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RP: YSS Asamoya Prologue


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ON: YSS Asamoya (Yay!)

After their time in bed, Yuriko received a message from Gemini on the status of her ship. Seemed it was mostly completed with the exception of supplies, and the activation of the MEGAMI and sprites. Stifling a small yawn, Yuriko crawled out of bed, and began slipping into her uniform. She wondered if anyone else would like to see the ship, after all, there were only two in existence, the YSS Miharu, and now the YSS Asamoya, both unique in their own regards, but built for a common cause. She sent text messages to each of the crew, asking if they would like to tour her vessel with her while she dressed herself, planning out just what had to be done already.

Kessah rather quickly sent Yuriko a message back, not at all surprised to have gotten it. She was only lazing out on the couch, anyway. The message read, 'Sure.', and that was all. Rather quick and to the point.

Yuriko got into her uniform, and sat back down on the bed, letting a hand roam over Cherry's exposed skin. "Cherry, wake up. Cheeeerrrrrryyyy." She finally pinched her fiancee's rear lightly.

Cherry rolled to her side a little and groaned out loud a little, and mumbled sleepily to Yuriko, "I'll be up... In a moment..."

Datenshi was still out in her room, snoring into the pillow and half hanging off the bed now as she simply never recieved the message.

"You do not want to go see my new ship?" Yuriko asked, eyebrow arched. "You couldn't be that tired, after all, you had so much energy while we were in here."

Cherry mumbled a little again before she began to lean up right, "... I'll... catch up in a moment..."

Yuriko shrugged as she went to the door. "A whole new ship to break in, and you're tired. Alas, I will find someone who isn't a sleepyhead to help me do so." She teased before exiting the room, and out into the lounge.

Cherry groaned sleepily again and slowly, VERY slowly got to work putting on clothing.

Kessah hopped up from her slouching from the couch at the sound of Yuriko leaving the room and fixed her uniform a bit. "This'll be fun, Mm?"

Nana wandered into the lounge, adjusting the haphazardly tossed on uniform and pulling down its desperately-seeking-length hem. Her usual ritual, along with a scratch behind one of her ears, a bow given to both Kessah and Yuriko. Quiet as usual, she hung back for the time, decided to tag along more like a duck on a string than anything else until she was feeling a little more like herself.

"Possibly, I will have to activate the MEGAMI, request supplies to be loaded, food, ammunition, repair parts, medical supplies and equipment. So on and so forth can do all of that telepathically while linked to MEGAMI however." Yuriko explained sounding more energetic, and more like her old self then usual. "Where is 'Tenshi? I thought she'd jump on a chance like this." The Shoi asked, giving Nana a short bow back and a soft smile. "Good morning Nana, come to join us in our little sight seeing tour?"

Dagsuz was asleep again in the very same corner he had claimed earlier, the little message box floating near his head unattended. One arm was cast over the edge of the couch, the other bent awkwardly against his chest.

Kesssah gave Nana a half wave and a smile before she nodded to Yuriko, "Well... New ship. Hopefully more different then the Plumeria... So some fun for me. And I'll go check." She walked over to the room she saw 'Tenshi go into to sleep last night, and pounded her fist on it three times. She slept on the couch last night, so she knew where 'Tenshi went.

"Yes. I..." Nana trailed off once she spotted Dagsuz, glancing from left to right and then back again. A single, gloved finger held up to Yuriko, Nana smiling pleasantly, "...excuse me, just a second." Quiet footsteps carried her over to the white-haired man, and she'd lean over, watching him for several seconds before giving one firm poke against his cheek with that same finger. And then there would be another poke, followed by several other consecutive pokes until Dagsuz woke up.

Datenshi groaned a little but otherwise was unresponsive.

Kessah mumbled in a annoyed tone before she opened the door to the room and yelled in, "My sister is here and she wants to make out with me for a hour or two to catch up! Wanna watch?" It was the first thing that came to mind that might get 'Tenshi to get up.

Tenshi grumbled yet again and waved at the girl, telling her to go away almost

Yuriko frowned a little, and followed after Kessah, staring down at the still asleep 'Tenshi. "Allow me?" She asked.

"... I am not sure if I should be a little hurt by that or not." Kessah sighed and walked in, half leaping onto the bed into a sitting position near 'Tenshi, intending to make her bounce, "Wake up mate! We are going to go see our new ship."

Dagsuz's eyes opened with painstaking deliberate slowness, allowing him a heavy-lidded stare at Nana. "Yes?" he asked sleepily, futily trying to wave away the attacking finger and instead closing the message window.

"Never mind..."Yuriko mumbled a little and blinked.

The bounce did more then Kessah had planned. With a yelp Tenshi went hurtling into the air, legs flailing and coming dangerously close to Kessah's head as the red head flailed and fell to the floor with a thud and groan.

Yuriko shook her head a little and sighed seeing Datenshi literally fly for a moment."I was going to pinch her, but that works too."

Nana smirked faintly. Her persistence paid off! Or did it? She pulled her hand back, sliding both behind her back and resting her weight on one leg, "..Yuriko wants to know if we want to tour her new ship." A pink brow soon perked after saying that, her smirk growing a bit wider. That sounded kind of nice... She shook her head then, clearing her throat, "And you were asleep, so I thought you might miss the message."

Kessah blinked a little and rather slowly stood up from the bed, "... Sorry." Was all she spoke before she high-tailed it out of the room before she experienced Datenshi's wrath.

"Morning sleepyhead." Yuriko said rather non-chalantly as Kessah bolted out of the room.

"Ow...." Was all Tenshi said as she slowly climbed up to her bed.

"Oh," Dagsuz responded, closing his eyes again. After a few deep breaths, he slid off the couch onto the floor, stretching as he collected himself into a standing position. He ended with his arms in the air, crumpled uniform half-clinging to his form, mouth open in a huge yawn. "I've not slept that heavy in... well, since I first became Yamataian."

Kessah peeked back into the room from a semi-safe position at the doorway, "... Uh... You okay, 'Tenshi?"

Yuriko just blinked. " Shouldn't be such a hard sleeper 'Tenshi, otherwise that'll happen quite often. Now, now that you're up, care to go with me and some of the crew to see my new ship?"

"Next time just shake me please? Pinch my ass hell bite my neck....just no aerial acrobatics this early in the morning kay?" Datenshi asked as she looked over Kessah for a moment. After hearing Yuriko, she nodded. "Yea lemme toss somethin on." With that, she slowly got herself up and growled a little at people waking up so early, not caring much that the door was open as she stripped nude. Since the most recent death there was a new matching tattoo on her other leg, matching the first one on her other leg.

Nana gave something of a purring sound as she stepped back, watching him stand. A finger placed to her lips, she gave him a quick once-over and then let her bright blue eyes settle on his face, "You do not sleep much, I take it.." Quietly musing, she slid her arms back behind her back after giving the bridge of her nose a light rub.

"Well, I could've woken you up in several ways, though we'd likely not be leaving your room anytime soon." Yuriko said off-hand as she leaned against a wall in 'Tenshi's room. "We'll be touring, and I will be doing some work as well so whenever the Taisa is ready to head out again, my ship will be prepared."

"Oooh, Sexxy." Kessah grinned as she looked at the new tattoo, and she nodded a little, "Well... You were supposed to only bounce. I'm not that heavy... So meh. Meh I say." She giggled playfully and ducked out of the room.

Stretching her arms down and her neck up, two bones popped in her back as she rolled her shoulders. Looking over to the two others, Datenshi gave Kessah a wink and nodded to Yuriko. "Well if your getting your own ship, mind if I come along for the ride?"

"I will be needing an armorer. My ship will be using torpedos, and has quite a bit of armory space." Yuriko said with a little nod. "So, if that is your wish, I can put in a request for your transfer to the Taisa."

Dagsuz attempted to smooth out his uniform with one hand while stifling another yawn with his other. "I sleep when I don't need to be awake, in one way or another," he said after conquering the yawning finally, "And when docked in a new ship, I'm usually not needed in official capacity." He ran his fingers through his hair, succeeding in making it cooperate more than his uniform would. He tossed it once, the cool white strands floating like spider silk in the air for a moment.

"Then go ahead and put it in." Datenshi nodded and smiled, though left the last bit of her statement unspoken.

Kessah glanced over the lounge and gave Dagsuz and Nana a rather dramatic point in their general direction, not actually catching onto their conversation, "Stop flirting~!"

Yuriko arched an eyebrow, giving 'Tenshi a coy smile. "The request has been sent to her, I suspect she will check it later on when she isn't busy or when she is fully awake."

Dagsuz looked at Kessah pointedly and this time tossed his hair with much more dramatic flair. "I've no idea what you mean; I'm always this outrageously beautiful."

"So.. hey. Were you planning on ... going to Yuriko's ship, or staying with the .. Elfin Princess?" Nana spoke hesitantly before bristling and turning her head towards Kessah. At first, she'd get a glare, but it soon melted away and Nana merely winked at her before turning back to Dagsuz. "...ohh, I sure hope so."

