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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Glimmergold: Family meeting


The Gunman
The following post contains scenes of extreme adorableness and cuteness which may cause blindness due to the level. Reader discretion is advised

With her parents back to doing their duties, little Luna decided it would be a good idea to explore the ship. To keep from being underfoot to a potential passing crew member, she chose to use her floating ability to fly around. Close by Valkyr was keeping watch on her little mistress ready to defend her should she needed it. “Hmm.. ok, I am here in the third decks,” She said to herself before she heard movement someone big and huge causing her to turn to look.

Fresh from a tune up of his new augmentations William scratched at his braided beard. He truly had settled into the viking look after coming home to the Kaiyo. Rounding the corner, his gods eyes flashed, showing the small neko down the hall. No taller than his calves, the diminutive neko had some very familiar features. Features that resembled...

Stopping and kneeling down, William flashed a broad smile and asked "Is that my little Luna?" He asked, arms held out to the little neko.

Luna looked at the huge man, and recognition was soon processed. Kiyo had told her about this man, his description, and the fact that he was her uncle. “Supertall! oh! you’re Uncle William!” She said her face broke into a cute happy smile she shot herself into his arms hugging as much as she could. “Mommy told me about you!” She said looking up at him and still smiled. “I’m pleased to meet ya, I’m Luna!”

Valkyr saw that William was there, so she took off flying. William was a military-trained man, and an ID-SOL, there was no reason why Luna wouldn’t be safe with him.

He wrapped his massive arms around her and held her firmly. "It's nice to finally meet you too, sweet heart." William replied looking down at her. "You look just like your parents." He said looking up and seeing Valkyr flying near by. He winked at the drake and turned back to Luna and stood.

Adjusting the Neko in his arms, he cradled her as he smiled and poked her little belly. "We have lots of catching up to do. I've been so excited to meet you." He said walking down the hall and towards the mess. "Hungry little one?"

Luna smiled up at him as she was wrapped in his arms and was adjusted as he got up. “I’m glad, Mommy and papa are good people! I’m happy to be here,” she said to him before he poked her, causing her to squeal and grab at his finger with her smaller one.”Hey, bad finger! No poking!” She admonished the naughty finger before focusing on William. She felt pleased that he was so excited to meet her. “I was thinking of getting something to eat, so sounds good! “Mom told me, she’d love for me to eat a chocolate chip cookie, she’s been introducing me to eat snacks.”

He let out a hearty chuckle as Luna grabbed his finger. He wriggled the finger in her grasp. "Is that so?" He said wiggling the fingers on his free hand. "The naughty fingers are gonna getcha!" He said, before he began to tickle her little belly.

Laughing, he continued to walk towards the the mess hall tickling as he went.

Stopping as he entered the pantry, he pulled down a cookie and handed it to her. "Here you go, Luna. One chocolate ship cookie." William said, pulling a second one down for himself.

Luna giggled and squealed as she was tickled by her uncle. “nooooo! hehehehehe!” Was the only thing she could get out, fortunately, he stopped tickling when they entered the pantry. She saw what was in there, and she was in awe at how much food and ingredients were in there. William was nice enough to get her the cookie and she smiled at him. “Thank you, Uncle William!” She said as the cute little Neko tried to think of a way to get him back.

He set the tiny neko down on the counter, careful to make sure she sat. He knew subconsciously that his niece wouldn't fall. She could fly. Still he was her uncle. He had to make sure she didn't get hurt. "No standing on the counter okay?" He instructed, taking a bite of his cookie.

Sitting down so that Luna was at eye level, he smiled and patted her on the head.

"So what do you think of the ship so far, sweetie? How much have you seen so far?" He asked taking another bite.

Luna found herself sitting on the counter, and she acknowledged his words with a nod. She thought it was silly of him to tell her since they both knew she could fly, but she thought she should be a good girl and listen. Now she was eye level, and William would be able to see how truly unique her eyes were. One eye was red the other was blue.

“Mommy showed me a picture of how it looked on the outside, it’s pretty cool! I’ve seen the Med bay, where I was born, oh and mommy and papa’s place, though I’m in a special place for me and Tsubame. I was doing some exploring and I got up to deck three.

He watched her as she answered, nodding at her enthusiasm. The little neko definitely reminded him of a small Kiyo. "Well do you want me to take you around the rest of the ship?" He asked, finishing off the last of his own cookie.

Leaning in close, he whispered conspiratorially. "I also may have hidden a gift for you in my cabin." He said, watching for the girl's reaction.

