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RP: YSS Hana Post Mission Two: Of Ice and Hearts

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS-Hana: Rec Room - VR chamber
Lucas sat by himself on bench where he had been the last couple hours, Zoeichi having left a short while ago having gotten a . He had dilated time to move the scene to dusk. The sun just beginning to set over the top of the Sakura trees.

Walking into the rec room garbed in her PT wear, a towel hanging around her neck, Elenor was planning on doing some general strength exercises when she noticed the holo capsule in use, but the door was open. Wondering who had left it open while using the room, she walked over and poked her head in.

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Plus there was Lucas. "Hey Lucas. You okay?" She asked, stepping in fully rather than just poking her head through the doorway.

"NNot really.", Lucas said simply, a half finished cigarette still hanging out of his mouth. He tilted his horned head back until he could see her, "Did Zoeichi leave the door open on her way?"

"Door was indeed open. Didn't see who left it that way though." Elenor said, sitting down on the bench next to Lucas. "So, wanna talk? I mean, you got to hear my spill my guts the other day, figure only fair to do the same for you."

"Well I'm an open book in that regard. Might not like everything you learn either.", He said scratching his head, "sorry in advance on the mopeyness."

"And? I thought the same when I ended up talking about what happened to me. So start talking. I only promise I will listen, and then we'll see if I can or can't help." Elenor points out.

"My issue is the present and not the past however.", Lucas said with a raised eyebrow, "I'm not sure which one you want me to begin with. Past, or Present?"

"How about whichever one has you so damned down in the dumps." Elenor answered, crossing her arms and leaning back on the bench.

"Well I made the mistake of falling in love with a woman who didn't love me back.", He answered, "You've already met her, but it was Juno."

Elenor winced. Even if she was a woman now, that was still a hell of a blow. "Ooph, yeah, I can see how that can turn around and bite you in the ass. So, suppose I should ask, what made you fall for her in the first place? I mean, if it was love at first sight, okay. I guess that could happen, but I imagine there was more to it." She stated, looking over at Lucas.

Lucas scratched his neck for a moment, "It was something I thought we built over time. She was accepting of me even after I shared my past. She was kind, and caring, also.....I dunno it just felt right. Not sure how else to say it."

Elenor remained quiet, listening to Lucas as he spoke. "Sounds like it was almost a one way street, and you thought it a two-way. Not sure how much help Iccan be beyond being a shoulder to rest your head on as you figure things out." She mused, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Ironic how the roles have reversed." He said with a chuckle, "I'm guessing you still want hear my story? Any way I can weasel out of that talk?"

Personally he hoped she said no, but he figured given recent luck, that wasn't happening. So he prepared for the questions he expected to come.

Elenor gives him a grin. "Nope. You walked into this mess. So, spill."

"Short or long version?"

"Which will help get this off your chest better?"

"Oh boy, long version then. Okay so I was born in the Chronol region of Iroma space with my sister Violet. Our parents were strict and controlling, violence in the stations wasn't uncommon. AfterAfter a while we ran away from home, lived in the back corridors of one of these stations.", He said pausing to snuff out the now spent cigarette.

Lucas looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing, "Later me and the sis would split up. She stayed behind to get into the music business. Hear she's a pretty popular singer now. While I on the other hand, headed to Vice to try crazy ventures. Any questions so far?"

"Couple. My astronavigation isn't the best, but where does Vice sit in relation to your homeworld? And when did you help in that church you mentioned?"

"Vice is way out west in the Reservoir System. The church was on a corner in one of Vice's cities. I didn't join there til years after arriving.", Lucas answered.

"Ah, so after you and your sister went separate ways."

He really hated this next part, but he wasn't going to lie now, was too late to back out, "Well that was before I left for Vice, though I actually wasn't aware I'd end up there. Anyways, none of my ventures worked. I was poor, and homeless. So........So I became a gangster. Sold drugs, killed people, was a real cold heart man back then. There it is, the truth."

Giving a slow nod, Elenor pondered this. "Seems like life threw you a far worse hand than it threw me... I probably can't properly imagine what you had to be going through, and I ain't gonna sugar coat it and say I understand. Still, I imagine something happened to make you walk away from that life."

Lucas chuckled faintly, "walked away isn't quite the right word. You have to understand I became very good in that line of work, but that also means I had gained more then a few enemies. Karma caught up to me eventually. I was beaten, stabbed, and shot before getting away. I stumbled through the streets bleeding before passing out at the steps of the church."