Sumaru was lying in bed when the message was sent as well, drifting from shorts segments of dreams to the next. It seemed the young pilot had not gotten much quality sleep, but it had been like that since the accident. The massive headache he had gotten from the bump he had experienced the previous day didn't help matters either, but none the less he was up. First thing was a quick wash, makeup and then getting dressed, which thanks to his training period in the military became a much quicker then back home with his usual limited time in the mornings before exercises. The veiling bang over his left eye and a gem like star sticker on the bottom corner of his unveiled right one and Sumaru was ready. He moved out into the lounge quietly as he pleasantly nodded greetings to who ever noticed him.

Kessah rolled her eyes to Dagsuz, "Well Dagsuz didn't put himself in the mock betting pool of who would get you first, so we can't have that." She grinned a little before she gave the two a wink. She was making up the betting pool, naturally. At least to her knowledge she was.

"Bags under your eyes, zombified state, malnutrition, and sleep deprived is how you usually look." A familiar voicesaid from the lounge door way. A familiar blue-haired nurse stood in the door way, her white lab coat on.

"Thanks Yuri-chan." Datenshi nodded and patted the girl on the rear, quickly dancing out of arm's reach of the girl as she cackled lightly. "So! When's the tour?"

"I'm hurt.." Nana cooed sadly, placing a hand against her chest and hanging her head dejectedly. One eye opened as Sumaru entered the lounge, the pink and blue-haired Neko giving him a pleasant wave and a small smile, then, "Hello, Suma-chan!" She cheerfully greeted the one who, to her, was 'like a sister'.

"I don't know. I'd like to work with the new technologies, but I'm afraid the KFY would frown upon my involvement," Dagsuz responded to Nana. Spotting the nurse, he smiled. "Yes, such wonders these past two years had wrought on my body, Blueberry. But, as you can see, I'm getting plenty of sleep while we're in port."

Yuriko rolled her eyes, wondering just what she was getting herself into by having both Kessah, and possibly 'Tenshi on her ship. The Shoi stepped back out into the lounge with everyone, and placed her hands behind her back as she waited. "This is everyone that is going?"

Kessah gave Sumaru the very same half wave she gave Nana, although she also gave him a playful wink. She turned to Yuriko and nodded a little, "Looks like it..."

"You should on a regular basis." Blueberry retorted.

"Sorry I am a bit late," Serizawa spoke as he entered the lounge. "I just had to finish up a little work in the medbay."

"Yep! Let's get this show on the road!" Datenshi said aloud as she looked around.

It was then that the sleepy headed former-sprite came out of her room. She had her uniform pants at her ankles, panties on, and she was attempting to get a shirt over her head through one of the arm holes. She didn't even have a bra on. She wasn't a morning person in the least.

"Oh." Nana sounded almost pleased at his response. She fought a smile. "..That is unfortunate." Though inside, she was 'Cabbage Patching joyfully and shouting 'SCORE!'. Clearing her throat, Nana slid her hands behind her back, glancing around briefly, "..Well, it can't be that bad on the Elfin Princess, can it?"

"This is a simple tour Nana, nothing more. I thought it would be a little enjoyable, after all, our two ship's will be traveling together, and it is likely we will be on each other's ships." Yuriko explained staring over at Cherry, both enjoying the view, and a little embarrassed.

"I will be getting back to work now." Blueberry announced, bowing to everyone, and exiting the lounge.

Dagsuz's smile became a grin, as he swept into a bow. "So mote it be." He intoned, then stood again. "It is good to see you again, Blueberry." To Nana, he said "Indeed, but warranted. I'm sure Hanako will keep me rather busy around here."

"I will be getting back to work now." Blueberry announced, bowing to everyone, and exiting the lounge

Sumaru would then walk over and join the group, standing more then likely, close to Nana. Then as Serizawa entered, Sumaru gave the man a slow nod of a hello and remained quiet as his gaze turned down to his hands, his nails were starting to loose most of the polish, it had been a little while since he had gotten to do those, just keeping his thoughts distant for the time being was his objective. So a stroll through the ally ship would help that, besides he had to know where most of the important things were for his own personal Intel just incase he ever had to clear out their halls of boarding enemies as well.

The temptation was to much for Datenshi as she spotted Cherry, and with a wicked grin she nodded for Kessah to follow suit. Making a pinching motion at the girl's nipples, she waited to see if Kessah would follow suit.

Cherry continued to wrestle with the shirt, actually getting her head into the sleeve before mumbling a wide variety of curses that she mainly learned from Kessie. She was oblivious to 'Tenshi and company.

Kessah smirked a little and rolled her eyes over to 'Tenshi before she scurried quietly over to the woman, checking to see if 'Tenshi was going to join her or not.

"Grab and twist, got it?" Datenshi was grinning widely again as she motioned a countdown from three. When she finished, she instantly snatched out with her hand and wrapped two fingers around Cherry's right nipple, twisting it not so much, but just enough.

"Wrong hole dear." Yuriko called to Cherry, before turning away. The Shoi sent a request to the station's KAMI, asking what arm, and docking port her ship was located on. The KAMI sent it and she thanked the computer before smiling faintly to herself.

Sora emerged from the quarters she shared with Serizawa wearing her new green paneled dress variant uniform, fiddling with her hair. She was in the process of removing a ponytail holder and tossed her head to one side, causing her hair to cascade down onto her shoulders.

Kessah nodded to Datenshi and twisted in the opposite direction on her mark, a little more then 'Tenshi did with her two fingers, also pinching down a bit harder.

"Oh.. I know, Yuriko. I was just.. you know. Wondering." Nana smiled faintly, her eyes lifting from the ground, "Keeping busy helps.. I usually find myself doing work, even when I don't have to." A little shrug and the colorful Neko glanced in Cherry's general direction with a wince, though soon looking back to Dagsuz and managing to tear her attention away from the incident not too far off, "But, when you're -not- working..assuming there.. is a time.. what do you do?"

Cherry yelped loudly and jumped up out of her pants before she growled a little and shook a fist randomly, speaking muffledly through the shirt, "... Fuck it! I'm staying here and masturbrating... Or.. something."

"Nope! Your coming with us!" Tenshi's fingers were still locked on the nipple as she tugged Cherry forward with her.

Serizawa returned Sumaru's greeting with a nod of his own. He saw Sora enter and noticed her removal of a hair band from her hair. "Just finished running?" he asked Sora.

Yuriko looked over at Cherry, and shook her head. "At least let her get her shirt on properly 'Tenshi." She asked, sounding a little exasperated.

"Not working? I'm usually making something or planning something," Dagsuz replied, apparently oblivious that those activities also fell under 'work', "Or doing some sort of research. Oh yes, or in the medical bay with any of a myriad of injuries; but that's hardly a fraction of my free time."

"Awww! But it would be so much more fun this way! We could put my collar on her, and drag her around by a leash with her in just the collar!" Datenshi said as she looked to Yuriko.

Cherry shook her fist still, and growled once more, "Grr... Fine! But I am going to pull you pants down and do stuff to you when you least expect it, 'Tenshi!" She flailed her arms a little before she got to work on putting her shirt on the right way, a noticable wet patch on her panties, "... And someone get my skirt!"

Kessah huffed a little at 'Tenshi, "Hey! You did that to me once... And it hurt like hell around the neck..."

"We're going through the station to get to my ship 'Tenshi, I do not feel like getting pounced by the entire Nekovalkyrja population on it, and be chewed out by the station commander." Yuriko protested lightly, somewhat enjoying the view.

"Ohhhh I'm soooo scared Cherry!" Datenshi laughed aloud and cackled before she stuck her tounge out at Kessah. "Yea and I still remember you writhing on the floor after I held the collar while givin it to you from behind too! Seemed like you enjoy it." Looking to Yuriko she huffed and nodded. "S'pose your right." She tugged Cherry's shirt once and got the girl dressed.

"...Oh. I mean.. you don't just.. do nothing? I mean, stupid, meaningless things?" Nana was floored. She, in all her 'taking things apart and conveniently forgetting to put them back together correctly' escapades, managed to find time for fluffy pleasantries, even though most of those tended to involve diddling herself. All right, maybe she didn't have too many hobbies. "You'll have to show me some of your.. you know, plans, sometime. I mean, I don't build things nearly as much as I could, but the knowledge is always nice. Sharing, and all that."

Cherry mumbled a little at the help, but let her do it regardless. She decided to just go with the pants instead of finding where Yuriko head her skirt, and with the shirt on there was two rather signifigant tents from her fleshy nubs, "... You'll get eatten out by the commander and you'll like it, Yuriko."

"I did," Sora replied cheerfulyl to Serizawa as she smoothed her hair back behind her ears with a free hand. "Train the body, train the mind, and all of that fun stuff, right, Ichi-kun?" She smiled dazzingly. She seemed to be in a even better mood than normal.

Yuriko placed a hand to her fore head, before rubbing at the bridge of her nose. Just like a field trip of kids... She thought to herself. "okay, everyone!" She clapped her hands together, to get their attention as she stood there smiling softly. "All those that are going on the tour, please follow me, we've got to go through the station to get to my vess..." She stopped mid-sentance and gave Cherry a little look, and rolled her eyes. "To my vessel, so, ready people?"

