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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Iroma round for that one song


Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS-Hana/Crew Quarters
YSS-Hana/Crew Quarters

Lucas sat on his bed wondering what to do with his free time. Having finished his work early there had simply been nothing else to do and given the recent battle, a break was suggested. He had almost refused, having used his down time to usually muscle through his work, almost to the point of being considered a workaholic.

After a few long moments of thought, he oddly began to think of his sister and love of music. Lucas had used to play the guitar for his sister, something he missed dearly, along with merely seeing her face.

A rather well maintained guitar with wood style furnishing sat leaned against the end of the bed, something he had bought from a human foreigner many years ago. His skills had gone unpracticed since his time in the church on Vice.

"Seems as good as time as any to retake to the strings." He whispered to himself alone.

With a few quick strums and a couple adjustments he began to play. The strings of notes were old, yet melodic for such an instrument. The acoustic strings gave accordance to his skill as his practices had slowly come back to him.

Walking the halls of the ship, well, more jogging really, Elenor was just working on keeping herself in a decent state of fitness since her gear was brough aboard and stowed away, there was little she had available for her to do at the moment beyond, well, passing time. So she was jogging in her PT wear, a headphone clip hooked onto one of her feline ears playing music that wasn't exactly the best for exercising to, was still fairly calming.

Still, her pace started to slow as her ears began to twitch. She swore she could hear music that wasn't from her media player. Pausing her music, and slowing her pace further, she finds herself standing outside a bunkroom where she was pretty certain that someone was playing a acoustic guitar in. Unclipping the ear piece, she reached over and knocked on the hatch, wondering what she could expect to find inside.

The music would stop, Lucas having been lost in his own music, caught off guard by the sudden sound. Straightening his uniform briefly, he answered, "Who is it?"

"Santo Hei Herrick." She responded through the door. "May I come in?" she asked, waiting for his permission to do so.

"Oh uh, yeah, please come in.", Lucas said setting the instrument down him on the bed.

Opening the door, Elenor stepped in and gave the room a quick look around, smiling when she noticed the guitar. "I thought I heard music from an acoustic guitar though the hatch." She says, smiling. "You're actually pretty good."

"Oh, well thank you ma'am. I just practiced a lot." The Iroma man said modestly. The dim light made his chalk white skin stick out as well as his horns, the red tattooed markings adorning his face.

Here I go disturbing people again, he thought to himself.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you too much. I just, tend to enjoy music." Elenor replies, finding a section of bulkhead to lean against. "It's one of my few hobbies. I can't play instrument or sing, but I definitely can enjoy music in a wide variety of styles."

"Well I was just playing to pass the time. Mostly out of nostalgia really. I used to play for my sister a lot, as she had a love for music as well.", Lucas said to the woman, "Your welcome to stay and listen as I play."

"You won't mind?" Elenor asked, smiling. "Well, if that's the case, I'd be delighted to."

Lucas took the guitar back up into his hands, and took a moment to find his hand positions again. He continued where he with the melody, strumming lightly and with practiced coordination.

Elenor's head soon bobbing gently with the music, her eyes half-lidding close as she followed along. Her ears twitch from time to time as she listens. He was really rather good. Thinking on it, Elenor couldn't say she'd ever really gotten a chance to listen to someone playing music live, so this was in itself a treat for her.

Lucas played on for a while, progressing from one song to next fluidly. He did not stop until his finger began to grow sore. "Need a break for a minute, strings are starting to wear on my fingers."

With a quick nod, Elenor stands up with a push away from the wall, the movement done in a distinctly unfeminine way. "Yeah. Hey, uhh, I'm Elenor. Elenor Herrick. You?" She might as well get the name of the guy who could play wonderfully while she had a chance.

"Lucas Aturius, pleasure to meet you. I'm the logistics personnel aboard.", He answered cheerfully. He noticed the unfeminine manner of her getting up, but that mattered little to him. She was very pretty, and quite energetic, her interest in his music was a nice surprise too. He definitely could see getting along with Elenor.

"Oh? Suppose I should be thanking you for helping getting my kit sorted out after my surprise transfer." She said, offering out her hand. "I'm in Recon, which is kind of amusing since not much I can do in my normal field of work." She states with a smile.