"Father Zachary took me in, tended to my wounds and showed me another way to live. I owed him a lot.", He said adding after a brief pause to breath.

Giving another nod, she squeezed Lucas' shoulder. "Sound like he was a good man. Though, considering your life up to that point, Ihhave to wonder why you didn't lapse back into being a ganster."

"Because he taught supporting others through being a community, faith being a major part of that. But, that's not to say therethere weren't things that were missing. Father Zachary believed in no violence, that it made people lesser. That belief didn't save him when the men I had escaped from found the church."Lucas said before pausing, clearly the memory a hard one to recount, "They hung in him in front of the church where the whole community could see him, and set fire to the church."

Elenor's gaze hardened as she listened, her other hand clenching into a fist. "I hope those, those assholes suffered eventually. That's being little more than rabid animals, doing that."

Lucas placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down, "I was out at the time, but after I returned and saw what they did. I spent three months hunting down every single man involved.....I.made sure each one was slow."

After a pause he waited for her to call him an animal, a monster, and similar name which he felt were all equally appropriate. "So now you know. I wasn't always this, I used to be no better then those men."

Taking a breath, Elenor calmed herself. "To say you were better than those men at the time, would be me being a hypocrite... But at the same time, you were willing to find another option, another path. Which does make you better."

"I don't feel like it. Every time we deploy, I get that itch of the hand, the rush of adrenaline. That's something that's been hardwired in, something that can't be undone.", Lucas said with a shake of the head. He still got that giddy excitement when he knew the bullets were about to start flying, and it terrified him.

"That, I can relate to, in a fashion. I often felt the same on Recon missions. That sense of knowing you have to fight, because flight doesn't mentally compute... But still, you chose to become better." Elenor says, rubbing Lucas' shoulder again.

Lucas gave a slight smile, "You're actually the only person I've ever shared the full story with. Gotta say, feels odd to let someone else know. And thank you for understanding, it means a lot."

"Yeah well, we both had kind of messed up lives in our own ways." She states, grinning. "So, after you'd avenged Father Zachary, what did you do?"

"I left for yamatai, enlisted, and completed basic. And here am now. Making friends, moping, and having all the pretty girls come cheer me up." Lucas finished with a chuckle at his slight joke.

"I dunno... Don't feel pretty right now. I mean, I was about to do some weight training to stay in shape for Recon." She replied, giving Lucas a quick punch to the shoulder.

Lucas gave a faked grunt as the punch made contact, "Gotta say making thea PT gear look good."

"Oh now your asking for me to actually punch you!" She remarked, grinning. "I SO do not make this look good."

"No you do, honest. You're more attractive then you give yourself credit for."

"Keep it up and I'll drag you out with me and make you PT as well." Her arms crossing under her chest as she gave him a slight glare that was ruined by the smile creeping in.

"Beats me moping here. Let's go.", Lucas said returning the grin. It honestly did sound like fun, and having someone to do the activity with, made it all the better.

Grinning properly now, Elenor stood up, and stepped out of the capsule. "Well then, you can get a proper Recon PT session in." She remarked, heading over to the weight kits. No point holding it off any further, she had come down here to do this anyways.

Lucas removed his duty jacket to reveal the white muscle shurt underneath, his bare arms showing what few fluorescent tattoos adorned them against chalk white skin. "Dont be disappointed if I find it too easy."

Not wanting to let his confidence overpower her, Elenor launched right into it, starting with several warm-up exercises. No point straining something trying to show off. That said, as she started getting into the work, she was definitely feel more relaxed, despite the presence of Lucas there. If anything, this is probably the first time Lucas has seen her just be when not on duty, instead of her normally nervous bundle of energy.

Lucas did a couple stretches before doing the same regiment she was doing. Despite not having the strength of a neko, He was able to keep up at a decent pace. "Do you do this PT set everyday?", Lucas asked as they got into it.

"Nah, every other day. the days I'm not doing this is mostly cardio. So laps around the ship usually. Then I have one day to rest with zero PT." Elenor explains, putting down the barbells she was using, using the towel to wipe her forhead and hands before walking over to the bench press, and settling onto it.

"Need me to spot you?"

"Please. Feels more honest than using the system to do it for me." She says, adjusting her place under the bar before making sure she had a firm grip on it.

Lucas stepped over and gently supported the bar before she began, "Computer automation take the fun out of most things, it seems these days."

