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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission 25: High Noon for Dawn Patrol


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Pre-Ocean Day

Though Hoshi was stationed on a starbase, Ocean Day was coming up and the little captain knew she could be shipping out soon. There wasn't a moment to waste so one morning she woke up earlier than she wanted and headed for one of her favorite beaches.

She snapped her sunshine bright towel out like she was prepping parachutes for a mission, but instead of some long drawn out task, she simply twirled around. She fell just slower than normal thanks to her gravity control with a smile on her pink cheeks. She was soon splayed out on her back, blue and white hair ebbing behind her on both sand and towel.

"Aahhh..." the little Neko sighed, contended beyond belief. "I'll take a swim when the sun gets a bit stronger. For now-" Because she had been talking to herself alone on the beach, she simply rambled off smiling as she nuzzled into the soft yellow towel.

1 Hour Later

Yawning and stretching, Hoshi roused. Some more people were around and she nodded to them. They nodded back and her smile reappeared. Gosh it was nice to be back.

2 Hours Later

Hoshi's seaweed-laden hair was dripping onto the hard packed sand right next to the shoreline. As the waves rolled in, the sand would be loosened with moisture from the water, but when it rolled out it hardened the sand with the moisture leaving. Hoshi pushed her pink feet into the sand as the water rolled over both, then dug them in even more fiercely as it rolled out. Hoshi lashed out her hand as she battled some imaginary enemy on the sprucely populated beach where others were having fun, as well. She was embedded into the sand up to her ankles and made some snapping motions with her jaw and teeth. She was going feral and having the best time of it.

3 Hours Later

Hoshi was back on her towel and turned around questioningly as she heard lots of noise behind her. Ten or so people were arriving as a group with random people trickling all around. 

"So much for this being a private beach. But that's cool," Hoshi mumbled, then jumped up with a spring off of her towel. Her toes jutted into the soft sand near her towel as she gained purchase to expedite her sprint's start. In a flurry of pink blue and white, she was at the water, still running in the shallows. More into the depths where waves broke. Hoshi clasped her hands together and jumped as high as she could without her gravity control and dove into the crest of a wave. With a push of her chest against the sandy bottoms, then a kick of her toes, she was under then over the other side of the frothy water in the wake of the wave.

She immediately started pumping her pink arms, going out. The activity became less of a flurry of a feral woman having fun and more a steadied pace of someone purpose-driven. When she could barely make out the beach on the horizon, she breathed out, looking at the hazy white sand of the shore, then flopped back. On her back looking at the sky as Hoshi floating in the ocean -the namesake of her ship- she thought.

What a disquiet life it was when she was never alone.

When nobody had been around, a bit ago, it was nice. Then she noticed nice people that nodded and waved back at her. That felt nice. It felt safe and hopeful. But with the crowds, it was easy for Hoshi to feel knocked around by them. She knew herself, though, she knew to remove herself from the crowds and have a good time on her own. Eventually she could ask the people that didn't make her feel like that to hang out, swim with her, or maybe just lay out for a fun tan. Now that the stifled feeling of the beach had left, those same great feelings she had earlier had returned. A bright smile grew on her face, shining right up at her namesake- the sun.

But for now she wanted to know she wouldn't get jostled by everyone on the beach.