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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Nine: The Cut

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The Breakfast Baron
YSS Kaiyo II
Public Toilets
19日 8月 YE 39
1911 Hours

Orion looked at his reflection in the mirror. The blue winged hawk held in his hands a piece of paper, a photo to be exact, of a blonde elysian male. Looking up, the elysian sighed as he got his hair wet with a little water. He then took a pair of scissors, quite an old one at that, and started to trim his hair.

Within a few minutes, he stopped. From his messy hair, came a much more trimmed hair style, with the front of his hair combed to the side. Satisfied with his haircut, the bird looked at the mirror, comparing it to the blond ones hair, which was almost identical. "Happy birthday.. Dad."

Standing, Orion exited the bathrooms, hoping that everyone was asleep, and went off to the wardroom.

Cabin 6
1925 Hours

All was quiet in the dark enlisted cabin, only the gentle whirring of the air vents breaking the silence. Anastasia laid there on the top of a paired bunk, eyes half open, staring sleepily at the cabin wall as if something was written there. As fatigued as the technician was, there was something missing from the picture. Her body twisted to the side, chest falling with a quiet sigh as her emerald eyes looked on into the darkened room. Even in his worst, Orion wasn't one to skip sleep.

Without too much rustling, the sleepwear-clad technician sat up, letting her legs fall over the side of the plushy bunk. Both of her other roomates seemed to be sound asleep in the other bunk across the room. Anastasia took another huff of recyeled air, before gently sliding off the raised bed. Practically landing in a pair of socks, the technician stretched breifly. She was wearing an elysian-fit pair of pajamas (really, just a regular T-shirt with a pair of scissors and shorts added) with a chipper looking cartoon Plumeria with big eyes and feet, holding a wrench in one hand. She had bought it a few months back, but it had since then become a sore note.

Looking around the room once more, Anastasia made her decision, meandering over to the door. The gate opening with a light pneumatic hiss, the technician slid through the door, wingtips barely grazing the frame as she passed. She started her search around the ship, checking the most obvious place first, the lounge. Disatisfied, the technician quietly crept up the stairs to the wardroom.

The blue birb had made his way into the wardroom, and was now sitting on a stool at the bar area, sipping at a glass of water, looking at what seemed to be a small book. Inside of said book there were pictures, old pictures, sticking onto the pages with the help of tape.

He didn't seem to notice the approaching Anastasia.

Anastasia stepped off the final landing into the Wardroom, looking at the figure at the other end. She recognized their stature immediately, sighing lightly. She thought for a second, before speaking through telepathy. Orion heard her voice, which across as close and almost celestial in a way as she crossed the wardroom. "There you are."

The technician walked across the room, moving closer to Orion. Her cerebral voice didn't sound angry, but reflected concern. "You shouldn't be hanging out after hours..." Anastasia stopped, looking at Orion as she caught up with him. It didn't take long to notice what was different.

Orion jumped on his stool, grabbing his water and preventing it from tipping over on to the small book. He Startledly looked around the room. Noticing it was Anastasia, the Elysian calmed down considerably.
"Sorry... I just.. well ... It's hard to explain without going a little emotional..."

Anastasia slowed, stopping at the right side of Orion. The engineer looked him in the eyes, glancing down at the glass of water and book. She seemed a little taken aback by the sudden change in hairstyle. "That's... A nice haircut..." Her left arm snaked around Orion's right, pulling the two together.

He smiled sadly at the compliment.
"Technically...it's not mine..."

He passed a couple of pages on the book, stopping at a picture of the blonde Elysian, aside him was a purple haired girl, Elysian, who's back was being covered by one of the blondes wings. There was also a small blue winged toddler climbing up the blonde hair of the man, happily smiling at the camera.

Anastasia looked at the photorgraph, a small smile splitting across her face which soon melted into a frown. The elysian leaned her head. looking at her boyfriend. "I'm... sorry, for bringing it up."

She glanced at the photograph once more, looking at Orion's parents, before reading his face. "I know it must be really tough, to have been alone that long..."

Cabin 6
1935 Hours

Yoshida's own night was full of strange dreams, constantly waking her up. Rather than keep this up she sighed and decided to take a walk around at the very least. The first thing she noticed upon taking a glance around was that neither Orion nor Anastasia were in the room. This of course, warrented an investigation.

Of course she had the stupendous advantage of merely asking Boss where the two were after leaving Ume's earshot, and wandered, following the holographic little line she provided to the destination untill she found them staring at a book. For the moment, she thought it best to sit and watch the exchange. It wasn't like she was TRYING to be an eavedropping scumlord of a sneak, it just happened!

"I kind of got...used to being alone... Except for that Elysian that always brought me food... Never really knew his name but.. if it wasn't for him I'd be dead right now"
He passed the page to a shaky picture of a brown winged man, messed up hair, Dusty and dirty. The picture was a bit blurry due to it have been taken by a shaky small hawk.

"He...never talked to me, neither I did to him... Never came back one day, and then I had to..move out I guess..."

Anastasia looked down at the photograph, letting out a small, light sigh, almost a whine of sorts. She had been through a lot, but Orion had been through much worse. She pulled on Orion's arm with a light tug, rounding about to face him, keeping a grip on his wrist. Her emerald eyes expressed a feeling of somberness. "I... know how it feels to go on your own against the world."

