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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Fourteen: Bright Futures


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
RP Date
Before the 14th mission started.
RP Location
YSS Kaiyo II
YSS Kaiyo II
Iemochi Couple's VIP Suite

It was a pleasant midafternoon on the Kaiyo II, the lazy between-missions atmosphere lingered about the Fuji-class vessel as it slipped through the unknown universe it had entered. Mochi was perched on an office chair before the desk in the birbs' quarters, quietly napping with his arms across his chest and his hat pulled low, dozing away.

Behind him, on the comfortable bed that helped furnish these special rooms, lay a bundle of pink feathers, pale skin, and red hair. Curled up a bit into a ball, surrounded by blankets and pillows, Arbitrated was also very much asleep - something she's done a lot since the twins in her belly had started to grow.

Outside, walking around the hallways was Anastasia, who had alternatively just gotten away from working in the Engineering Bay. The tall Elysian wiped her forehead with a paper rag, disposing it in the nearest trash bin. Dressed in a blank Type 35 uniform, she approached the door to the VIP suite. She was a little early, but hopefully the two were fine with that...

She knocked on the door.

Seinosuke woke with a start, his precariously perched cap tilting and tumbling to the floor soundlessly. "H-Hm?" Mochi glanced around to where the sound was coming from, raising a hand to gently wipe the sleep from his eyes. Across the room, his emerald eyes washed over Arbles where she hugged a pillow nearly half her size, excluding her big ol' baby bump, the beautiful smol snug and content.

Not wanting to disturb his dozing wife for now, the firebirb slipped to his feet quietly as he could, carefully padding over to the door and slipping it open a crack, to the figure of Anastasia. "Oh, hey Ana!" Mochi grinned somewhat tiredly, letting the passage slide further open and stepping aside. "Arbs is still snoozing, it's getting close to that time y'know.."

"Hey!" Anastasia smiled, glancing back inside at the pile of pillows and fluffy blankets. She nodded, moving away from the door as to let Mochi out. No sense in talking right over her. "Yeah... how's she handling it?"

The father-to-be squeezed out around Ana as he realised what she wanted, speaking in a hushed voice. "She sleeps a lot of the time and eat when she doesn't. It's cute as hell but quite a handful. Seeing her like this, all comfy, is a bonus." Mochi smiled warmly, sweeping his jade gaze from Anastasia to Arbles and back.

"We both worry about the kids but that's for another time." Seino ran a hand through his messy golden locks as he spoke, as if brushing off the subject, "The furniture isn't the greatest, it's not quite made to fit a pregnant Elysian.." The Juni shrugged a little, gesturing to Anastasia, "Never mind us, how are you Ana? Last we really talked was on that godawful SOFT mission!"

Anastasia smiled, laughing just a little bit. "I'm sure you two will do fine..." She exhaled choosing not to think about the SOFT mission. Instead, she leaned back and looking Seino up and down. It had been a while since they had talked last. Where to start. "Well, things have been going pretty great! After my discharge, Eden introduced me to another former technician, Jackson Howard. We've been working in the private sector for a while now."

"Since the festival, sorry again about that-" Her expression drooped for a second, before moving on. "We've been making a fair chunk of money back on sales."

"Howard, huh? Isn't he from nearby where the Havok Festival was started?" Mochi seemed intrigued, not exactly knowing much about the anomalous edge of the universe that was 188604.

As his close friend apologised, Seino simply put a hand onto her shoulder in a friendly manner, "Ah, hey now, I'm glad to have gone. It's hardly the first time that sort of thing has happened - the not so welcome side of my family isn't the greatest." He seemed genuinely unperturbed, though inside he was a little upset how close Arbs had been to harm's way, though he knew it wasn't Ana's fault.

The sound of disturbed covers, combined with an unmistakeable mumble called out from behind Mochi. Arbles, likely awoken by the voices of the two chatters - or maybe she was just hungry - straightened up somewhat, blinking slowly and running a hand through her auburn hair. Still perched in her 'nest', the smol woman's eyes started to focus on the crimson and navy splotches in the doorway.

"Sein...? Ana, is that you?"

"Yeah, I prefer working over in the Fields hangar. It's a little bit too wild over there on 188..." Anastasias voice trailed off as sounds of shuffling came from the room behind them. She came to the quick realization that neither of them had fully closed the door. She looked around the edge of the doorway, smiling. "Hey Arbitrated."