Kessah rolled her eyes a little to Datenshi and attempted to hide her light blush, "Anyway! Less molestation and flirting, more ship looking."

Sumaru remained quiet, faintly giggling at one thing or the other. Like poor Nana's seemingly hopeless conquest and the incident with Cherry, even perhaps a small giggle at Datenshi's morning comments. But nothing caused him to speak. He did however offer a pleasant smile at Sora when she entered and bowed his head sending something encrypted to her telepathically at the same time, "Ohayo Hime-chan." He had greeted her with his newly picked out nick name that was more or less a more fitting one in Sora's case anyhow.

"Indeed! Onward!" Datenshi made a dramatic show, pointing her arm and finger outwards twoards the door as she made her way forward first. Something was definantly different about the recently quiet Datenshi.

Serizawa replied to Sora dryly, "I don't know about that. I'd prefer just to train my mind." He then hooked his arm around Sora's and continued with, "In any case, allow me to escort you while we're on this tour."

Cherry winked playfully to Yuriko and followed Datenshi out in a skipping fashion, trying to look as childish as possible.

"... I swear you are all fucking drunk sometimes..." Kessah mummered a little and shook her head, walking over to Yuriko and following her.

Dagsuz shrugged. "I sleep when I do nothing," he explained, nodding towards Yuriko. "Well, are you going on the tour?" he asked, obviously intending to go himself.

Yuriko trotted up behind 'Tenshi frowning. "You don't even know what kind of ship it is, what arm it is on, or the docking port." She pointed out, coming up beside her now.

"Tis why I have you along my pretty! You are my escort, here to show me the way, wine and dine me, and later on be my riding horse around the room!" Datenshi definantly seemed off today.

Kessah shook her head a little, "I feel so replaced then. Oh well."

"I would be the one riding you dear." Yuriko stated, now taking the lead as she began leading the group to the docking hatch to the Elfin Princess.

Cherry merely giggled a little and waved the others to follow along, finally walking once again by Yuriko's side.

The young Ketsurui returned Sumaru's smile and returned the encrypted greeting, Ohaiyou, Sumaru-kun. She chuckled a little as she lightly leaned against her lover as they walked, "If you insist, Ichi-kun."

"Oh really now? Is that a promise or a bet?" Datenshi grinned widely and ribbed Yuriko once.

"...And even that is rare." Nana smirked a bit, beginning to catch on. Her seemingly hopeless conquest was growing even more puzzling. It was hard to make small talk if there was nothing small to talk about. Clearing her throat, she straightened up, beginning to head out after Yuriko, trailing a hand lightly across Dagsuz's as she went.

Yuriko stumbled a little to the side and frowned a bit before looking at 'Tenshi." A prmise." She said rather casually as she opened the hatch, and stepped through, out and into the docking station. She stood by the entrance, waiting for everyone.

Sumaru let the group go off ahead of him before quietly following in behind, let alone to his thoughts or so it seemed. He was awful dazed this morning, those dreaming eyes staring off ahead and sometimes just taking in images of his surroundings.

Cherry grinned a little and groped Yuriko from behind, doing it as a hug as she whispered into her fiance's ear, "Oooh... What about poor ole me?"

"I look forward to you keeping your promise then Yuri-chan.' Datenshi grinned widely, the same grin she always wore when she had roped someone into doing something she wanted them too.

Dagsuz followed, making a note to aqcuire a new notebook before they left port, idly flipping a writing implement he had aqcuired through his fingers, Nana's touch sort of making him space out for a moment.

Kessah tweaked a brow over to Datenshi playfully and shook her head, "Two nights in a row of me being able to sleep in peace? Are you sick?" She grinned a little before taking a curious look around.

Serizawa guided Sora to the hatch and, despite the unnecessariness of the action, assisted her in safely exiting the Elfin Princess. "Did you contact the Taisho yet?" Serizawa asked his lover.

"Who said your gona be asleep? Youll be giving me a ride while I give her a ride." Datenshi swatted Kessah on the rear and grinned.

Yuriko jumped, a little, and frowned. "We'll see." She said with a little wink before whispering. "Keep the groping down to a minimum on the station okay?" She asked quietly before looking to 'Tenshi. "It all depends on if I feel like it or not dear, this way." She walked off towards an elevator in the station arm they were on. "We have to get to arm four, from their it should be the first docking station we come across."

Kessah yelped a little at the swat and winked to 'Tenshi playfully before she followed along after the mock pouting Cherry and Yuriko.

Nana glanced back and gave a little wave to Sumaru, who was seeming a bit.. off. That seemed to be the case lately.. Nana wasn't feeling much like herself lately, either. Following Yuriko, she slowed her pace down a bit to fall back near Dagsuz again.

"Not yet," Sora replied quietly, "I'll do that when we get back on the Elfin. I'm a little scared what to say to her. I feel like I might've failed her somehow," she said quietly to Serizawa, frowning slightly. She knew of course, that it wasn't her fault and that there was really nothing she coud've done but it still bothered her.

The group, led by Yuriko moved down a corridor, on one of Gemini's many moving walkways. Neko's and Yamataian's alike were going to and fro, busy with their work.

"After we tour the ship, how about lunch?" Yuriko asked her friends.

Cherry gave the occasional passing wink to the various people. She wished she could have found her skirt so she could show off a little.

Dagsuz cast glances around as they moved through the station, glad that his Sakura exploits were known only to the crew. He'd been infamous once, and knew it wasn't pretty.

"Sounds good... Just... Not turkey. Or fish, for that matter..." Kessah spoke, smiling to her Shoi to be.

"Sounds great. I hear they have a pretty good steak house or somethin on this base." Tenshi's tattoos were uncovered and therefore gaining a few glances. It wasn't everyday a non NH-27 had a tattoo.

At first he didn't notice anything, but after he snapped back in one way on another Sumaru returned the wave by lifting his hand up and giving his normal girlish finger wave, it almost looked a little weak. But after that he'd continue his blank thinking state, his eyes moving from one part of the station to the next with a hint of interest towards its interior structure and the sights around him. Though a few people he'd pass by would stop for conversations between them selves with the common; "is that a girl or a guy?" Followed of course by younger female recruits also stopping to discuss how cute bishi guys were, and probably if that have seen him in any sort of entertainment program.

Yuriko frowned at Kessah's words before Datenshi spoke. "We should be seeing her soon. We were on arm three I believe." She commented, a little eager to see her new vessel. However, she still couldn't see it yet.

"You are her grandaughter," Serizawa reassured Sora. "Of course you wouldn't have disappointed her. I am sure the Taisho would be proud that you are able to risk your life for your empire. Moreover, I am sure she is even more concerned about your health and would be relieved if you contacted her." To Yuriko, Serizawa said, "I am not too sure if lunch will be a possibility. I still have some work to do in the medbay."

Kessah nodded to Yuriko's words, "It shouldn't be to far..."

"I asked Blueberry to finish any work you had left over Ichi-kun." Yuriko replied sweetly, granted she had to sweet talk the sprite, and even gave her a new book for it.

Sora gave her fellow green shirt and loving squeeze as they walked through the corridors, and smiled again. "Thank you, Ichi-kun," She said in a soft tone of voice, feeling at ease with Serizawa's observation to her.

Dagsuz suddenly ducked into a crowd of people that had begun moving almost parallell to the crew, appearing a moment later on the other side speaking to a young man with acid green eyes, wearing a lightweight hood over his head. After an exchange of a few words, they parted ways and Dagsuz rejoined the crew. The man watched him for a moment, before dissappearing back into the crowd. Anyone watching either of them would be able to catch a glimpse of a strange mark on the back of the man's hand; but only the now-absent Rei would be able to link it to the marking on Dagsuz's back.

Nana sauntered along with her usual type of step; something between a sashay and a buttwiggle. A hypnotic buttwiggle, for lack of a better word. It came to her as naturally as breathing, and she caught a few stray glances. Her pace slowed as she inched slightly closer to the white-haired Yamataian, clasping her hands behind her back, "Well. This will be nice."

"Huh?" Sumaru asked more so out of reaction to his thoughts being completely interrupted, though not rudely so, just he was that deep in thought... lost would be more fitting. "What will be?" Sumaru asked faintly as he turned to look at his pink and blue haired friend.

"No need for thanks," Serizawa responded to his lover. "A smile looks much better on you." He glanced at the rest of the crew, most notably Cherry, Datenshi and Kessah. "Really, I'd be more concerned about whether with can make it to Yuriko's ship without incident."

Yuriko hummed to herself as she stepped off moving walkway, leaving her group as she went over to a window, and peered out. "I think I see it..." She announced, pointing to a nearby ship.

"I saw that look Serizawa!" Datenshi had her skin vision on, keeping a eye on her entire area as she wiggled a finger at the man.

With Serizawa's comment, Sumaru was remembering the crew's last adventure through a station when he was there, he kind of got anxious as well to see this thing goes better then that time they picked him and Nana up.

Sora laughed, "Looks like we're here." She continued to smile brightly as she actually started looking at her surroundings instead of tuning it all out again.

Kessah tweaked a brow over to 'Tenshi, and then over to the back to Ichi before she shook her head a little before she nodded over to Yuriko, "Thats the fourth arm... Looks like it." She quickly sent 'Tenshi a telepathic message, encrpyted, too. "And no marshmellows this time."

