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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fifteen: Medical Admittance


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It was all rather busy as cornflower-blue mindy suits poured back into the Kaiyo-ii's power armour bay, a sudden silence broken by the sounds of soldiers either teleporting or flying in after having dealt with this universe's leader - there was a short crack of energy as Wyatt blinked into existence with a fair bit of momentum that the Minkan let carry his gore-soaked mindy a few feet before coming to a halt, watching as Eden was carted away to be dealt with,

That was yesterday though, now Wyatt had traded his E4 shoulder patches for E7 for ones that came with the new rank - the copper-haired Minkan finished his report and straightened out his newly patched type 31 uniform underneath that same old Rikugun jacket before he rose up with the fledgeling beginnings of a neat mustache across his upper lip opposed to the scruffy beard that usually clung to his jaw, non-commissioned officers had to carry themselves a certain way after all.

Wyatt Alder Just Now
> Miss Saya, would you be able to spare a moment to help me shift a few things I had ordered in?
> It shouldn't take too long but more hands make for lighter work and you have the fine hands of a skilled medic so it should take no time at all

Saya was shaky as she removed herself from her suit. Volumetrics covered her body to give her some semblance of modesty as she silently went about putting her clothing on. She gave herself a small hug to calm herself for a moment as she tried to purge herself of the fear she had felt while out in space. She was quick to head back to her room to relax and calm herself.

She took solace in the small figures in her room that reminded her of home, of Yamatai and her friends. She composed a quick message to give them a little update of her first excursion into space, mostly telling them about her fear and worry and fully leaving out the details of the mission and as she sent it, saw the notification from Wyatt.

>"I will be there shortly!"

It would be a nice distraction from her thoughts as she soon enough knocked on the door of Wyatt's door and waited to be let in, still wearing her uniform.

Wyatt opened his door and sure enough the cotton-candy-haired medic stood there, his amber hued eyes warmed to something more akin to honey as a small smile sat beneath the beginnings of his mustache. "Thank you for helping out, it shouldn't take too long but I appreciate it nonetheless," he greeted her before taking a few steps out to join her in the hallway and then moving to close the door.

"How are you holding up after your first armoured mission?" the copper-haired Minkan asked her, noticing a slight look of nervousness or something sour behind those blue eyes that were speckled with brown pigment.

"I am... Well I guess? It was just stressful... especially such a big mission. I haven't done much in the way of space combat or operations, usually I stayed in the ship when I was on the Asamoya." Saya offered the Mikan as she idly pet her braid. It had been a tough mission for the poor medic, small panic attacks rising every time she had been out in space. After they had boarded the ship she had been able to relax a little, but between the explosion she had set up, and covering the retreat, she had a long day.

"So, what all did you get?" She asked, trying to take her mind off of it.

The Minkan brought one gauntleted hand up to give Saya a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder before he spoke, "I hope you are well, as for what I ordered - a few additional parts for my plate carrier among other things," Wyatt informed her with another small smile - or at least the warmest one he could come up with. "You ever need to talk about anything though, I'll be more than willing to listen - I hope you know that."

Saya smiled a little and nodded in appreciation. It had been a difficult day for the Neko, and knowing they were going into more combat... Well she had requested a transfer to a ship but had never expected such a difficult posting.

"I am the one that is supposed to help out the crew with their issues, but the offer is appreciated. I may wind up taking you up on the offer sometime, it's appreciated." She gave Wyatt a smile and patted the hand on her shoulder.

"Plate Carrier?" She asked, a little confused yet intrigued.

"Infantry like me, sometimes we don't get the luxury of power armour so we strap on a plate carrier... rather a plate bearing armoured vest, to offer some protection," Wyatt explained as he retracted the hand and began walking down the hall. "You're welcome to call me over whenever you need to Mi- Saya, anything for you"

Saya smiled warmly at the thought of the considerate man as she nodded and followed him down. "It's been some time since I was on a ship, but I thought everyone had power armours assigned to them? Why wouldn't you get one?" She asked a little confused.

"Oh apologies, you've more than likely seen me in my suit but I like to make sure I'm ready for the unlikely event we can't or shouldn't use them, it doesn't hurt to be cautious," Wyatt tried to explain in kind as they strolled down the hallway, deeper into the ship.

"I see." Was the most Saya would get from him. She had been on ships ambushed before, though at that time it had been Ghost Mishhu had that had attacked. Thankfully she had been safe from the combat.

"I suppose ship board combat is easier now that the enemies can't phase through the decks." She offered. At least she hoped they couldn't.

