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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 20: A new medic!


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On> Kaiyo II

The bubblegum pink tail swished back and forth, attached to a form that seemed stuffed into a cabinet below some counters on the far wall of the medbay. Whoever was in said cabinet hummed a soft tune to herself, hints of hair that matched the color of her tail showing. On the bed in the middle of the medbay itself rested what looked like a small red dragon, curled up in a ball, and by the desk a wall of volumetric screens ticked information past about various members of the ship. All in all it seemed like a fairly relaxed yet ready medbay on the ship, waiting for whatever need should arise.

The door hissed open, revealing a green-haired Minkan in a teal uniform -- another medic.

"Hello? Santō Hei Arai Yuu reporting for duty!", they chirped cheerfully. "I'm the new recruit. I was told this is where the medbay was?"

They looked around. Of course it's a medbay. They were definitely in the right place. It just took them a moment to spot the swinging tail, "Uhhh, hello?". Yuu stepped over and knocked gently on the cabinet, peeking down curiously.

At the sudden voice behind her, the pink tail stuck up straight and there was a heavy thud, followed by a sudden crash as the figure fell down into the cabinet. She groaned a little, half way into the opening as a few snacks spilled out. The tiny dragon's head snapped up as he growled and chirped at the new comer, and as they walked closer it would stand and spread his wings. A deep red color with what looked like a large organish red gemstone placed in the center of it's chest, it walked closer and opened it's mouth before a voice called out.

":Thorndack! No! Down! They are a friend!" The girl pulled herself out of the cabinet, a bit of chocolate on her uniform as she rubbed her head delicately. Pale cream skin, river blue eyes with flecks of brown in them, she winced and looked over to the new comer. "Sorry about him, he's just defensive. You must be one of the new crew members, I'm Fujiwara Saya, medic for the Kaiyo II. You are?" Despite the rather embarassing first impression, Saya blushed a bit and held a hand out for the new comer.

"Err. Arai Yuu, I'm the new medic. Nice to meet you, Fujiwara..." they pause, obviously looking at Saya's arms for the telltale insignias, "-hei?" After a moment, they smiled at the dragon, wiggling their fingers at it in greeting. "And what's this cutie's name?

"Fujiwara-Hei is correct, by please just call me Saya? We're going to be working together, so I would prefer it informal if you don't mind Yuu?" She smiled a little, the patches indeed denoting her rank of Itto Hei for the moment, She looked to the small dragon and giggled just as he opened his mouth and spat out a small gout of flame. "Thorndack! I will take your fire from you if you do that again!" The medic quickly reprimanded her pet and give him a little flick, to which he dropped his head a little. "And I won't let you play with Valkyr either!" That got more of a reaction as he took flight with a few flaps of the wings up to the top of a cabinet.

"Sorry about him... He's a bit standoffish with new people, but he is Thorndack, my little dragon. Not a real one mind you, but he likes to think he's a big bad dragon like in my games."

"Nice to meet you, then, Saya! Please take good care of me.", they give a short, casual bow. "And Yuu is totally fine!", the Minkan chirped. "Is there anything you'd like me to do to get onboarded? Anything I can help with? And what's this about games?", they smiled wide, a small dimple forming on their cheek.

Yuu winked at the little dragon before stretching their arms up over their head and looking around the medbay. "This is my first deployment. It took like 5 months to get here, too! Can you believe it?"

"Hm... I suppose you'll need a physical, besides that I guess just get yourself settled in. There are still a few spots you can put your things. The standing closet over there is where I store spare uniforms" She pointed to a large standing cabinet. "And well, just familiarize yourself with the room. You can find some drawers and cabinets to go ahead and store your things, and if you need to hide." She pointed to the cabinet that she had been ducked into earlier. "I have books, snacks and drinks in there."

When asked about the games though, the knife ears covered in pink fur twitched and her eyes lit up. "O-Oh! The game? I play Aether & Nekos! I have a small game that I run for some of the crew members during our down time at night, it's a ton of fun! I've never run a campaign before but it's been so much fun, even though some of the people have transfered from the ship since we started."

"Oh, like one of those games where you tell a story with your friends? That sounds fun! Count me in! I've never really played anything like that, but I can try!", Yuu beamed wide. They looked around the medbay. "This place is... huge. It looks even bigger in person than when I was reading about it." they looked over at the hemosynthetic reconstruction tubes, at the beds. "And I guess there's no one to take care of right now? That's good."

They let out a happy sigh, "I'm actually really excited. I didn't expect to have much of a good time up here. I was just going to, you know, keep my head down, do my job, and do what I can for my family back in Kyoto. But I'll be here a while, and making friends sounds nice. The crew here seems nice." Yuu finally walks to a nearby bed and sits down, crossing their ankles and swinging their feet to and fro.