"Hiiiii!" Arbs smiled widely, happily as she awkwardly wiggled toward the edge of the bed, folding her legs down to the ground and, with a quick grunt, pushing herself to stand up. Still using the bed for a bit - no, a lot of support, she waddled out towards the doorway, leaning her back against it.

Arbs looked... Well, a little bit odd. The baby bump was huge compared to her body, and barely stayed covered under the big sweater that looked like it was supposed to be for her husband.

"How're you doing, honey? A big sleep that one, mhm?" Mochi sidled towards his smol-yet-big wife, joining her against the Kaiyo's wall gently. "I swear, if you waddle too much we'll end up with penguin-winged kids." The blonde man chuckled, leaning his side into her shoulder adorably. Glancing back up to Ana, Mochi nodded a few times, understanding in those emerald occulars of his. "Useria? Uhseria? I swear, I need to figure this stuff out.."

"Careful!" Anastasia spouted as the very-offbalanced Arbs made her way across the room. The technician quickly paced into the room to meet her halfway. She looked up at Seinosuke, finishing. "Uesureyan."

She looked back down at Arbs. "We were talking about working in the private sector." She held her hands out a little bit, beaming. "But how have you two been? Its been months!"

Arble smiled brightly at Ana's talking about what she's been up to. It just made her feel... good, that Anastasia was doing well! She nodded to Mochi then replied, We've been alright! We spent a bit of time on Elysia, but, erm..." She turned her head to Mochi a bit awkwardly.

"Uesureyan, that's it.." The scientist murmured, making a mental note to cache the information for later. He seemed not to be too worried about Arbs' trip over, having likely seen it many times before. Mochi let out a little sigh, a sympathetic look being exchanged to the smoller Caelisolian as she spoke.

"Mhm. Someone tipped off someone else about where we were on Elysia." The sunrise-winged man hummed with a saddened tone, brushing Arbitrated's side with the flat of one hand as he did, comfortingly. "Arbs was held captive at gunpoint and I only just got there in time..."

Concern washed over Anas face, which collected like droplets and formed into a frown. "Oh my... I didn't know people had it out for you that bad..." The cobalt elysian straightened, looking between the two. "I'm glad you both made it out alright."

Arbitrated's smile had completely faded for the moment. "Yeah... I'm glad we pulled through as well but... Well, I don't want it to happen again. Even if I need to change my identity again." She shivered a bit, her little hand finding and squeezing her husband's.

Mochi had a regretful touch in his emerald eyes as he looked between the two native Elysians. "It's my fault, I should have ended all that one way or another long ago. Now it's coming back to haunt us and soon I need to reconcile that." Seino's tone was a mix of defiance and certainty as he brushed his thumb against the back of his wife's small hand lovingly.

Anastasia leaned down, giving the two a light group hug, which was a bit awkward given the wide variance of height between the three. "Hey, don't beat yourself up on it..." She leaned back out of the hug. "I'm sure Eden and Hoshi didn't take lightly to someone pointing guns at their best soldiers."

[color=#c0062]"Erm... Yeah. But... Well, it certainly has been less surprising and such here at least...!"[/color] Arble's warm body hugged the taller Anastasia back, humming a bit happily. She really did like hugging people.

Mochi gently wrapped his arms around the two girls as Ana surprised them both with a companionable embrace. "Aww.. Thanks Ana." The blonde rumbled appreciatively, not knowing now much he needed one. "Safe so far, let's hope it keeps like that." Seino hummed as Ana stepped back. "As long as the kids are safe I'm happy." Mochi offered a little smile down to the smolbirb beside him, tracing his hand across her back reassuringly.

Anastasia smiled warmly at the two, before a little bleep from her watch caught her attention. "Hey, do you two wanna go grab some lunch?" she asked.

"Oh, shoot, it's that time already? I'd love to have a meal with you, Ana!" The enthusiatic if slightly still sleepy Arbles smiled - she's been doing that a lot lately - and her eyes twinkled a bit.

Mochi nodded warmly, a little twinkle in his eye at the mention of a good lunch. "Sounds amazing! I woooould offer some of my famous genemod steak.." His kind green eyes swept over to Arbl, the memories of good times flashing within. "Sadly it takes some prep work, I could definitely go for some ramen though-!"

Anastasia nodded slowly, somewhat musing. "Uh-huh... See you outisde!" The technician turned and headed out the door, leaving the two some privacy to get ready.

A Few Minutes Later

Anastasia sat down at one of the many boothes in the Wardroom, setting her plate of pork noodles and cup of water on the table in front of her. Across from the blue-winged woman sat Arbles, who had more or less flopped into the seat as soon as she could before her legs would have given out.

