the Army. If you had any semblance of intelligance, you would have bucked for one of the other professions, become an officer, or smarter yet, not joined the Army in the first place."

Wyatt waited for his mouth to stop being examined and spoke "Well let me rephrase that, it's clear you don't get along well with people so what made you decide to come up to me specifically? out of all the people you know I can tell there would be some that might ellicit an actual reaction so why not go and prey on them?" Wyatt paused for a second before speaking again "Let me guess, rough childhood?". His tone surprisingly enough didn't sound the least bit offended.

The truth was that when he had asked about medics, she hadn't seen that he was talking to Miles. By the time she had, it was too late to not say anything. "Like a blind squirrel occasionally finding a nut, you said it yourself, I knew them. I either know or can guess their reaction to me. But I wasn't sure how you would react. I thought you might be an overeager hot-head and turned out I was right. In terms of a childhood, I had a pretty good one, I survived."

"Hmm" Wyatt let out before speaking again, he had to admit speaking to somebody so forward about their motives was quite refreshing. "Well if you saw me as a hot-head then I apologise, I may not be some kind of wordsmith nor a people person but I get stuff done" the minkan said as his eyes scanned the room.

"Speaking of which, do you require blood samples or anything of the sort? I remember you were fond of that knife so any other things you wish to stab me with?"

Sacre took that as an invatation. "Certainly, afterall we have a baby vampire to feed. We're getting samples from the whole crew so we know who tastes the best." Sacre said in a completely serious deadpan as she grabbed the syringe.

"Morbid but fair, speaking of side effects, any word yet on if our two monsters' conditions will worsen?" Wyatt asked as he stuck out his arm, making a fist and opening it a few times to get his veins standing at attention. "I know their cases aren't exactly text book but I reckon it'd be a good thing to keep an eye on them incase... action needs to be taken".

There was a shift in Sacre's tone and posture when he called them monsters. "Their not monsters. Their your crew mates, and you will treat them as such." She said protectively, jabbing the syringe into him as if to make her point.

"Well of course they are" Wyatt spoke, almost ignoring the needle that was thrust into his arm, "But we also have to remember that they are possible threats now, like I said there isn't exactly a set of rules to follow when dealing with them and as much as I hope they won't worsen, we do not know if they will or not". He paused for a second and adopted an almost apologetic tone, "They are my crew mates and I would do anything to ensure their safety, sorry if I hit a nerve but don't act as if the thought hasn't crossed your mind."

Sacre finished finished drawing the blood and put the syringe aside. As she did so, a knife seemed to appear as if by magic in her hand. "Everyone can be dangerous. Sometimes people will snap and you will never know why it happened. In the unlikely event that you would be able to do something useful with regard to their medical condition, you'll be told. Untill then, they need you as their fellow crew member to have their back, not trying to figure out how to stab them in it." She said, still with the protective tone. As she talked, she passed the knife from hand to hand. Then as she finished, the knife would have seemed to disappear to most people. However, Wyatt's sharp sniper eyes caught the quick slight of hand she used to slide it back into her sleeve.

"Truer words have never been spoken" Wyatt spoke with a nod in agreeance about the first part of her statement as he put his shirt back on and holding a finger over the small puncture in his arm, it seemed she had taken more blood than he expected not that he'd voice his discomfort. "You need not worry about me stabbing people in the back but... what is this whole thing you have for waving a knife around?" he asked, genuinely curious because he once knew this guy that used to spin two special duty revolvers around for no reason other than it looked cool.'

Wyatt doubted that was the case here. Sacre considered him for a moment, "Tell me this, what is a knife?" She asked.

"If you;re asking for an explanation of a knife as a concept then I'm not the right guy, to me a knife is a tool, a means to an end. It can provide warmth, food, refuge but it can also take all those away depending on who holds it" Wyatt took his fingers away from the needle-mark, his minkan physiology had stopped the bleeding. "But I've known a few people in my short time that have buckled and felt that taking a knife to themselves is the only way to feel anything, so I guess it all depends on who you are" Wyatt was actually a little surprised at how easily he had come up with an answer.

"What is a knife to you?"

Sacre nodded seeming to like the first part of his answer, but the second part seemed to subtly touch a nerve. She accepted his answer, "To many, knives are weapons. However, to me, knives are life. I grew up on a jungle world. Guns as you know them didn't exist. To be skilled with a knife is to be skilled in life it's self." There was a slight pause, "It's also really good at focusing the attention in one place so they don't notice the more important things that are happening elsewhere." She said.

"A good blade is important without a dobt, kept me alive for four weeks on a backwater mudball of a planet when i was shot down". Wyatt was actually rather enjoying the conversation, there were too many upbeat airheads in the world so this was refreshing. "misdirection, like that whole thing with hiding a knife in your sleeve?" he asked, rubbing his calloused hands together and generating a sound like sandpaper on sandpaper.

Sacre paused a moment, she probably shouldn't have been surprised he had seen that. "Yes, the longer before someone knows you have a knife gives you the advantage." She said, enjoying the talk about knives.

Wyatt let out a minute chuckle, it seemed he had been a little brash when he had initially made his mind up about the kind of person she was, he really did take after his dad in more ways than one. "Worry not, your little secret is safe with me" he said with a small almost-smile. "This talk has been great and all but I must wonder if I'm being kept here for more tests or simply the good company."

Sacre looked back at the checklist. She took the syringe of blood and put it into a machine. The truth was that their conversation had distracted her. "Would I really keep a useless ape like you here any longer then nessicary?" She asked the machine whirried and gave some results. Sacre noted them down. "There you go, clean bill of health. I know it might be hard for you, but try and keep it that way." She said.

Wyatt got to his feet and began heading toward the door "Well do take care Sanssinia-Heisho, I'll try to not get shot too much" he opened the door and paused to speak before he took a step out "but do be sure to pull your left sleeve down before the next person comes your way, they may not be as understanding". and with that, Wyatt continued his day as per usual.