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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 17: Breaking it In


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Kiyo quietly placed the oily and dirty rag down to the table beside her after cleaning the inside of the back of her Mindy “ah. I see the problem now, ” she muttered to herself before she grabbed a wrench and got to work. Even though she was not an Engineer she loved doing his maintenance for his Mindy it felt to her that there was a bond between her and her armor and that by doing this herself it make her feel comfortable. Thus he learned all she needed in order to accomplish this, and thus far no one has bothered her about it.

As the blue-skinned Neko finished tightening a bolt she saw movement at the corner of her eye, the workers were taking what appeared to be a power armor into the bay, and hooking it up across from her own station. A small grin formed on her lips new power armor and a new member for the screw, she had a feeling she knew that this would belong to Wulf. When it was confirmed by the crew, she stole their chance to contact Wulf “Hey, Wulf, it appears that your power armors here, come to the power armor bay, we have some business to take care of” she said her pleasure and happiness, as well as her smile, was in her voice as she spoke. She closed the hatch to the engineering part of her Power armor.

Wulf was in high spirits today it was the first day his leg didn't bother him and he just heard the call he had been waiting for from a unexpected source. He smiled as he broke into a light jog down the corridor towards the power armor bay " I'll be right there Sensei". As he jogged down the corridor he bobed and weaved past hte rest of the crew his excitement couldn't be contained, amply showing on his face. Reaching the power armor bay he quickly darted in trying to catch a glance of the new hardware.

As he moved through the open bay he quickly spotted Kiyo. Seeing the blue Nekovalkyrja he jogged up to her and almost seemed like a kid on christmas morning. Stopping quickly and catching his breath he spoke " Alright my Mindy sensei where is my new partner ?"

Kiyo smiled when she heard him call her Sensei. She felt honored to be called that, that she could be considered a Teacher. Kiyo having been doing maintenance was a little dirty, but it was alright. She watched as he approached her, she knew he tried to look for his own power armor. She grinned at his question then pointed to the armor across from her own. “That one is your new partner,” She told him, pleased with him calling his power armor his partner.

“Alright Wulf-hei, let’s get you inside your new power armor, I’ll get in mine, the way I see it, you need to give yours a test drive, to Break it in, as they say,” she said as she waited for his response, though in all honestly she was excited to get into her Mindy and see what he can do with his.

Wulf nodded to Kiyo as he approached his Mindy suit. There was a old saying in any life time the first time you set your eyes on something remarkable you fall in love. Standing infront of his suit he barely registered the techs parting and letting him approach his suit. He whispered to his armor " Hey partner i'm glad I finally get to meet you". He let his hands slide over the chest plate, it was so smooth it seemed like it only just left the forge.

Before he could get into his suit he had to do one thing, a ritual of sorts for his new equipment. A habit instilled into him by one of his instructors he had to make a pact with his new partner in war. " My dear partner I pray and beg upon you a pact, one of which you and I are of one mind and soul". Quickly double checking to make sure no one could see what he was doing he continued "Please bless upon me your warrior soul and allow me to come home, that you will never fall me and I never you, this I swear upon my soul and pledge to you". Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath the ritual complete, his first task complete.

Wulf saw a few engineers though they kept there distance waited for him to finally don his suit. He raised his hands and spoke to them " Sorry needed a private moment". They only seemed to shake there head at him as he donned his new armor. Slipping in via the chest piece he entered for the first time in life a mindy suit. As one of the engineers slipped the helmet on he quickly saw it turn on, the internal lights flashing on and life was in the machine.

Speaking over the communications to Kiyo " Sensei sorry that took a moment but i'm in the suit and ready".

Kiyo smiled as she watched him interact with his new Power armor. His hand on the chest plate was noticed so she moved towards her own power armor when he began speaking again. This caused her to turn back, and immediately she went into the attention position, as a sign of respect. She understood the habit, the need to make the pledge.

She understood the need, having made one herself and it had made her feel better much like doing maintenance did. When she was spotted watching she didn’t have a look of sneering, or anything hostile, but a kind serene smile and when he finished she nodded in acknowledgment.

As he spoke to the others, she climbed into her Mindy, and after her tail was placed into its slot which took it to the outside tail armor, she felt the armor close behind her and the lights and things came on. She stepped forward out of her stand and saw the things attached were leaving her Mindy.

“No apologies needed,” she told him before she leads the way towards the airlock that would take her and Wulf out of the ship. She knew this wouldn’t be an actual battle, and because of that, she couldn’t resist the excitement.

Once in the airlock, she saw it open, and when it had she ran forward her voice heard only by him now “Banzai!” As she left the Ship the rush and exhilaration were huge, but of course, she remembered why they were out there namely Wulf and his new partner. So she turned to face him again a grin under the helmet.

Wulf chuckled as he heard Kiyo over the comms, boom her banzai charge into the void. Seeing Kiyo float out in space in a inviting way to join her out in space. He couldn't contain his excitement any more as he leaped after her. Not running any power to his thrusters he used the initial momentum to propel him self after her.

Floating off towards her and for the first time being in space he just smiled as he drifted towards her. Drifting past Kiyo he slightly pushed the controls for the thrusters to control his drift. Stopping just in-front of Kiyo he then looked around and took in the view. Stars and darkness with only the ship nearby. As looked around he voiced on the comms unknowingly " Wow so this is what it feels like to free float".