"It can indeed." She remarks as she starts working the weight. Her goal was more refinement than bulk building, so while the weight itself wasn't as high as it could have been, she was more working with it to ensure her muscles were lithe and limber.

"Is this basically just muscle maintenance?"

"Today is yeah. Tomorrow is no PT, so rather than work on strengthening today, it's just making sure they don't get slacking." She says, shrugging a bit as she continues working the weight. "Technically speaking, most of my PT at this point is just maintaining the standards required for being in Recon, since I got most of the building done during Infantry School and then refined in Recon School."

"What do you do on non PT days?"

"Mostly sit in my bunk listening to music. Maybe doodle a bit."

Lucas seemseemed surprised, "Arent there things you like to do. Like playing VR games,.......yeah not much else "

"Oh I do from time to time. But I spent more time getting out into the wilderness around my home growing up than I did a lot of indoor stuff. Living on the edge of hte city and hte subburbs had benefits." Elenor said, working through the next few reps.

"Sadly I tend to bury myself in my work, papers stacked on my desk and a pad in my hand. I'm kinda a workaholic.", He admitted a bit embarrassed to admit that.

"Yeah, Recon doesn't have a lot of free time when deployed, but between deployments, some might say we have too much." Elenor admitted, grinning as she continued to work, enjoying the workout and just relaxing, despite hefting weights about her own weight and covered in a layer of sweat. "Hence why I become a bit of a music fiend. Helps pass the time."

"Good thing you know a skilled musician. Gives us both something to do on off time. Just need to figure a better place then my backroom for concerts.", Lucas chuckled.

"Isn't there that freespace in the next room over?" Elenor asked, gesturing with her chin to the so-called 'free space' room. Nonetheless, she was nearly done so worked throug hteh last few reps before putting the ar back onto the rack. "Want me to spot for ya in return?"

"Yeah sure.", Lucas replied before thinking about the free space, "Yeah that could work. Might be good to find aa couple chairs, because I don't think there is anything in there at all."

Lucas got settled on the bench and waited for Elenor to take her spot before beginning.

Standing up and getting into the place Lucas just vacated, Elenor settled into place to spot for him. "I'm sure we'll be able to figure something out."

"First Midori class with a concert space, that's a new one.", Lucas chuckled as he continued to work the bar, "Guess we'll just have to test it."

"Yup. When do you think a good time to do that would be?" She asked, keeping an eye on the bar and Lucas, making sure it wasn't about to do something 'bad', while also grabbing ahold of her towel and wiping off her sweat.

"Guess just when we both have off duty time together again."

"Fair enough!" She replied, grinning. Okay, she was willing to admit it, she was having fun talking with someone while working out. "Shame I can't do anything to really help with the whole concert idea as a whole."

"Still need chairs, gonna be a rather uncomfortable show just sitting on the floor." He said chuckling again.

Lucas was most if the way finished with this set, his arms bulging a bit as they were worked to get the last couple reps in. He was starting to sweat himself now.

Ready to help him as he neared the end of his set, she grinned. "Well, I'm not in logistics. I can think of ways to make some if we were on a planet with enough plantlife, but here in space? Yeah, little trickier." She stated. "I mean, heck, Recon trains a lot more in how to operate without PA than infantry, so we've developed some lovely little tricks to make things more tolerable in the field."

"And I'd love to here those.", Lucas said before finishing the last rep and putting the bar back up with Elenor's help. He sat up and leaned forward, "I'm all ears, and horns too, if you want to count them for the fun of it." He joked.

"I dunno... Seems a bit cheaty." She said, offering her towel for him to clean up with while leaning on the bar now that it was back on the rack, grinning.

"What, counting horns, or sharing these tricks you know?", He said as he towelled off with a smile.

"Counting horns." Elenor replied, bapping Lucas in the side of his head. She was grinning with the mirth of the moment though, enjoying this chance to just be herself and not be judged for anything, or have reason to constantly second-guess herself.

Lucas laughed, "You never know, maybe it brings good luck."

"While luck might be a thing I need outside of the job, I don't think I need your help with it when on duty!" She jokes, leaning forward be acting a bit on the aggressive side for the humor of it.

"Who says I don't just want to help? There's gotta be a good amount of luck if you have a horned preacher. Just want to share, because I care.", Lucas chuckled.

"I think the," She paused and gave an exaggerated cough, "spare clothes you collected is proof enough that I should be careful about the luck I get from you." She points out, resetting herself to be leaning on the bar grinning.