Luna smiled happily as he offered to take her around the rest of the ship ”Yes please!” She said happily and politely. She soon began finishing her last cookie when he leaned to whisper conspiratorially to her ear. Her eyes widened in shock and surprise before it changed to glee. “That’s very nice of you! Thank you so much for thinking to get a gift! you’re the best Uncle ever!” She told him smiling as she gently wipes the crumbs from her face and held out the napkin so that he could do the same.

He chuckled and took the napkin, wiping his own face free of crumbs. "You are very welcome Luna." He said offering his hand out to her, he scooped her up in his arms once more and began walking out into then hall.

"Let's see. Where should we start first? He mused as he headed for the lift.

Luna smiled before she hopped into his arms like an expert, and made sure she had a good view. “I wanna let you choose since you have been here longer is that ok?’ she asked him with a big cute smile.

"Of course it is." He replied, tapping her nose with an oversized finger. "Let's start at the bottom and work our way up."

Taking the lift down, William took Luna on a tour of the ship. He took her around the entire ship, showing her all the nooks and crannies.

In the end he brought her up to the observation deck. "This may be my favorite room on the ship." He said as he walked onto the observation deck.

Luna tied to grab his finger, but she was unable to stop it from tapping her nose. “Ok!” she said of his plan of starting at the bottom and working their way to the top. Her eyes were wide in interest and shock as she got to see everything, including the Power armor bay, where she saw her mother doing maintenance on her Mindy.

She spotted her father too, but she didn’t call her parents since they were busy. But when she saw the observation deck, she was in awe. “this is so cool!” She said as she looked around and adorably waved to the passing Stars as the ship flew by.

William smiled and played along, waving at the stars flying by with Luna. For the ID-SOL, the observation deck was where he would go to decompress and relax after a stressful day. He was happy that his niece seemed to enjoy it just as much as he did.

He spent some time, sitting with Luna in his lap and pointing out different celestial bodies and rattling off their names. It helped when his mindware and cybernetic eyes were able to instantly bring up the names of whatever object he was looking at, including the different planets and stars.

Luna smiled as he joined her in waving to the stars flying by. She thought it was polite to do so, so she felt pleased that by his actions it seemed to be true. But she got to see new celestial bodies, and she learned their names which interested her. “oh, that Nebula looks so cool! and that spinning top one, uh a pulsar right?” She asked as she smiled and snuggled close to her Uncle on his lap.

"That's right. You are so smart." He praised, scratching the neko's head as she snuggled into him. He sighed as they sat there, watching the stars together. His little niece already had the big ID-SOL wrapped around her little finger.
If she asked for the moon he'd find a way to give it to her.

Luna smiled with pleasure at being told she was so smart and she felt him scratching her head as she snuggled there. “That’s so cool that there are many different colors to those nebulas, just like people” She commented as she looked at what appeared to be a red nebula ahead of them.

William nodded again. "Yes, there is plenty of different color anywhere you look." He replied, moving to stand. "Well, I think it is about time to give you that present." He said as he began to move down the hall towards his room.

Stopping outside the door he said. "Cover those peepers and no peeking." He said, passing a hand over her eyes to ensure that she didn't peek.

Luna smiled before she felt herself being lifted as he got up. Her excitement grew at the thought of his present, he planned on giving to her. She remained smiling as she closed her eyes, thinking this will please him if she did so. “Eyes are all closed!” She said, letting him know what a good girl she was.

Giving a soft chuckle, he strode into his room and set the neko down on his bed as rummaged for the present. "Ah ha. I knew it was here somewhere." He mumbled, taking the object out from it's hiding spot. Unrolling the blanket he had gotten for her, it was a vibrant green with a small NSMC patch embroidered in a corner. A small "tongue in cheek" joke to Kiyo and Wulf, but he also wanted something for Luna to remind her of him.

The blanket was a Tempri-Sama, which is said to be one of the most comfortable blankets in the entire sector. Draping it over her legs, he smiled and said "Okay, open those eyes!"

Luna’s head tilted as she felt herself being set on a bed, but she kept her eyes closed. Her ears picked up his voice, then she felt something soft being placed over her legs. And when he spoke again, she opened her eyes and saw the blanket. “Oh cool!” she said as she placed her hands over it" so soft and so warm too!” She said and grinned happily as she picked a handful and gently placed it on her cheek before she flew up to give him a hug” thank you, Uncle William!” She said happily.

He laughed and hugged her back. "You are very welcome Luna. I hope that you enjoy it. I made sure to get the softest blanket I possibly could get." He said rubbing her back.

Wrapping the little neko in the soft blanket, he held her close to him. "I'm so glad that I finally get to spoil my niece." He said as he swayed, cradling the neko.

