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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fifteen: Awkward Lunch


Convention Veteran
RP Date
Mid YE 40
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo
YSS Kaiyo
Mid YE 40

Sacre didn't like eating in the Wardroom, most of the time she took lunch in the medbay or her room. However, that was unfortunately not possible today. She scanned the room for an open chair. Being one of the tallest members of the crew, she was able to scan the whole room. Finding one, she sat in the chair and curled her tail around the chair. She started to eat in an efficient manner. There wasn't anyone else that she wanted to talk to in the wardroom.

Klaus surveyed the wardroom looking for a seat. It's always harder for the new guy to find a seat since they didn't know anyone and sometimes it can be hard approaching someone you've never met. Even someone as amicable and social as a Raltian like Klaus. But before he could consider the ramifications of new social encounters, he finds a seat first. Spotting a large Separa'Shan female sitting near an open seat, he quickly moved to the table and asked: "Is this seat taken?"

Sacre looked Klaus up and down disinterestedly. "No." She said, turning back to her food.

The young soldier sat down, setting his things on the table. "Sorry if I'm disturbing, but I couldn't find anywhere else to sit." he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. He quickly offered his hand to shake "My name is Klaus Kurogane, pleased to meet ya. I'm new to the ship."

Sacre didn't take his hand, "Sacre Sanssinia. Please don't be so clumsy that I'll have to demonstrate what I do around here before I finish my meal." She said resignedly as if she somehow expected him to disapoint her.

Blinking dumbly at that statement for a second, Klaus retracted his hand gracefully to his tray. Laughing softly he retorted, "I'll endeavour to do so, Heisho! It's the least I can do for anyone who stiches me back together!"

"Hopefully not any time soon, but I'm probably not that lucky." Sacre added.

After a few moments of silently enjoying the tasteful nirvana meant for the brave men and women of Yamatai, Klaus broke the silence "I hope you don't find this insulting in anyway, but you are the first Separa'Shan I have ever met." It was true, Klaus had only ever been int the planet Yamatai before joining Star Army, and he had almost spent his entire life in the Ralt region.

Sacre looked at him, and briefly considered punting him through the window, but abandoned it because she probably wouldn't be able to break the zeusainum. Meeting people who had never met a Separa'Shan generally meant an endless series of innane questions. She sighed and tried to be a good ambassador for her race instead of her normally abrasive self. "I'm sorry for your misfortune, I visted Ralt once and never want to return to that snowy hellscape." She said, failing at what she had resolved to do just a moment previously.

"Misfortune, why would you say that? Ralt is cold that's true but we fight it there with the warmth of fire, food and friendship." His face frowned slightly. He missed Ralt and home and family.

"There isn't cold on Essia, not really. Not unless you get to the highest peaks. I never saw snow up close untill I visited Ralt. Essia's a jungle world. I can remember feeling cold, but cold was perhaps twenty celsius at the lowest. Separa'Shan are cold blooded, we can't regulate our own body tempature." Sacre left it to Klaus to figure out the implications of that.

"Ah, I understand now." he nodded to himself. "Have you served in this ship for long?" he inquired as he cut into his food.

"A bit more then a year, I was with the ship during the mess on Komorebi. Kaiyo's my home." Sacre said.

"Komohebi!?" he said his mouth full of savory meaty paradise. He swallowed hurriedly. "Huh, sorry. Komorebi, you said? Isn't that the planet with hallucinogenic red goo?"

"Yes, but I wasn't with the ship at that point, I joined later, right before the fight we had with the L'Kor." Sacre explained.

"I see. This is actually my first deployment, second if you want to count the ship I was sent to reinforce for like two days." Klaus said, thinking about the YSS Hana and his short time there. Yet despite that I still received a promotion. Klaus had mixed feeling about his recent promotion to Nitô Hei. On one hand he received a better pay and a chance to be quickly noticed for another promotion. But on the other he felt he didn't deserve it. He did nothing noteworthy or sacrifice anything for it. He just showed up at the right time. Put the thought behind you for now, a chance to prove yourself shall come later.

"Reinforce, does that mean you saw any action?" Sacre asked.

"No." Klaus shook his head."By the time me and the rest of the cavalry got there, the situation was already handled by the group we where sent to sent to reinforce. We did virtually nothing and yet I was promoted, for being part of the situation." He scoffs and then sighs. "I'm glad we didn't have to fight but I also wanted prove myself,ya know?"

"You stick around and you'll get that chance. It's only a matter of time with the war on. Don't be overeager, talking like you are taking your armor off when you are putting it on." Sacre warned as she ate.

Klaus stopped eating and looked at his companion, with an unreadable expression on his face and then he smiled. It was not a big smile, full of mirth or joy. It was a small one, that spoke of humility and fondness. "Thank you for the advice." He chuckled. "You know for a second there you reminded of my grandfather." Klaus then remembered he was talking to someone of the female gender, and that any comparison to his old, wrinkly,bearded grandfather could not be taken as the compliment he intended. He started waving his hands flustered beyond belief. "Wait, I meant it in a good way!"

"I'm sure you did." Sacre said with sarcasm laced into her voice.

"No really! I meant it because you sounded all wise and philosophical like Grandad whenever he reprimanded me, for being in his own words a "Overworrying nervous wreck of man"." ending his justification, Klaus put his hands together in front of him and bowed. "I'm truly sorry if have offended you. Please forgive me!" he declared with intensity only matched by his embarrassment.

"Don't screw up then. You've already got stripes that you said your self you didn't really earn and you've annoyed me. Don't screw up, show me you deserve them and we'll see." Sacre said disinterestedly.

Klaus stopped bowing, looked at her with a determined gaze and nodded. "Understood ma'am! I won't let you down."

Sacre finished her meal and stood. "Time will tell." She said cryptically and turned and walked away from the table. As she walked away, she thought about the encounter she just had with the eager young Itto Hei. Too over-eager in her opinion. Then again she thought that about pretty much everyone. Not everyone approached their duty as some sort of grim task the way that Sacre often did. He showed promise, the possibility he could actually be a leader. She would have to keep her eye on him.