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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 16: Snek and Soban


Convention Veteran
RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo
YSS Kaiyo

Sacre was doing paperwork in the medbay. Fortunately, she had the medbay's heat lamp to keep her company. It was boring work, but nessicary to keep the Army running.

Wulf had just finished up his morning routine and was making his way to the medbay. Still hobbling along on crutchs he cursed as he went along, the pain though much more duller then it was kept him from doing his duties. Finally arriving at the med bay he hit the door activator to let him self in. Not seeing any one immediately he spoke out " Hello any one home? I was told to report in."

Sacre looked up, it looked like one of their new crew members had decided to report in. She slid out from around the desk, revealing the extemely long Separa'Shan who towered over most people now that she stopped 'slouching' and stood at her usual two meter height. She gave him a look over. "Great, now their sending me physically broken grunts too." She said, sounding annoyed.

Wulf saw the Separa'Shan slither over from her desk. Not use to being towered over often he looked at the Ittô Heisho he made sure not to break eye contact. Hearing her comment he shruged " Ma'am I can assure you when they posted me here, I was in tip top shape but " pausing a little bit " Sometimes training gets abit rough as you know".

"So your sloppy in addtion to being broken. This way." Sacre said disapprovingly, motioning to one of the medbay's beds.

Following Sacre's direction he hobbled along to the bed. Putting his two crutchs aside near the bed he quickly hopped up using his good foot onto the bed. " No Ma'am i wouldn't call my self sloopy but a differance in technique". Resting easily on the bed he let his legs flop over the edge " Besides as my instructors use to say better learning and injuried in training then bleeding out and a mess in the field". Giving a brief smile to Sacre " I think that is a good motto wouldn't you say?".

"No." Sacre said flatly. "Sweat in training or blood in battles. But blood in training is damn inefficent. Your effectively out for what? A few months?" Sacre asked as she scanned the leg. "Regardless, time that you can't train and the skills you do have to degrade. Work hard in training, don't mistake me, and once you're recovered, you'll find that out the hard way. However, injuries are a waste of time and effort." Sacre explained as she worked.

"Yeah last medic said i'd be out for at least 2 and you do have a point" Wulf sat there trying not to fidget to much. " A upside is I do get more time to shoot and brush up on other skills that I haven't been able to keep up on due to being here". He watched and studied how Sacre was moving the scanner checking everything. " Got to at least consider some perks to it plus gives me more time to meet the Kaiyo's wonderful medical staff",

Sacre didn't seem to be impressed with his flattery. "Great, not another overly optimistic lemming." She said with a bit of sarcasm, appearing to finish with his leg and scanning the rest of him.

"A lemming a intersting term but If I was one i'm sure I would of died a long time ago and never traveled the stars". Seeing that Sacre had finished with his leg and was going further " Besides Lemmings have a unqiue trait humans lack with out ass, they are able to rapidly explode in population even near excinction". He started to slightly tap his fingers on the bed as Sacre contuined her work.

"If humans could explode in population, I'm fairly certain you wouldn't be one of the contributing factors." Sacre said, finishing her scan. "You've got a broken leg, light duty until it's fixed and then I'm going to want to see you again to get a better baseline."

Feeling like he had just taken a solid gut punch hearing the news. "Well your sure due cut right to the point". Letting out a audioable sign " Welp how long do I got for recovery and when should I fellow up with you?".

"You've already gotten the cast put on, so there isn't much for me to do expect link up my scanner so I can track how well it's healing. I expect a couple of months, then we'll crack the cast and you can get back to what ever stupid stunt you were trying and hopefully not break your leg this time. If you do, you'll regret it." Sacre said, a knife appearing from nowhere in her hand and then disappearing just as quickly.

Seeing the flash of the knife flick in and out he noted how quick Sacre pulled out the blade. Grabbing his crutchs he gentle slide down of the bed and rested on them. " Understood i'll make sure to tell my sparing partners not to break my bones next time" giving a faint smile " otherwise maybe I should send them your way ". Before heading off he just realize he broke some social edict " Oh sorry slipped my mind eariler but my name is Wulf Soban ". Leaning on his crutchs he extended his hand out to Sacre.

Sacre didn't take it, looking at his hand like he had tried to hand her a dead fish. "Sacre Sanssinia. Hopefully you'll bother one of the other medics instead next time."

Reading the room he changed his hand shake to a salute. " Sorry for taking up your time then Heisho Sacre, I'll try not to pester you next time " Finishing the Salute he began to trode off from the medical bay.