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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fifteen: Superior Advice


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YSS Kaiyo-ii

It was a simple enough idea, spend a short time in the ship's Onsen post-mission to try and soothe some of the ache in his muscles from the fit of combat the copper-haired Minkan had been a part of - afterall it was an entire bridge's worth of enemy combatants and then some, but that had been dealt with now so Wyatt rested his head back and fell into a light snooze. the Minkan had woken up to the sound of one of the ship's many Nekos entering some time later, having been in the SAoY for a while nudity was nothing new to him to Wyatt kept his focus above her collarbone and returned her greeting before deciding to lean his head back and try to catch a few more moments of rest - yet the knife-tipped ears twitched as the sounds of footsteps approaching him were followed by the Neko crouching down to whisper into one elven-styled ear.

His amber-hued eyes slowly opened and then widened at what was being offered to him, Wyatt got up and left the Onsen shortly afterwards - hurriedly throwing his uniform back over his athletic, olive-toned frame but not before he gave one look back to the steam-filled room's door.

There was a thumping on the door of an Officer's cabin belonging to a certain Alastair Belmont - he was the first, infact only, name Wyatt could think of to help with a problem such as this.

Alastair quickly opened the door and popped outside. Wyatt would get a quick peek that Alastair had a large amount of girls in his room for some reason. He might of heard rumors that Alastair had saved all the slaves from Eve during the last mission. It would seem they had taken a liking to the young officer in white shining armor.

"Oh thank god someone came. Come, whatever it is I am sure it is most important." He put his arm around Wyatt and started to walk. After a few steps he looked behind him and seen about 5 heads looking back at him from the doorway. They were all smiles as the silpped out of view.

Wyatt gave one look back over his shoulder to see the faces beaming toward Alastair, it seemed like he had come to the right person for his issues at first but the fact the white-panel was running away caused a faint seed of doubt to bloom in the ginger's mind, "It seems our problems are somewhat related to each other... coincidence is an odd thing isn't it sir."

Alastair stopped in his tracks. "Oh gawd, you have a horde of girls after you too!!" He said in a most shocking of voice. "Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets saving them all, just its a little much to handle." He lightly chuckled.

"Not quite a horde, rather..." Wyatt paused for a second and shrugged the officer's arm off of his shoulders as politely as he could as the recently promoted NCO tried to muster up the right words, it was a short moment but he decided to be blunt - why beat around the bush. "...rather I wouldn't know what to do in such a situation, you seemed like the most competent person to turn to for such matters and the ship is quiet for now so I was wondering..."

He tipped his head to one side as he looked at Wyatt. "Well the good news, I have no clue what to do with my situation either." He could not help but laugh. "Thank you friend, I needed that laugh." He said as a smile returned to his face. "So what seems to be the trouble?"

"Well when I misplaced the ring that the Shosa gave me you asked if I had my eye on anyone," the knife-eared Minkan began explaining before bringing his amber eyes up to meet Alastair's gaze. "I said no then, but the answer... has shifted to a maybe - I'll let you figure out the rest based on how socially lacking you know me to be."

"Ahhh, my lad. So you have won the favor of a lady huh." His smile changed into a grin. "This is good news. So I take it you want advise on asking her out or something?"

A small, not-quite chuckle left Wyatt's maw, partially out of relief that the officer seemed like he would be happy to help but also at having finally gotten it off his chest. "Rather I have fallen for her, but I am not sure how to tell her this, would you be willing to help your subordinate out?"

"I would be happy to help out however I can. So what made you decide today that you wanted to take things further with her?"

"Well when..." Wyatt blinked a few times as his voice trailed off, the memory of him running away at the stranger's offer still fresh in his mind, it was rather unbecoming of an NCO but it didn't seem like the kind of news that would travel around the ship. "when I declined a stranger's invitation, it made me think I should try be open with someone I know and care for, does that make sense?"

"Oh I see, seems your fame from the last battle has brought you new attention. The fair maidens on this ship can not help but be drawn to the great Wyatt." Alastair had his hands and arms above his head making a larger than life gesture. "So what do yo need of me? You seem more than capable of asking her out." He retracted his arms back towards his side and look at him with a curious expression.

