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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 18: The New Frontier


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OCC: A wonderful JP by @SchererSoban and @Charaa

YSS Kaiyō II
Deck 2 – Kiyo's and Wulf's Cabin.

Wulf was carrying one of the last items for there new cabin and the start of the next chapter for him and his love. Holding the castle he had gotten commissioned for the little drake Valkyr he smiled as he entered in the cabin. It warmed his heart as placed the item down in the corner of the room. As he looked around he already saw most of both his and Kiyo's stuff in boxes with a few of there uniforms hanging on the wall. As he pandered abit lost in happy thoughts he was almost unaware of any one else that might enter.

Valkyr darted around Wulf, as she explored her new home, as well as the placement of her castle. She gave him a chirp of her approval when he finally had set it down. He little Drake thought it was an appropriate place to put it, and so she went in after to check on her hoard and make sure they are accounted for. Kiyo walked in after a while with the rest of the boxes, and smiled at Wulf ”ok, so, we split the closet space in half, and you take one side? oh would we need a divider or something? she asked since she didn’t want him accidentally putting on her uniform on, she didn’t think he'd like wearing a skirt.

Wulf smiled as Valkyr darted around. Happy that the little drake was happy in there new cabin he turned to Kiyo and helped her with the last few boxes she had brought in. As he listened to her question he looked at the closet space he thought abit on it. Thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to put up a divider so no werid wardrobe malfunctions happened he replied “Yeah let's put up a divider might get abit awkward if he put on the wrong uniformed don't you think ?”. Chuckling at the thought of Kiyo in his Coveralls though his mind though it might be cute as well.

Kiyo smiled as she felt pleased that he agreed with her” ok, then I’ll go fabricate something,” she said to him before hurrying out of the cabin and to a fabrication station. She returned with a divide and she carefully attached them to the appropriate place. “Alright, there we go, now we can unpack our clothes without worries,” she said to Wulf, and she moved to begin unpacking things.

Smiling as he unpacked the first few boxes he grew excited at the first one. In it was his coffee maker and one of those wonderful items he got permission for to have in the cabin. As he slowly hooked it up he saw Kiyo's sword near the table. “Oh Kiyo what should we do with the few weapons we have in our quarters, I got some in the safe but not sure what do about the sword?”

Kiyo looked over and smiled as she saw the famous coffee maker get lifted. She had been hanging her clothes when the topic of her sword came up ”yeah, guns are allowed in the safes, but the sword, especially that kind,” she said, moving to pick it up “needs to rest on sword holders attached to the wall.” she said to him and looked at her sword in its Sheath. Suddenly there was an appropriate figure that appeared on the wall by her bed. She gently places her Silverlight onto that.

Wulf looked at the sword newly mounted and nodded. Standing beside Kiyo “A True sword should either be displayed proudly for all to see” keeping his smile he got back to work. Unboxing another of his items “Oh darlin I have a few books do want me to keep most of them boxed or all of them on display?”. He looked at Kiyo and the 4 full sized boxes of books he some how got on the ship.
Kiyo found herself smiling as he spoke on the topic of her sword. She then turned, looking to what to unpack next until he spoke, mentioning his books “hmm..lets see do we have any shelves in here?’ she asked and looked around their cabin. Valkyr chirped loudly to catch their attention and when she looked Valkyr pointed to a bookshelf with her tail.

Gazing at the little drake Wulf went over and patted her. Seeing her happy chirps at being petted he lowered to a sweet voice to her “Oh Such a good Valk best little drake ever”. Smiling as he stopped and started to put the books up. Stopping for brief moments he talked as he worked “You know I was abit worried at first Kiyo about you getting a drake”.

Kiyo smiled as she watched the interactions with her Drake, and went on with putting her clothes on her side. Sadly, it was mostly uniforms since she didn’t have casual wear. “oh? Because of Starlight and Thorndack?” she asked him as she continued putting her clothes away. “I didn’t worry myself since I had my Dragonology notes I was able to write down. “ She told him.

Wulf nodded as Kiyo talked. Adding just as she finished “Mostly Thorndack I mean he did try to eat several coffee makers”. Then pausing to see Valkyr looking at him quizzically he scratched behind her ear. Smiling as he looked at Kiyo “I knew you would train her well with your notes but had some worry even if it was unfounded”. Giving Valk one more pat before getting back to the book shielf “Have to say I love the little drake when we are on different duty times she's become my little buddy”.