"Sharp eyes you've got there, 'Tenshi," Serizawa retorted, "but don't act like you're not deserving of the look. You have worked hard to get that reputation, right?"

"Well. It will be my first time seeing a ship such as...the one we are seeing. You know me. I always need to see how things are, how they work.." Her hands clasped behind her back, then. She paused briefly, to tug down the hem of her uniform, before continuing on. Her eyes lowered to Dagsuz's hands briefly and she pondered something, but held back, merely looking towards the window Yuriko stood by.

"What's life if you can't have fun hun?" Datenshi asked as she turned around to walk backwards, watching Serizawa.

"okay, everyone, we need to enter the arm, and it should be...the...third docking station." Yuriko recalled as she entered the large concourse area of the fourth arm.

"You said it'd be the first one, actually..." Kessah smirked a little to Yuriko.

Yuriko shrugged a little. "I was mistaken, that was a Nozomi, not the Miharu Prototype." She waved a hand dismissively at Kessah before counting the docking ports, until she found the third one.

Kessah shrugged a little and followed Yuriko, openning the hatch door for the Shoi and gesturing her inside first.

"I'm just going so I know where things are incase I have to know where anything is for reasons of getting on board and getting things that are not supposed to be there, out." Sumaru said in a plain tone, with a added shrug. The other reasons was because the pilot didn't want to be left alone with his thoughts today, and getting out of the ship sounded like a good idea anyhow. His eyes traced her line of sight, watching her looking at the man's hands in such a wanting fashion caused a faint giggle. "You poor thing..." Was all Sumaru could offer at this moment to his friend, finding the situation comical but much less hopeless then his own.

"I guess you have a point there," Serizawa conceded to Tenshi before he began to look for the third docking station. "Well, I guess we were spared any situations," he told his lover ask Yuriko found the station. "Shall we go ahead or wait for the others to enter?"

Dagsuz pocketed his writing implement as they approached the ship. His freedom of networking felt more limited on the station, but then, he was not a station technician. Unable to access exterior cameras or video feeds from maintenence pods, he resorted to looking out a viewing portal at the ship. He nodded appriciatively as the others filed towards the hatch.

Yuriko nodded her thanks, and climbed through. She opened the other hatch, and stepped into her new ship, for the very first time and out into a large bay area.

Datenshi waited behind Yuriko to enter. She was eager to see the new ship. She had been on the Sakura, The Yuguumo and the Plumeria, now for a new ship to a to her list. As Yuriko entered, Datenshi was not far behind.

Kessah followed suit quickly, beating Cherry in, although not Datenshi. Emerging out the otherside she came out and looked around, scoofing softly. "Well that was anti-climatic."

Cherry swatted Kessah rather hard on the bum for cutting in front of her before she hugged Yuriko from behind again when she came out, too, and gave her fiance a kiss on the cheek, "Now we get to find all sorts of nooks and crannies to have some 'fun' in... Among other things, of course~."

"We're in one of the cargo storage areas, around the multi-function bays." Yuriko explained as she began to move again towards a door.

"Thats beside the point." Kessah retorted, following Yuriko close.

Datensh snickered a little at the three and just followed along, deciding to keep quiet rather then speak up for once.

Sumaru would be given a deathglare from Nana, which, coming from a short-statured little curvy Neko with bright pink and blue hair, was quite humorous. She looked off towards Dagsuz after a while, waiting a bit before she'd follow the others. Oh, she would follow -- very, very slowly.

"Be thankful it is the right ship Kessah, and don't complain." Yuriko huffed as she stepped through the door, and out into a long hallway.

"Tch... I'm not complaining~. Its a new ship. I get to tinker and stuff.. Fun~!" Kessah smiled brightly after she spoke, looking about with maybe more then healthy interest.

Sumaru would simply lower his head and stood there whispering inwardly, not much so audible to anyone but him self; "good luck though..." Then continuing on, with quickened steps he catches back up to Nana and goes back to observing everything in the same silence from before.

Sora looked around at the new ship in awe and wonder as she walked alongside Serizawa. The new ship had peeked her interest and she tried to place some of the things Kotori had said about the ship to Yuriko to no real avail. She didn't understand much, except that it was an experimental ship with lots of shiny things to test and revise and try to get to work in real combat situations.

"Tinker?" Yuriko asked sounding both puzzled, and a little exasperated again. She was standing in the main passage way, and connection junction to the main hull of her vessel. "okay, MEGAMI should be this way...once she is up and running, I can go on tour with you all, and work at the sametime." Yuriko explained turning to the left, and going down the long connection junction now towards MEGAMI's room.

Serizawa didn't appear to be overly interested in the ship itself or the experimental devices it utilized. He was more interested in the physics that made everything work. "So, what do you think?" he asked his lover as they followed the rest of the group toward the MEGAMI's room.

Cherry slowly began to detach herself from Yuriko and moved over to 'Tenshi, preparing to unleash her promised wrath on the woman. She was impatient today.

'Tenshi seemed oblivious to the girl behind her as she peered around the ship.

Kessah nodded a little, "Dagsuz isn't the only engineer, you know. I fiddle with things and make them better as a hobby..." A some what dead hobby, maybe.

Sora smiled sheepishly and simply replied, "It's shiny?" She blushed a little at just how inadequate her knowledge of the technology was.

Dagsuz pulled himself away from the window, finding himself only a pace behind Nana amd Sumaru. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were stalking me..." He said, with a totally straight face. As they moved through the ship, his eyes were constantly moving. He also regretted he did not have technician access to this ship, to the point where a frown began to form on his face.

Had Nana actually been able to hear Sumaru, she would have said something like, "Yeah, I'm gonna need it." Because truer words had never been spoken. Eyes on the ground, she followed loosely behind, her pose something more slumpy now, arms dangling at her side. A glance back towards Dagsuz and she gave something of a dry chuckle, "Never."

Serizawa pat Sora's arm and confessed, "Don't worry. I don't know what half of these things either." Taking the initiative, Ichi called to Yuriko, "Will we be getting an explaination of all the major systems of this ship, Yuriko?"

Sumaru had watched the man pass behind them, so silent he remained. But at one point he'd offer a smile to Nana, trying to better her spirits and encourage her. But other then that, there wasn't much else he could do other then follow on with the group and keep his eyes moving about. Committing as much to memory as possible; halls, rooms and primary targets were the main concern of his as they continued through.

"Systems that are not entirely safe for use are on this ship Kessah, please don't tinker with them for your own safety unless I ask." Yuriko said rather politely as she walked. "This must be the medlab for the main hull." She said more to herself, but loud enough for everyone as they came up on a door. She quickly circumvented it, and moved on until she was standing just outside of MEGAMI's room. She quickly turned around, and looked at everyone. "okay everyone, please wait outside, since no one but myself, or KES technicians are allowed in...plus I do not think her avatar would be too happy about it."

"And yes, you will, but first I must wake up MEGAMI." Yuriko said turning back around and began to enter the code given to her.

The young Ketsurui continued to smile at Serizawa's response, "That's a relief but I guess that's the idea, most of this stuff is supposed to be in development?" She half asked Yuriko.

Kessah hmphed a little and crossed her arms under her breasts, shaking her head a bit, "Psh... I have about 15 years of experience over you guys... I'll be fine, Yuriko~."

Catching Yuriko's comment to Kessah floating back towards him, Dagsuz sent to Kessah in encrypted telepathy; "Yes, those sorts of dangerous modifications are best left to those who have lost their sanity along the way... in a playful tone, he continued, "You know where to find me."

Datenshi still kept to herself, simply watching the surrounding ship the same way she had with the Yūgumo.

"Haha. I have more experien-- Wait... Fuck." Kessah grumbled a little after her own encrpyted telepathic message, and leaned against the nearby wall.

Cherry continued to slowly stalk up behind Datenshi, holding in her breath. She was internally deciding what to do first.

Serizawa nodded to Sora. "That's one issue. The other is that only a technician or an engineer would be able to identify the various devices and systems just by looking."

"Yes, this ship is different from Taisa Kotori's Miharu, and is a variant of the design. To be honest, I have yet to name the ship." Yuriko explained before looking over her shoulder to Kessah. "Kessah, some of these systems are experimental to the point where I dare not even use them without properly going over the schematics myself." She said before the armored door slid open, in the darkness the sillouetes of tubes, and the like could be seen as Yuriko entered, and the door slid shut behind her. Before it did, she turned to them. "Play nice until I come back now, 'Tenshi, Sora, you two are in charge of keeping everyone inline until I return." As she finished the armored door slid shut.

Datenshi still seemed oblivious to Cherry.

Kessah stuck her tongue out to Yuriko's general direction and grumbled a little to herself. Please... Been through enough to not have to worry to much about new things anymore...

Sora nodded to Yuriko and laughed a little as she disappeared, "So...what now?" She was unsure of what they could really do in the ship.

Cherry sprung into action, lunge glomping 'Tenshi from behin and then quickly attempting to tug the woman't pants down.

'Tenshi laughed as she jumped forward, her skin vision still on. She had been watching the girl and laughed as she used her gravitational manipulation to evade the girl.