Lost in the moment he was slightly distracted as he bumped in close to Kiyo. The gentle ting of metal hitting metal as he looked at kiyo directly. Blushing at his loss of his surroundings and bumping into her he could only let a quick "Sorry I just got distracted, it's quiet a view". He said as he drifted slowly away from Kiyo.

Kiyo just smiled and continued s she watched him leap after her. Her sensors didn’t detect the activation of his thrusters so she knew that he used his own strength to get out of the ship. She saw him floating towards her distracted by the effect of space. “Yup, it’s awesome isn’t it?’ she asked him.

“That’s one of the reasons why I love being in my Mindy out here, the free-floating effect without the need to use my own powers. “ She says pleased that another can enjoy what she was enjoying, though she probably should be paying attention herself.

The Tinging of metal, silent out in space, but audible in their armor alerted her to what happened, and also the fact that she was now floating away from him and the ship. “Heh, I did that the first time against my instructor the first time,” she told him of one of her past stories, she activated her wings and had them move her forward towards him but she was making sure to be careful again.

Wulf smiled as he felt his embarrassment leave him. Activating his own wings he gently circled around kiyo making sure to control his thrust. " Glad I'm not the only one then ". As he circled around her he spun abit but regained control quickly.

Feeling more in control and more use to his Mindy He did a few more controlled tight spins. Finishing his controlled spins right in front of kiyo he couldn't help but have the excitement in his voice " The simulations don't do this justice it's like ice skating and swimming at the same time ".

Kiyo nodded indeed he wasn’t the only one to bump into the instructor, though she had to admit it was odd to think of herself as one, but she was indeed an instructor helping him out with learning bout his power armor.

Kiyo flew up and turned it into a swirly loop “Yeah, they definitely don’t do it justice, that’s why my instructor took us out so we could experience it, and see how different it is. I do think your right it is a little like that, ice skating and swimming.

She flew into place beside him.

Wulf glided along with kiyo. " Yeah we lost out in ranger training was one of the few practicals we didn't get hands on". Gently using the thrusters he drifted the Mindy in a slow corkscrew upwards. He watched as kiyo matched him step for step always seeming to be near him.

Trying a few flips and slow maneuvers he never seemed to lose kiyo in his beginner display of acrobatics. " You really are natural at this, you don't miss a beat every time I move it's amazing". Pulling away slightly to give more room " How do you fellow when I know you break eye contact Sensei?". Wulf was enjoying calling kiyo his teacher it seemed like a natural fit.

As the Neko floated there beside him with expert ease she listened when he mentioned that he had lost out during ranger training. That was too bad, she thought before she found herself smiling at his words again. Wulf was a kind man, she liked him a lot and hoped that their friendship and maybe more can continue on.

“hehe I have had lots of practice, sometimes when I am finished with maintenance I go out and practice when I don’t have maintenance I practice with the Mindy so I have gotten used to it,” she said to him before she was asked the question next. She lifted her arm, then with her pointer she tapped the side of her helmet “look over here, see that?” she asked him.

She knew that if Wulf looked he would see what appeared to be a detection system, where it showed her position and the position of the ship, as well as any asteroids and things like that. “I didn’t notice that at first, but that lets me know where you are so if you’re ever in trouble I can come to help you out and have your back, or rather you two I should be saying. “

Wulf looked at the detection screen catch kiyo on his two o'clock. " I was enjoying the view too much to notice". Now he tried to fellow kiyo's movement, though he proceeded slow at first trying to match her. Though not easy for her more complex maneuvers Wulf found him self matching the neko for some.

" I see what you mean Sensei that's handy to have when trying to match or hostiles". As he picked up speed he tried a few more complex maneuvers to see if he could catch his senseI off guard. "I can tell your so use to it cause even random you match both maneuver and keeping me in a kill shot". He tries to bank but sees kiyo matching him again, Wulf smiled enjoying the playful fun acrobatics.

Kiyo smiled when she learned that he was distracted by the view around them to notice the detection system. She watched him trying to match her, as her eyes saw him slow at first, but she wasn’t going to rush him, so she didn’t mind waiting for him.

Kiyo’s smile widened as she heard him compliment her, indeed she was so used to it that it was second nature to her to notice. She was pleased when she saw him trying more complex maneuvers “awesome job,” she congratulated when she felt he had succeeded.

“ok, watch me, then I want you to perform what I do after,” she said before she flew ahead of him, performing a couple of complex maneuvers, she chose a couple of beginners at first then finished with more advanced ones. She turned to watch him with her eyes.

"Thank you" he smiled hearing praise from Kiyo. Watching her dart away he watched her perform with grace each maneuver after the next. Seeing the one at the end he whistled in approval and not knowing the open comm was still on he whispered " Like a blue angel". Hearing her encouragement he tried to recreate her maneuvers.

Trying the basic ones at first in the pattern she did he like before went slow. He gauged how much thrust she used and struggled a little at first. Then when he tried the more complex one he failed to complete the turn.

Not deterred as he felt Kiyo's eyes on him " Ok going to give it another go". Going faster this time he had no issue matching the basic stunts she did, having got a feel of how the mindy moved on the first pass. As he started going through the more advance ones he struggled abit but he was able to complete each one.