Valkyr purred when she was scratched behind her ears, and then the patting before she went back into her castle and lounged there watching. Kiyo nodded in understanding as he spoke, Thorndack eating several coffee makers were a concern. She found herself smiling in the end ”aww, so our girl here has been keeping you company? She asked him “Good girl Valkyr!” she said as she moves to the bookshelf and helping him. “I’m glad she has been your little buddy”

Wulf kept his smile as he looked to kiyo join him. As he opened another box he added with kiyo while trying to keep it organized. He was enjoying this little bit of peace in the middle of the war. Though he was still relatively new to the ship the action they had seen still made Wulf happy for these moments. It was rare that people could get this kind of happiness so far on the front line so he made a silent pray of thanks to what deity had give them this. As he added a few more books on the shelf “Think we should do a cabin warming party or the like?” He asked curiously.

As Kiyo looked over to Wulf, she found herself smiling wider in happiness. She continued helping him putting the books on the shelves where he wanted them to go, keeping her red eyes on the organization. At his question, she thought about it and chuckled “well, that might be fun, but sis might tease us to no end” She commented “but we could if you want to” she added in.

Chuckling along “Well she can tease us all she wants not going to stop me from loving you”. He said while resting his head against kiyo's. Then he pondered “Though if we do remind me to really lock up the coffee if Kiki shows up, don't think we want to start the party with Saya tranquilizing a guest”.

Kiyo continued to smile as he rested his head against hers “Aww darling,” she said to his first sentence, then nodded her head”yeah, Kiki and coffee don’t mix, and I don’t want to lock the place to make sure she doesn’t get out anywhere, and maybe the same reason for sis” she told her.

Gently nodding as he closed his eyes. Though tired from the move abit he kept up with the conversation “Though got to admit back home it would be a funny story to tell of how we threw a party that resulted in the helm's woman and engineer had to be tranquilized”. Chuckling before adding “Though yeah worth a good lock up”. Enjoying a little peace he remembered “Think the drakes will come along too?”

Kiyo smiled a little as she listened to him speaking “yeah, it might be one,” she said then chuckling along with him “my dear sister and Kiki go crazy with coffee so yes, coffee should be locked up, we’ll need water r some kind of tasty drink..though we’ll need to be careful if we do it.” she said “Well, Valkyr is here, and I won’t say no to Starlight and Thorndack being here, I want the three of them to be friends.

Opening his eyes and looking for the drake “Yeah they should all be friends”. Lifting his head and stretching “I just want all of them to be happy especially Valk but it would be nice if they would be friends”. Thinking of them all flying around and happy chirps made him smile. Putting on the final book on the shelf he looked it over and was now content with part of the room organized he wonder what they should sort next.

Kiyo nodded and found herself smiling as she felt happy that they were on the same page with each other. She saw him put the final book in, and she stepped back as she looked at the boxes. “ok, books check, clothes, check sword is on the wall, check, I think we are done with the unpacking’ she told him and smiled.

Looking around the room he smiled at everything. Seeing the empty space's still left he smiled thinking of all the experiences they could add. Little pictures of trips, maybe some art from a trip or who knows maybe another drake the possibility was endless. As he looked around he looked to the bed and tiredness creep-ed up “Well I think to celebrate we should have a congratulatory nap what do you say my blue angel ?”

Kiyo looked up at him and smiled as she stretched and yawned a little “yeah a nap sounds good” she said to him as she stepped forward towards him, moving her arms around in a hug. “nap sounds like an awesome idea.

Holding Kiyo he couldn't help but be happy. Instead of just walking over he picked up Kiyo and started to carry her over to the bed. “Thought you should get some royal treatment for all your hard work”. As he crouched down to lay kiyo into there wonderful nest bed he called to Valkyr “You too come to bed you worked hard as well”. After letting Kiyo go, he layed down next to her waiting for the little drake to join them”.

Kiyo laughed as he picked her up, she held onto him as she was carried to the nest bed, a smile on her face as she was placed down, and she waited for him to get on the bed too, and snuggled close while making sure there was room for Valkyr. She smiled happily as she looked up at him and then Valkyr who had hurried over to them, using her wings to get up onto the next between Kiyo and Wulf.

Cuddling up to Kiyo and Valkyr, Wulf couldn't help but be happy. As he held Kiyo close and stared at the ceiling he content with how things turned out. Rolling over to Kiyo and giving her a kiss on her forehead “Happy dear?”

Kiyo looked up as her forehead was kissed and smiled at him. “yes, very happy honey, I got my girl Valkyr in bed, along with my favorite man” she said to him.

Wulf couldn't help but keep his smile. “I'm glad”. As he closed his eyes and his body telling him to sleep from there move. Though he wanted to hold onto this little happy moment he knew he wasn't going to be awake long “I'm glad Kiyo and I'm happy too”. As he gave Valkyr a little pet as he slipped unconscious he got in one more “I love you”.

Kiyo smiled as her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep too. His words were heard by her as she fell asleep ehich only made her happier. Valkyr closed her own eyes as she went into her Drake version of sleep.