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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 20: A dance to fight in the Void


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Kaiyo II

William sat alone in the wardroom, mug of coffee in one hand and his datajockey in the other. He had recieved specks for a new armor that Nepleslia was developing. It was an impressive design, however wasn't quite ready for field testing. He sighed softly. At least his new Void armor was here. He could use that until the new Cyclops units were ready to wreak havoc.

Wulf had been preparing a new batch of coffee hidden in the kitchen. Almost a state secret he always prepared a special blend and for those lucky few he would share. As he finished the press he headed into the wardroom, press and fresh mug in hand. Seeing It was just william he took a seat across from him. Smiling "Hope you don't mind" placing the cup down and pouring him self some fresh brew.

Seeing the Id-sol deep into the datajockey "Somthing intersting I take it ?".

Valkyr flew throughout the ship on a mission, helping mama Kiyo find Papa, and when she found herself in the wardroom and spotted him. She chirped and made some noises that caught the following Kiyo’s attention. “Oh, is our favorite here? Oh yes he is, and he isn’t alone is he?” she asked Valkyr and gently pets the little Drake as she stepped into the room. A smile on her lips as she saw Wulf and William.

She approached them and saw with her red eyes that William was into his datajocky. “Hello you two,” he said then looked at the coffee” oh fresh batch? I need to drink some coffee, I’m gonna do quick maintenance, and then maybe train with my Mindy in a bit.”

William looked up to see Wulf first, then quickly followed by Kiyo. "Yes, I've been asked to be a test pilot for a new Power Armor Nepleslia is designing." He replied. "And hi Kiyo." He added quickly. "It wont be done for a while though. So I will have to make do. Though my new Void armor is fairly impressive in its own right." He said, looking back down to pull up the specs of his Void. "I think I might join you Kiyo. I need to go give the Void a look over as well. Also a round of training in the PAs sounds like it be a good idea." He added

Pouring a cup for Kiyo Wulf smiled. Hearing about a new armor from Nepleslia this could be a time to get information. Sipping his coffee before adding to the conversastion " Power Armor training might be a good change of pace, and I can keep up with you too". Keeping his smile "Or even teach you two somthing as well"

Kiyo smiled as the great king of coffee poured her a cup of the liquid that she knew will be of help during training and the maintenance. She smiled when William mentioned joining her, and she bent over a little to take look at the armor he had been speaking of. She nodded her head slightly. “Looks cool, “she said, though of course, her favorite was the Mindy. She continued to smile when Wulf also mentioned coming and that he could keep up with them as well. “Awesome honey, I’ll be looking forward to it,” she said pleased with everything going on. She began taking a sip of her coffee after straightening up.

William nodded, making sure to not so anything classified. "It will be the first armor specifcally made for an ID-SOL. So it will work better for me than the other armors." He replied as he stood as well. "I'm excited for the prototypes to finish development." He added, stetching slightly causing his joints to pop. "Well lead the way you 2."

Wulf nodded as he stood up to head towards to the lift to the mech bay. Hearing about William trying a new armor he could understand when he had the horror's of fighting and training in a daisy to the mindy. "Well that will be a good change for you, will say I wish armor I used was abit more fitted for none neko's but lucked out with my mindy". Nodding as he walked with them "And not as dangerous as my old daisy".

Kiyo nodded as she listened to the two of them talk about the power armors, though she did feel concerned for Wulf though. “The Mindy should be built with you in mind, so I am glad you lucked out on that,” she said to him as her tail swished behind her. “Though, perhaps speaking to the engineering people would help in the development of a non-Neko armor, considering there aren’t just Neko in the Kaiyo,” she said before following the two of them and smiling as Valkyr flew around her, showing off her expert flying skills.

William smiled, watching the little drake fly around the trio. He didn't know why but it was rather captivavting. He then finally tuned back into the conversation. Thankfully his mindware was paying attention while he was off in space. Damn he loved his mindware...

"Yeah I have noticed that too. Though their are lots of variants of the mindy. Like the ones that made for the Separa'Shan." He commented, taking his eyes away from the drake.

Sipping his coffee as they walked. On Kiyo's question "Yeah I talked abit about it but prefabricated so it'll remain tight in a few places". Chuckling abit "Oh well it's not too bad beats drowing in a Daisy". Hitting the control panel to the lift.