"It does indeed take a lot of the complexity out of it when they are tangible, lets hope none of us have to deal with that sort of thing ever again," he replied with a nod, the Ghost Mishhu thing was something he too had a run in or two with - unfortunately. "Enough talk about work though, anything new with you?" Wyatt queried, trying to shift away from the reason they were all crammed next to each other in this ship.

"Nothing recently. I was working on a new module for my game, but that got put aside with the mission. I might start on it again after this is over with." She explained as she followed him down. She could tell building the story would help her later, but her mind still kept wandering back to the mission at hand.

"I'm sure we'll have a bit of downtime after everything that happened, if I had anything to offer that might help you then I could but sadly I seem to fall short when it comes to weaving stories people want to hear," Wyatt admitted with a slight pang of regret, not so much at his lack of skill but rather a missed opportunity. "Speaking of things you excel at, you know how to make yourself look lovely on a daily basis so I was wondering," he paused briefly to point up at the beginnings of a mustache before continuing, "is this too much? do you think I should shave it off entirely?"

Saya blushed a bit at the comment about her looking good daily and did her best to hide the blush with her hands over her cheeks. When he asked about the wispy mustache she tilted her head and studied it for a moment before she frowned. "Please do not take this the wrong way, but I believe you look better clean shaven. I like a clean shaved man though..."

The Minkan gave a few small nods at Saya's input before he returned her gaze, eyes warming up almost immediately upon sight, "No it's alright, you are of course entitled to your opinion and I'll take it into consideration of course - but I might give it a few days to see how it turns out, Alder men are cursed with persistent facial hair after all."

Saya shrugged a little with a smile. "Maybe you will be the one to change my opinion on the matter." She said, the blush dying down to a soft rosy complexion on the neko as she fiddled with her hands in front of herself. "I often think about changing my hair. I've just never been brave enough to do it."

Wyatt took a moment to look over the Neko's pink hair, eyes trailing down the length of the braid before he gave any input, "Do you have any idea what you'd go for? I do not wish to overstep any boundaries by saying this but..." he cut himself off for a moment to rather audibly gulp down any nerves that tried rearing themselves as he spoke.

"I doubt you could do anything that might sully your appearance... you are a rather beautiful young woman... and I can't think of anything that'd change that," the Minkan finally spoke before bracing himself for some kind of retort or accusation he had done something wrong.

The bright red blush blossomed again across her face as she looked to the floor. She had a wide smile on her face that threatened to show teeth as had as she tried to keep her lips together.

"Th-thank you... I was thinking of cutting my hair. Maybe something short like a pixie cut... I have also seen women cut one side of their hair and flip the other side over... Though that may be a bit to bold for me..."

No negative response? the Marksman let out a sigh of relief as Saya thanked him even before sharing her ideas, "A pixie cut, my Aunt had one of those last I checked and I don't doubt you could pull it off." Wyatt replied as his heart-rate slowly went back to something less rapid, he took a moment before continuing to speak, "And you are more than welcome... I'd say more but it seems to make you nervous, so I'll tone it back a bit."

"I'm just not used to it out of character is all... Not many people complimented me except my friends. And even then I think they were just being nice..." Which was a lie. It was just that the poor medic was oblivious to such things on a constant basis.

"I... I kinda like it." She said with a smile, her voice soft as she spoke the words.

Wyatt's face was more often than not rather stoic, he occasionally let out a few smirks but they were faint and generally fuelled by a success or victory of some sort but in this moment, he gave a rather warm and genuine smile at the medic's kind words - granted it wasn't toothy or filling his face but it was a warm smile nonetheless. "I... only speak the truth, and I just felt like you should hear it for yourself."

"Well thank you again." She offered him a smile as she looked up. She looked ahead after a moment to the bay where they had arrived. "Let's get these things done, and maybe I can show you what I have been working on with my game?"

"Of course, I'd like very much to see the fruits of your labor," Wyatt agreed as they entered the cargo bay, three boxes sat just inside the doorway, a larger one with a basketball-sized box on top of it and finally a smaller box that he gestured to. "You can carry that if you wish but truthfully I just need somebody to open the door for me, what do you say?"

"I am hoping everyone likes it! I've put a lot of work into it but the only problem is I need two full groups to run it." She explained a little.

"I'll help." Saya offered as she hefted the box up in her arms. With her Neko strength it wouldn't be difficult for the girl. "Just the door to the bay? Or your room?" She asked.