The coppery-haired Minkan glazed over the initial bit, boil down what happened on that bridge and it was a few shots, a stab and a stomp - nothing to really be proud of besides the last three shots so instead Wyatt answered the question. "That's the thing sir, I'm sure asking her out would not be the problem but rather what happens after I ask her out and how I can be less... well less me, could you teach me how to socialize? I know it isn't exactly a normal thing to ask."

Alastair looked at Wyatt for a moment taking in what had been asked. At first he was a little unsure how to respond. He had been raised to be very social so this to him was second nature. After another moment he started to speak. "Well I don't think being less you is something she would want. Instead let us focus on getting you comfortable with talking to a girl." A grin crossed his face. "So have you done anything with your special someone?"

"That does sound better, you can see now why I came to you," Wyatt agreed with a few nods before he answered the question. "Between shifts and the usual times the crew mingle not much I'm afraid, she has taken me into the VR deck to show off a few side projects of hers though," his eyes narrowed slightly at the grin across Alastair's face as the marksman quickly elabourated, "Nothing like that, sir - I can assure you I'm just as inexperienced on that front."

Alastair was about to speak when he had a flashback to being on the VR deck with a certain girl. He rubbed his chin for a moment then looked at Wyatt with a grin. "This girl would not happen to be Saya would it?" Wyatt would see a sparkle on the commander's eyes.

The hue of his eyes warmed to something more akin to honey at even the mention of the Medic, though the rest of Wyatt's face remained as stoic as usual for the first part, "Mayhaps... yes," he admitted after a moment of hesitation.

Alastair gave him a big pat on the back. "Ahh who you trying to fool. Your face is too telling for you to hide the fact." His laugh filling the hallway. "Good show, good show. She is a fine gal and much fun to be around. I do not blame you for falling for her." He again rubbed his chin for a moment. "So got any hints that she might be interested in you?"

"Maybe, I'm not quite sure. Miss Saya hasn't shown any disinterest and she has expressed a desire to hang out with me more than a few times despite a small incident when we first met each other," Wyatt explained as his gaze drifted toward some movement off to the side, that Neko from in the Onsen earlier was walking past with her attention on the datapad she was tapping away at.

"Is there somewhere more private we could discuss this, sir?"

Alastair noticed his gaze towards the neko and understood the request. "Yes, the kitchen around this time tends to be only lightly staffed. We can plot there." A grin again crossing his face. As they walked Alastair could not help but wonder what this incident could have been. They were fairly close to the kitchen and within moments had taken a seat in the large hall.

"So this incident you spoke of, what is the story behind that?"

After taking a cautionary scan of the area, Wyatt began to answer - there was a pang of hesitation in his voice as the event was recalled and retold, "Well I was simply having a shower after a session in the rec room when for whatever reason my clothes were missing, so I grabbed a towel and began trying to sneak back to my room when Miss Saya walked into the hall." His coppery brow furrowed slightly but the hesitation was slowly turning into a warmer tone resembling fondness as he continued recalling the odd event.

"She muttered the word 'Hentai' three or four times out of shock as I ran to my room to make myself decent, apologising as one should in such a situation - then I made a more formal apology and she took me to the VR deck."

Alastair could not help but laugh. He could not believe this poor guy's luck. "Oh man, that is a story for the books. Nothing like showing the goods to impress a girl. Even if that wasn't the goal." He laughed for a moment more before he composed himself.

"Either way it looks like she forgave you and pulled you into VR land like she did with me so that is a good sign." He eyes widened for a moment as he slipped under the table. A group of nekos, three in total, had just walked into the area.

Alastair might've noticed the way Wyatt's eyes took on a bit of a more animalistic, protective stare before he hid under the table - this new information along side Wyatt's previous knowledge of the officer being regarded as some kind of 'lady's man' made him a little angry as the nekos entered the room.

~More fans of yours, sir?~ the knife-eared Minkan shot the white-panel as he idly fiddled with the heavy gauntlets on his arms, that underlying anger was oh so faintly present in the telepathic question but Wyatt held his tongue for now - he needed to look the man in the eyes when he asked that question.