Kiyo acknowledged William’s words with a nod of her head, as she had seen the variants herself like the Separa’shan, and the winged versions. It seemed that Wulf had talked about it, but sadly since it was prefabricated it will remain tight in a few places, she frowned at the thought that it might be uncomfortable for Wulf, but hoped as long as it will do its job and keep him safe, that’s what was important to her. Kiyo entered the lift when it opened and she leaned to the wall as Valkyr landed on William’s shoulder, remembering him being big he had room there.

William nodded, then smiled as Valkyr landed on his shoulder. He reached up and pet the little drake's head as he squeezed into the lift with the 2 of them. "Yeah at least in my old body, my armor had to room to adjust. Now I barely fit." He said, agreeing with Wulf.

Looking over to the id-sol then chuckling "well you won't have any room in your old suit now". As he hit the button to head down to the armory and mech bay. Pausing in thought before going "At least they got a suit for you so there is some extra benefit to your new stature".

Kiyo smiled as Valkyr came in for a landing. Of course, she’ll land on the big strong guy. As her head turned to Wulf, her ears picked up the sounds Valkyr made as she was petted on her head, enjoying the attention. Kiyo nodded in agreement to what Wulf had aid, and she felt the lift move towards the floor that held the armory and their power armor bay. “Yeah, that’s awesome that they have a suit. “ She added.

The ID-SOL nodded as well. "Yeah I'm not sure I'd have fit my Air 2. Maybe I could have, but this suit is a table bit newer." He replied as the lift brought them down to the proper deck. As he walked in, bending down to not hit his head on the way in he saw his new Void Commando Armor towering over the other suits. It was 9 feet tall, a whole foot taller than William was. It only fit because of how it was positioned. Its two back mounted mortars nearly scrapped the ceiling still. "For now that is my new partner."

Wulf follow into the mech bay and say the Id-sol new suit. In some ways it reminded him of the Daisy he use to have, but to him it was almost alien in nature. Whistling as he walked over "Not bad though it really doesn't look nimble".. Noting the differant mounts "It's got firepower though i'll give this brute that William".

Kiyo watched as he ducked his head so he didn’t bang it, and she walked with her man and the ID-SOL out into the bay area, and then she saw for the first time his power armor, and she nodded, her head as Wulf whistled. “it’s so huge and cool looking, you’re so lucky William!” she said before moving to her Mindy, she stepped up to it and began checking things over, before she got to work on the maintenance aspect. She then moved to the back and when she came around, she wasn’t wearing clothes.

Kiyo climbed into her Mindy “I can’t wait to see your power armor in action. “ She said before the Mindy closed over her form and she synced to it with her SPINE. She tried to control her excitement but she couldn’t help herself, seeing new Power armor in action was exciting.

William smiled. "Thanks. I like it too. And you're right I wont be as fast but I have the added firepower to boot." He replied to the 2. As he walked over to his armor, it began to open for him. He carefully grabbed Valkyr and set her down so that he could get to work. He took a cabel from the machine and plugged it into his datajockey as he began to preform matenince. He looked up to watch the others and just barely caught a sight of a naked Kiyo getting in to her armor. He forced his face down into his Datajockey. "You did not see anything." He told himself quietly.

As always he was delighted to see Kiyo prep for her mindy. Though it was a treat he knew he had to get ready him self. As he went to his own mindy he was happy all of his equipment was set. Rifle for range, a shield, a quick teleporter, his short blades for up close and all the gagets he normally had it was ready for battle it self. As he slide into his suit and fit nicely he wondered if William also got wired in like a neko. As he pondered it he did have the disadvantage in and out of the suit but he had a edge. Smiling to him self as it fully powered on he was ready for what was to come next.

Valkyr looked up at her mobile perch as he began working before she moved on to find a more stationary perch. Kiyo had gotten into her Mindy and had been the first to do so followed by William her favorite mobile perch, and then papa Wulf. As Kiyo stepped from her bay, her metal covered tail swayed behind her and she stretched. A smile was on her face, knowing that she loved being in this Power armor. “Valkyr,” she said and heard the responding chirp from the little drake. “I’d like you to stay put ok? And make sure the ship is kept safe alright?’ she asked the little one, and heard the affirming chirp. “Good Girl,” she said with a smile.

As William finished his Diagnostics, he stripped and stepped into his armor. The frame closed around him and wires snaked up his back. Once they reached the ports on his mindware, they jacked him in. Within seconds his armor became like a second skin. The mono eye on his armor began to glow a bright blue as it started up. "Aaaah. I haven't been in an armor in a while. It feels like becoming an actual tank." He stated as he flexed his fingers, each one individually as he tested the mindware link.