The technicians eyes cast down, pausing for a moment while trying to collect her thoughts. "When I lived in Elysia, on my own, I felt like everyone threw me aside. I felt like I had no control over my life. When I came to court, I found opposition unlike anything I'd seen before. I don't know who, but someone hired a full team of lawyers, Patricians, for prosecution." Tears started to well around the edges of the technicians eyes as the snapped shut, trying to hold them in. Her voice had become almost shrill in a way, breaking apart. It was too late.

"I believed so surely that I was going to die, be executed... when the judges turned their eye away from the prosecution, I was mute. At first I thought it was a miracle, an intervention from God. But, then the lawyers came back, this time looking for money. I didn't have enough inheritance to live on my own, let alone pay off my debt..."

Anastasia had broken completely down into quiet tears, hugging Orion around the shoulders. "And I ran..." After a few moments Anastasia pulled out of the hug slightly, looking at Orion. She was completely aware of her tangent, but it needed to come out. "But despite all of it... I believe you've gone through worse, much worse than I have. And... I think it's made you a stronger person. You didn't run, you survived." The technician sniffed, calming down.

Orion hugged Anastasia tightly with one arm.
"Hey... sometimes running away isnt a bad thing... Ive been in a couple of... situations.. that if i had to do all over again, I wouldve ran away as fast as my legs would let me... fear is good, it keeps you from running into trouble..."

Anastasia calmed, starting to fall back on her usual self. She gave Orion a tight squeeze, exhaling the feeling of guilt. "Thank you..."

The technician leaned out of the hug, looking at Orion's eyes. Part of her wanted to get everything off her chest, and for a moment that part had gotten out of hand. She looked at Orion, giving a weak smile. "Is there... Anything you need to get out too?"

"I think last time I got something out of my system like you just did was when one of my friends stole my favorite rifle... Most verses I've said at once in my life.."

Anastasia couldn't help but giggle just a little bit, even though Orion was fairly serious in his statement. "Well, thank you for listening..."

The technician stepped back, looking at Orion. "I'm sorry for what you had to go through all those years... But I think it can only get better for you. If you let it." Her gem-like eyes looked up at Orion's hair, then back down at his facial features. A warm smile split across her face. "If it helps, that haircut makes your look very handsome."

Yoshida casually wandered on in, feeling increasingly terrible about listening in. With a tired wave, she announced her arrival. "Heeyy.. Was uh, wondering where half the room went off to. What's up?" She alternated between staring at the pair, the ceiling, and the floor in turn, unsure of what to do with herself.

Anastasia's wings curled upwards slightly, startled by the familiar third voice. The technician twisted her head around to see Yoshida, letting her arm move away from Orion's cheek. "Oh, heeey Yoshi." Anastasia gave a slightly embarressed smile, not sure how long their roomate had been out. "Just, having us a chat. Orion... gave himself a haircut." She pointed out the change in a positive manner, not delving into any details.

"Heheee... Yeah, hi Annaaa... Uh, cool haircut... I guess." She looked between the pair once more, her tail swishing awkwardly behind her. "Were you, talking about haircuts, i guess?" Yoshida's feeling of awkwardness only grew with each passing moment. It felt wrong to interrupt them, but it almost felt worse to just walk away and pretend she wasn't there in the first place.

Orion had jumped on his chair slightly when he heard Yoshida, he had been startled twice in less than an hour, surely this was a new record.
"Oh..! Yoshida....uhh...thanks?"
The akwardness in Orion's voice was apparent, very apparent actually.

Anastasia nodded, looking over at Yoshida. "We were... Talking about a lot of things actually. Personal things..."

"I... mmmm... Should i... gooo and uh, let you keep talking? sounds like something private..."
Yoshida took a few steps backwards, her hands quickly placed behind her back to disguise their need to wring eachother. All in all, she was feeling rather uncomfftorable here as well.

Anastasia looked over at Orion, and then back to Yoshida, a frown splitting across her pale face. She could tell Yoshida was uncomfortable. and something in her told her it was guilt. "...Yyyes. We'll catch up with you in a minute, Yosh."

Part of her felt sullen about sending Yoshida away, it was their fault she came looking for them, she was probably worried. Then again, she did kind of walk in on them in a moment.

Yoshida gave a quick "Mhmm", and even a bow before scampering off into the night, as quickly as she arrived. 'You should have said something form the moment you got there!' She thought. 'You shouldn't have said anything at all!' She thought again. People always said hindsight was twenty twenty, but she felt like she was blind in both eyes. She struggled to put her laments over the inconsqeuqntial, recent past as she speed walked back on to the cabin. She hoped she didn't ruin anything, for Anastasia's sake mostly.

Anastasia waited until Yoshida exited the room and sighed, resting again. She looked over at Orion, giving him a light, strained smile. "Sorry..."

Orion stood from his chair, wrapping an arm around Anastasia as he spoke kind of awkwardly. "It's alright..." The birb looked back, closing the book on the table and putting it under his arm. "We could talk to her later."

Anastasia smiled, returning the hug with a little smooch. "Sure. We should probably head back though, it's late." And so, the two left the dark Wardroom, taking their time back to the cabin and arriving only a few minutes after Yoshida.

So this was an old JP that got dragged down due to scheduling and life events regarding me and Squid. I wanted to upload it before it was lost, so we finished it up.
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