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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Left behind


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Convention Veteran
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyō II VR room
Wulf took a deep breath as he looked down the sight of his weapon. Always taught to hold this moment, let your mind focus on just this one moment. To him this was a mantra and one instilled into to him since he was a child. Like a fresh breeze upon this world he exhaled as he pulled the trigger on the Ke-M4-W2901.

As he rechecked the target he heard confirmation from the computer that he had indeed hit the target. Smiling to him self he pulled off the protective ear muffs to listen to his surroundings, the gentle wind and quiet of spring filling his mind. Of course this was all a simulation, part of the VR room and it's holo projection. Despite it fake quality he found it to be a happy respite of a fond time of his life.

The simulation was a perfect recreation of the military orphanage he had grew up in. In the distance he could see the mountain range, its ancient beauty still held him in wonder even as he traveled across the void. Behind him the main building, a ancient structure done in the traditional Yamatai style and like the mountains it could still catch the eye and cause you wonder in amazement. The area around him was mostly unchanged but for this firing range out in the grounds of the complex, a mix of modern with the classics. To him this it was home for him as he would ever know it and he longed that he could visit it one more time in his life.

Still reminiscing about his past his body already went through the motions of checking his rifle. Trained from a early age this was automatic response and reflex as he tried to awkwardly sit up. He cursed slightly as the pain tinkled across his leg, reminding his body of its still healing state. Before checking his rifle he gentle massaged the still healing ankle and slightly reflected on how he got to this state.

Now a sprained ankle was nothing to serious but the wound to his pride was another problem. He remembered how he got side lined and his unit moved on from him. During a routine morning drill he was squared off with one of his squad mates, a Nekovalkyrja infantry woman who was both fierce and serious. Like everything he wouldn't let his guard down as they squared off, the drill it self started off basic, the movements the counters each one was fluid and precise like all things Yamatai. As his squad lead would shout orders each combatant would change poses and style, going from Neju Koyu to traditional close quarters battle the training was fluid and no one skipped a beat. Finally as the squad was panting and hurting from a hour of practice the squad leader shouted " Swords"

Wulf and his opponent though both spent and tired they would quickly grab there training swords. As routine would be they would square off and bow to each other once as tradition would dictate. As soon as this was done Wulf was already under attack his opponent not as tired as she let on sprung like a jaguar at him. The Thump thump of the wooden training swords would sound in the area as the swords clashed against one another. He was losing ground steadily his opponent having the upper hand in a skill Wulf though trained lacked the raw talent his opponent had. Thump Thump thump the crack of the wood swords continued and against raw power from her reinforced frame he fall back to the edge of the training ring.

His body tired and worn out from the active training he felt like he was at the point of exhaustion. The Nekovalkyrja pulled back from a intense barrage of attacks she had just given him, looking over him curiously like a predator would it prey. She let out a faint smile and spoke to him " Soban-Hei are you ready to concede the match ? or you wish to lose the old fashion way?". Shaking his head at his opponent he knew she was just goading him into a senseless attack. Not missing a beat he looked back at her " I'd rather try to win " he resumed a defensive posture waiting for her next assault. She just nodded at him as she charged at him.

Hoping to beat her to the punch he moved forward going for a quick strike. What would come next took him for surprise as her sword clashed with his. The wood on the sword splinting and at the risk of breaking you could hear what almost could sounded like a tree about to break. She then used the momentum of her strike and with a twist of her wrist, pulled the blade away as she rolled to his left. Unable to react to what was come next he felt the sword sweep and hit him at the ankle. The intense pain flair up as the wood his exposed skin, to wulf it felt like a truck at hit just that point.

Hitting the ground and the air leaving his lungs he was dazed as he looked up. The pain keeping him focused as he looked up to the ceiling, his opponents sword pointed down at his neck ready for a killing blow. Looking once at the blade then his opponents face he could see the smile creep across her face " Soban-Hei are you ready now to admit your defeat or shall I go for the killing blow?" . Still gasping for air from exhaustion and the hammer blow he took, he could only let out a faint but audible " I concede defeat to my superior opponent".

The memory started to fade as he thought what happened next. After the drill and as the adrenaline and fatigue of the training worn off he knew he had immediately sprained it. Either from over extending his position or from the strike his opponent gave him. Though he was pretty discomforted by the injury he decided to not tell any one and keep on with the training regime. As he learned on the ship and unlike his training in the ranger, any injury they would bench you till you healed. Not wishing for his first ship posting to be sidelined only a few months in he tried to fight on.

At first it wasn't bad, a few pain killers and focus of will kept him going. Each day he would get ready for training and though limping along he kept pace with the rest of his unit. Whether it was fool hardy pride or a wish to make up for a defeat he struggled along. That was untill a boarding practice would have him found out none other by the XO.

During it he was in his own mindy suit taking up the rear with the unit. As they boarded the ship they would quickly spread out and engage the other squad in a attempt to take over vital systems of the ship. This day for what ever reason was extra hard, the mindy suit though augmented him also further hurt him as it pushed his body as he moved. As he quickly fell behind the rest of the unit, over the comms he heard the XO shout to him " Soban-Hei what is the matter?". Knowing that he had fallen behind and was now risking the unit he tried to cover it up " Nothing, Sorry Chusa i'm moving up".

Spiriting to catch up to the unit the injury finally gave out as he collapsed to the floor. Hearing over the comms to get a medic to him to check why he collapsed he tried to move but this time his body wouldn't listen. As the medic quickly helped him up he would be escorted to the medical bay. From the ships doctor he found out that he caused further injury and instead of a quick recovery he would need abit more time to heal up.

The Xo hearing what the young hei had done in order to keep up with the unit. Giving him a verbal tongue lashing of a life time. Feeling like he was back in basic the Xo went over why everything he did was wrong. Though they admired my dedication the risks I gave to the unit by hiding my injury instead hampered them in there time of need. Though I was humbled by her words I hated what was to come next. The Xo removed me from active training and the squad duty roster and I was posted to help the communications officer deal with the heavy influx of transmissions.

Signing out loud he looked over his rifle. In the time he was lost in thought he had already stripped, cleaned and put back his rifle. Inspecting his rifle he found nothing wrong and as he shouldered the rifle he spoke to the computer " Another one hundred rounds please and reset targets". As he continued to fire down range all alone he knew that for the next while he was left behind as the unit prepared for its next mission.