"Ouch, you wound me Madame. I will have you know I am a very lucky man. I have survived much, and if I had not, Well I wouldn't have gotten to meet the wonderful people like yourself that I have.", He says feigning mock pain, but replaces it with a smile.

"Yeah, and I can only imagine the horrors you've visiting upon thine foes." She snipes back, adopting a temporary 'high class' accent for it. But she was saying it in good humor and with a broad grin on her face. "But before we continue this lovely bit of banter, we should probably actually clean up, instead of hogging the bench press."

"Well then we should leave post haste.", Lucas said grinning before changing his stance to clearly offer a piggyback ride, "Your chariot awaits!"

"Oh All Father." Elenor says, giving him a laugh before twisting up her towel, and then snapping it at Lucas. "Besides, I ain't gonna ride you like that." She says, not even registering the innuendo as she said it, grinning as she hung her towel back around her neck. "Come on, let's hit hte showers. We're both soaked through with sweat."

Lucas didn't bother to point out the other meaning, even after giving a 'yeep' as the towel whipped him in the rear. "Yeah hot shower sounds good."

Nodding, she walked out of the rec room, moving with some practiced grace, if still fairly unfeminine movements, to the lift. "Considering our earlier discussion, what do YOU usually do during your off-time?" Elenor asked, while glancing behind her at Lucas.

"Extra work, I don't really have many hobbies. I'm only now making friends." He said with a shrug as he followed her, "By the way how are your "other" exercises going?"

"Which ones?" She says, ears drooping a bit at the mention of other exercises. "And you should probably find things to do besides work. Can't be healthy for your psyche." She states, trying to avoid the pointed reminder of her, struggles with shifting her ways of doing things to be more appropriate of her gender.

"Well walking for one of them, your missing the slight sway to your walk. Well I mean I just like to make sure I get it done, it helps the crew keep things running smooth. I've read most of the novels I have, I play the guitar, but even then that's not often. Other then that, I'm not sure what else I could try.", He admitted as he sstepped into the lift as well.

Elenor actually twitched as though she'd been punched at his mentioning her walk, her stride hardening slightly as they finished approaching the lift. "Right..." She grumbles, sighing as she set the lift to go to Deck 1. "I just haven't worked out how to make it look right is all... And I don't exactly get a lot of area to practice..." She muttered, effectively giving excuses while sulking about it.

"As for hobbies, well, there's plenty you could probably do, but not sure how much of it would be options on a ship this size." She said, trying to get teh subject off her again.

"Its pretty much exercises and VR.", Lucas said to her immediate statement but figure she still needed help, "I mean all it is is adding a slight rotation to your hips as you walk. Kinda like a swagger I guess."

Elenor huffed and crossed her arms with a pout on her face. "I always seem to over do it. Makes it look like I'm trying to kill people with my hips alone." She replied.

Lucas raised an eyebrow as a smile grew slowly on his face, "If hips could kill."

"Oh laugh it up why don't you?!" She grumped at him, as the door opened. Not waiting for him, she stormed off towards the showers.

"Elenor, you know I'm not trying to be mean. You have very nice hips. I'm only trying to help.", He said apologetically as he jogged after her, "I'm sorry, again not trying to be mean."

"I get embarassed about it, okay? I keep worrying people will... will get the wrong impression, okay?" She says, reaching the shower and starting to peel her sweat-soaked PT wear off. "I keep imagining people looking at me and laughing, calling me a fool or the like. Pointing out how little I seem feminine despite my efforts to start being more so..."

If she had not started to peel off her clothes, He would have turned her around by the shoulder, looked her in the eye and said it would be alright. But that went out the window and he quickly averted his gaze elsewhere, a bit pink in the cheeks now.

"Hey no one is laughing at you, and if anyone does they'll have to deal with me. I'm sorry again I made the joke, it was wrong and out of line. If people can't see the obvious, beautiful woman you are, then they're blind. It's more then a sway to your walk, or what you wear that makes you a woman. Most of that stuff is just things society puts a value on. They care more about the image then the actual woman. I think your doing great so far, and I hope you come to believe that.", Lucas said in a sincere tone, that was still apologetic, as he slowly got undressed himself.

Elenor pauses as she was pulling off her sports bra, and sighs. "I know, I shouldn't have snapped at you just... I get so testy when people point it out. It's like getting slapped that I'm trying to become a woman instead of being born one."

"I can understand that, but you need to believe you're the woman you are. Don't let others get to you. And you know I'm always here for you."