Arbitrated sniffed, breathing in deeply and enjoying the scent of noodles and meat together. At the moment, she had selected a partially-eaten ham, cheese, and beef sandwich that was probably leftover from her previous meal, heated in the microwave.

Anastasia twirled a string of noddles around the end of her fork, pulling it apart from the rest like a little ball. She looked at the seating Elysians smiling. "So I know you two have been moved around a lot since I left, but how has life been since being back onboard?"

"Well, kinda uneventful I suppose..?" Mochi began, swirling his deep ramen bowl gently, looking to Ana. "Compared to how it has been anyways. Kinda nice but it's strange to be back when so many have come and gone." Poking at a slither of chicken, he raised it up to his lips and nommed. "Just making sure Arbs is all nested and settled, mmm~"

Anastasia nodded, giving a straight and simple "Mmmm" in response. She looked around the room breifly, before her green eyes landed back on the couple. "Yeah... seems like a lot of new faces have come aboard since I... left." She paused. "I've been working with some of the new technician staff." She took a swig of water, smiling as the thought ran through her brain again. "And we have a technician staff now."

The tiny nerd chuckled, "Heheh... Yeah, I'm glad that you're not working by yourself. I've actually heard it's not very healthy." She wiggled a bit, bumping into her husband playfully, "But yeah, not much has really been happening here for us... I kinda like things being a bit more calm, y'know?"

Mochi snagged a few noodles on his chopsticks and indulged in their exquisite flavour. Smirking as Arbles nudged against him, a twinkle in the Neo's eye as he winked at the mother-to-be. "I've actually got a colleague too now, she's a nice kid. She has a funny bone or two as well." Seino nodded as Ana noted the new hands on deck, "I think we need to get to know the new guys some more, maybe? I wonder if Eden could organise something.." Mochi knew he was teasing Arbs a bit, remembering how they'd worked together last they were here, a mischievous look in his emerald eyes to see if she'd notice.

Ana gave them a wide smile as she continued to pull away strings of noodles from her plate. "Yeah, its nice being able to split a work load from time to time..."

She finished up another noodle, wiping her lips with a napkin as she looked back at the two. "I don't know, last time I was a part of a ship part I spilt a glass of soda all over a new recruit." The cobalt-winged elysian set her napkin to the side, resting with a little smile. "It was, actually Eden who called me to come lend a hand."

Arbs had to chuckle at the thought of Anastasia spitting out a cartoon-like spray of soda from her mouth, accidentally mishearing what the technician had actually said. "Oh, she called you in, too? Also, uh.... Shoot, what was her name..." Turning to her flaming partner, Arbitrated tapped her chin curiously.

"Kkkkaaaaay-something, right? That's the new scientist girl? Though, yes - I'd love to talk with the rest of the crew more directly some time!" A pause for more delicious sammich action.

Anastasia nodded in confirmation.

"Kaori, mhm!" Mochi winked at Arbs, glad that she was doing well wrapping her head around who's who despite the more attention-requiring aspects of the smol's day to day life.

The bright-winged Seino smirked, hiding his lips behind a hand as he did so. "That's pretty funny, Ana." The blonde stopped himself from laughing, "It's strange we were all called here though, I guess Eden needed people she could trust on this side of reality?"

"Yeah..." Anastasia started, "I figured she wanted people with experience from the last trip to help this one go smoother. A month without engines was a little excessive..."

Seemingly out of nowhere and mostly unannounced- save for a waft of peculiarly floral scents, Kaori floated past the table. "You asked?" The short neko asked, her upper face sheathed behind a wall of purple hair. Beneath that, she eyed this new person and their suspicious "experience".

"U-uh, hi! Nnnot really, Miss Kaori... Though I think we were chatting about you a bit. How you're new to the ship and such. I think... I dunno." Arbles stalled mid-sentence for no apparent reason.

Mochi offered a happy wave to Kaori as she waltzed by, "Hey Kaori, we were just talking about new crew members and how much easier it is to have them-!" Seinosuke nodded politely to her, "I'm sure you've met Anastasia and Arbitrated, my seemingly nervous wife?" The blonde man winked and nudged Arbs, teasing her little pause and causing her to giggle tiredly.

Kaori nodded slowly and looked at Anastasia somewhat skeptically. The small floating Neko downloaded the elysian woman's identification file. "I've seen her around. Joto Hei... honorably discharged." Her somewhat apethetic gaze shifted as she gave a quick and respectful bow to the superiors. She then took a look back at Arbitrated singularly, her face falling flat once more. "And yes, I've heard about the former Miss Shan."