Wulf stretched abit in his mindy though tight in a few area's he had gotten use to it. As he listened to William "Yeah you kinda of are by comparssion". As he watched William's movements the habit of analyising the suit gotten his way as he stared abit. "Also just means in addition your body still isn't use it so might have to do a lot more training".

As Kiyo watched the two of them in the armor, she couldn’t help but admire them both in their Power Armor. Her excitement soared once more at the thought of seeing William’s power armor in action, so when they were ready, she moved towards the door and pressed the button that would allow all three to exit. A shield had popped up around this entrance, which blocked the effect of pulling everything and anyone out into space. “You look like you’re as powerful as the tank from here,” she said through their communications devices.

William smiled in his armor. "Thanks. Well let's see if we can get some training done." He carefully made his way to the door, made sure his jets were in working order then lept from the door and into the black.

As he entered space he sighed, finally being able to stretch out to his full height now. The Void then sent a quick pulse of thrust down towards the ship, his feet magnatizing to the hull. "Jump on in, the black is fine." He joked.

Wulf could only shake his head at the banter as he watched them fly off. Making sure he had enough clearance before using his teleporter to jump ahead. Watching the clock time down to the next 5 seconds before he could again. Looking back he enjoyed outpacing Kiyo and William a little bit, the enjoyment of a suit he tuned him self. Waiting for the jokesters to catch up he floated.

Kiyo giggled inside her Mindy in response to William’s joke. He certainly was a funny guy “Neko ball!” she said and jumped out, and curled herself up as she left the ship into the blackness of space. Of course space wasn’t water so she didn’t actually make a splash, so she straightened up and took off flying before slowing into a hover. ”Ok, Flight appears to be working satisfactory state.” she commented through their communicators. She then began flying after Wulf to catch up with him.

William smiled as the other 2 left the ship. He kicked off from the ship and activated his thrusters. He was a bit sad that he didnt have as much thrust as his old Air 2... but that was over shadowed by the sheer amount of weapons at his disposal now. "Oh I love this thing already." He said to himself as he manually routed power to the thrusters to catch up. HIs armor began to soar after the others, pulling up in the rear of their makeshift formation they found themselves in.

Flying backwards he waited for them to catch up. Hearing kiyo's confimration she was good always made him smile. Her ability to work her mindy and all the effort she had put in always showed. As he looked to the thrid part of the party he watched it's movement. Hearing williams talk of his machine he couldn't help but join in "Oh fell in love already better not let your old suit hear that, might have a jealous spat".

Kiyo soon caught up with Wulf and she looked back to William and grinned at the responses she’d heard. “Yes indeed, Wulf is right, but I promise I won’t tell if you won’t,” she said in a joking tone, she knew Power armor didn’t get jealous unless there was AI attached to it. “Of course, the new one loves him since he’s the one doing maintenance like we are,” she said and allowed her smile to be shared onto their side display.

As they spoke, William became slightly conflicted. His last armor was gone, he didn't think it would care. It exploded in a firery inferno. But that wasn't what really bothered him. What got him was thinking about his corpse inside the Air 2. He had not given himself the time to process his death. When it came up he simply ignored the fact or brushed it aside. However he couldn't stop thinking about his last few moments of life and the feeling of un-life. Was he the same person anymore?

He realized that he had left a long pause so he quickly tried to fill the awkward silence. "Oh... uh yeah. Let's... not tell the Air 2." He replied, more subdued than he was before.

Wulf paused wondering the sudden shift in William. Wondering if somthing lingered in him he couldnt know for sure but he knew he had to keep the ID-Sol focused. Stopping "Alright so it looks like your suit is working fine". Pausing his sensor's picked up some space debries "We can do a weapon test to start "

Kiyo processed the long pause in his response, and unfortunately, the young girl didn’t know how to help him, considering if she herself had died, she wouldn’t remember it, considering she would have gotten a back u, and that backup wouldn’t have included her death. Fortunately Wulf ad an idea, that would catch William’s focus, and she too detected the space debris, causing her to turn” oh yeah that will be perfect, ok William, you’re up I wanna see what that thing can do now” she said hoping this might help.