Saya giggled a little and nodded to the idea of keeping her head low and smiled. "We are a family here, and as big as everything looks, I promise you the ship is smaller than you think. Everyone is wonderful, though fair warning. Do not give Kiki and Gravity coffee... It does things to them that need a sealed room and tranquilizers for." She laughed a little as she walked closer to Yuu, tapping a few buttons on on a volumetric screen before her.

"You don't mind if I get your physical taken care of do you?" She already had the bed ready to start the scan, but waited for her permission as she continued. "I had that same mindset, keeping my head down, doing my job, staying out of trouble. I spent a number of years after my first few deployments in the Kyoto Military Hospital as a doctor there. I helped returning soldiers who were to hurt to fight and treat in the field. I spent almost ten years there, helping who I could, but after the Battle of Yamatai, I knew I had to get back out on the front lines."

Saya had a number of years under her belt, despite her low rank. She was a veteran of the second Mishhu war after all.

The enby started undoing their Type 35 Star Army jacket, their expression changing to something more serious, "Yeah... a couple of my former classmates and a few regulars at our restaurant were... you know..." Yuu trailed off, looking off to the side. "That's one of the reasons I used to justify enlisting to myself, honestly."

As they peeled the jacket off their arms, they revealed a fairly tight, black top, a nonstandard compression shirt. They peeked at Saya, seeming actually self-conscious for the first time since they'd stepped in the medbay. "Anyway, uhhh... do your thing." Yuu looked away, hands folded on their lap.

She seemed unfazed by the worry and nodded with a small smile. "Wonderful! I'm sorry to hear about your friends, but unfortunately..." She gave a small shrug, trying to not seem so detached as she began the scans. "If you ever need to talk about anything, please don't hesitate to seek me out. I double as a psychiatrist for the ship as well, so I'm here to listen. I've actually been helping a few older Nekovalkyrja work through some things from the old wars, so I'm used to it."

"Heh, you know. It is what it is. I'm just happy my family was alright, after all that. It was pretty scary." Yuu straightened up, letting their new... friend? mentor? do her thing.

They made conversation to keep their mind off their self-consciousness. "I actually thought of looking into the psychiatry course during training, but I just wanted to get to work as soon as possible, and a year was already a long time to be spending learning to keep people alive, you know?" Yuu's lips curled into a small smile, their shoulders still a little tense.

"I understand, trust me I was just as eager coming out of Fort Ready. But it's for the best, to make sure that when you do get on the job, you can do it right and keep you friends and family alive. And if you'd like, I can train you while you're here?" She offered with a smile as quickly enough, the bed returned the results. "You can get dressed again, everything in your scans looks great. Oh! No I need to get something...."

She turned back to one of the drawers, pulling out two needles, some gauze a bandage and some wipes. "I just need a small sample if that's ok?" She placed everything out before Yuu to show them just what she intended.

Yuu nodded, looking down at their arm. "I'd love to learn. You've been at this for a long time, huh? Especially for a Neko." Their shoulders visibly relaxed now, "How long have you been on the Kaiyō?"

"The Kaiyo? Almost two years now. It was tough at first, I wasn't really used to combat operations, I was used to staying back on the ship as the others went out. But here, I joined them, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me." She laughed a little bit but shrugged as she quickly went about collecting the sample. "But, even though it was tough to get used to, I wouldn't trade it. I met Wyatt here after all..." She seemed to get a bit distant in her gaze, her smile looking off into the ship now before she returned back to the task at hand.

"Now that should be everything. Feel free to get dressed again!"

The enby wasted no time pulling their jacket back on, "So you've got a sweetheart on the ship? Tell me more! What are they like? Can I meet them?!". The change in demeanor was immediate, their smile back to its glowing, dimpled state.

"Also, like, I'm kinda scared of the combat thing. I wasn't expecting to get deployed this close to the line. I'm worried I won't get to keep my head on my shoulders and I'll just forget my training altogether when there's real shooting going on and a bunch of people in power armor running around me, you know?" they shrugged.

"I'm not much of a fan of combat either. I've not a lot of experience and personally..." She paused for a moment and looked a little embarassed. "Well I've never actually shot a weapon outside of training." It was strange for a Neko, who was bred for war, at least in her mind it was. But she pushed the thoughts aside and instead focused on Wyatt.

"Wyatt? Of course you can meet him! He's a officer on the ship. He's a Mikan like you, you'll see him around. Copper hair, big mustache, very hadsome." She giggled a little as she thought on him and sighed somewhat. "He is very nice, he may seem a little cold at first, but I promise you he is anything but!"

Yuu's eyes widened, "Mustache guy!! I saw him!", they smirked, "he's cuuuuute. Nice catch, Fuji-- err, Saya." They laughed colorfully.

Sliding their feet back to the floor, they turned to Saya, "So. I haven't eaten since I got off the transport. You wanna go grab a bite or something? I like having friends for company when I eat." Yuu winked at the pink-haired neko. Their first day on the ship was off to a good start.