Stopping right next to Kiyo who watched him. Enjoying the rush for a moment he caught his breath " So not bad I hope?" he asked hoping he got a pass.

Kiyo smiled as she heard him thank her, but then she found herself blushing when she heard his like a blue angel comment. “Mom called me that once,” she said mostly to herself before she watched him move to follow the directions she wanted him to go.

She watched as he flew, she could see him moving slower, but she didn’t mind, they weren’t in a battle at the moment, slow was fine for now. She wasn’t surprised that he’d had difficulty to complete the turn, but she approved him trying again.

She knew that practicing and trying things again would help him to familiarize, at least it had helped her, so she watched nodding as he made successes and turned to him now there beside her. “Not bad at all, it will get better with practice. I think we should focus on the movements to help you get used to the Mindy a bit more before we focus on your speed, after that we’ll focus on dodging. “ she said and pointed with her thumb t the asteroids” we will use those for the last part I’d say”

Wulf was swooning heard he was doing alright. Seeing the asteroids nearby he was both excited and worried seeing how close some of them where. "That looks fun well I better practice like you said"

Moving slowly he went through the maneuvers again each time doing mental notes as he completed them. As he banked, corkscrewed and jolted he started to get a impression of what threw him off. "Kiyo what's the best way to trim my speed in these maneuvers I think that's what's giving me issues"

Kiyo thought the asteroids would serve well as enemy combatants and a means to dodge. Her sister might think her crazy for considering that.

“Yup practice makes perfect as they say’ she agreed before she watched him do the maneuvers watching as he practiced, she tried to think about how to help him. Then he spoke “hmm, your armor is new, we’ll probably need to take a look at it back on the ship, if the speed’s causing problems for you, is it too fast for you to react?” she asked him as she moved to join him.

Wulf nodded " yeah looks to be would you mind when we get back help me fine tune it?". As he asked it he continued to try the maneuvers each timE getting smoother and faster as he went. Though his Mindy wasn't fine tuned he was getting better at compensating.

As his kept up the practice his thoughts drifted abit. He thought about spending more time with kiyo and it made his heart skip a few beats. Since joining the crew she had been one of the most welcoming person on the ship. Wulf also respected her both as a Solider but also for her intellect. So he hoped that not only he could catch up to her in skill but hoped maybe he could get closer to her.

Kiyo nodded, adding the fine-tuning to her mental list for when they return to the ship. She knew that reaction time was equally important in combat, and she didn’t want him to get hurt because he couldn’t react to a fast Mindy.

She watched him, noting that he appeared to be compensating for his Mindy, which made her smile, she thought that was good. Wulf was already established as a nice man, she found herself caring for him and hoping that she could do her part to help him.

Wulf just completed his last set of advance maneuvers the thrill was getting to him as he enjoyed going faster with each try. slowly circling Kiyo in a playful manner he was enjoying his little glide in space. "Sensei think im up for the big leagues and those asteroids?" he said as he continued his playful glide.

Kiyo watched him, using her eyes and the systems to keep track of him. She thought he was doing well, which made her happy. “I’d say so, but first let's return to the ship for the fine-tuning just in case. “she asked him she knew he was probably excited to do what she was thinking for the Asteroids.

Nodding to Kiyo about the fine tuning " That makes sense since it a lot more risky then doing what we are right now. He felt a little disappointed about putting off the asteroids but he was excited about another prospect. "Still going to lend me a hand fine tuning my mindy?"

Kiyo was glad to see he was agreeing her with going back to the ship indeed she thought that fine tuning would be a good thing since it made things stable in the long run. “Yup, I’ll need to show you how to do it after all, so I am gonna give you a hand.” she said as she turned to fly back. “Oh, you’re not bothered by nudity like Saya is right?’ she asked, wanting to know if she should be using he volumetrics or not.

Following kiyo to the ship he was happy to hear she was going to give him a hand. When she asked her next question his ears perked up " No not bothered by nudity at all though is it important for fine tuning ?". Curious if there was a hidden meaning to her question he wondered what she had in mind.

Kiyo smiled is it important for fine-tuning, that was a funny idea “no, but I don’t want to have to waste time on activating and deactivating volumetrics so I’ll be without clothes” she said as they approached the ships and the airlock opened up. She showed him how to enter and land safely and when he had done so she led the way back to the power armor bays, where she stepped into place and climbed out of her Mindy. She waited for him to do the same, and giving him a hand if he needed help to get out of his power Armor.

"Oh I see" Wulf spoke and then thought about the idea of seeing kiyo naked. He blushed and shaked his head for a moment trying to clear the happy but distractful thought. Following Kiyo's lead he gently landed in the airlock and made a safe landing. As he followed her in the power armor bay he noticed that it was quieter then before with several techs and pilots seem to be on break. Walking to his assigned spot he parked it into the arming rack. As he tried to slip out the Mindy he found him self a little stuck " erm Sensei sorry do you mind helping me get out ?"

Kiyo didn’t make a comment on his first comment she was distracted by watching him come in for a safe landing, she smiled, pleased and knew that he would be practicing that as well before long too. Once the blue-skinned Neko was out of her Power Armor, she stretched her arms before she moved towards him. “Ok,” she said as she opened his Power armor and using careful gravity manipulation she carefully lifted him from his Power Armor. She helped him down after that before she moved to the table where she saw the techs had left tools for them t use.