William also stopped and held his position his in space. His sensors also picked up space debris and he nodded. "Yeah. Let's blow some stuff up." He said, turning his confusion and emotion into something he could use.

Anger. Something that could help focus him.

He spread his arms and locked onto the multiple targets. "All restrictions released. Weapons loaded. Opening fire!"

The gatling guns at his waist began to spew forth round after round. Mini missiles flew out from their racks. Then the cannons on his shoulder slid forward and locked into place.

In the vacuum of space their wasn't any fire ball or concussive force from the cannon. But two fusion warheads flew from the mortar tubes and flew towards the targets.

Finally, William drew his Money Shot assault rifle and shot the fusion mortars and detonated them causing 2 separate massive explosions.

The ID-SOL stood down and took a breath. "All weapons are locked again. The worked without a hitch."

Wulf watched the fireworks display but popped his sensors to watch the firing. He have to admit it was accurate but he saw somthing intersting. Speaking up "Not bad but your shots are slightly off, you adjusted the weapons before hand right?"

Kiyo smiled when she heard him speak, she’d remembered what a sister once told her, that boys lived blowing things up, and admittedly she could see the appeal, though when she saw that power armor in action her eyes widened in awe and amazement, though unlike Wulf she was too distracted to pop her sensors to watch the firing. “wI wi William that was amazing!” she couldn’t help but exclaim, though Wulf appeared to have detected the shots being slightly off.

She wondered if William’s Power armor needed to worry about such things since she knew that what they had seen could still cause damage. She looked out to where they had been firing to see if there was anything left.

William slowed and checked his systems after hearing Wulf's observations. "Well... look at that. I did not. I thought I was forgetting something." He quickly set about the task of adjusting each weapon one by one. His mindware working quickly to adjust each weapon in turn. He smiled softly as he worked at Kiyo exclamation. "Thanks. I think so too." He agreed. And that wasn't all the tricks up the Void's sleeve. There were still a few systems that needed testing.

Nodding at the Id-sol adjustments. Was impressed to hear that he could work through adjustments that quick but then again he was probally setup like a neko and could quickly adapt. Looking over "Well long range is covered what do you use for close combat in that ?"

After the Azure Neko had gotten her look she turned back to her companions, her red eyes blinked when William made his statements, namely he was thinking he was forgetting something, William was amazing she thought before she glanced to Wulf. “Admittedly, I’d like to see that too, but are you sure there’s a need? I mean with the fire power he’s packing what are the chances that the opponents just sit own and surrender?” she asked, though it would be wishful thinking she knew that Kuvexia wouldn’t want to surrender.

Code flashed through his mind as he made adjustments to the weapons. After finished his vision returned to normal and be looked at the 2 mindy's with his blue monoeye. "I have a few options actually. None on me at the moment because I didn't equip them. Well... except for this one." He said stretching out his left and right arms. A heat saber sprung from both wrists and began to glow hot. "That's my internal HEAT sabers. I can have a tower shield, lance, halberd, long sword, knife, or tomahawks. Besides that I have these too."

12 Viola drones flew from his back and out in front of his body. He ordered 3 rectangle barriers and the drones split into 3 groups each forming rectangles. Energy sprang to life between them and 3 barrier shields were slowly revolving around him. "I can change the configuration as well. I can have 4 triangular shields, 3 rectangular tower shields, or 1 dome shield. The drones also aguyct as recon." He said as he commanded the drones to split up and return to their place on his armor.

Looking first to Kiyo's response he was abit surprised. Showing one of the blade Xiphos blade he had at his side "always a blade should be had, your weapons can be damaged, your ammo depleted, or it might not be practical". Showing the ranage of motion with the short sword "Compared to my sniper rifle I can pull the blade in closer, move in more confined spaces or get in there reach before they can bring the big guns".

Watching William's display the ranger looked. Seeing the drones form shields and move able ones was intersting, he might have to find a way to acquire some him self. "That's not bad though they could destroyed seperatly though as a firebase that might work". Returning his blade to his side "So question William would you feel comfortable fighting agansit one or more mindy's in that suit?"

Kiyo from one to the other as William first began speaking, she learns that he had a few options, though none were on him since he hadn’t equipped them, but as he spoke, she couldn’t help but internally say mommy with a look of awe on her face. Their comrade was like an armory he had so many weapons and possible choices. “oohh” she said when the Heat sabers were brought out. They looked amazing to be sure.