"My room, the wireless in the door has decided to give up the ghost so I'm waiting for a red-panel to get around to fixing it once they have dealt with more meaningful things," Wyatt informed her as he crouched down to pick up the other two boxes with relative ease, his own intense physicality combined with the synthetic nature of his muscles made short work of the heft.

"Thank you by the way, it isn't anything exciting but it is appreciated that you'd spare some time for me."

"Of course! That's what friends are for right?" Saya said cheerily as she started to head back to Wyatt's room, thinking nothing of her comments.

"One of the ships I was on was smaller, but had two or three techs that would take things apart just to have something to do I think." Saya said with a smirk as she remembered Kessah and Nana.

"They were always running around saying they had things to fix, but the ship was fine."

"I know just the kind of person you are talking about, back when I was recon we had this one mechanic who kept tearing apart the jeeps and claiming there was an issue with the gaskets - truth be told I never once saw him order in a replacement so do with that what you will," Wyatt mused as he recalled his muddier times, moving up until he was beside Saya and kept pace with her.

"Any regrets with coming to this ship?"

"None. I was bored in the hospitals. Here, I can do some good, keep some people out of the hospitals. Here I can make a difference even if it's only in one person's life." She said aloud, seemingly determined to do good for those on the ship.

"It just... It hurt seeing all those that came back from the front lines with injuries that had to take longer to recover. It's a shame that even with the medical technology on the front lines now we still have hospitals back home that cater to those too hurt to continue fighting."

Wyatt adjusted his grip to rest the weight of the boxes on his forearm and torso as he put a reassuring hand on Saya's left shoulder blade, "You care so much for those around you, if I'm being honest it is rather humbling to see just how dedicated you are to doing good, more should strive for such heights."

"Thank you. That means a lot hearing that." Saya said with a smile as the arrived at his door again. Saya reached forward to open the door and slid it open before she hurried in and to the side to make room for Wyatt.

"And you too Saya," Wyatt responded as he entered the door after her and heard it hiss shut as he moved over to place his own boxes next to a desk, underneath the shelf he recently added a weapon to that used to belong to a certain leader of a rival universe - not that he was allowed to vocalise that it was such, it was the shelf the Minkan kept his collection of odds and ends during his time aboard the Kaiyo, even the Kuvvie helmet with a bullet hole punched clean through.

"I almost feel like I'm not socially lacking when I speak to you, so thank you," Wyatt continued as he stood back up and moved to the side slightly.

"Likewise." Saya admitted a little sheepishly. "I know sometimes I don't get everything, but I never feel like that around you."

As they entered the room and Saya put down her box, she let her eyes roam over the room. Her gaze fell on the helmet and blinked, suddenly looking shocked. "I-i hope that wasn't on your head?!" She exclaimed suddenly.

"Hm?" Wyatt spoke to vocalise his faint confusion before the marksman followed the medic's gaze to his golden trophy, suddenly realising what her concern was about. "No, no - I take it you haven't seen Kuvexian armour up close before? it is quite showy and all that but... well seeing it on a wall helps me remember they can be killed, morbid but gives some hope," he tried explaining, explaining personal feelings was never Wyatt's strong suite

"A-ah. Thank goodness...I haven't had the chance to see one up close no." Saya explained as she closed the gap to look at the helmet closer.

"I've seen them in vids and news reports, but never in person. I've only ever seen those that vane back from the front lines hurt." She seemed a little sad at the thought.

As she approached the shelf of oddeties if would become apparent that the front of the helmet had a hole much bigger than the back, indicating the Kuverxian's face had become the exit wound prior to it being cleaned up and stowed here. He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder again, it seemed to be almost a reoccuring gesture from the Minkan every time Saya's mood began to dip, "Stay strong, one day this will all be over - war is not pretty but it is a necessary evil to protect what we hold dear..."

Saya smiled a bit as she felt the hand, her own delicate fingers pressing into the back of his hand. She just nodded, remember the second Mishhu war which had seemed to last forever. "I know, it's just tough at times. We were made for war, but I hate it." She explained as her hand left his and both reached out for the helmet. They stopped just inches shy as she looked over her shoulder.

"May I?" She asked.

"Of course, this isn't a museum and well... I trust you so please - touch my stuff all you want," the ginger confirmed as the hand moved from her shoulder to gesture towards the wall, if the elven ears had the capacity to drop then they slowly would have as a small realisation came to the Minkan's mind.

"I... sorry, that wasn't meant to sound inappropriate."