Thankfully the girls did not stay for long. Alastair slowly brought himself back to sitting. "Yes, fans...if that is what you call someone who is completely infatuated with you." He sat and let out a long sigh. "I don't mind the attention but going from alone to a full house is just a lot to take in." He slightly laughed at the situation he had been put in.

"I see that look in your eyes. Don't worry, I got pulled into the game much like yourself but I am not interested in her. She is but a party member." His expression softened as he looked at him.

With his fists pressed to the table-top Wyatt let out a relieved sigh as his gaze normalized, "I'm thankful, sorry about that but... she makes me feel things I haven't felt before, I'm sure you can understand that."

"Oh when you said she called out hentai a few times I pretty much knew she made you feel something alright." He gave him a pat on the back with a chuckle. "I tease I tease, I get what you mean. So got any ideas on how to ask her out yet?" He had leaned forward and put his hand in his hands as arms rested on the table.

"The flesh is weak to temptations sir, plus our Captain feels the need to confide her most indecent stories in me whenever she asks me to acompany her to Kyoto - it is only biological to respond that way afterall," Wyatt answered, wondering where that last little string of words had come from before he moved to answer the real question.

"I feel like the next time Miss Saya invites me for a quest or two might be a good time, we do those and then I ask her afterwards if she would mind if I took her out to dinner somewhere - how does that sound to you?"

"I like this idea a good deal. Yet my gut is telling me she may not get the hint. She may see this as just something in game. Unless that is what you aim to do and have dinner in the game?"

"Good point..." Wyatt trailed off thoughtfully with a few noises before he returned with a response. "I tend to accompany her back to her cabin, would that be an appropriate time, sir?"

"That is not a bad place. Alone in a cabin sounds romantic enough. And if dinner goes well maybe you can show her some of that biological you just spoke about." He said giving him a wink.

"Right, I'll ask her there then... that leads me to another problem though - I uhm, well I've never... yeah."

"Kissed a girl?!" He said with a sly grin. "Taking a guess here that your still pretty pure right?"

"You'd be right with that assumption, don't get me wrong - there have been a few offers but, I don't really know how to explain it, sorry sir," Wyatt admitted, if his ears could droop then it wasn't a stretch to assume they'd be doing that right now.

"Think nothing of it. Could be in my shoes and have a horde of girls falling all over you at night. It sounds like bliss but I promise it is anything but." He again laughed. "Think nothing of it, first she needs to know how you feel about her and see if she likes you back."

There wasn't any response from Wyatt, instead there was an almost nervous look that was rather unbecoming of the Marksman's usual demeanour as he thoughtfully looked down at the table.

"Why the long face Wyatt. This is so unlike you to be with sure about something. Come now, are you not the one who burst onto the bridge last mission. You single handedly took out the entire bridge. Surely a cute young Saya is no match for you."

"Sir I..." Wyatt began speaking before looking up at the officer, finding some kind of anchor in the white-panels face before continuing with a straightened back. "I just fear she won't feel the same, that and my possible upcoming hiatus I am sure you have seen... there is a lot going on in such a small space of time."

"That is always a possibility but I say its worth the risk. Just find a good time to ask. Maybe after a tough fight where you saved the day. Will save you the sappy-ness but say something nice then just let her know you like her." He gave him a pat on the back. "Worse that happens is that she just thinks it is purely in the game. Though this could work to your favor too." A grin now crossed his face. Clearly he was scheming.

"I hear that relationships based on intense experiences never work, but as an aside, do you think it would be better to ask her before I get whisked away by the black panels or afterwards?" Wyatt queried, almost oblivious to Alastair's scheming.

Alastair tipped his head to one side as he leaned up off his arms. "I mean being dragged off by panthers to be almost killed might show her how much she cares. Granted that is a little extreme. I was thinking a more winnable fight." He chuckled as he pictured a screaming Wyatt being dragged off.

"Oh, you meant in VR," the olive-skinned Minkan realised a bit too late, shaking his head to clear the mistake from his mind. "I appreciate all this advice sir, I really do - but I'm still stuck between whether I should ask before and bare the consequences during my potential retraining or wait and risk-"

Wyatt cut himself off, having answered his own question, "I'll ask before, better I find out sooner rather than later anyway, no?"