She watched the drones in actions, feeling very awed though she remembered that her wings were also drones. She turned her head to look at Wulf” true, blades don’t need bullets’ she said, patting both her Silverlight and her Aether blaster saber that she hadn’t thought to remove. Kiyo did find her focus on Wulf when he'd asked about his next idea.

The Void's head turned from one to the other then backed up a few yards. "Bring it on then." He said as he switched his weapons to training mode. Now he wouldn't do physical damage to them, but their suits would register hits.

All 12 of his drones deployed and formed triangle shields. Each one moving erratically around William. To the untrained eye ot had no pattern, but the ID-SOL knew exactly where there were at all times. He drew his assault rifled and waited for his opponents to get ready.

Switching his own weapons to training he was abit excited to see how this went. Firing some of his SOSM Missles he then jumped away. Now showing 5 new blips including him self on the rader. Smiling as he attempted to line up the shot "Kiyo I got you covered".

So it was on, and much like William she pushed back to move away and switched her own weapons to training mode, and she saw an alert that her companions were doing the same as well. Her targeting system activated and began targeting William, though she thought of going for the weapons since those had the bigger threat and her Armor’s Pulse cannon began charging a blast which was then sent hurtling towards William. Her left arm lifted, the Scalar machine gun, then sent off blasts heading towards him too. With her weapons and the missiles that Wulf sent if this hadn’t been training how much damage could they have done.


William growled low as his armor shot upwards. His drones began to block the incoming fire from Kiyo and the suit's countermeasures fired. Two laser pulses shot from around his collar to detonate the missiles as they were in flight.

Time for a return to sender.

All missile pods opened up and a massive salvo flew towards Wulf and Kiyo. He turned as he flew and the chainguns on his hips began to spew forth fire at Wulf while he took pot shots at Kiyo with his assault rifle. All while moving at high velocity.

Glad to see the ploy worked as the missile for him went for the other mindy signatures that poped up. As he had a few seconds he lined up a shot though aimming towards one the weapons. Of course he didn't want this to end too soon. As soon as he pulled the trigger he would jump again slightly farther away, the benefit of the teleporter he had, he only had to wait 5 seconds per jump.

The red-eyed warrior watched calmly as William’s missiles came at them. She did take note that because of Wulf’s ploy some didn’t appear to be coming at them exactly, these must be for the decoys that Wulf had created. Her love had a brilliant idea to be sure she thought, she sent another pulse hoping that it could be used to cause the missile she targeted to explode, as well as the additional one because of the force of the explosion. Then she moved at high speeds thinking that she will try to force him to multitask since she and Wulf were in two different spots.

William tracked the two of them as they began to move. He shifted so that his gatling guns continued to fore at Kiyo while his assault rifle sent salvo after salvo against Wulf. While he aimed at Wulf he also fired his fusion mortars. Setting them both for timed explosions he hurled one, then the other a few seconds after the first. The drones constantly moved to catch any incoming fire.

Watching the fusion mortars fire and drones blocking he knew he had to shift tactics. Attacking his teleport again instead closed the distance. Switching his rifle to submachine gun mode he attempted to fire into williams back.

Kiyo watched as he attacked, and found herself impressed with her multitasking kills, still, she knew she should continue to try the moves she wanted to put his ability to multitask to the full test. She remained calm t the sight of his weapons firing at both herself and Wulf, and her sensors detected the disappearance f Wulf, before it picked him up again, this time behind William. She fired all her weapons to distract William hoping it lets Wulf’s attack succeed.

William registered the hits to his back as Wulf teleported in behind him. To add insult to injury Kiyo was providing fire support.

The ID-SOL ordered his drones to block Kiyo's attacks. At the same time, he fired a booster from his leg. Causing William to perform a lightning fast spin kick to Wulf's chest.

As he completed his turn he opened a full salvo on Wulf. Mini guns and assault rifle firing away.

He was glad for the forearm shield he had but he knew it wouldn't last as he parried the kick.. Getting some distance as he dropped his rifle he knew he couldn't pull the same trick twice. Watching the shield counter drop he knew he had to fire his missiles. Unleasing all he could 10 missiles streamed as his armor alarms screamed. Jumping one more time this time as far as he could. Speaking in the comms to Kiyo "Sorry pulling back to recharge he really does have some fire power".