Saya giggled a little as she watched him from over her shoulder but moved to pick up the helmet. She turned it over in her hands a little and peered inside the helmet itself to see what it looked like. Held in one hand, it let her fingers run over the metal of the helmet itself as if willing the material to show her the past.

"What's it like? Killing someone?" She asked him, eyes still seemingly on the hole of the helmet in the front.

It wasn't a question he'd been expecting but given Saya's overall personality and lack of experience he should have expected it at some point, "I'd imagine someone else might tell you something different but for me? I'd say..." the Minkan paused as he thought of the right words to describe the feeling.

"Anticlimactic though not to be brushed off as nothing, if you do it right then it should all be over in an instant - though it caught me off guard the first time."

"I've never killed anyone. I mean... I guess I might have helped last mission with setting up that explosion, but I haven't pulled the trigger myself before. It's scary to think that I can. We were built for war, but I don't like it. Is that strange?" She asked Wyatt, her fingers playing at the edge of the hole in the helmet.

"It's not strange at all, Saya, and you're not the only Nekovalkyrja I've met who wants to be more than a weapon... if anything that adds to your appeal," Wyatt spoke, the last part was somewhat under his breath as the amber-hued eyes looked off into a corner of the room for a second before returning to the medic.

"If wanting to be better than people expect of you is wrong then strike me down for wanting to be less like my father, I'm happy you didn't meet me when I first joined the ship."

Saya could only nod to his words, unsure of what to say just then as she put the helmet back in it's place after a moment. She turned back to him after she looked over his trophies one more time and seemed to look over his face for a second as if searching for something.

"I need to get back to my room, make sure everything is ready for this next mission. But maybe afterwards we could talk again?" Wyatt would see a small blush play across her face as she leaned up to peck him on the cheek with a quick kiss before she moved quickly to the door. "I enjoyed our talk." She offered him, looking over her shoulder for a second again before she retreated back to her room.

The gesture had caught him off guard, causing a small blush to redden the Marksman's otherwise olive skin as he stood there like a deer in headlights - after his brain processed what happened Saya was already out the door, but Wyatt turned to follow her - having one thing he decided to wait no longer to ask it.

"I have one question, a quick one - will only take a moment of your time..."

The blush was still on her face as she turned back to him. "Y-yes?"

The Minkan tried to play off his nervousness by straightening out his uniform before finally moving to speak, "I have to go off for SAINT training in a few days but I was wondering... would you mind if we did something before then? I've grown fo-" Wyatt cut himself off, finding a word to better describe his current feelings.

"I've grown infatuated with you, Miss Saya - I hope that doesn't offend you."

Saya's eyes grew a little wide at the words, figuring it was maybe one way? Wyatt always seemed kind to her, if a little clumsy with his words, but the admission made her face turn scarlet. Suddenly she felt a little better as she looked to the floor with a smile.

"I think I would like that." She admitted, hands in front of her lap clasped together.

Wyatt let out a breath of relief as he heard Saya's response, his heart-rate began to even out a little more from its heightened state that anticipation had caused - the Minkan floated forwards and wrapped his broad arms around Saya's slim frame to give the medic a hug, firm but not forceful as his intense physique was felt through the uniform.

"Thank you Saya, I've never done anything like this before..."

Saya would let out a cute little "Eep" as she was hugged, tensing for a moment before she realized she wasn't being squished. After a moment she would relax and rest her head on the Minkan's chest, slender arms wrapping around his hips with a smile on her face.

"I can't say I have either. Maybe we can learn together?"

He let his chin rest atop the medic's cotton-candy coloured hair for a moment and let out a rather happy little murmur before leaning back to hold each of Saya's shoulders and speak, "Hopefully, any reason to spend more time with you is a god-send, though I'll let you go check your room - need any help?"

Saya just shook her head with a smile before she spoke up. "I just need to think mostly. I think Sacre-Heisho needs me in a bit, so I kinda wanna calm down a bit before I go see her. I'm a bit nervous about seeing her."

"I'm sure everything will be fine, worst comes to worst and you can just ask her about knives to put her in a better mood," Wyatt spoke back with a small smile as he hesitantly leant forward to plant a quick peck on the Neko's forehead. "We'll have to schedule something later, but take care Saya."

"Bye Wyatt." Saya blushed again and smiled, looking at the floor as she walked off toward her room.

Wyatt gave a soft smile as he watched the pink-haired medic stroll off before moving back toward his own room to finish getting his affairs in order - Alastair had been right, Wyatt simply needed to ask and all had turned out well for now.