Being lifted out by Kiyo gravity manipulation took him abit by surprise at first. Floating but not being in zero gravity was a new sensation as he gently landed on the power armor bay floor. Smiling as he stretched " Thank you ! " he spoke softly. Following Kiyo to the table he clasped his hands in excitement " So where do we begin ?"

Kiyo smiled back at him as she was thanked for helping him. “You’re welcome,’ he said before she picked up a screwdriver. “ I’ll show you first what I like doing is check the Aether Generator, double-checking to make sure it's working, did you get an alert or something on your HUD about that?’ she asked as she moved right to the fine-tuning part. “So let's see here,” she said before opening the part up, “ah, I see what the problem is,” she said then pointed it out to him with the screwdriver. “That part controls the speed, we need to fine-tune it further to your spine.

"Nope I didn't get a alert or anything like that while flying" Wulf replied back. Wulf listened quietly as kiyo started explaining how they were going to fine-tune his mindy. As kiyo pointed out the part they needed to adjust he nodded as he grabbed his own screw drive. "Do you need me in the suit to do due the adjustment so it matchs ?"

Kiyo nodded when he answered her question she felt glad he hadn’t been getting system alerts “”good, then things should be fin0,e” She said as she got right to work when he asked her question “actually it might help, I was able to do without being in because I know what to put, oh I have an idea.. ok get back into your armor, I’ll patch the visual link so you can see what I am doing.” she said.

Wulf nodded as he slowly slid back into his armor leaving the chest open and putting his helmet in. Running through the matience sequence in the helmet he waited for the visual link to appear. "Ok i'm in and got the feed ready for you to patch it to me". As he adjusted to get comfortable in his mindy "Just tell me if you need to move any joints or postion to make it easier".

Kiyo got into her Mindy and then activated the link, letting him see what she was doing as she worked. “Huh, of course, you’re a different gender, so your numbers would be different too,” she said to herself, then lets him see what she was talking about and added her own so he could compare, she made sure that things were fine-tuned. “Alright, could you lift your right arm, and wiggle the fingers please?’ she asked him.

Wulf did as he told and raised his right arm. Wiggling his fingers into a almost hello wave to Kiyo. "Like this?'. As he followed Kiyo's instructions he watched the feed. "Also got to say its abit werid seeing my self in real time while also looking at you " he chuckled as he watched the feed.

Kiyo nodded which could be seen by him as well “yup, just like that’ she said as she adjusted things she worked with practiced ease as if she should have been an Engineer or a Specialist of some kind. “it was odd the first time for me too.

"Though it seemed like you quickly adapted" smiles as he watches kiyo works. "You know Kiyo you really have a knack for this and I don't think I've seen any of the engieers worked on your suit." Still paying attention as he speaks " Did you use to be engieer before joining the infantry or just learned on the go?"

Kiyo smiled and nodded” yup I did, didn’t I?” she asked as she worked on his power armor. She felt pleased that she was giving him a good visual lesson. She smiled when she was told he had a knack for this it was true, she did thanks to the times she watched the engineers working on it until she didn’t need to wait and could do it herself. “No, I joined the Infantry after being created, well after basic training of course. As for no Engineers working that’s actually true, once I knew what to do, I didn’t need their help honestly, I prefer that, I mean not that they are bad at their jobs they are the best, but it’s my Power Armor, so it’s kinda special to me. you feel the same right?”

Wulf listened as kiyo worked the words striking a tune with him. "Yeah I do feel the same" kinda of getting lost track in his thoughts for a moment. " One of those things instilled to me at a young age by my instructor was always take care your equipment, inspect it, mantain it, and heck in the field love it". Giving a slight chuckle at the thought of the the instructor at the orphanage yelling to love your rifle. " Besides if you don't care of it your self it won't take care of you".

As Kiyo heard him speak, she found herself agreeing with his words, and it was good that she had met another who felt the same way she did. She liked Wulf and she felt that they were best friends now, though what if she felt more than that she didn’t know if what she was feeling was friendship or more. “That sounds about right’ she commented on his second sentence and the third one too ”that’s so true,” she said “ok, looks like I am done fine-tuning, see these numbers?’ she asked, pointing them out “keep those in memory because you need that to be those numbers and it’s likely we’ll never need to change that for a long time even during the next maintenance.

Wulf smiled as he saw the numbers and what he just learned. "I'll store them on my data pad so I don't forget thank you so much Kiyo". He was glad kiyo was taking the time and teaching him so much. As they talked he really felt like they where getting closer and made wulf smile at that notion. As he adjusted him self and caught him self checking out Kiyo. Not only was Kiyo a talented solider that possessed a intellect he enjoyed in conversation. "So Sensei whats our next step? "

Kiyo was reminded that Humans didn’t have the abilities that Neko did, so Data pads would be useful for him. She waited, so he can input the required numbers into the datapad before she moved on and gave the Aether generator ad the other parts she did maintenance on a quick look over. “well, we’ll probably return to the space we were but first, however, we need to make sure our loadout is what you want it to be, I’ll show off mine to you too so you can see an example oh what my weapons can do.”