"Now that is the attitude I was looking for." A smile crossed his face which then turned into a lenny face. "And if you want I can let you borrow one of my girls to "practice" with." He was physically making air quotes.

Wyatt answered with his amber eyes widening exponentially at the offer, "I... am not quite sure how to respond to that, sir."

Alastair laughed for a good minute at his expression. He had figured this would put him completely off guard. "I tease I tease. I am sure this would backfire and come back on me anyways." He regained himself and continued talking with him.

"So sounds like you have your next course of action. Speaking of which, what character did you make in the VR?"

"A Tiefling ranger, purple skin but pretty much myself otherwise... I take it you made a bard, sir?" the marksman prodded verbally, agreeing it was probably best to move on. "We should schedule something some time, once I get back - it seems Saya has gotten me hooked on her favourite past time."

"Yes, I did make a bard. It felt like a fun class to play. I get to sing, dance and be merry. What is there not to love about that. Beats being all serious you know." He paused for a moment as he considered the rest of what he said. "Yes, we should play together sometime. That would be such a good time. My bard can even play a love song for the two of you." He grin cracked across his face.

"I might take you up on that offer one day," Wyatt spoke with an almost fond look about his face as he gazed upon nothing in particular before the aforementioned seriousness returned. "Depending on how things pan out of course."

"Oh please, how could Saya say no to the great and wonderful Wyatt. Even the neko girls want to get with you. Please, are welcome to one or ten of mine, I got some to spare." He said with a dead serious look in his eyes.

"Maybe if things don't pan out I'll consider it but, sir," Wyatt began before pausing thoughtfully for a moment to gather his words. "I get that you are an officer and keeping morale up is half your job - but why are you so ready to hand out kind words to me? I haven't done anything to benefit you directly."

"We are but friends, having been in battles and lived to tell another day. I am glad to help as best I can." He gave Wyatt a pat on the back. "Plus who else would help you turn around flashing your lover in the hallway into a happy romantic ending." Alastair snickered as he thought the shocked look on her face when this happen.

Wyatt snickered slightly at the comment, rather it wasn't more than an amused exhale but it qualified as the bare minimum to be considered a snicker, "I don't believe in fate sir, though it does make a compelling argument from time to time... so thank you - how goes your personal crusade?"

"Know that feeling when your in too deep. Feel I have reached that." He said as his eyes glossed over. "I am really happy to have helped out all those girls from our last mission. My goal was to capture Eve but ended up with a mass of girls." He let out a small laugh. "I know they mean no harm and are just greatful. I plan to take them back home and find them work at the Belmont house."

"I'm sure you'll make sure they wear only the smallest of maid's costumes, though no doubt they'll happily accept whatever you throw at them," Wyatt shot back before he looked off to the side of the room somewhat thoughtfully, contemplating his next words heavily.

"I'm bound to an oath of silence, but would you mind if I showed you something from my collection of odds and ends? off the book? it will only be quick."

Alastair let out a hardy laugh. "Oh my dear Wyatt, I like the way you think but they will be clothed in whatever outfit they decided to wear. They have suffered enough under Edens rule and absolute freedom will do them some good." He stood up and gave him a bright smile. "Sure, lets go see this item you wish to show me." He took one step then looked back at him. "You know, I bet Saya would look pretty good in a small maid outfit or even just an apron." He said with a wink as he turned to walk.

Wyatt rose from his seat in kind and gestured for the Officer to follow him, those amber eyes had been rather impartial during their whole conversation but melted to something honey-like whenever the pink-haired medic was mentioned. "she'll wear whatever she decides to wear, sir," the Minkan pushed his superior's words back almost jokingly, though this was Wyatt and anything above a monotone pitch was considered an extreme mood swing when dealing with him.

"But what do you plan on doing with all you... female companions, sir? just keeping them in good company?"

"I believe they will be granted rights back on the home world. I aim to suggest that for the time being they get employed at the Belmont house. I expect it will take time to adjust to the new life outside of Edens harsh rule and my family will look after them. If they accept this offer that is. Though my gut is telling me they will since they seem very taken with me." He let out a small chuckle thinking how quickly his life had changed.