Kiyo registered the drones blocking her attack, which meant she knew if she wasn’t careful, he could defend himself for a longer period. Her sensors picked up Wulf teleporting away and her ears twitched as she heard him speak. “Yes, he does,” she said to Wulf then an idea popped into her mind, and she made a show of deactivating her scalar array and her pulse canon hoping to make William think she was out of bullets, though unsure if his sensors would tell him otherwise.

She then picked up her Aether Katana, Silverlight, and her unnamed Aether blaster saber and charged forward at William her bladed weapons up and ready to strike as she came near.

William was able to take a breath as Wulf disengaged. He turned to Kiyo as he saw the drones were no longer taking fire. He turned to face Kiyo only to see her charging full speed at him.

Cursing he dropped his assault rifle and let his swords slide out from his wrists. He brought them up quickly to defend from Kiyo's strike.

Slightly cursing as he waited for his shield to recharge he watched Kiyo's charge. He knew this was her battle ground, ace mindy pilot and close combat was her specaliity. As he watched the count he hoped it would give him enough time to jump in and strike. 20 seconds to go and it seem to last too long.

“Language you two,” she’d say to both of them, her voice had laughter in it, she wasn’t serious, of course, she knew that both like her were military, she herself had likely heard worse coming out of people. She saw William drop his rifle, and then bring out his swords to use. She could imagine the sounds they made as they made contact the loud clanging sounds, Around her waist, her Offensive augmentation pods left their position and quickly make their way to William hoping that she might land a hit, and hoping it was faster than the drones that were previously shielding him.

As the swords clashed and pods began slamming into his armor, the ID-SOL shook from the vibrations. As the salvo ended, William released a sword and clamped his hand around Kiyo's arm. "Care to dance?" He asked as he began to spin...

The suit began to rotate faster and faster and faster until the Gs began to seriously add up. He then let go, letting inertia launch Kiyo away from him. As she left his hand he began to rapidly correct his spin with his thrusters.

As he watched the sensors he was trying to figure ou twhat was going on. Being far away it was abit hard to figure out but as he saw the distance close between he knew it was going to get to the nitty gritty. As he waited for his shield to recharge he was happy when its chimmed. Teleporting one more time he was greated to a sight.

Kiyo watched as the Power armor jiggled from the weakened force of her offensive augmented pods she knew if this had been real, and her opponent would suffer serious damage. She readied herself for another of her dual sword strikes when he released his sword, this caused her to become distracted enough for him to clamp his hand on her arm. “Sure, but Wulf might get jealous” she couldn’t help but say before she found herself spinning away from him. “Whoa!” she shouted before she used her wings to stable herself. Her sensors picked up Wulf’s reappearance causing her to smile. ‘ok, honey what’s our next plan of attack?’ she asked him.

William smirked as he spun and began launching mini missiles in all directions. As he stopped spinning he fired every weapon at his disposal including the mortars. A rain of pretend ordinance was flying at both of them and it was a lot of it.

Wulf could only quickly respond "Dodge first then attack". Moving counter clock wise he used his wrist cannon to fire at some of the incoming missiles. But it was honestly to much, just too much for him to dodge. Teleporting one more time he closed the distance while drawing Xiphos. This was the last chance he was going to get with his teleporter as he attacked blade drawn. Despite him closing the distance though his shields flickered getting his by a close mimiced explosion, it seems william was getting use to the trick.

Kiyo had gasped when she saw William’s next attack as space was littered with the ordinance. She heard Wulf in her communications and agreed immediately dodging is a good idea, so she began doing so, shooting this way and that trying to dodge and not let herself get hit, though her reaction time was greater than humans she felt her armor jiggle as her shield got hit. She unleashed her weapons to try to stop some of the missiles from hitting her shields, taking note of Wulf’s actions.

William smirked as he put his opponents on edge. Wulf teleported in close to attack him with a sword. He let his swords slide free too. As he swung at him William did the unthinkable and grabbed the blade with one hand and sliced across with the other.

"I was waiting for that Wulf." He chided holding onto the blade.

Wulf looked at the blade caught though he still had somthing up his sleeve. Using his shield to block "That's okay you can have it". Sending a commucations to Kiyo "Jump and strike". Letting go of his blade he reached for the other.

Kiyo watched the activity before her as the smile that had been plastered on her face widened, before she disappeared and reappeared with Silver light her Katana coming down to strike William with as much speed as she could muster and with as much force as training mode would allow.

William shook his head. "No thanks, I dont want it!" He said throwing the sword back at Wulf. Then Kiyo arrived.