Dagsuz leaned against a bulkhead, observing the rest of the crew with mild interest. The sleep had done him good, he felt relaxed, and rather at ease.

Serizawa covered his face with his hand when he saw Cherry pounce on Datenshi. "When the cat's away, the mice will play," Serizawa mused before turning to look at Sora. "Well, I guess we make sure the "mice" don't get carried away.

Cherry shook her fist at 'Tenshi and lunged at her once again, this time ready to use her own gravitional manipulation to follow.

Nana, meanwhile, stood around and observed Dagsuz. She was turning him into something else. Almost an equation. You had to handle those types like that. There would then be a glance towards Sumaru, then back at Dagsuz. Maybe the blonde, effeminate one would know what to do... ..nah.

Sora looked at the technicans curiously, "Besides Kessah, who else is going to be trying to tinker with this ship with Yuriko?" She stretched her arms behind her back, pushing out her large chest with a jiggle.

Floating up and away from Cherry, Datenshi turned around and stuck her tounge out at Serizawa. "So mean, come on now I'm not being evil or anything." Datenshi laughed and shot away from Cherry, wiggling her rear a little as she circled around behind Sora and Serizawa.

Yuriko walked through the darkness, over to the central computer station, the lights winking feebly. The Shoi imput several commands into the station, and the lights pulsed a little more, until finally the room's lighting came on. The activity coming from the computer itself increased. "MEGAMI online." A soft female voice replied in the room seemingly coming from nowhere, and yet everywhere at once. "Linking to Gemini Starfortress' KAMI system, and updating." Yuriko smiled a little as MEGAMI began to work. In the blink of an eye it was over. "Good Morning Shoi." The voice replied somewhat sweetly, to be honest it made her smile a little bit. "Good morning to you MEGAMI, I assume you are now aware of the situation?"

Kessah shrugged a little, "Beside the point..." She wasn't captured by the sight of Sora's chest, like some others might, and kept her arms crossed waiting for her Shoi.

Cherry chased after Datenshi, slipping between Sora and Ichi quickly. She was half tempte to stop and give Sora the usual groping that she never received, but she was busy at the moment.

Serizawa's gaze fell downward, attracted by the sudden motion of Sora's chest. Though he wasn't so quick to show it, his mind wasn't in much of a better place than Cherry's or Datenshi's. For the time being, Serizawa's world was made only of the bouncing.

"Oh come on Seri! Either grab'em or stop starin." Datenshi called out Serizawa and laughed as she again danced away from Cherry. She was rather nimble.

"Actually... if there's actual supplies already on this ship, I can prepare everyone a late brunch while we wait." Sumaru offered, he was a little hungry and hadn’t been able to cook a serious meal since he left home, which actually was pretty depressing for him. He loved cooking, he even became slightly well known in basic training because he'd be able to make the rations they were offered taste better by adding seasonings he had stashed away with his things.

Sora moved back out of the scampering nekos' paths. "Just be mindful that this is a nice new ship, keep it in one piece, kids!" She laughed as she called after Cherry and Tenshi. She blushed a little as she have caught what the others were saying, "Wha? Bouncing?"

Dagsuz absently twirled a lock of his snow white hair around his finger, considering the antics of Cherry and Datenshi. He found himself lost in rememberance, memory of his first few weeks aboard the YSS Sakura.

Cherry giggled a little at Datenshi's words and sent her a encrypted telepathic reply while continuing her chase, she not being quite as nimble but not one to give up, "Momentarily truce to grope and play with Sora's breasts? Thats such a invitation..."

"Yes ma'am, I am. You are the new commanding officer. Your orders?" MEGAMI asked as Yuriko stood there, hands behind her back. "Please activate generators one and two, bring main lighting online, notify Gemini we're ready to take on supplies, and please create a few sprites. As for the supplies, I have a list of everything, and am uploading it to you now." The list Yuriko had was indeed uploaded, and soon MEGAMI had it. "Very Good ma'am." The Shoi smiled a little wider now, enjoying MEGAMI thus far. "Well then, please give access to the ship's databanks, to the crew onboard I do believe they wish to take a look over you. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be getting back to them." Out side the main lighting blinked on as the armored door began to slide open again.

Nana dropped to the ground, quite literally. She sat, mind you, but it was a bit.. hard. Staring at the ground, she sat in a relaxed position, legs parted faintly. Not that she was paying any attention. On a normal day, yes, but right then, she was feeling a bit .. off. Lightly, she started to hum, barely audible.

"Don't listen to them," Serizawa told his lover after he was abrubtly forced out of his happy place. "They're just all wound up."

Dagsuz was jerked from his reverie as he practically felt the databanks of the ship open up to him. Immediately, he was surrounded by displays, spinning, scrolling, shifting along the hull line. He instinctively reached for his pocket again, but came up empty and muttered a curse under his breath.

"Hmm...Sure." Datenshi laughed and nodded, twisting herself around to head back twoards Sora.

The door opened again, and out walked Yuriko, hands behind her back, a small smile firmly in place as the door closed again, locking itself. Seeng what was going on, Yuriko cleared her throat. "Now now kids, do not make me get the NIWS."

Cherry began to go back over to Sora, too, making sure to stay at the same rate as 'Tenshi. She also nodded over to Yuriko with a smile.

"I can see that," Sora chuckled as she replied to Serizawa's comment. "All set with MEGAMI, Yuriko-san?"

All of the displays around Dagsuz blinked out of existance as he straightened up when Yuriko reappeared. "May I be the first to congratulate you on your exquisite ship," He said with a bow. Nana's slumped figure caught his eye and he sent her, almost without thinking, a telepathic nudge.

Datenshi cackle aloud as she pounced Sora, grabbing one of the breast playfully. "Gotcha!"

"Eh... I think 'Tenshi deserved it, anyway. Usually does." Kessah spoke with a light, playful tone. She appeared to be fine again, if she was ever put off in the first place.

Cherry grabbed the other quickly and began to feel it up quickly, soft squeezes and the likes.

Nana stood up onto Yuriko returned. She brushed off a bit and then took a few steps back, seeming to have little issue with falling back. Maybe this was not such a good idea, after all. Lightly scratching at her calf with a booted foot, she glanced in Dagsuz direction, giving a slight nod of her head.

"MEGAMI is online, and she is currently working. I asked her to notify Gemini we're ready to take on supplies, and she is going to create a few sprites." Yuriko said happily as she bowed to Dagsuz, thanking him. "Kessah, Cherry, Datenshi, settle down." She replied calmly to the three.
Ichi Serizawa: Serizawa's eyes widened as Datenshi and Cherry began to fondle Sora's breasts. Immediately, his hands shot out to defend Sora from the groping invaders. "Get ahold of yourselves!" he scolded them.

Sumaru blinked a few times at Dagsuz's rapid speed, but instead of approaching the man and asking him for the information he'd like to know, Sumaru communicated to Nana, encrypted, telepathically "now's your chance, go be interested." He told her, still looking quite dazed as he stood there thinking now about cooking, he was glad it was keeping his mind of his main worry.

Sora blushed a bright red as she was grabbed and took a moment or two to actually react. And she let out an ear piercing shriek after taking a deep breath.

Kessah pouted a little, "Hey! I am standing here, being good."

Cherry eeped a bit at the sudden shriek and Ichi's attempts to get her off, however she got one good nipple pinch in through the bra before fleeing away. "... Sora asked for it."

Dagsuz winced, almost wilting away from Sora's shriek. He even went so far as to cover his ears and back away.

Yuriko's ears slanted back at the shriek, and she winced a little.

"... That was the most girliest thing I have heard since I joined up into Star Army. Good job." Was Kessah's only responce as she rubbed her ears.

Datenshi jumped back, not really havig expected that reaction from the girl. Her gropes had been mostly harmless, directed twoards the top of the breasts in a almost examination type feeling.

Nana cringed faintly, ears twitching slightly, hands raising to cover them after a moment. She took this opportunity to scoot rather close to Dagsuz in the meanwhile. "Uhm. Ow."

Sumaru snapped back to reality, Sora's shriek filling his head. His eyes shifted from one party to the next, as if he was reading an armor HUD for information. Sumaru was off the wall he was leaning against, waiting to get a grasp on what just happened, with blinking almond shaped eyes.

Yuriko stepped forward, frowning disapprovingly at 'Tenshi and Cherry. "Cherry. 'Tenshi, I had thought better of you two." She scolded, hands on hips.

Cherry frowned and hung her head, "But... They were bouncing... It was unresistable, Yuriko..."

Datenshi's ears wilted back a little as she looked down. She had gotten a little carried away, but while it had been in good fun she hadn't thought Sora would have reacted the way she had. "Sorry Sora..."

When the two female molesters retreated, Serizawa turned Sora toward him and hugged her tightly, squishing her tightly to his chest to prevent further attack. However, the room was eerily silent and though he kept his eyes trained on Cherry and Datenshi, he seemed a little confused.

The Ketsurui's face was a bright shade of red as she did an about face with an indignant huff and walked towards the way they came in. she didn't know what to say and had opted to leave, biting her lower lip.