Saya giggled and smiled, a blush creeping across her cheeks as she nodded. "Sure, some food sounds great Yuu, lets go." With a small whistle and the flap of wings, the Drake landed on her shoulder and wrapped around her neck like a scarf as she led the new crew member down to the wardroom for some food.
Santō Hei Arai Yuu stood in front of the mirror, thin, pointy pencil in hand. They were perfectly still now, looking at their handiwork. The small wings on the outsides of her eyes were perfect and even and pointy. The tightlining around their eyes was more than good enough, as was the subtle orange eyeshadow they’d applied just a few minutes earlier. Something just didn’t feel right, and they stared at their reflection, trying to figure out what was missing.

Maybe with the short green hair on the top of their head brushed over to the side, covering the contrasted black buzz on the left. No, maybe the right side? No.

Yuu stepped off the ground and just floated in front of the mirror, hugging their tights-wrapped legs, ankles crossed. It just wasn’t that kind of day today, they figured. They’d made themself look so pretty, too.

Maybe they should start over…


Santō Hei Arai Yuu stood in a standard Stand Alone Shower Unit as little streams of water undulated down their face and body as it sprayed from the sides. Eyes closed, mouth open slightly. The steam made the air thick and warm. The water scalded their skin. They’d showered earlier, but this was a ritual.

“Dry, please.” Their voice was just loud enough to be heard through the spray.

Moments later, warm air blew the last few droplets off their skin.

“That’s enough, thank you.”

And then, silence. The curved doors hissed open and Yuu walked as-is back to their cabin. They ran their fingers through their still-wet hair as the cabin door allowed them in.

Yuu stood in front of the mirror again, now a blank canvas. Finger still in their hair, they slicked it back, smooth, the buzzed sides now uncovered. Their lips curved into a soft smile.


Santō Hei Arai Yuu, the newest medic on board the YSS Kaiyõ II stood in front of a patient, smiling and cheerful as they always seem to be.

“And that’s all there is to it! You’re in ship shape and you won’t need to do this for a while yet. Thanks for taking the time to come down here, we practically have to hunt people down half the time.”
A polite response. A polite acknowledgment. Arai Yuu dismissed the officer more officially with a salute and turned back to the computer as they left, adding some last notes on the patient.

Today, Santō Hei Arai Yuu wore a standard Type 42 Star Army Uniform, with cadet blue cargo pants and shiny dress shoes. Their jacket was cadet blue with a teal center -- the color for medical personnel. Under their jacket, a binder constricted their upper body, smoothing down their figure.

And that just happened to be what today was going to be, and that was completely fine.
RP Date: A couple of days later,
RP Location: Kaiyō II, Medbay

Kaiyo II

Wyatt had been tall his own life, the now-Minkan’s halfbreed blend of masculine Nepleslian genes and more refined Elven ones leaving the 6’2”, bronze skinned, copper-haired knife-ear with features that maintained an equilibrium between the two sides of that coin - he was certainly still physically imposing, with knots of tempered muscle poking through his exercise uniform, thin material of the leggings beneath his shorts doing little to hide the tightly-wound steel cables that were his legs. Though again his more refined genes meant that those muscles were lean and streamlined rather than turning him into some hulking brute with a figure that threatened to rip through his clothing.

For the most part at least...

The tall Minkan sighed as he stalked closer to the Medbay, hoping to catch a certain bubble-gum haired medic between shifts and ask her if their plans for tonight were still good, so with little hesitation Wyatt opened the doors and crossed the threshold into the medbay, somewhat going on autopilot as he began speaking.

“Saya I was wo~”

The man halted himself mid-stride, amber oculars looking down to the green haired medic before himself, swearing that last he heard they were due to arrive tomorrow and not today.

“Oh, greetings~” he spoke rather stiffly, the saint operative now remembering seeing that same shade of hair out the corner of his vision earlier today, which made the big guy reach back to scratch at his neck for a few moments.

“Joto-Heisho Wyatt Alder, apologies for the interruption, I was expecting someone else,” he admitted, thinking on his mistakes a moment longer before offering a bow of courtesy.

Arai Yuu looked over their shoulder at the stranger. A brief pause before recognition kicked in, “Mustache bo-- I mean you’re Wyatt! Nice to finally meet you!.” They turned now and stepped a bit closer, offering a salute in response. “Santō Hei Arai Yuu, at your service. I’m the new medic. Saya was just telling me about you!”, Yuu chirped.

“Anything I can help you with today? If you’re looking for Saya, she’s up in your cabin. I have to remind her she can actually sleep now.”

“A pleasure to meet you too, I am sure~” the coppery minkan reciprocated, his reserved mannerisms and speech patterns clashing rather abruptly with Yuu’s more bubbly and friendly personality as he took a moment to think.