Wulf quickly put in the numbers that kiyo had provided him into his data pad. Double checking his numbers twice as he input them he made sure they where fine. "Yeah I haven't even thought of weapon load outs not sure would benefit me as a Ranger". Perking up to check out more of Kiyo's mindy "Also would love to check them out it might give me a solid idea of what I should put in mine".

Kiyo gently closed the maintenance panel and made sure it was securely closed before she stepped back. “ah, for me, I just wanted to weaponize as much as possible, and thought my loadout combination would work well. Rangers use Grenades right?” she asked him as she nodded to a tech bringing a cart full of possible weapon load-outs. “ok, close up, and we’ll go out there again.” she said

"Yup Ranger's use all sort of weapons just like standard infantry though typically we don't wear power armor normally". He thought about this " We are the eyes and ears but we tend to favour, stealth, speed and detection though some times you need to make noise ". keeping his smile as he said it. Looking over the weapon load outs " I guess i'll take the Light Tactical rifle with some grenades". Picking up his weapons and sealing up his suit ready for the last trails.

Kiyo nodded in understanding as she learned something new once he had chosen a weapon, she helped with getting them attached, much like she had her grenades. She then turned and once more led the way out to the airlock.

Checking out how each got loaded on to his mindy he nodded. "Thanks Sensei " he followed her out towards the airlock. As he followed kiyo towards the airlock " I already missed it and we haven't left the void for that long".

Kiyo smiled as she was thanked and then again as they walked towards the airlock. It seemed her student had actually missed being out in the void even though they hadn’t left it for a while. “I know the feeling,” she commented before she activated her thrusters. “Alright, now that we are out here, what should I show off first?’ she asked him wanting to let him chose.

Wulf pondered and his heart pulled in the one direct. "I was thinking we head towards the astroids, not only could we use our weapons but like you said a good flight test". As he spoke he continuned to fellow his sensei the wonderment and pull of flying close to the astroids or to destroy one made his heart beat faster. He also wanted to see kiyo's skill of flying and to see how she also faired in the astroids.

Kiyo nodded ”Oki dokie,” she said as she used her thrusters get her to the asteroids. She smiled as she picked up speed, and shot herself into the asteroid field, letting him see her dodging around asteroids, and doing a daredevil stunt of flying in between two that were closing into each other. The Mindy’s speed was seen here. The weapon Ke-M2-W3902 Shoulder-Fired Scalar Machine Gun on her left arm began moving, tracking an asteroid that suddenly had an emoticon with the tongue sticking out on their HUD, then it fired as much as she can. Taking pot shocks and causing some minor damage since it wasn’t a flesh and blood target. That was ok, it will not survive for long.

Wulf watched in awe as Kiyo flew through the asteroid field. Seeing her bob and weave and her daredevil stunt reminded him of somthing you would see in a movie and not somthing you would see normally. "Showing off now eh Sensei ?" chuckling as he spoke. As he watched Kiyo continue to fly with ease he saw the target appear then Kiyo's fellow up volley. Seeing the Target not destroyed Wulf then readied his rifle, With the !a Light Armor tactical rifle build for some Anti-mecha he thought it would it would work for what he was going for. Firing off a few rounds into the astroid he tried to make the symbol Kiyo had put on the scanners. Nodding as he was able to do it on one side of the astroid " Sensei there I made the target to match up to the sensors better . Smiling as he reloaded he waited in the void for what was next.

Kiyo smiled “noooo, not at all” she said laughter in her voice. Indeed, she was showing off. She saw him attacking the asteroid and laughed when she saw he had drawn the emoticon she had pop up on the HUD, “so the weapon I used is a Ke-M2-W3902 Shoulder-Fired Scalar Machine Gun, it’s meant for anti-armor, as well as Heavy anti-personnel , it can also track as you saw with the asteroid. My Right shoulder weapon is Ke-M2-W3001 Shoulder-Mounted Aetheric Pulse Cannon.” she shows that off, firing three rounds of pulse energy. “It’s Anti-armor, for space.

"Both look useful I also like the sound of the tracking on the Machine gun, it'd be useful as a sniper". As he glided over making sure to keep distance between him and the astroids he began to circle kiyo. Circling kiyo he began to give her a once over looking over all her visable gear. "You really are outfitted to the nine's here Sensei, Speed, Firepower and a wide attack arc". Noticing one thing that caught his eye he approached closer to kiyo making sure not to crash and to control his speed. Stopping pretty close to kiyo he tapped gently on her one leg "Are those the drone's you where talking about ?"

Kiyo nodded” yeah it does seem useful doesn't it?’ she asked as she saw him circling her, noting how he seemed to be keeping his distance between himself and the asteroids which were wise since asteroids can be dangerous if one wasn’t careful. She smiled underneath her helmet when he saw her NSB launchers. “Yup, they are the NSB launchers, controlled by the Mindy AI, and they help with targeting, and since they are so small, I can send them to places where I might not be able to fit, and..” she said as she activated he NSB launchers and lets him see them as a cloud around her, she turned to an asteroid and shows off their firing capability. “I think they can be useful for spying, or assassinations maybe. “ She said.

As Kiyo listed off and showed off the NSB drones he whistled as he was impressed. "That they would I might have to get those on my Mindy since that would be great for Recon". As he studied the drones as they gently moved around them "Kiyo with them, your skill your a full deadly package". Displaying a wink on the communications " remind me never to get on your bad side Sensei". He smiled as he said that last commit, impressed every bit by his teacher.

