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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 17: Nest Egg


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RP Date
Ye 41
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
Space was a pretty thing to look at, the swirling colours of distant nebulae amidst the star-spotted void that it was, nothing more than the viewport of the Kaiyo-II between Saya and Wyatt's budding relationship and then the unyeilding harshness of that giant lack of anything they existed in - but it wasn't the time for existiental meltdowns, it was time for a bit of quiet rest and relaxation as both elven-eared soldiers sat cozied up in the sill of a viewport, Wyatt wearing the standard exercise hoodie and to keep himself modest and a pair of leggings over his clearly muscular legs as Saya sat in his lap.

"I heard you stir a few times last night, anything you want to talk about?" he asked, arms wrapped aroung her toned midriff and his stubble-dusted chin resting on one of Saya's shoulders as she leant back against his lean body - a faint smile upturning the Operative's lips as he was happy to just sit there in her presence.

Saya enjoyed these little moments the two got to spend together like this. Away from the rest of the crew, just her and Wyatt comfy and close. A small sigh had escaped her throat as he new fluffy pink tail twitched a little back and forth.just before he had asked her question before she thought on it. She smiled a little in her comfy New year hoddie she had gotten in her gift pack on the shift.

"S-Sorry if I woke you up. Not really anything, just a bit restless with this upcoming mission, and a few things on my mind for the game I'm playing with you all. Other then that..." Saya had to think on it for a second before she looked down at her lap and seemed to hold back a bit.

"N-Nothing else, no." She shook her head and cuddled into Wyatt further.

"I understand that, nerves can be annoying at the best of times, but don't worry, I was already awake when I noticed," he replied in a relaxed tone, head resting against the side of her face a little more and one hand drifting down from Saya's abdomen to her hip and then to gently card through the fluffy fur of her cotton-candy tail.

"I understand privacy... but I'm your partner Saya, you can tell me anything~" the Minkan swallowed a little, leaving his words just vague enough for it to not be an outright request but still letting her know he was here to listen if she wanted him to.

"Yea... I'm sorry, I just... I know you love me Wyatt, but sometimes I get worried you'll get tired of me I guess? I kinda feel boring at times, I don't know." Her tail seemed to droop a little as she pressed herself into Wyatt's chest tighter as if seeking shelter from her insecurity.

"I know you won't, at least I hope so. But this is my first relationship and I guess I'm just a little worried. I've seen so many of my friends fall out of relationships and love so many times, so I just wanna make sure."

The hand that had been roaming her fluffy appendage stopped dead in its tracks before moving up to rest on one of her biceps, giving a gentle squeeze of reassurance, "This is new territory for both of us... it's rational to feel this way I suppose but I wouldn't say its warranted - but Saya, you are the most important and interesting person in my life... and I think I know a way to let you know that," Wyatt hinted, readjusting his body a little to get a better angle on the Neko's delicate features.

"If you are willing to hear me out on it, that is?"

Saya sat up fully as he asked his question, hands against his chest for a moment to steady herself before she used the tiniest bits of gravity manipulation to make her a little lighter.

"Of course Wyatt." She tried to hide her blush at the compliment he had paid her and gave him a little smile. She knew he loved her, but every so often she needed that reassurance.

Her smile was mirrored on his face not only through the Minkan's strangely amber eyes but through his tanned features too before a good bit of air was let into his lungs, "I'm not used to bringing this up... Belmont-Chui is the only other soul I've ever told but I hope it'll make sense why when I get to the point," Wyatt promised, hands moving to rest lovingly over hers as the smile faded a little and he began.

"The long and short of it is that I have never had a healthy family life... Father was quite a traditionalist Elf and Mother never really was the same once they married... I~" he choked a little, gaze diverting thoughtfully before Wyatt brought it back to the love of his life.

"I hated that man and the surname I shared with him, but ironically that bitterness started turning me into him and up until some time last year I was blind to it all... and I'd just like to apologise if my distant ways have ever caused you to doubt yourself - but sorry, back to the point of this all... There are other things I've never really been comfortable sharing, like the fact I am a Bisexual Half Nepleslian... or~ well, that I would happily share your surname with you if you were ever ready for that, Saya - It doesn't have to be right away, but if we ever do get around to that then... well, I've told you, what would you say on the matter?"

