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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Coffee and Friends


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RP Date
Early YE 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II Galley
It was a early day for Wulf on the Kaiyo. Since his injuries and being assigned to light duty by Itto Heisho Sanssinia he grew pretty restless with all the time he had on his hands. Due to this wulf found him self in the galley before most of the crew was due to be up.
Having made a nice arrangement with the Chef of the ship he was able to use the Galley in the morning. This wonderful arrangement allowed him selfs some alone time and gave him the facilities to prepare his personal stash of coffee beans. The only cost was he had to prepare a pot for the galley staff and for Wulf that was a small price to pay.

Having already spent the morning roasting and steeping his favorite brew he was just ready to pour him self a cup. Grabbing a cup from he prepared to pour from the coffee press when he heard a loud banging on the galley door. Looking once to the door then to the clock he saw he still had another 20 minutes before the galley staff arrived to prepare the morning meal.
Grumbling as he got up and with assistance he moved toward the galleys door. As he approached the door the banging on the door seemed to slow in its rhythm, almost sounding like a pathetic wimper to be let in. Unlocking the door he slowly opened it to reveal the intruder to his quiet time. As the door opened he saw a red haired Nekovalkyrja on the floor.
Seeing her on the ground kneeling before the door Wulf spoke to her in a tired and sheepish voice " Morning, the galley isn't open for anoth....". Being cut off quickly the blue eyed Nekovalkyrja looked up to him and pulled on his pant legs spoke " Coffffffeeeeeeeee". Wulf seeing the bags under her eyes and the fatigue look that pained her face he sighed " Follow me I got some brewing". Before he could turn to move back into the galley he saw her face bright up like the face of the sun.

She followed him into the cramped galley, like a pup following its parent. As he reseated him self on the stool, the woman quickly pulled up a chair beside him. Grabbing a cup for her he spoke " I normally don't share this with any one so you will have to keep this a secret" she nodded as he began to pour her drink. " If any one else founds out i'll probably have none of my stash left you understand" the woman nodded as she stared at the cup. Sliding it over to her gently " And I don't want to run out before we return to port".

As he started to pour his own drink he watched the nekovalkyrja. As he watched she closed her eyes as she sipped her coffee, it seemed like she was in a meditative trace. Putting her cup down she opened her eyes slowly and let out a satisfying "ahhhhh". Wulf smiled seeing another proper coffee lover on the ship enjoying his brew.

She smiled and extended her hand " My name is Sakura Sjet by the way ". Taking Sakura's hand he replied " Wulf Soban and its surprise to meet you this morning". Breaking the hand shake Sakura took another sip as she kept her smile. Holding it with both hands she rested her elbows on the table as she began to talk " Well i'm just glad you where here otherwise I don't think I would of made it". Putting her cup down she let it sit as she went on " I just did another double shift working on Megami and I have one last thing to do before I can say i'm finished'.

Wulf nodded as he replied " Well that does explain the the looks of death you had". Sakura nodded as took another sip. "Well when you have the sweet nectar of life and your barred from it, you too would feel the claws of death". Wulf chuckled in his reply " Well I think that and the pathetic look on your face would of kept the reaper away". Sakura gave him a light punch in reply "That's mean Wulf, teasing a young maiden on death's door". As she tried to pull the coffee press to her wulf quickly reacted. Smiling as he pulled away the coffee press" Don't you mean Heaven's door if this wonderful brew is here".

Wulf pulled his view back on Sakura and what he saw next almost broke his heart. Sakura was starting to tear up, her cheeks flustered as she starred at the stolen price. Before Wulf could react she had her head bowed and the cup raised toward Wulf. Turning red in embarrassment for hurting his crewmates feelings and denying her more coffee he started to quickly speak " I'm so sorry I didn't mean too". He quickly started to pour her another cup.

As he set down the press he could see the facial expression change on sakura. Smiling brim to brim and with her tail wagging up right behind her she started in a childish way sing " I got more coffee, I got more Coffee". She continued on " All I had to do was cry but I got some Coffee".
Wulf knew he was fooled immediately started to laugh. Sakura joined along with him as the two sleep deprived crew mates enjoyed the rest of the morning. For this pair this would be the start of a wonderful coffee friendship.