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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Thirteen: Unforeseen Elevation


Convention Veteran
YSS Kaiyo II

By Hoshi's orders, Sacre Ven Sanssinia was asked to the pinkskinned, lithe bodied captain's ready room, just behind the bridge. Eden was speaking with her as she sat on a chair opposite of Hoshi's with her hands resting on the desk, both looking calm and content with tea in front of them, a pot of it next to them, and an empty cup on the desk. Nothing else was on the desk, but on the wall opposite was a tropical lion fish from Hanako's World.

Sacre stood perhaps a bit too ridgedly, she liked the captain, and Hoshi tended towards the informal. However, Sacre tended to fall back on a ridged by the book type when she was with someone who was of higher rank then her and she was uncertain. While they had formed a bond when Sacre had gotten her Coralians, getting called to the Captain's office seemed like a more formal affair.

Before Hoshi had been her captain, she had been in the Captain's office more often for disciplinary actions then for anything else. There was plenty of reason that this might be some sort of disciplinary action. She didn't see Alastair there, but he had flew into her small squad's reconnisance by fire. He had not enjoyed the experience, even though the suit's computers had done their jobs. If he wanted to make trouble for her over it, then he could very well do so. "You requested me Ma'am."

"Come in, Sanssinia-hei. We wanted you to join us, have a seat and I'll pour you some earl ash tea?" Eden asked of the Separa'Shan

"Yes ma'am." Sacre said sliding towards the desk and taking a seat, sitting straight without touching the back of the chair. She curled her long tail around the base of the chair.

"Down to business first or do you have other plans?" Hoshi asked of Eden, looking pointedly at her as she picked up the porcelain pot of tea and moved it gently so the earl ash tea leaf-steeped liquid ran into Sacre's empty cup. A gentle mist rose from it, then Hoshi went on after Eden had nodded.

"When the Second Officer went towards friendly fire, that was something avoidable. You had done what was necessary to avoid it, others had not," Hoshi looked again to Eden with a scolding look and the black haired Nekovalkyrja spoke.

"Myself included," Eden said.

"Do you understand or is your position of a different mind?" Hoshi asked Sacre.

Sacre considered for a moment, thinking through the question. "I understand Ma'am." She said, it was the truth. However, she still felt to some degree responsible for it. She would formally take thier judgement that it wasn't her fault. However, that didn't completely remove her own self criticism. She relaxed slightly, but there was still the tension of why they wanted.

"Then," Hoshi said as the tea pot was set down by her gently pink hands. "Eden-shosa?"

"We would like to promote you two ranks and rely on you to learn leadership roles on board the YSS Kaiyō II, with others under your command when appropriate," Teien Eden said.

Sacre blinked, not quite comprehanding what had been said. The confusion broke through the stiffness. Although the movement was slight, it was very clear to the experianced officers. As she processed the words, her working through the implications was very evident on her face compared with the mask she had been wearing before.

She didn't see herself as being a leader. Of being the kind of person who would make good NCO material. She wanted to say no, but what came out was a confused "Ma'am?"

"Yes," Hoshi said. "Have some tea."

Sacre took it in a daze and started to drink despite her not seeing the two officers start to drink theirs. She looked into the tea and considered for a moment. She didn't understand, so she asked the question that was on her mind. "Why?"

"You've shown that you would do well in this position," Eden told her placidly.

"I have?" She asked, trying to think of when she had shown anything really deserving of being promoted to NCO at all, much less two ranks. There was the whole buisness with the small team on the mountain, but that hadn't been anything serious. Just taking a look at point of intrest in the theatre.

"If you don't believe in yourself," Hoshi said, smile slackening, "it will be hard for others to do so, which is the purpose of a promotion."

"I've never really thought about it. I wasn't trying to be a leader." Sacre explained. "Being a NCO is a serious responsibility. Santo Hei might look up to a Joto Hei, but it's a Heisho who is in charge of them. In a very real sense, their the backbone of the Army. Their enforcers, mentors, leaders, the the ones in the trenches with the lower enlisted day in and out. You can't do it, not properly, without caring about those under you."

"I haven't really enforced anything. I mean I make sure everyone gets ther medicals in on time and I'll get them if they don't. ... I'm not that good of a Mentor. Just ask Miles, he thinks that what I put him through to get him up to snuff is crazy. ... but he had passed his certifications." As Sacre explained their point of veiw began to click with her.

There was a slight sagging of her shoulders as it clicked into place. "And the mountain trip wasn't just some little thing. They listened and followed me when I told them what to do and how to do it."

In that moment Sacre knew she could say no. Knew she could refuse to take the job. She could stay a Joto Hei. Not have any responsibility. The possbility of being truely responsible for those under her was terrifying. There was a pit in her belly. She wanted to say no, to refuse.

She looked up at Eden and Hoshi. "Yes. I can do it. I will do it." As she said those words there was a bit of a proud straightening of her body. Not the stiffness that she had come in there with. She hadn't expected to say them just moments before. However, in a weird way it felt right.

"That is good," Hoshi said calmly, though her brows had been dancing on her forehead as she watched Sacre speak.

"Thank you," Eden replied to Sacre, "for accepting this promotion. Now, tea?"

Sacre looked down to notice that the cup of tea was mysteriously empty. She placed it back on the table so it could be refilled. She still felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. It was taking a moment to adjust to the new reality. "Yes, please." She said.

"Very good," Hoshi said, repeating that things were good before eyebrows furrowed. "Now that you have every reason to believe a reprimand is not coming, I want to ask — will you be forming a complaint against any particular personnel that worked on the blue sky universe mission?"

The wording was unusual and set off an alarm bell in Sacre's head. "Not unless I have to and at the moment I don't think I do." She said carefully.

Eden nodded, looked to Hoshi, whose deep sapphire eyes stayed on Sacre, then she reiterated, "Good." She seemed to want to clear the air by stifling a yawn and stretching before letting her hands fall to her cup of tea, saying, "Reports on the crew's health have been satisfactory, though I would like for them to stop having their bodily parts singed as of late. I fear that is Teien-Shosa's doing, though, not yours." Hoshi had a small and slight scowl to give Eden, but it was followed by a soft smile. "I am thankful that and a lost limb is all we were dealt this last mission, aren't you?" Hoshi turned to look at Sacre.

Sacre considered for a moment. "Mark's eye and arm were also transformed. Although I'm not anticipating any difficulties or changes in the future, I'm keeping an eye on it from a medical perspective. The relevant details are in my report. It's rather dry reading and I used the word appears. When while I was transporting him to sickbay, he mentioned a demon named Orias that was what changed him," Sacre said as Eden shifted in her chair.

She continued, "I didn't include it in my report as there appeared to be a good chance it was merely a catatonic halucination. However, I think that you should know unofficially due to our recent, adventures in Ayenee. Medically, I can't confirm or deny that, just report on his health and what evidence I can gather. Everything so far is consistant with my report."

"We will look into the health of our crew, especially with recent developments in their medical health is in a tumultuous state." Hoshi looked to Eden. "Do you have anything to add, Shôsa?"

Eden raised her jaw, then lowered it with a placid smile, "No, I look forward to having the next opportunity to see you promoted, Sanssinia-heisho."

There was a part of her that quailed at the thought of anouther promotion. However, she nodded. "Thank you, ma'am." She said, the honorific sounding strange in her ears.

"You are welcome," Eden said, then Hoshi nodded.