"I... I can't say I can relate to your family life. The closest I've had to a family was my friends back on Yamatai, and now those on this ship. I'm sorry that you had such a rough family life, or atleast it was rough with your parents. But Wyatt, I've seen you warm and become a wonderful man since we've been together, and I love that." As her mind mulled over the confession of his heritage and... preferences... She seemed to gain a rather hungry look in her eyes for a moment, one much like she had the night they had been together, but she quickly blushed and shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"I would gladly take whatever surname you wanted to give me Wyatt, I wouldn't care if you changed it to Mud and decided you liked it." Saya gave him a smile and wrapped her arms around his chest as she sunk back to his body in an embrace.

"Though we would have to make sure our kids didn't have some name related to stick if you changed your last name to Mud."

"I may have been a Ranger, but I don't think I'd pick mud so easily," Wyatt chuckled as he returned the embrace, a full-blown chuckle as his arms wrapped around Saya's waist and his head fell into the crook of her neck - a short moment of silence between them before it was broken by the Minkan's voice, "We shouldn't rush things... but I'd like to give you those kids some day, when we are ready," Wyatt smiled back to her, tilting his head enough to plant a quick kiss on Saya's cheek.

"Thank you Saya... thank you for being you~"

"And thank you for being you Wyatt. I know we shouldn't rush, all things in due time, but I do want younglings one day. And I don't know of anyone else but you. Maybe once this war is over and we can have some downtime, we can have one." Saya explained as she smiled into his chest and continued to hug him.

"That sounds like a grand idea to me, I do wonder what they might even look like with our odd combination of features," he smiled a little before casting his mind back a tiny bit, lip being bitten into contemplatively before Wyatt's hands drifted a little lower to rest on Saya's hips, "...though I did see that look in your eye when I mentioned my... preference~"

"Wh-what look?!" Saya said a bit hastily as she turned a little red again and made sure to keep herself tucked close to him.

"Well a look... one I saw when we~ you know," Wyatt hinted, moving his mouth a little closer to her pink-fuzzed ear and feeling the heat of her blushed cheeks before whispering, "I'm just wondering if... if there's more to that than you want to let on publically ..?"

Saya shifted a little in his lap as he whispered into her ear and felt a shiver trail down her spine from the soft words. She contemplated her words for a few moments before she spoke. "We-...Well on the sugg-Suggestion of my friends, I watched..." She cleared her throat for a second as she trailed off, "And well... The normal stuff didn't really... excite me? So I watched something a little more... I watched um... Well... Kinda what you enjoy? It was two guys and they... And well I got t-..." She couldn't finish her sentence as she shifted a bit again.

Wyatt brought his hand up between them to place a finger gently against Saya's lips, the heat of his own blush rather prevalent as the Minkan stayed quiet for a moment, "I've never watched uhm... yeah... but thank you for that?" the big guy asked, very much caught off guard as the finger retracted back down.

"Sorry, I... didn't quite know what to expect but now I know... do you want some more coffee?" Wyatt asked a little awkardly as he raised Saya's long since empty mug.

"Please?" Saya asked a little hoarsly as she lifted off Wyatt's lap and tried to keep her eyes off him in embarrassment for the time being. When he did move off though, Saya would get a eyefull of him and smile.

Wyatt grabbed the mug and floated over to the nearby coffee machine, placing it under the spout and punching in the order for Saya's favourite blend before turning back around to face her with a partially faded blush - arms crossed and the leggings sticking to him like a second skin as the Minkan spoke up again, "So~ I've noticed your stomach has been looking rather trim lately... even with that and the new tail they both seem to very much suit you," he complimented, walking back over with the now-steaming cup of coffee.

"Thank you. I figured the tail would, but I admit I am enjoying my stomach too. Thanks to the doctor, I'm up to running at least five miles because of how much he pushed me, or I feel sluggish if I don't. I still don't like running, but now I have to or I feel weird..." Saya accepted the mug and took a sip from it after a quick breath to blow some of the steam off.

"It gets like that, plus our synthetic nature means if we don't get it programmed in or keep up with regiments then our body begins reverting back quicker than the other races," Wyatt smiled a little, thinking about how they now shared this as another pasttime in additon to running through homebrew Aether and Neko creatures every other night.