"Oh it's not a problem, that's the easiest of the usual work I do.", Lucas said with a chuckle as he shook the offered hand, "I was actually deployed on the last mission, though when your equipment is 75% missiles during a boarding become very limited on options."

"Yeah, that's kind of insane. Myself, I try to run light, but I know when to keep options open when needed." She says as she lets go. "Still, it's interesting to hear some new stuff. Though maybe it would have been better if I wasn't in PT wear. Or having been doing some running..." She admits with a chuckle. "Doesn't make for the best audience."

"Believe me have had odder meetings. I used to preach at a church on Vice, the "working women"..would show up sometimes. They had far less.", He added nervously, as not everyone like to hear anything related to religion. "Believe it, or not, I tend to run into Zoeichi in much the same way."

That response does get a blink out of the Neko. "Uh, oh." She says, blushing as she realized more what he was implying. "Right. I guess even they would on occasion want to find some kind of support, be it in faith or life..." She responds, a bit melancholy. "I, kind of did, some of what I did joining to do the same..."

"I always try to help those who need it, whether through material, emotional, or spiritual means. More then often it's the first two, which I am more then happy to help with. I'd like to believe I can be there when the crew, or anyone needs me, in a any capacity.", Lucas said giving her a kind smile, "I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable. We can talk about something else if you like?"

Quickly shaking her head, Elenor gave Lucas a small smile. "No no, it's okay. Just, some issues I had to deal with, and am now trying to get away from is all." She explains. "I'm not sure I'm open to talking about it with just anyone yet, but I know it has been, a issue I've been working through a few years now."

"Well everyone has those. I wasn't always a preacher, and I don't talk about that part of my life. So I can understand that.", Lucas simply replied.

"Thanks." Elenor replies, taking a deep breath. "Besides, bet I don't hold a candle to those 'working girls' either." She states, forcing a grin and trying to lighten the mood again.

He tilted his head confused, "What do you mean?", He said as the meaning went right over his head.

Elenor shrugs. "Nevermind. Its, just nevermind." She states, sighing. "I will admit to hoping to get more chances to hear you play while I'm aboard, so you know that you have at least one audience member if schedules permit."

"That would be great, but....really I'm sorry for not understanding. I try to be understanding and someone everyone can be comfortable around. Please I wish to understand, therefore I can understand you better.", Lucas said looking slightly guilty for honestly missing her meaning.

"You, you mean it?" She says, looking at Lucas and seeing the slightly guilty look on his face. "I, mostly figured I don't look anywhere near as good as those 'working girls'... Or act all that, feminine..." She admits, eyes drifting down as she blushes admitting that, rubbing one of her arms in embarrassment.

"Everyone is attractive in their own way, and you certainly are very beautiful woman. Why does it matter if you are pretty as them? There is more to you then looks, and you have shown me a very wonderful personality.", He said giving a reassuring smile, "I hope you believe that speak honestly when I say that."

"Wish people back home thought the same..." She muttered, still rubbing her arm. "It wasn't like I wanted what happened." She grumbled, not entirely realizing her speaking aloud enough for Lucas to hear.

"Oh my, dear child, did something happen to you? Who would be so cruel to not be accepting of another person?", Lucas said after hearing, baffled at why no one would be understanding of the woman before him.

"EH!?" Elenor responds, head jerking up as she realized she'd spoken her issue aloud. "It, it, it's nothing. Old history!" She tries to recover quickly, arms waving in front of her a short distance ahead trying to ward off the discussion that, she wasn't sure she should be having with Lucas. it wasn't that she didn't want to talk about it, but, she also didn't want people to think poorly of her either.

"Eleanor, I only wish to help. I am a man who listens, and I am accepting of everyone. Please believe me in that. I am here for you, and the rest of the crew in any way you need me. Whether it be a listening ear, someone to lean on, or...forgive me if this sounds open heart.", and it was clear he meant what he said. He had turned his body to completely face her, a sympathetic smile on his face.