“I should thank you for convincing her to get some additional sleep though, Saya has been pushing herself a bit too far for my liking lately and I know any fatigue-induced slip-ups would hit her hard,” he continued, Wyatt taking a brief moment to re-adjust the hem of his shirt and to give the newcomer another once-over.

“...with her indisposed however, would you mind if I spoke to you a short while? I promise to not interfere with any work that may arise and to be out of your hair quickly.”

Yuu nodded and pulled up a chair, plopping down and using their feet to propel themselves to the side. “I don’t mind at all! These shifts are usually… you know. If we’re not in combat, nothing really happens. I can do talky time! What’s on your mind?”

That made him smile a little, only a small curve warping the side of Wyatt’s mouth though it was out of amusement more than anything - other enlisted personnel may find the downtime lacking though they didn’t have a slew of SAINT software suites constantly running in the back of their mind.

“Nothing too serious I can assure you~” Wyatt began, eyes tracking Yuu as the operative crossed both arms over his chest and leant back slightly against a nearby bench, finally breaking eye-contact to let his own gaze fall to the floor.

“Chalk it up to NCO duties and general curiosity, there’s no reason to be stuck on a ship with what may amount to a stranger so tell me about yourself if you are comfortable with doing so… and I implore you, please do not simply recite your file to me, I have already poured through that,” Wyatt finished, his words maintaining that stern yet not threatening nor overbearing tone Yuu may have begun figuring out was the norm for him.

Yuu blinked, straightening their back a bit. They tugged at their shoulder a bit -- adjusting the binder around their chest, to make themself a bit more comfortable. “Oh! Well,” a deep breath, “You probably know I was a cook already and that I’m from Kyoto, and the stuff about my family’s restaurant then.”

They pause. Yuu had spent so long focused on their work back home for so many years that it was hard to think of what else they’d done. That was part of the reason they’d joined Star Army, after all.

“It was hard to find a lot of time outside of that, honestly, even growing up. Though sometimes, my friends would drag me out to do this or that. Bars, shows, stuff like that,” they scratched their cheek and looked aside, obviously self-conscious, “I guess aside from having survived the attack on Kyoto, there’s not much to tell, really. Is there anything in particular you’re wondering about?”

Yuu would find that Wyatt’s gaze had returned over the course of the conversation, though his amber orbs had softened a little, more resembling the dregs of congealed honey one might find at the bottom of a jar - he swallowed briefly and gave the medic an answer, “Nothing in particular, it is just nice to get more than one perspective on things is all, I promise,” Wyatt nodded, sensing the slight discomfort he chose to move on.

“I realize you have only been on the ship very briefly, Arai-Hei, though what is your opinion on those you have met thus far and the overall modus operandi?”

The enby immediately brightened, “I’m really happy to be on board, actually! And I looooove working with Saya. She’s so sweet. Good boss, I think.” They crossed their arms, nodding in affirmation, “And you seem nice and all. I haven’t really had a chance to meet many other people yet, besides my new roommate and like the most basic introduction with the Captain.”

They sat back, their lips pursing slightly, “I didn’t really expect to get deployed this close to enemy lines, much less beyond them, so I have to admit I’m a bit scared about whatever our next operation ends up being. I assume it’ll happen pretty soon?” Looking up, they let their hands fall on their lap, tapping their thighs with their fingertips, “Do you have any advice?”

The Minkan across from Yuu nodded a few more times to himself as he heard the medic talk, expression lifting a few more fractions into a subtle smile as he heard Saya spoken of so fondly, and so Wyatt took a moment to carefully consider his next words.

“I am glad you seem to have begun fitting in so easily with the crew, I know it can be… difficult sometimes - but… I cannot pretend I have any sort of sure-fire advise that will keep you going, or that will make you forget that fear, only anecdotal information that has helped me stay afloat for… wow, almost a decade in the SAOY~” Wyatt trailed off, caught off guard momentarily at his own revelation.

“Try to remember that fear, it keeps you from doing anything stupid but do not let it be the sole thing that dictates your thoughts and actions - try to find some balance between that and remembering why you signed up in the first place, it might keep your head above water or it may not, that’s all dependant on you… I hope that makes sense, Arai-Hei? Interpersonal skills are not my strongest suit.”

Yuu looked thoughtfully at the floor of the Medbay, nodding along with the advice.

“It makes sense, yeah. Thank you.”

Their expression changes back to their usual bubbly demeanor, “And please, call me Yuu. Saya was pretty set on people being on a given name basis on the ship, so I’m trying my best to do that.”

“There’s actually one thing I’m wondering about that I’ve been trying to figure out and it’s way more complex than I thought it would be…”

“Please, speak freely,” Wyatt retorted.

Yuu covers their mouth, tittering, “I can’t even keep track. Who’s sleeping with who?”