He didn't have much time, so he turned his shoulder and focused all his power into his shields. If he didn't stop this blade he would lose an arm... (For the rest of the match of course.)

Letting his tossed blade drift he drew the second one he had, and the last close combat weapon him self. While Kiyo went for the thunder strike Wulf tried to with his new blade hit any weapons to disable. Though he knew it might take abit he began slashing at william.

Her Katana made contact, and she saw the power of his shield as it made contact with her weapon. This would be the point where she was reminded that William’s Mindware probably allowed him to react fast. Momentarily she couldn’t help but wonder what would the Offspring of an ID-SOL and a Neko be like before she forced herself out of her thoughts to continue the fight as she saw Wulf’s attack. She kept at her attack, hoping it occupied an arm.

As the two began attacking him, he had an idea. As he held his shields, he ordered his shield drones to ram the two of them at full speed. Basically preforming an electric shield bash.

The drones came in from both sides as William drew his swords and backed away from them.

Getting slammed from behidn he cursed as his teleporter counted as off. Getting some distance he was ready to use the last of his missiles in his shield. Point blank they would all get caught but this worked for mindy tactics. "sorry guess its this the end" he said on open comms.

Kiyo gasped audibly as she saw the drones coming at her, forcing her to use her bladed weapons to try to slash at them, in hopes of stopping them from hitting her, though she did become distracted by Wulf’s words allowing them to hit her through her shields did help some. She tried to calculate how much of her weapons she could use, and she knew that she’ll have to return since they’d soon be running low on energy to use. “it’s ok!” she said in open comms.

William lost several of his drones to the strike causing him to curse when he heard Wulf's proclamation. " Oh I'm not done quite yet." Now that his mini missiles and mortars were reloaded he could take a stand too.

He gritted his teeth as he commenced a complete barrage. Every weapon fired, draining his shields and almost draing his reserves. Ordering the last of his drones around himself he created a shield to block the incoming simulated explosion.

Wulf knew this was the end at least for him as he also opened up with his wrist cannon and the last of his missiles. Smiling he saw this was the end of him in the simualation as the strikes registered agansit him. Though he hopped the focus on him would allow kiyo the finishing blow.

Kiyo blinked at the barrage she was seeing, first from William and then from Wulf, she saw he was trying to put the focus on him, and she knew she should use this to her advantage. She knew that all three of them would be low on reserve and their shields which meant that she should wait until she saw the right moment. Unlike Wulf, she hadn’t used her teleportation much, so she had a lot more energy because of it, and so when she saw her chance after Wulf’s attack, she diverted power to her pulse canon making sure that she could get William with the finishing blow of her attack, but leave room for return to the ship. The pulse was huge thanks to the power she’d diverted, but still weak thanks to training mode.

William knew it was over as soon as Kiyo teleported in close. With his shields down and weapons spent he barely had enough energy to move let alone block the incoming shot. It rocked his Void and he gritted his teeth as the blast rolled through him. His onboarding systems determined that he was dead and marked him as defeated for the exercise.

His armor locked him out of his systems and he drifted for a few seconds with nothing but his own thoughts while he waited for the computer to mark the training exercise over and to unlock his systems.

"Well shit. I lost again..." he muttered to himself as he drifted slowly through space.

Wulf chuckled as his armor drifted him self. Waiting for the lock out sequence to end he chuckle "Yeah problem of being out numbered and good team work, the cards tend to be stacked". As he flew around and collected his weapons, he added "though you did hold your own".

As she processed what happened, she realized it was over and she and Wulf had won. She drifted in her armor. “Teamwork always works honestly, though I gotta say that was nuts trying to fight you, that big thing seriously can pull its weight, just imagine if this wasn’t a training simulation. I’m glad that armor is on our side. “ She said to the two of them. She soon got an alert that said training simulation complete, as well as a report on how much damage they each sustained and how much damage they had unleashed.

William's armor finally unlocked and he drones came back to life. He recalled them and they flew to him settling back in to their places. He then moved and retrieved his assault rifle.

He smiled as the pair tried to cheer him up over his loss. "Thanks. You guys work really well together." He replied as he began moving back towards them.

"Thanks William". As he floated back with the group after collecting his weapons "So now with your armor tested how do you feel? more at home ?". He wondered after a good test if the nep felt abit better about him self.