Kiyo continued to smile when he mentioned that he might have to get some for his own Mindy” yup I totally recommend you do so, because they are great, and helpful too,” she said before she laughed when he mentioned she was a deadly package due to the tech she used, and her skills. “I don't think you’ll ever get on my bad side, you’re a really nice guy,” she said to him.

Wulf smiled as he slowly danced around in the grace of space Kiyo's words warming his heart. "I'm glad you think that and I shall endeavour to live up that". Slowly he glided between the astroids breaking line of sight a few times " Say Sensei I have idea if your up for a fun little test of skill". Then getting close to kiyo again "A game they use to play in the orphanage called tag, have you heard of it?" with a smile he gently tapped kiyo's shoulders "By the way tag your it ! chuckling as he darted away in his mindy.

Kiyo continued to smile at him, feelings of gladness within her when he said he was glad she thought of him in that way, and that he will try to live up to it. Her head tilted when he brought up an idea for a test of skill. She found herself curious about what he had in mind, though she didn’t expect tag. “Yeah, we played that during socialization class.’ she said then gasped when she was tagged. She laughed “oh, your gonna get it now!” she said as she shot after him using her thrusters to get herself to chase him.

Wulf chuckled as he flew away. Bobbing and weaving as he darted through the asteroids always making sure to becareful and also to keep a eye on his Sensei " Oh i'm I now?". The laughter and excitement evident as he flew as fast as he could to evade. Finding a large asteroid he pulled in close to its surface hoping that by flying in tight he could gain more distance agansit the talented neko.

Kiyo watched him move using her detection devices to make sure she had an eye on him, but he was quick. She heard the laughter and excitement, and she could only grin, she was going to enjoy this, and she gently set some kind of recording for later. She flew ahead dodging asteroids, passing large ones, she didn’t see him with her own eyes until her detection picked up his Mindy’s signal, which made her turn so fast it wasn’t funny. “Found you, now I just need to tag you,” she said

Wulf grinned as he kept dodging some asteroids. "Might of found me but can you catch me?" he let out a chuckle as he flew. As he bobed and weaved. Watching his scanner he saw Kiyo close the gap between them. As the distanced closed he decided to do something risky. Landing on a asteroid to stop him, he say it crack as he landed. Hitting the engines he spurned pass kiyo waving as he went.

Kiyo smirked behind the helmet, this guy her squadmate was making things hard, but she liked a challenge it meant that she could truly feel victorious if she won. “Oh, I can catch you, no worries,” she said as she tried to chase him, she knew that she could still be detected if she tried to go invisible since they were allies so she will have to try every trick she can think of. She gasped when she saw him fly passed her and tried to grab him with her tail.

As he was flying past he jjust felt him self slow down as the contact warnings start to flash. Looking down he saw Kiyo's tail wrap around him for a moment. Not helping him self he laughed " I never thought you would of had me wrapped up in tag". Cutting his engine for a second knowing he would be the one following Kiyo's lead.

Kiyo grinned triumphantly as she managed to get him with her tail. Her body began to lift up so that her head was more or less level with his own. The helmet flickered as she activated the armor’s volumetrics and she could see Kiyo and her Cheshire grin before her right hand lifted and she tapped him gently on his chest “tag! you're it!” before she plunged into the void’s depth as she activated her thrusts and shot away from him as fast as she was able to.

Pausing a moment he spoke into the comms "oh i'll get you back". Activating his thrusted he plotted a course, not going directly at her but trying to intercept her. As he used the rocks for cover he tried to keep as much speed as possible as he shadowed the neko in the asteroid field. Seeing a spot he might be able to catch up to kiyo he quickly hit the thrusters hoping to intercept.

Kiyo laughed In response to his words, it was a nice happy kind laugh, not an evil one. Her detection system didn’t pick him up which caused her to turn to look back to see if she can pick him up the asteroids helped in keeping him from view until suddenly her detection system alerted her and he was right there, to intercept her. “whoa!” she said in surprise and shock “how’d you do that?’ she asked him.

Laughing as he cut the distance " I'm still a ranger we are made to get out of sight". As he now had the distance closed between them it was a close match up as he matched he moves hoping to close the final distance. Keeping up the conversation " That and my instructor always said if you will it hard enough you can hide from the galaxy, but if you want to be seen show off like a radient sun", As if on queue he pushed the thrusters to there limit hoping it would be the final touch to catch the skillful neko.

Of course, he was a Ranger, that’s why he was skilled enough to not be detected. “Drat, I wish I had chosen to be a Ranger then,” she said, as she dropped into the depth and a chuckle came through comms. “That sounds cool’ she said as she did so and attempted to make her own thrusters go so that he couldn’t tag her.

Closing into the depth with kiyo he kept up the pace. Feeling like he was slowly closing the distance he stretched out his hand trying to get a hold on the neko. Then it hit him focusing on what kiyo was flashing in the wind he reached out and gently grabbed her tail and then let go. Letting out a victorious cheer " TAG!"