"It's why I can barely outclass other equally built Minkans you may have served with... because I started off a lot lankier when I enlisted, figured I may as well have this body mirror my old one~ every last detail... well besides a few acne scars~" Wyatt admitted as he stood across from Saya, a faint and dismissive shake of his head before he added one last thing.

"I am glad you seem to be finding yourself though, hon."

"Then I'll have to keep it up then I guess." Saya admitted as she nodded a little. The adventures into Aether and Neko had been fun with Wyatt, and Saya could see it as a way to help him become a little more social. But when they got to playing she never thought about the medical applications as they fell into character and began to play. She just enjoyed her time with him in the game instead.

"I'm enjoying it too, and enjoying the change I've been seeing in you too. You've become more... warm? I guess that's the word, it's nice."

"And you more bold~ it has been a strange journey but one I will never regret, one I will thank you for until it gets annoying," Wyatt smirked a little as one hand moved up to scratchy his dusty jaw - it was true he had been a much less sociable person before meeting Saya but the journey to becoming a man she deserved was one he'd travel a dozen times over just to make the medic smile, likewise she had definitely grown bolder or more confident, afterall Saya was technically the one to initiate their intimate encounter.

"You mentioned younglings earlier, I could not imagine Gravity's expression if she found out we... shared an intimate moment, much less if we were thinking about that."

"I'm not ready for Gravity to find out that you really joined the BMS or whatever she calls your little group." Saya giggled a little to herself as she thought it over and took another sip from her mug. "But yea, I want younglings. I helped deliver some on the Asamoya, and Yuriko always seemed really happy whenever they were around, so I figured it might be nice to have some of my own one day."

"I'll give her one thing, Kara is certainly persistent with that acronym even without knowledge of what we have done," Wyatt huffed, dragging a hand down his face before the Operative's features lit up again at the talk of their future, "You would make a great Mother, Saya, and I know we're still in the early days of all this but the mental image of a small elf-eared neko with orange hair and a pink tail is..." he smirked, "...most amusing, adorable, but most amusing if I am being honest."

"It would certainly be an interesting color combination." Saya said in return with a small giggle as she pictured the youngling. "You would make a great father too Wyatt. "Stern, but fair."

"I hope so and appreciate the comment but~" His amber gaze drifted off for a moment, just long enough for Saya to see the fear behind them before Wyatt's gaze returned, "...well, time will tell if history repeats itself I suppose," he sighed.

"I'll be there with you Wyatt, it'll be different, I'll make sure of that." Saya placed a hand on his chest and gave him the best reassuring smile she could.

"You're my guiding light in a very dark world, Saya~" he admitted whole-heartedly, moving to place his larger hand over hers as the smile slowly returned, "I don't know what I'd ever do without you~"

"Me either Wy-Wy." She said as she slipped in the new pet name she had decided to try out on him.

"Wy-Wy..." he repeated, letting the odd little thing roll over his tongue as Wyatt got a feel for the strange word.

"I like it, much prefer it to the nickname you lot came up with on that night Gravity arranged," he smirked a little.

"Good. I was hoping you did." She offered a small giggle and reached up to kisss his stubbled chin for a moment before she fell back into a comfortable silence and leaned against him.

A happy little murmur rolled out Wyatt's lips with a sigh of contentness as his arms wrapped back around to embrace Saya, enjoying one of their many happy little moments the Minkan had been missing out on for most of his life, "I'll see if I can come up with one for you... oh hey, would you like to see something somewhat cool I've been doing some work on? I need to get gather something from my room to properly show it off though," he queried before planting a loving kiss atop Saya's pink hair.

"Oh yes! Go go go!" Saya again floated up and off him with a smile as she felt a warmth in her chest from the kiss, but settled back down on the edge of the sill and waited for him to return.

"Alright, one moment~" he promised before strolling down the hallway, returning a few minutes later with what looked like a hood of similar design to his saint operative field suit - Wyatt discarded his excercise jumper to a nearby stool and pulled the black hood down over his features, his form changed to a perfect replica of Wyatt's Aether and Nekos character Wymarc, essentially the purple-skinned tiefling edition of the Operative.

"I was fiddling with some of the models and mirrored them to the suit's onboard storage... any character you've saved to our server I can~" it changed again, this time to Saya's armour-clad elf, the first character Wyatt had been introduced to and the first time he had started learning about the Medic for who she was behind the occupation.

