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RP: GM Cinematics Pre-Mission 28: Egasumi


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Planet Aingeal
Government Offices

Aingeal was a richly hued planet with its contrasting deep purple above the sappy greens of its sister planet, named Nebel by its inhabitants. Although Nebel wasn't lived in quite yet, the people of Aingeal had been spending the last century fortifying it for their people. Though the work was close to over, the politics of Aingeal had pushed back the grand unveiling of the whole world of Nebel far past its delivery date for some years now.

Everything from seeding the planet with alien mechanics of terraforming to stabilizing its orbit with almost the same technology that had once moved the Hanako System further from the Ketsurui Military Sector was done. A handful of gravity-defying platforms twinkled above the pale haze that swept below them, the last of which stood at half mast as the white beams of scaffolding that surrounded it spoke of the ongoing shaping of the planet into something not just livable but beautiful.

On Aingeal, a spiral set of stairs hung suspended amidst roiling clouds of deep, almost black mist. A statue of living metal hung in the center of the floating stairs shapeshifting as slowly as the clouds around it passed. Strands of murky vapor evanesced as heels clicked down on the steps. A lone woman walked up the stairs with a lifted chin and indomitable bearing. She knew the way to the pendulous rooms above her to which she was going well, but hadn't traversed them as much in the past year or so. They led to the planetary administrator's office, the highest suspended room in the highest tower in Aingeal.

Where she had come from was enveloped in clouds, a room much like it that would be a feat in Yamatai but was quite normal —architecturally speaking— amidst the people of this system.

The woman was snappily covered in something that would be a far cry from a military uniform of the Star Army with its draping blue fabrics and and golden belts and bands, but it was her planet's full dress, decorated with the insignia of the planet's second highest ranking official. It was that alone that set her apart as different than the rest of her people on Aingeal. The rest of her was much like what anyone of Aingeal would expect to see in another like them, with only variances in hue really being objectively obvious.

She was grey skinned, though there was a lively orange blush to her cheeks. Her bundled hair started as a woody color and lightened to that of tarnished gold but moved and danced like a hearth. The blue star-like sigil on her forehead whose dark orb of black protruded out, somehow seamlessly embedded in her and framed by her golden curtain bangs that led into her moving tresses. Not everyone on Aingeal was quite as attractive in form, though— a byproduct of constant exercise as the head of the mobilized aid division. Her face was hard to look into, though. Even as her bronzy eyes set on the open entrance, it was obvious that she had no substantial joys in her life at this time.

When she had gotten to the last step, she lifted her hand to something dangling on her ear and pulled the mask across her nose and mouth and secured it on her other ear.

Her footfalls had been heard, as had the message from the administrator's assistant to him and the suspended room's occupant knew to expect her. There was no need for a door as the cloudy mists naturally present on the planet had clumped together at the landing where a door might more normally be on a planet like Yamatai.

She came through with a short curtsy at the entrance to the ornately decorated room. The glass floor held eggplant colored shelves with bits and bobbles on them that moved and whirred with gilded mechanisms. Her eyes did not fall on them, though, but a seated man at the far end.

"Thank you for pulling yourself away from Nebel to meet with me, sir," she said, unmoving from the doorway. The mists of it licked at the soft blue clothes that hung on her back and melded with her hearthy hair.

"For you, Lulu, of course. Head of the mobilized aid division, you deserve my best in a face to face, don't you? Was it the allocated resources you wanted to discuss?" The man said with a wet rasp to his voice.

"Administrator," Lulu (Lumiv was what most knew her as) said. "I come to you amidst rising concerns."

"Moving the people's contributions to continue to sustain Nebel's development seems to have upset you." His frail hands came up from under his desk as if on strings and flopped together in front of his face as he leaned his chin on them.

Lumiv replied, "The people pay their taxes for life on Aingeal. Not to have the goalpost of Nebel shifted on them. They need results in what we've been promising, not to have what they've earned taken—"

"We?!" he said, hands falling to the desk. "I have been promising this, not you. Don't let this concern you. Mobilized aid will only need to worry about Nebel when it's habited. Stop concerning yourself with problems when there are none for the division. Not yet, at least. When Nebel falls under your jurisdiction of management, the people of Aingeal and Nebel will want you clear headed and able to lead the division. Now is not the time to worry."

The scrutiny on Lumiv's face was self evident, but she swallowed the expression. Her hands jerked to her back as her dark grey lips pursed between her cheeks and she readied herself to take leave. But not before a parting pleasantry.

"I hope your health is aided by the fair weather on Nebel, Grand Administrator." Lumiv said.

Barely a flicker of a smile was entertained on the Administrator's face at her words of well wishing.