Kiyo smiled as she watched him come after her, she believed herself the victor, she believed that she could try to escape him but then d something that she didn’t expect, he grabbed her tail, fortunately her tail wasn’t like Elysian tails but it was surprising. “eek, I didn’t expect that hehe”

"expect the unexpected* he chuckled as he slowed his pace and tried to reverse. Not trying to push his mindy to limits and aware of how close some of the asteroids were. Keeping his eyes on Kiyo he wondered how she would react to there high speeds and him on her six.

Kiyo smiled” wise words indeed” She watched him fly away, her mind on her strategy on how to tag him back. She could try what he had, but since it would be her first time she might not be as successful. She activated her thrusters to try to make him think she was chasing him.

Wulf was flying backwards with his rader able to pick up the asteroids he wanted to keep his eyes on kiyo. As he moved he watched kiyo speed after him. Watching her movements he was distracted as a collision alarm going off and had to quickly dodge a asteroid. Changing his positioning he dodged and started looking forward again breaking eye contact with Kiyo.

Kiyo saw the asteroids, but she didn’t warn him knowing full well his Mindy would alert him to the danger. But she used the distraction to make her attempt at using the asteroids to hide her signature hoping to sneak up on him and soon reappeared as she hugged his Mindy clad form “Konichiwa!” she said suddenly.

Wulf was taken completely by surprised to the Kiyo's mindy hug and her shouting out on the comm. Drifting off away from the asteroid he held onto kiyo as they drifted off in the tag hug embrace. "Konichiwa indeed" blushing as he held kiyo's mindy form his heart pounding as they where close. "Don't know how you did it but you did sneak up on me good Sensei."

Kiyo laughed, happy that she was able to surprise him. As they drifted, she felt herself holding onto him as he held onto her. She eventually released him as he spoke, mentioning he didn’t know how she did it. She smiled behind the helmet and pointed at the asteroids. “well, when you took your eyes off me, I dropped down and used the asteroids as cover to sneak up on you, the systems can’t see through them as far as I know.

"That was a good call and that just means I shouldn't take my eyes off you for a second". As they floated abit he was happy for this little moment the game a little gone as he thought abit more. "Heck that's a good lessen for me but also mean's you would be good as a ranger maybe should get you into the unit".

Kiyo continued to smile as she listened and then as he spoke his second sentence, she took it in thought. “Yeah, that does seem like it would be an interesting idea,” she said as she drifted there “I can see my training as an Infantry to give me a boost, though I am not sure if I want to not wear my Mindy, I love doing so.

He nodded along as kiyo talked. After hearing the last sentence he could agree " I think the galaxy would lose abit if it didn't see you grace space with your elegant void dance". Keeping his smile " So maybe it wouldn't be good to get you in the unit since it would rob us of that".

Kiyo blushed, and found herself glad no one can see her “elegant void dance?’ she asked as she listened to him speak. This man before her was sweet she noted, and he was kind too. She activated her thrusters a little and began dancing in space. “elegant void dance, hehe I like it.

"hehe I'm glad too bad I don't have music out here that would really give you a chance to spread your wings" he smiled as he watched kiyo's display. He smiled and clapped as he watched kiyo spin and dance in the void, it was almost like a memorizing display the dance it self like a musical play.

Kiyo smiled as he clapped, which she wouldn’t be able to hear outside, but the sound did come from his communicator as she heard the thumps. Light from the stars and the Kaiyo 2 sparkled all over her as she danced before she moved forward to him as she extended her hands to take his own. She planned to pull him into a dance too.

Enjoying the view and the beauty he was witnessing as she sparkled in Wulf's eyes. He was abit surprised as she extended her hands to him but not wishing to miss the opportunity he had. "Well my lady i'll be happy to accept this dance" he said with a happy chuckle as he began to dance with kiyo. Following her lead he began to dance hoping to match her grace.

Kiyo smiled when he called her his lady, her smile widened when he accepted her offer, and so the two drifted and danced in the void. She thought it was actually fun, and somewhat complicated due to their need to randomly activate their thrusters to prevent slamming on an asteroid or the ship. Kiyo danced with him using the skills that she had learned.

Smiling as he danced he kept up with kiyo as they spun and danced in the void. Though awkward since they had to avoid the asteroids he followed her pace as they dance and spun on the twilight stage. Having a idea and hoping she would follow along with it he sung as he took lead as they danced " Windmill, Wind mill for the land, turn forever hand in hand" as he did he twirled her on the spot.

"Take it all in on your stride, it is sinking, fallin" stopping the spin as just got closer using the thruster to slowly move them. He smiled "Love forever, love is free, let's turn forever, you and me". As he sung the last verse he twirled with her on the spot till he stopped back to face her eye to eye. Chuckling as he kept up to the music-less dance instead of singing " I couldn't help it reminded me of a old song".

To Kiyo this was an amazing experience being able to dance like this in space, she didn’t know why she hadn’t thought about it before. But she felt glad she was doing t now, though admittedly she hoped no one was watching, she didn’t know if they would be teased. She became distracted by his words and she listened. She did indeed choose to follow along with him as he sang, and found herself twirled,

This was fun, she thought as she danced with him “hehehe they didn’t show us that in Socialization, then again they didn’t take us out in Mindies. I’ll have to search for the song when we get back,” she told him as they spun the motions they created making them do so.