Finishing pulling off her clothes, she gives a somber nod. "I guess. Thanks. I just... It's all these small things that get me more often than not. There's so many things I do that are so long held over from when I was a guy that... trying to work out the feminine methods of doing it have been... hard. Kind of wish I could have had some of it just downloaded, but then it'd still feel fake I think."

Lucas had only removed his shirt so far, and boots. The flourescent tattoos that marked his body, even here gave a faint glow, even if ever so slight. The old gang related ones in a green color, while those that were religious in nature were a contrasting red. Among these, but no less bare were the many scars that correlated with the story he had told her earlier. It all stood out starkly against the chalk white backdrop that was his skin.

As if without thibling, he stepped over and hugged her, "Dont worry you have friends, we're here to help you. Again your doing great so far."

The sudden hug actually caused the Neko to freeze up, tail going stiff as a board behind her. "Uh-uh... Yeah..." She whimpers, not expecting the hug, and not exactly in a position or state to try and do anything about it. She'd thought he was just moving to put his clothes aside before stepping into the showers, not hug her!

He felt her body stiffen, and it instantly made him feel terrible, "I'm sorry for that all of the sudden. I never did properly thank you, please forgive me if that was out of line.", Lucas said after releasing her.

He quietly went back to where he had been and began to finish getting undressed.

Standing there for several moments more, she started to relax, and held her arms together a moment. "No. It, it was nice... I just didn't expect it." She said. "A-anyways, just, don't surprise me like that next time huh?" She continued, turning and giving a small grin. "Besides, I think you were feeling a bit eager maybe?" She teased, walking to one of the stalls and turning on the water.

After Lucas had finished disrobing, He took the next available stall and started the water. The hot water felt great, as it rinsed away tension and sweat alike.

"I'll try not to blind side you next time....but again, thank you."

"Yeah. It, it felt nice getting hugged like that." She replied, blushing slightly as she got under her own hot water and started scrubbing the sweat off. "I meant hte actual hug, not the surprise part of it." She soon adds, as an almost afterthought.

"Anytime.", Lucas says simply as he begins to start scrubbing himself down, "So I was thinking. Why not use empty crates for seats. For the concert space."

"That'd work pretty well. I doubt we'd get anything long-term installed anyways. I mean, it seems kind of silly to have it forever dedicated to people playing music in it once we get off." Elenor mused aloud, scrubbing diligently. "I'm sure we can get some lighting and a microphone set up too. Might not be the best music system installed, but I imagine we can make it work."

"Fair enough. Um, wait, I play guitar. But does anyone else actually play? Or sing for that matter?", Lucas asked thoughtful as he washed his hair.

"I'm not that good at singing. Last time I tried, I was described as causing even cats to howl in pain." Elenor says, shrugging. "As for others playing, couldn't say."

Lucas thought again for a.moment, "When was that though? That you tried singing I mean.", He said starting to rinse.

She was rinsing as well, and paused. "Uhh, ages ago. I mean, people were fairly adament that I shouldn't sing ever again... Thinking on it, I don't think I've tried to sing since the... prank."

"Yeah these aren't the same vocal cords as then. That makes a big difference, so it might be worth trying.", He suggested as he just stood under the water, enjoying it.

"I dunno..." Elenor muttered, finishing up and stepping out of the water stream to grab a clean towel. "I don't think I'd be any better now than I was then."

Lucas turned off the water before stepping out and grabbing a towel as well.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained.", He said as he dried off.

"Yeah, and who'd get to suffer first huh?" Elenor remarked back, wrapping the towel around her. At least in that respect she had it figured out!

"You got a private concert from me. It's only fair if I get one.", Lucas said with a grin as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

"Fine, but I get to pick what I sing. Deal?" She states, picking up her clothes and bundling them up a bit better to carry in one arm. "I mean, there's a few songs I have I'd love ot sing... Out of a few thousand..."

"Fair enough."

Lucas neatly folded and stacked his clothes, his boots on top of them. An action that took less then a minute to complete before picking them up ready to go.

Walking to her quarters, she opened her locker and put the dirty clothing in the hamper, and pulled out the bodysuit, slipping into it before settling on her bunk. Whereupon she pulled out a personal music player, scrolling through the library of songs on it for a few moments.

Lucas headed to his own backroom and put on a fresh uniform. Odd how the day had progressed, it had been quite the rollercoaster ride. Everything that had been bothering was now forgotten. With a grin he sat down with an old leather bound book, a rarity in this day and age.