"Don't do it again." Yuriko said disapprovingly, eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at Cherry. "That was very nice of you to do without permission. "Eh?" She managed to say as Sora seemed to just up and leave. "I will talk to the two of you later." She muttered to 'Tenshi and Cherry before following after her friend.

Dagsuz allowed his hands to slide away from his ears, one accidentally brushing Nana's shoulder as he recovered. He seemed a little dazed, but managed to shake it off. He noticed abruptly how close Nana had gotten, and involuntarily looked her over with an appriciative glance. His mouth trying to cover for his eyes, he spoke to her, "I hope she doesn't do that too often, I think I might die of cardiac arrest."

Serizawa chased after Sora as she started to leave. "Wait, Sora!" he called out, his voice much louder than it needed to be for the other greenshirt to hear him. He wasn't aware of how loud he was. Just that his ears were ringing pretty loud.

'Tenshi frowned a little more and sighed as she watched Sora walk out the door. Wonderful. I really should think things through more often.

Well. There seemed to be another thing preventing this day from progressing further, so Nana took the opportunity while it was there. She turned to face Dagsuz with a bright smile, reaching up and lightly brushing her candy-colored hair behind an ear, "I've never heard anyone scream that loud from a grope. Ever." Though if it upset Sora that much, Nana had to feel a little bad. A little bad, a little envious. "Anyway. The ship's systems are.. good?"

Cherry continued to hang her head, looking hurt. She sent 'Tenshi a encrpyted telepathic message, "... That wasn't our fault, right? I mean... She had it coming eventually.. And... Maybe..."

Datenshi simply shook her head to Cherry and sat down on the floor, crossing her legs. "No...we royally fucked up there." Datenshi sent back.

"Sora please wait!" Yuriko pleaded as she continued after the girl.

Cherry let out a sigh and spoke out loud in a hurt tone, "Well... Fuck then."

"Well, the systems are in fact largely experimental, so in honesty they are a ways from 'good'," Dagsuz said, glancing down the corridor at Yuriko's retreating back. "In any case, I have a feeling it may be awhile before the commander of the ship is back... Would you like to walk with me?" Dagsuz indicated with his hand and a small map of the ship's decks came up.

Sora stopped finally and pressed a hand over her mouth as she heard the footsteps and the voices behind her. She was still biting lightly down on her lower lips with tears welling upin her eyes. She was still at a loss for words. She just looked hurt.

Sumaru... just returned to leaning on the wall, he knew Serizawa would take care of her, so everything seemed okay for the time being. He couldn’t help but smile as he eavesdropped on Nana and Daguz, feeling that his friend now had her in. Which is more then the poor pilot could say.

Kessah sighed a little to herself and looked to Dagsuz, "Don't go to far off... And don't mess with anyting."

Yuriko neared her and stopped a little ways off. "Sora...I am sorry...I honestly am at a loss for words on what to say or do..." She spoke, sounding apologetic as she took a few steps closer.

"All right. That sounds like a good idea." Nana smiled a bit and sidesteps close to Dagsuz, glancing over towards Kessah with a smile, "Ah, don't worry, I will keep an eye on him!" The pink-haired techy gave a little wink.

Kessah rolled her eyes playfully to Nana before she sent her a encrpyted telepathic message, "Try being blunt about it. And if I hear any moans of pleasure I'm going to hit you both over the head."

Serizawa quickly caught up to Sora and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asked her delicately. Or at least he tried to but his voice was still a bit louder than it needed to be.

Cherry sighed after her long silence, walked over and sat by 'Tenshi, mummering softly to her, "Pretend I took off your pants." She spoke rather flatly, and held her head in her hands while supporting her elbows on her thighs.

Nana paused, turning her head and glancing in Kessah's general direction again, a silent, tiny smirk on her face as she responded with her own encrypted telepathy, "Darlin', if I'm being blunt about it, how do you expect there -not- to be moans of ... well. Pleasure's a bit of an understatement? How about ecstacy?" The only sound the pink-haired Neko made was a soft rumbling in her throat akin to purring.

Datenshi hmphed a little and dropped her forehead into her hand. It was almost like the two were children waiting to be punished.

Kessah rolled her eyes again and waved Nana off.

"They startled me, I'm sorry. I don't know if I over reacted or not but, I'm gonna go home and try to figure out what the hell just happened," Sora spoke in an almost forced tone of voice, she was having a hard time keeping her emotions in check.

Sumaru was left alone to him self in a sense, not all was lost though. He decided to go adventuring into the new ship, he wanted to see what sort of armors they were carrying and the state of their kitchen, which ever came first I guess.

Dagsuz offered his hand to Nana, raising an eyebrow at her sudden purring sound. "I'm sure that If anything happens, I can fix it, or break it so much further that it's something else," He said in a joking manner, then to Nana, "Shall we?"

"Sora, will you please come with me to just one more place? And you to Ichi? Then I promise you can do whatever you wish. And I give you my word I will talk to Cherry and 'Tenshi. So please" Yuriko asked kindly, gently even as she dearly wanted to give her friend a hug right now.

Nana reached out, taking Dagsuz's hand with a faint squeeze, edging up close to him with a nod, "We shall." She wiggled her fingers to Kessah, but added, "You might want to see about Suma-chan. He seems a bit down today."

Kessah gave Nana a quick nod, and looked toward the hall Yuriko and company went down. Taking their time...

"You two are in trouble." Yuriko's telepathic voice full of disapproval as she sent the encrypted telepathic message to both 'Tenshi and Cherry. " I want you both to apologize to her later. Understood?" She ordered firmly.

Datenshi physically nodded as she sent back a rather weak message of "Yes ma'am..."

"Yes ma'am. Cherry copied with Datenshi, not actually knowing it.

Sora took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment as shesaid a quiet prayer to herself, "Okay, Yuriko-san. I just need a few moments to calm down first,"she replied rather weakly, still sounding strained.

Yuriko nodded lightly in turn. "I think you will enjoy it." Was all she said before going silent as she waited.

Serizawa quietly waited as well. Whatever Sora decided in the end, he'd go along with and that was a fact that didn't need saying.

Sumaru was heading in the opposite direction; it seemed the closest place was the kitchen it seemed. With the supplies already being loaded to the ship it seemed there was quite a menu already building up. Though limited mind you, Sumaru had already made it to the entrance of the kitchen it self while going over a display of the food he could possible make.

Dagsuz lead the way, the little map beside him twisting and turning as they navigated the halls. After a few moments, they emerged into engineering. The air was alive with the sounds of it, humming, quiet beeping of consoles on standby. However, just as they entered, Dagsuz's pace faltered. He cast a sideways glance at Nana. "Actually, I think I've thought of a better place to check out. Would you like to look around here first or...?"

The young Ketsurui shook her head and wiped the moisture from her eyes with the back of her right hand as she opened her eyes again. Oddly enough, she cracked the knuckles in both of her hands before she pushed her hair back behind her ears and turned to face Yuriko and Serizawa. She looked a little flushed but she had a small but rather forced smile for a moment, "Right, ready," she said softly as she tried to force the incident out of her mind.

"Good, you'll like this Sora-chan, you'll love it once I have everything ready however." Yuriko said merrily, trying in a vain attempt to brighten the girl's mood as she took one of Sora's hands into her's and turned about, heading towards an elevator to the upper deck.

Nana sauntered alongside Dagsuz, glancing around, taking everything in. She noted everything to memory, only snapped out of her observation when he spoke, "Oh. No, no. I can come back to this, we'll go where you want to." A brief squeeze given to his hand before she looked around, waiting to be led out to wherever it was Dagsuz was interested in. "You're lucky I want to see -everything-, or else I may have been glued to Engineering!"

Serizawa followed as Yuriko led Sora away, staying within a couple steps of the two women.

Datenshi dissapeared into the ship to be alone, well away from the medbay or any other place of real intrest. Not that she was running from Yuriko, no just that she wanted to be alone for a bit. She had gotten to excited and now she had roally screwed up, especially with Sora more then Yuriko. She had been trying to open the girl up a little more for both her own and Ichi's benifit, and now she had just flushed all that work away. With a sigh she became lost in the corridors of the ship.

Sora let herself be led away and tried to smile but was still only managed a weak, forced smile. She looked back at Serizawa with an apologetic look in her eyes, I think I'll be okay She projected to both her lover and her friend as they walked.

Cherry however stayed in the exact same spot, eyes closed now. Her only company now was the equally quiet of Kessah, who was once again daydreaming about things of the past.

Dagsuz let slip a grin as he made for the upper decks, approaching the recreation area with a surprising rapidity. He came to a halt outside one of the virtual reality rooms, slightly out of breath. "This," he breathed, "Is honestly more exciting than Engineering to me."

Yuriko smiled a little as they arrived on the upper deck, and into the zero-g main passage. "We're going towards the wardroom." She explained letting Sora's hand go as she began to float down the corridor, towards the rear of the ship.

ANYWAY! With loads of mixed massed chaos going on of the ship loading it self and so on. Sumaru went about querying the ship's MEGAMI about the supplies already loaded, he wanted it on a display that he could look over as he headed on his way to the cargo bay to grab up what he could for a first meal onboard the new ship, if there were pieces missing of what he'd like to cook he'd request that some of the food be changed in priority.