"I..." She pauses and thinks about it, sighing and shaking her head. "I... I was involved in a prank that, had some things happen that, caused people to view me with animosity. Despite spending 2 years trying to find a way to fix it before I enlisted..." She says, looking around from Lucas, eye's focused instead on his guitar. "Because of how everyone but my family started treating and viewing me, I chose to, when I enlisted, do some things that would allow me to step away from all of that. To get away from the hatred, from the disgust."

Lucas felt a ache in his heart, to think people would mistreat her so badly. He stood up and offered his arms open somewhat, "I am so sorry that others would treat you so terribly. If it is not overstepping, I wish to give you a hug. I hope that it will make you feel better."

Elenor looked at Lucas as he stood up, expecting to see something similar to what people used to give her, only to see something similar to her parents. She feels conflicted for several minutes before stepping over and accepting the hug. "I suppose I should be clearer... I, the prank... resulted in my transferring from my body to someone else's... A woman's body... And since my old body was disposed of per the protocols involving the version of body... I've been having to adapt to this... to being a woman..." She says, shuddering. "And because I spent two years adjusting... I... I wanted to go back. To be a man again... but I couldn't when I enlisted. I couldn't bring myself to do it."

Her voice begins to hitch as she speaks. "People hated me because of it. Because I should have stopped my friends from letting it get that far... I knew going back wouldn't fix anything... I had already planned to enlist. But because of what I was suffering... I decided I'd try and get away from it all... Choosing to change my name, and to become a Neko... distance myself from my old life. If I was going to suffer, let it be on my own terms..."

Lucas only hugged her......wait......him? He was utterly surprised by this revealed truth. One that did not change his opinion however. This person had decided accept this change, even if not completely because they liked it. He held her a bit tighter. Was this any different to Zoeichi's situation? To him it wasn't, "You are who you are, I will not think any less of you for your decision. I will help you to be who you want to be."

Elenor had tensed up as she waited for him to process, expecting some kind of immediate reaction. But when there wasn't any, when there was just that tightening of his hug, Elenor couldn't help herself, she actually began to sob slightly. "Oh thank you... You're one of the few who didn't spout some lies to try and make me feel better..." She manages to say through sobs. She had expected him to do as many others had, and try and appease her by saying what they thought she wanted to hear at the moment, while secretly wanting nothing to do with her. She'd seen it happen enough after the whole thing happened, that she just came to expect it.

Lucas patted her back, "Remember I'm here for you. Call me anytime you need me. Your a great person Eleanor, and I know you'll be able to show everyone that as well."

Elenor took a few deep breaths, and then their state started to sink in. That she was slightly sweaty from her run, in her PT clothes... And hugging Lucas. She soon pulled her arms from around him in a hug, and gently, but firmly, pushed him away. "Yeah... Maybe, uhh, maybe next time I won't have just finished a run... Or be in my PT wear." She said, blushing quite vibrantly. She, while grateful for his understanding, well... She also realized what could be construed from what they doing just now, for those who likely hadn't heard a thing said prior to that.

He seemed unphased by this understanding, even though he understood. "Um yeah.....Maybe next time we can talk more during a rec activity, music, time we have leave." He said scratching his neck.

"Uhhh, right. Yeah. I should probably get going." She said, rubbing the back of her neck. "And maybe not alone in your bunk... Uhh, bunkroom that is!" She continues, blushing as she realizes what could be implied with the statement before trying to fix it.

Now it was Lucas's turn to go red which was painfully obvious thanks to his chalk white skin. "Oh.....I guess we don't want to give the wrong idea. Don't get me wrong, your beautiful, but I understand." He said nervously, worried she might misunderstand.

"You, you actually think I'm beautiful?" She asked, blinking in surprise. "I, suppose I am... I mean, I did pick how I looked... I just, hadn't heard anyone say it to me..." She admitted, blushing. "All Father, I should probably get going before we keep embarrassing me..." She states, starting to walk to the door.

"You are, and don't let anyone tell you different.", He said as she went to leave. He sat down on the bed and took the guitar back up, and began to lightly strum the strings.

"Oh, and Lucas? Thanks." She says, turning to give him a smile at the hatch, before stepping out of it, and walking to her room, tail swaying behind her in a happy pattern.