Anastasia raised an eyebrow and looked at Seinosuke, with a general look that said "Is this normal?"

Arb-Arb shrugged, "That was my old name. I'm sure my file says that I'm an Iemochi now." A smile returned to her face, "So, erm, formalities aside - what're you doing down here? I coulda sworn you lived in the lab like Seino did, hehe..."

Mochi hummed gently as he registered Anastasia's gaze and shot her a quick raise of the eyebrows that sort of said "never noticed before", which was exactly something Seino would miss. The blonde Neo drummed a finger against the table absently, smiling "We're at a bit of a lull in research at the moment, though I thought you normally chilled in your bunk around this time, Kaori?"

Arbles idly put a finger into her brownish-red hair, twirling a few of those impressively long locks around before untangling her finger from within.

Kaori first nodded, then looked back at Seinosuke, her face moving only a little bit much to reflect confusion. There was almost a tinge of worry from the little scientist. "It's only 1200 hours."

The purple hair-capped Neko shrugged it off as she started floating on, doubting they got much sleep to begin with.

Arbles "Hmmm"'d for about a second, before vigorously clapping her hand together once with a snap. "Oh! How're you and Mr. Jones, by the way? He was so excited to finally say hi earlier!" From where in that tiny, strained body of hers Arbles summoned this energy... Nobody could tell. But when she got excited, she tended to get pretty darn excited.

Anastasia hoisted her head up with a warm smile, thinking back briefly on the events of the last few days between the two blue-hued Elysians. "We're doing great!.." The taller woman took a second to recite the plan in her mind.

She continued after a pause, setting one arm back down on the table. "Since business is up... We're actually considering buying his contract out early."

"Ooooh! that sounds nice!" Her small eyes sparkled at the thought of one of her friends - unfortunately, she didn't know Orion all that much, never really got the chance to talk to him - having the option to actually enjoy their life like this. "I hope that goes super well for you two!"

"Really? Buying up, huh? Exciting stuff!" Mochi nodded approvingly, an excited smile tinging his lips. "Arbs and I have been talking about that for a while ourselves, is he going to be working with you?" The firebirb swayed his airsails this way and that, imagining how cute Orion and Ana would be with each other around a racetrack.

Anastasia pondered the thought for a moment, admittedly not sure. "We haven't worked out what he's going to do for a career, but I wasn't so sure when I was discharged, either..."

The smile soon returned on the pale woman's face. "But, Jackson has been making all kinds of expansions on business contracts recently. I'm sure we'd be able to find him some work he'll enjoy."

"That's great!" Arbs followed her response with a small yawn, leaning into Mochi's flank a bit. She sighed internally - he was pretty comfy! "I'm so happy for you two. Honestly. I'm not really sure what'll be best for us, though, when we sign out - as it stands, things are a bit... Dangerous in a lot of places."

Anastasia nodded, biting her lip lightly. She remained quiet for a moment to think of a remedy, before her verdant eyes slid back up to look at the two. "Yeah... I know Jax is still heated over what happened at the festival."

"I get the feeling that if those S6 nuts make another mistake that bad in public, he might open up a can of worms on 'em." It was an expression she didn't really know before, but she had heard her boss use it at least a few times in that context.

"Well, I don't think the plan was to move that far out..."

Mochi's ears perked up a little at that - not as little as his sleepy wife though. "If you could pass on my apologies to Jax for that.. It did uhm- Not go as expected." The emerald-eyed man seemed visibly embarassed as he recalled the memory, glancing down for a second.

"From what I understand everyone still had a good time, so..?" Seino added, stroking Arbs' side as she yawned sleepily, wondering how someone could be so tired so early. Then again, he had just confused Kaori's naptime with exactly now. Derp.

"I hope you still had a nice time! Would be a shame if your whole day got ruined because of that... Incident..." She frowned a bit.

Anastasia rolled her head back and forth over the thought for the moment, deciding to mask the truth just a little. "I got by, and we finished out the celebration."

The technician looked back over at the fiery-winged elysian, reaffirmingly. "Don't worry, I think he's a little more used to that kind of stuff, living out around one-eightyeight and all." She exhaled, combing a finger through her dark hair. "I enjoy living in the Uesureyan fields for not having to worry about all that."

"I'm glad it wasn't too much of an issue." The green-eyed husband nodded, reassured. Then seeming to have a little revelation.