It's alright, Serizawa projected back to Sora. I'll follow along as far as you want me to. He followed the two neko women as they moved toward the wardroom.

Nana blinked, managing to keep up for the most part, stumbling a bit along with him. She looked down, then up again, going quiet and breathing a bit heavily. A pause and the pink-haired Neko would perk a brow, "..What is it?" Because that meant it had to be -damn- good if it was more exciting than Engineering.

Dagsuz opened the door, feeding instruction to MEGAMI to display a blank, white pod-like room. "Allow me to demonstrate," He said, indicating that Nana should enter first.

Windows popped up in front of Sumaru, food stuffs seemed to be among the first to be being loaded. A list of vegetables, meats, and many other ingredients were there, along with cookware, dishes, utensils, and the like. On another display lists of AS-7, and AS-5 torpedos came up, mostly AS-5 torpedos were being loaded save for a small hand full of AS-7's. It also seemed power armors would be coming up next in the cue.

Yuriko entered the wardroom, her feet planted firmly on the deck transparent Zesuaium windows in the wardroom provided a spectacular view of space as she looked the place over, finally spotting what she was looking for. She began to walk further into the back of the ship, past the wardroom.

Sora followed along after Yurikocurious as to what the neko had wanted to show her. The curiousity seemed to be helping the medic slowly come back out of her soured mood.

Nana blinked a bit and then nodded her head, releasing his hand reluctantly and then stepping into the room. A glance around, and she scratched idly at her belly before looking over her shoulder at Dagsuz. "Hum?"

He ignored the list of torpedoes; they by far were the most least interesting part of the ships to him after the battle where he could not bring one down even if he tried Sumaru began to desist them. Though he understood their part in ship to ship combat, he just didn't like the concept of not being able to do anything. Then he requested a map to the food storage be added to his displays, so he could go and snatch up what he needed. Though he did take a look to see what armors and modules were being loaded out of intrest over anything else.

Dagsuz stepped in behind Nana, barely surpressing a grin.As the door closed, the room faded away, leaving them in complete darkness. One by one, tiny pinpricks of light began appearing. Suddenly, the gravity dropped away, and after a few moments, a nebula came into view, and a closer dot of light cast just enough light to see by. They were, apparently, standing in deep space. "Incredible!" Dagsuz said, floating in space before Nana. His hair floated freely around him, writhing like something come alive as he turned this way and that in effort to see everything.

Yuriko arrived on a very special deck of her ship, the Observation deck. In the middle of the room there were soft leather couches, some with backs, and some without. And the occasional recliner. There were rows, upon rows, of pots, and plats for gardening, and best of all, a breathtaking view of space, and of Hanako's Star could be seen, stars in the backdrop as they all shined through the large transparent Zesuaium windows. "Ta da... This is what I wanted to show you." She said with a little smile..

Dark. Nana saw dark. In the sense that you don't really..see dark, but. Just as she began pondering this, Nana gave a glance down -- only to notice specks of light appearing. A brow raised and the pink-haired Neko suddenly gave a small yelp as the ground did not look much like a ground anymore! Her eyes wide, she looked down, then up at Dagsuz, blinking rapidly, "W..what is this?"

Kessah suddenly pushed herself off the wall using her foot and walked over to Cherry, giving her a light tug on the ear.

Cherry perked up at the sudden tug and gave Kessah a death glare, definately not in the mood.

Kessah, however, would have none of that. "C'mon. I'm dragging you along to cheer you up and to kill my boredum." She smiled a little to Cherry before she began to walk away.

Cherry blinked a little, dumbly if you will, and stood up. She wasn't used to Kessah actually taking action for once, and was curious. So, like a duckling to her mother, she followed Kessah.

Kessah lead Cherry to the elevator, and in, pressing the button for it to rise, "I am sure Sora will be fine, so cheer up..."

Sora's eyes widened as she stared out at the view from the Observation deck. Her expression instantly brightened as she beamed in amazement. "Oh wow! It's gorgeous! T-thank you for showing me this, Yuriko-san!" Her eyes sparkled as she revealed in the view.

Sumaru quickly grabbed up the supplies he'd need for the food, carrying a few boxes piled up. As well as cooking pans and utensils, he was in a rush to start cooking so he made his way back to the kitchen as fast as he could with a much happier look on his face then before. He had gathered Ingredients to make seafood tempura, as well as vegetables to make a small stir fry and rice. Another few boxes were also on his arms for desert and maybe another side dish. He was quite strong and had no problem carrying the almost blinding stack by him self.

"You're very much welcome Sora, and you are welcome here anytime, who knows, maybe you'd like to get your hands dirty with me, and we could plants some flowers, and other plants?" Yuriko said as she too now looked out of the windows.

Cherry let out a soft hmph and nodded a little. Sure, it was stupid... But it was only a grope. Two gropes, maybe. She wouldn't be physically scared or anything. "I know..." There was still Yuriko... But... That thought could wait.

Kessah rolled her eyes playfully to Cherry before she lead her down the hall once the elevator openned. She didn't need a map to guide her about the ship, or at least not to where she was going. She was looking over things, just like Yuriko. Namely because she couldn't sleep last night, but thats beside the point. Leading Cherry into the recreation room, she went over to where the consoles were set up (And she was rather happy that they were indeed there in the first place) and sat down in front of them, Cherry following suit. "Moment. Trust me, this'll be fun."

"This is the Virtual Reality Room," Dagsuz said iwth a grand getsure towards the stars, "And it can, to a point, put you anywhere you want. It can let you do so many things... If it were a few years back, I could easily become addicted. In fact..." With a sweeping motion, the gravity came back slowly, the scenery melting from the stark beauty of deep space to a wide, grassy field with snow-capped mountains in the distance. "..It can be a few years ago."

"I've never tended a garden before," Sora commented brightly. "But I liked visiting the ones at the Academy right before dawn after a rain storm, the mist rolling from the ground gave the flowers an etherial quality," she remembered wonderously. "It was like, walking into another world."

Thank you for the gesture, Serizawa sent a message telepathically to Yuriko. I am personally in your debt. He took to Sora's side again looked at her. "A garden might not be a bad idea, as far as ambience is concerned."

Yuriko blinked as inspiration hit her. The Shoi walked over to Sora, and gave her a kiss on the cheek, smiling. "You gave me a very good idea for a name for this ship." In response to Serizawa, she inclined her head.

Cherry looked around the room as Kessah fiddled with some things on the console. She looked at the closed door saying 'Virtual Reality Chamber in use' and tweaked a brow. ... Whats that? Her curiousicity was broken when Kessah threw something into her lap.

Kessah held the same thing she tossed to Cherry; a controller. Sure, it wasn't a virtual reality chamber or anything, it probably wasn't even allowed to have anything to play over the galaxy with, being a warship and all, but it was still fun. "This is the controller. Analog sticks, bumpers to press, various buttons. You'll pick it up quickly." Kessah smiled a little and leaned forward, pressing a button on the console. A light flicked to life on top of the rather small device, and the screen showed some various logos.

As Nana felt ground again, she breathed out heavily and looked around the newly changed scene. She turned slightly, looking around slowly, a smile on her face, "Wow. Now, this.. this is really pretty.." Nana seemed enthralled, blinking several times and dropping into a slight crouch, poking at the ground.

Setting things up in the kitchen, humming happily to him self as he unpacked everything all at once and began setting it out in the stages he would need to cook it in. Then began pulling out the brand new pots and pans and set those up at the various temperatures and started straight away at adding the oils that he needed to the woks and then preparing a pot to seam the rice. While waiting for them to warm up, with a small piece of vegetable at the bottom of the woks to help him indicate just the temperature of the pan, he began on his tempura batter. Making sure to add his own touch to the flavor, allowing it when mixed with the shrimp inside to explode with flavor. It was a favorite of his sisters, so he hoped it'd do well for the crew as well. Then once that was prepared he hastily made - a pair of sauces by mixing others and adding sugar to one and salt to the other. A custom of his home prefect, sweet sweet and sour sauce, and potent soya dip sauce. Both were lovely with the tempura and good to add to rice. Which was the next thing too, because the small amount of water he had prepared was being to boil; he filled the large pot with white rice then covered it while turning off the burner to let it steam. Then popping noises form his second wok, then the first one. He filled the first one with the shrimp, to lightly cook them first and to the second on he began filling with various vegetables for a stir fry, filling the bottom of the wok with soya sauce for a hint of flavor.

The game's theme of metal music roared out of the speakers, making Cherry jump a bit in surprise. It reminded her of 'Tenshi's time back when they had the short vacation, and so she smiled a little.

Kessah's fingers moved quickly through some various menu's, and before Cherry knew it the screen had '1-1' in shiny text on the screen, and it roared, "Roll out!". And so the rather classical style of side scrolling arcade shooter began, with Cherry's character dieing several times in the first few minutes until she figured out how to actually move.