Wulf smiled as he danced as he listened to kiyo. "Well as my instructor use to say the army can't teach you everything, sometimes you got to try somthing new". Dancing to there musicless tune he heard kiyo's last sentence " Well if you want I can give you the full play list I got a full thing stored in my personal files". As they sllowed down abit he saw the time and how long they been out pulling kiyo in close for a quick bow. He spoke kinda of sorrowful " I hate to say it Sensei but looks like we are getting close to our allotated time we might need to head back".

Kiyo nodded her head in agreement to his words ”your instructor was a wise person,” she commented to Wulf as she smiled behind the helmet. The smile itself widened when he mentioned being able to give her the full playlist since he had one stored in his files. “Sure!” she said enthusiastically. While she may not be sure she truly liked the song, she did like it through his voice. Soon she began to see they were slowing down, and her eyes widened when she heard him talk about the time. She saw it now too and nodded” yes, we should head back to the ship. We’ll probably need to refuel, too, and we can talk about any additional weapons you might want for your Mindy if you want to.” she told him as she turned and made her way back to the ship.

Nodding as he flew alongside Kiyo " Hrmm that is a debate to try to find something that would fit a ranger and my methods". As he flew alongside Kiyo he noticed his tank really was low so instead of keeping up his thrustered he floated alongside kiyo hoping to save gas. As he floated in space "Yeah I got to find somthing that both allows me mobility and options, while also keeping me stealthy that will be the tough call".

Kiyo acknowledged his words with a nod indeed she understood that as a Ranger there were things that would fit him that wouldn’t fit her, and their methods were different too. Her sensors picked up on the fact that he wasn’t using his thrusters, which meant he wanted to conserve his Aether. So she reached out and grabbed hold of his hand, to keep him with her, before they found themselves picked up by the ship’s thing that pulled them into the ship, and then a moment later, Kiyo was out of her Mindy and stretching. Once he was out of his, she led him to a Terminal, where she had info on the Mindy and the extra stuff that can be added. “ok, here we go..”

Wulf stretched as he walked to the terminal thanking kiyo as they went. As he heard a happy sound of his back cracking he took a look at the equipment list that kiyo provided for the mindy. "There really is a large selection" he was scrolling through the list and a item caught his eye/ Letting out a happy sound he pulled up the inventory " Kiyo Sensei what can you tell me of these Teleportation units? They seem like the would work if your getting out of a bind."

Kiyo looks over to what he was talking about “well, I don’t know much, but I had heard that it’s max unassisted range was only 1 million kilometers give or take. I had also heard it needs the removal of… the Ke-M2-P3802 module to work properly. But I had heard that it gains a carry weight and recharge time what it looses in the range and that after 5 sections recharge, it can teleport a kilometer also an additional magnitude of distance roughly every five seconds up to its maximum. The Max mass teleport-able is 3,500 kg, which is ten times the amount of its predecessor, and its more resilient to rapid teleportation too than the predecessor as well. My Sempais consider it a strict upgrade, but honestly, they all agree that the loss of range and the requirement to be the only teleportation unit in the armor means that there are situations where the Ke-M2-P3000 Power Armor Teleportation Unit is superior.

Wulf listened intently as kiyo listed off all its spec's and all info that she heard. "Hrmm I like the idea of rapid recharge of 5 seconds if it means you can push away quickly" he spoke as he did a mental note. Looking over " I think i'm going to run some VR simulation and see what I like the best with that but I really like the concept of it". He smiled as he thought of all the possibilities of being able to almost instant bounce.

His eyes widen as he saw the SOSM system. "Space and Orbital Sensor Misdirection Mini Missiles ooo I like the sounds of it". As he read the discription of the system he felt like a kid in a candy store that found his favorite treat " Oh Sensei I think I should get these I mean able to misdirect and create ghosts it's like it was made for rangers".

Kiyo finished explaining what she knew and heard about the teleportation unit, though she was more knowledgeable about the upgraded version created last year rather than the old version. Still, she listened to him speak and heard what he had to say. She smiled at him glad he liked the idea, though now that she thought of it, she didn’t have the teleportation unit on her Mindy.

Kiyo smiled when he saw something else he liked and laughed at the expression, indeed she had some of the similar ones too. The kid in a candy store that had found their treat. “sounds good” she said in response to his words

As Wulf pondered a idea formed in his head as he read each item. "Sensei I think I have a fun idea if you want to try it, using the vr of course" he had a smile on his face. "If you give me some time to look this over and before I put it on the mindy how about later on we have a vr mock battle using our mindy outfits ?" As he stepped back and looked at kiyo " It might be fun since we can test the limits and though I know you'll win who knows maybe i'll get a lucky tag?"

Kiyo smiled as the man she was really starting to have a crush on proposed an idea using the VR tech that they had access to. “yeah, we could do that” she said to him thinking about how the Virtual reality tech they had could make it impossible for them to die which would make it a lot of fun to be sure. “alright then, I agree” she said after a while as she stepped back to let him look.

Wulf smiled happy Kiyo would agree. Just as he was about to speak he heard boss speak to remind him his duty shift was due to start. "Ah well duty calls unfortunately". Before he heads out he bowed before kiyo "Thank you again Sensei for instructing me today and making it a wonderful experience". As he stood up to leave " I'll message you when I can book the vr room for us togther and I look forward to our fun match and see you grace the void again in your mindy". As he went to leave he had happy thoughts of how lucky he was to know kiyo and hoping to get to know her better.