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Private Wiki Spaces Now Available

Star Army is, based on member feedback, now offering to set up private namespaces on the wiki. You can use these as your "GM screen" to hide secret WIPs, campaign notes, and so forth so your players can't see them until they're done/ready to use in the RP.

How it works:
  1. Create your private namespace (folder) by creating any page in
  2. Open a forum conversation with Wes to get permissions set up for your folder. Permissions for ALL will be set to NONE and permissions for you will be set to DELETE
  3. You now have a private workspace/notes area
Now there are of course some caveats:
  1. Star Army has 4 wiki administrators who can bypass ACL restrictions and see the content so it's not 100% private. Don't put passwords, finances, medical records, etc in it.
  2. Normal Terms of Use apply so don't upload your MP3 collection or whatever
  3. Try to keep pages neat so they don't clog up the quality score chart for the wiki staff
  4. Content should be in some way related to Star Army/RPGs/sci-fi (example: keeping a list of your RPG links is okay, keeping your school essays on it is not)
  5. If you don't log into the forum for over 1 year we may remove your private stuff for privacy and as general cleanup.
This is an experimental feature, and if it gets abused we my choose to change the rules to make it more strict about what this can be used for or who can use it.


Q: Can I use this for my wiki article submissions?
A: WIP pages must still be submitted from WIP: namespace.

Q: Can I store nsfw content in my private namespace?
A: If you're 18 or older and you've opted into NSFW access, you can put NSFW content in your private space.
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