Luna smiled happily as she was told that he made sure to get her the softest blanket he could buy. What a thoughtful Uncle she had. She could feel her love for her favorite uncle grow and she watched as he wrapped her in the soft blanket, before being held close. “I’m glad too,” she said smiling,” Mommy says Aunt Sakura is gonna spoil me too, so there will be two people,” She told him before her head tilted” is spoiling a good thing?’ She asked as she was cradled.

William chuckled, sitting down as he held Luna. Taking a moment to get settled in their new position, he replied "Yes, it is a good thing. If you ever need anything, you just have to ask me." He said, softly poking her belly again. "Whatever it is, you can always ask me for help." He reiterated.

Luna smiled as William spoke to her telling her that it was a good thing and that if she needed anything, she just have to ask him. The poke to her belly caused a squeal as she tried to grab the offending finger. After this, she was told that whatever it was she can always ask him for help which caused a smile to form. “Ok, I’ll make sure to ask Uncle William,” She said before glancing at the offending hand again. “Can you help me with that, Uncle William, bad hand needs to be told it's bad,” she said looking up at her uncle.

The ID-SOL laughed and nodded, hiding his hand behind his back. "There. No more bad hand." Standing up once more he sighed. "Well come on, let's go find your mom. She will start getting worried if she isnt able to find you." He said pulling opening the door and stepping out into the hall.

Luna smiled at how silly her Uncle William was, she knew his hand was behind him. The Kitten chose to play along. She flew up after him ”Yeah, Mommy is a kind, caring mommy, “ She said knowing that her mother would worry about her since she was her first child. Luna landing on his shoulder and sat there and went for the ride as he stepped into the hall. She was about to say something when the ship’s intercom activated and Kiyo’s voice is heard “Anyone seen Luna? She’ll be the blue-skinned youngling with one blue and one red eye” There was worry in her voice concerned that Luna had gotten underfoot or had gotten trapped.

Looking over at Luna, Willian smirked. "See? I told you so." He said, tapping his ear. "Kiyo, I have her. I'm headed your way now." Rolling the blanket up and tucking it under his arm, he began walking down to Kiyo's location.

"Well what did you think of your little excursion?" He asked the little neko sitting on his shoulder.

Luna gasped when she realized she worried her mother, and a frown formed on her lips before getting distracted. “I loved it! I got to explore and meet my favorite Uncle!” She said with a sweet smile on her face. She watched as he rolled the blanket up and tucking it, but she did not comment. It was nice and warm and she didn’t want to get too warm.

William scratched her head again and smiled. "I'm glad you had fun." He replied. After Luna said he was her favorite uncle, his heart felt like it lept into his throat. Walking through the ship they finally reached the area where Kiyo was. "Hey there Kiyo. I found this little stinker wandering around the halls."

Luna smiled when he told her he was glad to have fun. She continued to sit there, watching as they passed through the ship, and passed the personnel who smiled at the two until she spotted her mother. But when William called her a little stinker she gasped” Stinker?! After I called you my favorite uncle! “ The cute little Neko said as she hopped off and flew to her mother who held her close.

Kiyo was all smiles as she held her daughter. “What a bad Uncle huh?” She asked her before she grinned at William” Thanks for looking after her, I know with you she's definitely safe.”

He smiled back and laughed. "Of course my little niece is safe with me." He replied. Tossing the blanket to Kiyo he snickered when the NSMC logo came into view. "Luna take care of that Marine blanket, okay?" He asked flashing Kiyo a mischievous smile.

Kiyo easily caught it and blinked when she saw the logo. Luna took it soon after and held it close to her small form as her attention went to her uncle” I will I promise!” She said happily, clearly forgiving him for the stinker bit.

William nodded, walking over and kissing Luna's head. His beard tickling her nose as he did. "Good, now listen to your mom. And if you need me, you now exactly where to find me." He said turning to Kiyo. "You have quite a kid on your hands. Very smart and very polite. You should be very proud." He said, ruffling Kiyo's hair and chuckled.

Turning he waved. "Well I should get down to the PA bay. My armor could use a tune up. Be good little girl."

Luna giggled at the tickling but she made no complaints, instead, she nodded her head. She remembered where to find him, and she knew she will listen to her mother. Kiyo smiled with pride as he complimented her daughter and laughed as her hair was ruffled. “Bye Uncle William, ad thank you very much for the blanket!” Kiyo turned carrying Luna and the blanket with her as she went. “that was nice of him, huh to get you something” Luna nodded” yup! Uncle William is super nice!”