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Pre-Mission Two: New Wings

NSS Inquiry

Ally Gally stood with her silvery white hair down and splayed across her shoulders as she looked at the viewscreens of the Inquiry's diagnostics as well as those of the space around them. They were traveling back to Polup in order to have a run in with the Elefirn one more time. She was waiting for several people at this hour and looked around with expectant sky blue eyes.

With a fwoosh of well-lubricated bearings, the thick doors leading to the Inquiry's spacious bridge parted to admit the two newest additions to the ship's massive crew. Unlike the rest of said crew, however, these two appeared rather out of place, for their uniforms bore no resemblance whatsoever to that of the Nepleslian Star Navy's. The figure on the left - an Elysian judging by her gigantic, barely-able-to-fit-through-the-door wings - could have cared less, though. More people (especially unknown people) meant more friends - and more friends meant receiving more of the most important thing in life: attention.

And speaking of that... With a clearly-audible fwumpf, the aforementioned Elysian snapped to attention - and in a youthful, exuberant, and slightly-accented voice, said "Santô Hei Thalia Licinia reporting for duty!"

"Santo Hei Stella Glass reporting, as well!" the blonde, busty, and beautiful Minkan said as she took a suave but rigid stance as she saluted to the captain.

Ally Gally nodded and said, "At ease, er... Santo Hei. That might take some getting used to. Officer exchange programs are the first steps to much greater things," the woman went on. "I expect great things from your visit on the ship."

Thalia - about five-and-a-half feet tall, very, very pretty, with a toned-yet-ravishing figure, elegant, cream-colored skin, silky blonde shoulder-length hair, dazzling pink eyes, and large white angel-shaped wings - lowered her right arm and smiled.

"Thank you, Gally-Taisa" - again, that accent; neither Trade nor Yamataigo were her native language, evidently - "and I promise to do my best!"

It was fortunate that the powers-that-be at Star Army Personnel hadn't bothered including Thalia's power armor pilot ranking in the personnel file they'd sent over a few weeks prior.

Stella Glass, a clerk with the Star Army and a great pilot but not one along the same tier as Anael, though everyone had to start somewhere, was passively watching the Elysian speak and then spoke as well, "Should we get right to the specifications of what you would like to be doing with us?"

Ally Gally opened her mouth to say tersely, "Someone else will be better suited to telling you that information."

As she spoke the Seond Assault Fleet's Admiral came on to the bridge. All hands stood and saluted once someone called, "Admiral on deck!"

Violetta De Luca's ample bosom entered as did her violet sweeping eyes with their heavy lashes and tight pulled back dark hair. She nodded and everyone went back to their business before she stepped forward and welcomed the new Star Army exchange officers with terse salutes.

De Luca got right to it, saying, "Girls, you will be brought to the planet of Polup where the Inquiry has seen action with the horned and furred humanoids the Elefirn. We hope to win whatever fights may take place, but we want you two to scout to see if the fight is taking place while the Inquiry and remaining assembles Second Assault Fleet Members avoid an orbital engagement. A superior fighting squad is going down first to scout for a landing zone and then afterwards we will drop down. We need you to make sure the in-between of those things goes smoothly."

Someone els-wow, she's pretty, but her aura is so chilly... thought the Hei, barely resisting the urge to admire the Admiral's ample posterior as the former absentmindedly saluted. Polup- a pause, as the Elysian thought back to the abbreviated briefing she'd received just before boarding the Inquiry -nope, never heard of it. That name sounds kinda funny, tho-oooh, the Elefirn. One of the "bad guys," so no making friends with them - and a scouting mission? D'oh...that's no fun, as those require being all "sneaky" and such. Boo...

"Ita, De Luca-Taisho..." replied Thalia, her tone less enthusiastic (but not sullen, of course; she'd learned that lesson the hard way many years ago) than before.

"I'm sorry," De Luca said, raising a hand to her mouth and pursed her lips as she put her fingertips to them. "I don't understand."

Oh, oops! "Yes, Admiral" replied the Elysian after a moment's confusion. I forgot that most Neppies don't speak Seraphim...

"That will be all," the Admiral said to the girls, nodding. She turned her body to block the two Yamatain personnel from seeing much of the captain as De Luca pulled Ally Gally aside to talk to her.

"That was exhilirating!" Stella told the Elysian beside her as she turned on her heel and began making her way out of the bridge with Thalia nearby.

"Yep, it was!" said the Hei, cheerful once more as she followed the Yamataian out into the corridor beyond. "The Taisa was so pretty, too - and everyone's so, you know, big around here-" Kinda like back home, though - bleh... "-but anyhoo, where do you think our quarters are? I hope they're not too far from the palestra or the triclinum..."

The Minkan accessed the storage files for that information in her digital brain. "This way," she said and led them down a few decks. Once they were on the right deck, Stella spoke out, "You know you're very lively. I like that. What is your driving motivation, Santo Hei?"

Thalia's cheerfulness faded ever-so-slightly as she emerged from the insufferably cramped elevator. Dumb things are always too small. So much for everything being big - why can't they make them super-sized like they do with everything else? "To be different from my sisters, Stella. I come from a really really really big family."

"Oh," Stella said. "Some might think that to be a fun experience. How big?"

"Six sisters" was the reply as the Caelisolan took advantage of the elevator foyer's - really just the intersection of several different corridors - open nature to briefly stretch her wings out to their maximum width. Ah, much, much better. "It was sometimes fun, I guess, but it's not fun when you look almost exactly like six other peoples."

"That's a good amount. Our rooms are close to the elevator. We'll be bunking together. But you know that. Is there anything I should know about your sleeping habits?" Stella asked as she entered their shared rooms.

"Not really, no. I don't snore..." - a pause, as Thalia squeezed her wings through the doorway - "...I think."

"Well, that's good," Stella said and she had thrown her standard issue duffel bag onto the bed. "I don't think I talk in my sleep, but I do."

The Elysian followed her duffel bag onto the bed, landing with a thump. Ouchies, these aren't comfortable at all. Boo! "It's okay, I'm used to it. Theodora snores really loud."

Stella chuckled. "The Neps are used to it. And if they are, we better be!"

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