"Oh, of course, you were just visiting 188604 right? Or was it 118504?" Mochi gave the smol Arbles a little pondering look as he tried to remember.

"Anyways, that's on Planet Yamatai right? How's the capital? I've heard it's insanely built up and things?"

Anastasia lowered her glass from a gulp, nodding. After swallowing, she spoke up again. "Kyoto is always bustling. Don't go there planning to sleep."

"Unless it's with someone else."

"Mmmh? Did I miss something?" Looking between the two beanpolelysians, Arb's mouth formed the question which rebounded through the room.

"Nothing, honey. Just talking about the capital world~" Seino raised a hand and lovingly ruffled Arbs' auburn locks, switching his attention back to Ana. "I daresay that's a given, given Yamatain metropolises as they are, heh."

Anastasia nodded, falling silent for a moment. After a bit, she turned the question back around. "So, do you two have plans for after this... venture?"
Venture was about the best way she could put the upcoming mission. Politely.

"I'd... Well, I'd rather not have our children grow up all the time on a starship. We've been considering transferring off, but..." Iemochi Smol'r shrugged a little bit. Continuing, "We haven't really found a place to really go yet."

Mochi nodded his agreement to Arbles, drumming his fingertips against the table gently. "I have a few ideas, some less likely than others but the main thing is being safe." His emerald eyes flitted over his partner's tummy for a moment. "I might try for a management or research position somewhere well defended most likely.. Of course, Arb-Arb needs to be a happy bird wherever, mhm?"

Chuckling, the smol poked back, "You know I don't like being called that. I'd be happy almost anywhere, though! As long as, well... Yeah, as long as I don't have to feel like a prisoner to be safe with you." She pulled out a little half-smile.

Anastasia chuckled quietly, looking between to two as they babbled. Internally, she hoped Yamatai could offer the same for her and Orion. "I'm sure you two can find somewhere safe to settle."

Anastasia rested, laying her worn hands on the hardwood table. "If you all ever need anything, need something fixed or just want to say hi, you know where I'll be. I can make time whenever."

"Ooooohhh, shounds fun!"

"And of course, our home will always be open to you and Orion, Ana. Be sure to visit us before we miss you, mhm?" Mochi beamed, after winking at Arbs' protests. The husband swept his gaze back between the two women, wondering when would be the next time they have a talk like this one. Arbs snuggled up warmly into his side, her lips curled into a cute lil' smile.

After a few seconds of thought, Arbles continued, "Mhmm... I just hope we sorta, know where we're gonna be..." She yawned sleepily, her eyes fluttering for a couple seconds.

Anastasia smiled warmly back at Iemochi Major and Iemochi Minor. "Thank you. We'll be moving into a cabin soon, so we'll try to stop by for a visit when you two land somewhere."

The technician looked down at the set of empty plates, and the slim silver watch on her wrist. Time had passed. She looked back to Seinosuke as Arbs started drifting away, her voice hushed. "Should I leave you two to it?"

The blonde man across the table shifted around a tad to better support the very pregnant Arbs that leaned tiredly against him. Poor thing needed more and more sleep these days, prompting Mochi to smile back in an equally lowered pitch. "The twins seem to be sleepy today, I'd give you a goodbye hug but..."

Seino gestured gently to the candyfloss-winged Elysian to one side, then used the same hand to rub Arbs' arm gently, making sure she didn't drift off before she said goodbye.

"Hey, now, nobody said... I couldn't hug!" With a bit of a wiggle, Arbles straightened herself up, propping an arm on the table to lift herself up, with her husband's help. "I'd love to talk to you again, Ana! I hope you have... A nice rest of your day, and a nice time with Orion!" She managed a heartwarming smile to her tall friend as they embraced.

Anastasia smiled warmly and lowered her general height for an admittedly awkward hug exchange between the overly short and tall Caelisolans. She tried her earnest best, though. "I feel the same. Thank you, Arbs. Good luck with the kids."

Mochi stood up himself as he offered his cute wife a hand, grinning as he watched the mismatched height be surmounted by the feelings behind the embrace. Of course, he'd learned all the tricks about hugging smoller people over the years.

Stepping forwards once Arbles was satisfied, Seino offered his own somewhat more physically similar hug to Ana, patting her back companionably. He muttered warmly, under his breath "Be sure to invite us when you and Orion get married, mhm?" Winking as they released each other.

Anastasia stood up and returned the hug. The technician's eyes widened momentarily at the comment, as she hadn't really thought out that far, it likely wasn't too far out, though. The smile soon returned. "Of course I will."