There was an audible gasp as Saya watched the change, her eyes wide with glee as she spotted the change. "Wyatt, that's SO cool!" She hopped up from her spot and came closer to him to give a closer inspection.

"This could be huge for players! They could use this while they are playing in their home games if they don't all have access to a VR Deck like we do!"

"That's what I was thinking too, of course it would not be this exact suit but a few simple volumetric projectors and~" the Neko paladin paused for a second before continuing with Saya's voice, a near perfect replica of her character albeit at Wyatt's height but he had nailed it even down to minute things like posture and mannerisms.

"A little voice modulator like this, I think it could really be something."

"Wyatt, you could make so much money on this. Aether and Nekos is getting huge back home, it's a lot of fun and tons of people play so this could be huge!" Saya began to think over things as she walked around Wyatt and smiled a little.

"That's partially why I brought it up though not out of greed, you mentioned wanting a nest and... a small design company could help pad that nest for us, I've already had my hand in tinkering with a few designs even for our own army so why not invest in our future with a small startup?" the facade-wearing Wyatt smiled as he continued to speak with Saya's voice, standing mostly still to let her observe it all.

"So all in all... it seems our plans are lining up I'd say, and you seem on board with it?"

"Ver-... Wait a nest? Like a nest egg for our family?" Saya asked as she looked at Wyatt for a moment, confused a little.

"Something like that... at least I think 'nest egg' is the right term, I could be wrong," he admitted before letting the volumetrics fade away to reveal Wyatt standing there in his very revealing bodysuit, hands finding the small of Saya's back with a gentle squeeze, "Words are difficult, but I think it could be a nice step in our plan," he spoke with a faint blush that complimented Saya's pink hair and a faint smile that spoke only of love for the medic.

Saya hugged him suddenly and buried herself in his chest with a tight squeeze. She had to mentally scale back her strength a little as she hugged him, but it was tough to do so with the sudden flush of emotions that rushed through her. She couldn't remember a time she had felt love so strongly as she held him. "Wyatt, I love you."

"And I love you, Say, until the end of my days," he whispered right back with a rubbery creak from his bodysuit as the Minkan held her firmly within his embrace, arms protecting her from any harm or ill-will that might come for her.

Wyatt paused for a moment in their embrace before his hands snuck a little further south to rest where Saya's back began transitioning into the gentle curve of her glutes, his adam's apple pressing against her a little with a quick swallow as he asked a little nervously, "...w~want help changing the sheets~?"

Saya smiled still as she heard the words from his mouth and a sigh escaped from her throat. She remained in his embrace, though as his hands traveled further down her back, a soft blush rose on her cheeks. But the question confused the poor medic as she looked up to Wyatt's face. "No? I just changed them this morning after we woke up."

Wyatt's cheeks were likewise still burning with a small wince as the Minkan realized he hadn't gotten his message across, so he swallowed again with a small wince and figured if he was already this far he might as well just make the offer known, especially after that look in her eyes earlier.

"...would... would you like a reason to change them~?" he asked, mentally kicking himself for how dumb it was sounding, but an Alder committed to their word so Wyatt pressed his hips a little further forward into her form as a last ditch effort - all but ready to drop the idea.

The poor medic's expression seemed like she had no idea what he was talking about. Her eyes searched his for a moment like a loading bar on a computer screen before it finally clicked. "Oh.... OH! OH!" Her cheeks turned scarlet at how badly she had misinterpreted his words and she buried her face into his chest again in embarrassment, but nodded a little into his well defined chest.

Realizing he still had the hood over his features, Wyatt brought one hand away from Saya's derriere to quickly drag it off his head and reveal the now-messy shock of orange hair before it was stowed away in a pocket of his suit, "...cool~" the Minkan whispered, a light pat on her rear before Wyatt took one of Saya's hands and began leading her back with a deep blush, all but forgetting about his discarded jumper.

Saya hadn't though and as her hand twitched in his, she broke away for a moment to grab the jumper and rush back to him. She held onto the article of clothing rather than relinquish it and clutched it tight to herself.

"Oh... thank you Say~" Wyatt turned around to thank her, briefly scratching at the back of his neck before realizing eagerness had gotten the best of him, so the half-elf slowly wandered back to put an arm around Saya's shoulders and continue to their room at a slower pace.

"No problem." She replied with a smile and leaned into him a little as she followed him back to their shared room and prayed their roommates were out at the time.