"Your family, the ones I have met for myself at least... they're good people, sir - I'm sure everything will end the best it can," the ginger offered as some form of consultation - though it was far from his specialty and came off a little awkward but the intention was there as they neared the rooms.

"I am sure everything will work out just fine. Thank you for the kind words. So what is it you plan on showing me?" He was trying to keep the end of his talk more quite since Wyatt seemed to want to keep this a secret.

"Ah well sir, I am sure you saw the... thoroughly used state my Mindy was in when I returned from the last mission, yes?" Wyatt spoke, keeping his voice just as low as the marksman moved to stand in front of his room's doors.

"Yeah, I did get the report on this. Was a hard fought battle so don't worry about the damage done to the armor. That is what it was designed for." He gave him a pat on the back thinking he was worried about the armor.

"I have no doubt the armourers may fix it up and get it battle ready in no time, but rather - are you aware of the favoured weapon used by that universe's tyrannical leader?" Wyatt asked, hand gripping his door's handle almost excitedly.

"Just what was put into the reports." Alastair was starting to put the dots together and hoped he was wrong.

"Well, you know I like to collect things~" was all the marksman finished saying before he opened his door to reveal that shelf of random items proudly on display, the most recent additions being Eden's NSB she had assigned to him and a rather lethal-looking Kusarigama.

"Don't worry sir, the Chusa approved of the changes."

"Oh my, what do we have here. I do say this is very impressive collection you have." He commented as he took a closer look at the items on display.

"Noted, but sir," Wyatt began speaking as he entered the room a little and faced Alastair, regarding the white panel with those fiercely amber eyes the ginger minkan possessed. "You wouldn't mind taking care of it for me while I'm away, would you? if it is not too much hassle - that is."

"For a friend that is not asking too much at all. Though I do have to ask, where are you going?" Alastair was confused as he had gotten no report that Wyatt was to be sent off.

Wyatt's brow furrowed a little, he could have sworn having already discussed his upcoming hiatus with the officer only a few minutes ago but regardless it seemed to have slipped the man's mind, "I suppose it is need to know then and sorry sir but I would be specific if I could, you'll know well enough when I get back though - new uniform or now."

"Thank you though, it means a lot to me."

"One of those type of missions huh. Well be safe and try not to do anything too crazy. I believe a certain young girl might be sad if you was to get yourself hurt." He gave a wink to him knowing full well he would know exactly who he was referring too.

"Nothing worse than a brief bout of disappointment in my self sir but I'll keep that in mind - one more thing... I~" Wyatt trailed off, quite clearly finding it difficult to put whatever he was thinking into words.

"Out with it, no point holding back now." He said with a smile as he gave him a pat on the back.

"Hm," the copper-haired Minkan mused to clear his mind before continuing, a noise of confirmation. "I know we are practically as old as one another, so is it odd to see you as a surrogate father figure?"

Alastair was caught off guard with this question. He never really seen himself as a father figure. "Father figure, good friend, glad I could fill the role for you." He reached over and reached his arm around him and pulled him closer. "Your an alright guy you know that." His smile glowed as he released him.

Wyatt tensed up at the initial contact, though relaxed his body a little just as the officer released him and voiced his opinion on the matter. "Thank you, sir, I'll admit when I joined this crew I thought you nothing but a lady's man - but you are more, you - are a good man," the marksman admitted with a weak smile.

"Funny how people think that. I have yet to get with any woman of the crew. Not that I would ever think of making this a goal being an officer and what not." A chuckle left his lips. "Sometimes being in charge is a lonely job but I do get much joy watching my crew grow."

"Sir, if even I can manage to find somebody I want to spend my days with... then there is no doubt you can do the same - though right now I imagine you have more pressing matters to attend to than simply being sentimental with me?"

"Ah don't remind me. I got a pile of paperwork to process. After battle report and other crap I have to do." He gave a quick bow towards Wyatt. "Was a pleasure and if you need anything just hit me up. I shall keep watch of your things while you are away."

"Thank you, and if you ever need anything then likewise you can count on me - even that uprising you had planned a while back, if you are still planning on following through with it," Wyatt replied before snapping off a quick salute to his superior, and more importantly, his friend.