Kiyo smiled as their attempt at cheering him up worked, and her smile widened when he mentioned they worked well together. “Yeah, that’s true too, I mean we are all on the same team, but Wulf and I, I feel like our hearts or something is connected closely to each other, that allows us to work together when we need to. “ She said to him. Though she cared about William, she didn’t feel the same about him that she felt for Wulf, and this was the connection she was talking about.

The azure Neko listened as Wulf asked about his question. She did hope that their training had helped him.

As the trio began flying back to the Kaiyo, William thought about it. "I do." He replied after a lengthy pause. "Though I haven't had a problem feeling at home on the ship to be honest. I have been around since the first Kaiyo met it's tragic end. I'm still just trying to adjust to my new body. But's been getting better day by day. It'll be fine eventually." He explained to pair.

He did envy Kiyo and Wulf's connection, but was happy for the both of them. It made them a terrifying opponets and was glad he didn't have to face them on the battle field. He just wished he had a connection like that.

Wulf nodded as they flew back to the shio. Thinking about the day by day " Yeah glad day by day is the best bet, I remember when my wounds and new scars were healing always take it by just one day at a time". Though Wulf couldn't compare to William went thorugh " Just if you need help with those days you always got the rest of th crew and we will help along the way".

The two-year-old Neko felt pleased that he was feeling at home in his armor, though she learned that he’d been there on the Kaiyo’s predecessor, the first Kaiyo. She found herself curious about it, but would it be a sore subject to talk about she wondered, and so she chose not to say anything about it. She smiled “I am glad you’re getting better day by day, plus you gave us a run for our money and that was the first time using it.” she said, nodding in agreement to what Wulf was saying “he’s right” she responded, as her face expressed her happy smile.

The ship was getting bigger and bigger as they came closer to it, and soon she’d feel gravity again.

He smiled softly. "Thanks both of you." He replied to the pair. "That means a lot." He added as his armor touched down in the bay. He moved his armor to it's place and locked into place. Once his armor was secure, he unlinked himself and slid out of the suit.

Quickly he got dressed once again and stretched, feeling his joints popping as he did.

Wulf followed in last this time quietly landing instead of the underbolt leaving of the ship. Walking over to his ussualy station he quickly docked. As he went through turning off his machine and putting it back in place he watched Valkyr sitting right where Kiyo's station was. The faithful drake waiting for her momma he couldn't help but smile.

Kiyo made contact with the floor and she felt gravity around her again. She smiled as she saw Valkyr there waiting for her and she smiled before getting her Power armor hooked into place. Once out she picked p Valkyr and held her close before she turned to the others. “I know someone who’s going to get some shinies, this girl right here!” she said, indicating the now flying Valkyr who was happy at the prospect of getting new shiny things. Kiyo thought she deserved it for being a good Drake.

William smiled as Valkyr began flying around, happy at the prospect of new shiny things. He dug in his pocket and found a screw that he had left in his pocket. He rubbed it on his tunic till it sparkled then called the drake to him. "Here I have a shiny for you too." He said tossing it in the air for her.

Dismounting from his mindy he regrouped with everyone. Seeing the faithful drake being spoiled he couldn't help but laugh abit "Oh getting spoiled again by the crew and momma eh Valkyr?". He was glad for these little moment.

Valkyr chirped as she was called, then made a happy sound as she saw the screw flying up to her. She caught this shiny item, and nuzzled William, and chirps at Wulf in agreement to his words, such a nice crew they had there. Kiyo was all smiles as she got dressed. “of course Valkyr is a good girl” she told them before she stretched “I think I’m gonna get something to eat and drink, what about you two?’ she asked.

William chuckled and scratched the Drakes head. I'll probably stay here and tune up the Void. Noticed a few things that need a tune up." He replied looking at the 2 of them. It probably be nice for them to be alone for a bit.

Smiling and patting William on the back. Keeping a happy tone "Yeah I think food is a good idea but hey if you help later let us know we can help out with the tuneing if you need it". Looking to Kiyo and Valk "Lunch then?"

Valkyr purred at the attention she was receiving as Mama Kiyo and Papa Wulf spoke with Uncle William. Kiyo nodded her head when William mentioned staying back because he noticed a few things that needed a tune-up. She planned on doing the same after she got something to eat, that workout made her hungry it seemed. “I understand, and Wulf’s right, if you need help let us know,” she told him smiling. She nodded to Wulf ”yup, Lunch!” she said as she soon led the way.