Dagsuz took a seat in the lush green grass, and was unable to resist the urge to flop down onto his back. "Aside from indulging in fantasies," Dagsuz said, turning to look at Nana as she poked the ground, "It also allows for simulation of various things, as long as enough data to extrapolate the outcome. So, you see, this room alone is far more interesting to me than engineering without a high clearance." At this, he laughed, "But I suppose that is because I could spend days in here easily. Lose track of time..."

A small sprite soon filtered into the galley where Sumaru was. Her hair, a color that seemed to be ever changing to different colors of flowers, was cut short so as to not get caught up cooking. With a blink she looked to the man in her kitchen. "Um...Hello...!"

"Hi!" Sumaru greeted her with a wide smile as he rushed about cooking up a storm, making sure both woks wouldn’t burn but still cook perfectly by turning down the heat and moving then to another set of boxes. "Sorry, you must be the sprite in charge of the kitchen. I am Sumaru, one of the crew from the ship you'll be serving with. I hope you don't mind that I use your kitchen to make a meal for the crew." He said all this hastily, because the poor Sumaru was a one man chef team at the moment.

"Not at all! Lemme help you out okay?" Haru smiled and rushed over to his side, bumping him with her hip to knock him aside to another thing he was doing as she took over quickly.

Nana turned a bit, watching him for a while. Well, there was that thing about being bold... Ah, why not? Nana dropped down onto all fours and slowly crept forward, crawling up close to, and, in fact, on top of him, closing the distance with a tiny smile, "Well.. I can see why." Again came that soft, purring sound.

"Okay, just make sure the woks are managed and keep the food moving and not to burn, the batter for the tempura is ready if you can take the shrimp out and then batter them and place them back in a little more oil in the same wok then that'll be amazing. I'm going to start on desert; we'll be serving sweetbean and raspberry Taiyaki." Sumaru said with a nod, he was so alive and happy in the kitchen as he rushed over to the boxes and began starting on the thick cookie like cake batter and the different fillings as well. Once the cake was finished, those be put on a pan with a rice paper sheet under them and stick in the oven, he'd be able to finish the fillings for them at that time.

"Ano....should you be doing that Haru-chan?" A sprite with hair the reddish orange color of fallen autumn leaves asked as she entered the kitchen. "After all, he started cooking."

Haru nodded and smiled, happy to be getting to work so quickly as she began to do as she was told. It was his creation and therefore she would follow what he said. "Of course! It is my job to cook and I am still following his orders!" Haru nodded to the other sprite. "Where are you supposed to be Aki-chan?"

Aki blinked, and scratched the back of her head, reddish orange curls bouncing slightly as she did so. "Well, MEGAMI hasn't given me a task yet. Oh...wait...there we go." She said as MEGAMI promptly gave her an assigned job. "Guess I'm a caretaker now." She said with a little yawn.

Dagsuz blinked as nana approached, having to surpress his instinct to draw back. Lucky for her, he was on the ground and not readily mobile, so she managed to get over him quite easily. A smile broke across his face as he looked into her eyes. "Something on your mind?"

Cherry pouted a little as the game over screen came up. "Awh... That was fun, too..."

"You died so many times you ate up all our lives on level one... Heh... No worries. We can play again..." Kessah hit 'Retry' on the screen and level one started up once more.

Sumaru nodded a hello to the new sprite and then was quickly diverted to the oven as it pinged that his fish shaped cake half were done. He dawned a glove to pull the sheet out, then before the cookies could cool he began to paint the sweet bean paste on the insides, then pieced the half’s together, he'd add the raspberry latter. "Actually, if you could do me a huge favor. I want to make this a little more presentable, maybe almost like a party. So if you don't mind, would you please go and grab what ever decorations you can as well as dishes corresponding to the military colors and set the tables Aki-san, that'd be wonderful. Cover the table and swats in a nice martial and that sort of thing." Yup, Sumaru was lost to the world, he was cooking!

Sora smiled brightly at Yuriko coming out of the fog of awe at the memories coupled with the view with a bright smile, "You're very welcome," she gently squeezed Serizawa's hand as she continued to stare out the window.

"Decorations?" Aki asked tilting her head a little, she snapped her fingers and wall and ceiling decorations suddenly sprang up about the wardroom. As for the tables she'd have to do those herself. "Sorry Sumaru-Hei. The dishwear is china, no military colors about it." She said a little sheepishly, but went to go fetch the china anyways.

"You seem very good at this Suma-kun! I might have to have you cook with me more often." The sprite giggled a little and nodded as she began to wrap up a few dishes, putting the shrimp back into the oil to finish cooking now.

Nana grinned inwardly. She did it! Well, she managed to hit stage one, she thought. Biting her bottom lip softly, she shook her head, very slowly sitting up, "No. Nothing. I just think this is really.. pretty, and.. you're..." Her voice trailed off, gaze going soft, "..really...."

"So, what do you think of the name Asamoya, Sora-chan?" Yuriko asked as she stared too.

"That's just fine, thanks a bunch!" Sumaru called out after Aki. Then once he noticed Haru begin doing the batter he smiled and nodded, while reaching over her shoulder to turn the temperature of the wok down just enough then shut the vegetable stir-fry off then sifted it all into a large metallic bowl and placing the rice from the pot into the wok to lightly fry it and also adding the light flavor left from the oil of the vegetables and soy sauce in the bottom of the pan. "Sadly enough I'm on the other ship and won't be over here too often, but if you'd like Haru, I could come visit and we could cook together some time!" He'd offer as he turned back to his deserts and began filling the fish shaped cakes with the raspberry sauce, once done he'd stick them back into the turned off over only- to keep them warm until after dinner.

"I think it's really pretty, morning mist... It seems like a good name for a scout or stealth mission ship. But I like it for this ship, regardless, Yuriko-san," The red haired neko replied brightly. "It's a nice change from flower names."

"Really?" Serizawa asked quizically. "I figured you would have liked the flower names the best, Sora."

"Well, flowers in the morning mist are quite pretty." Yuriko commented kindly as she sniffed the air. "Eh? Do you smell that? It smells like someone is cooking."

Dagsuz propped himself up on his elbows, gaze fixed on Nana. So many things invaded his conciousness; everything from guilt to relief. Shaking himself from his thougts, he reached up and wrapped his arms around Nana in a strangely childlike hug. His arms wrapped tight , and he held on for a long moment as he tried to shut out all other thought.

"What ship are you with?" Haru asked as she leaned over, turning down a oven top that had been still on just under Sumaru's chest. With a small snicker she nudgeed him lightly again and continued to cook.

"Oh, I do but nothing but a bouquet of flowers in a fleet of combat ships seems... contrary, don't you think?" Sora replied offhandedly to Serizawa. She smiled as she finally noticed the scent of food cooking and sniffed the air. "They are. And I do smell it. It smells pretty good."

Aki began setting the dishes on a large rectangular table, in the center was a teppanyaki grill. There was another one of these tables, and four other smaller tables, but this one had eight chairs, perfect for everyone it seemed.

Nana blinked several times, going quiet for a while. Her brow furrowed and she smiled a little, feeling something.. odd from that. But, she leaned forward, a hand lightly running through Dagsuz's hair, nuzzling into him lightly and softly purring again. And, due to the nature of aforementioned hug, she found that her mind was not on the nasty, but slightly more innocent things.

"The Elfin Princess, previously I was onboard the Plumeria before we were downed." He stated plainly, rather touchy subject but it was the truth none the less. Then Sumaru began filling the individual dishes that go on top of the serving dishes, in true Japanese cuisine style. A plate full of rice with the tempura placed neatly on the bed of lightly fried rice, and then the corners of each dish were filled with the vegetable stir fry. Tiny bowls for each person was filled with both unique sauces from home, and then he'd make sure everything else was off, "Thanks for all your help Haru-san, now let's see how we did. I hope they life it." He giggled a little and then start being them out and placing them on the table, a smile to his face at the sight of the decorations.

Serizawa was able to smell the cooking shortly after Sora confirmed the scent. "Well, are you feeling up to lunch, Sora? We don't have very far to go to get some."

"Your with Mango!?" It seemed the protective sprite was somewhat famous for beating the others out of the kitchen, save for a select few. "Is she really as ean as they say?"

"Sankyuu so much Aki-san, this looks great!" Sumaru said to the sprite while he made his way out with some of the dishes, hopefully closely followed by Haru with more. Then he'd go back and get some more and was sure to get glasses filled with water set around at each as well, it was a magnificent set up indeed. "Ah, yes... I am." Sumaru called back to Haru, with an almost regrettable tone. With Mango he didn't get to cook. "Alright if everything is ready, I'm going to get the rest of the crew here, you two good?" He asked the sprites.

"I think I could eat a little bit, Ichi-kun," Sora replied softly as she ran a hand through her hair for a moment. "I can't pass up what smells like an incredible meal."

A light wind rippled the vast grass plain around them as Dagsuz reluctantly let go, but stayed upright pressed close to Nana. A few clouds had formed around the western horizon, where the sun began sinking to. His mood seemed to be afffecting the rendering of the virtual world, if only in ambience. He took comfort in her purr, and was unwilling to part from her while she was doing so. He looked up at her, his violet eyes astorm with thought, reflecting the darkening horizon. "I'm sorry. I've just... had some rough times recently," he said after a moment. "Turns out I'm not as jaded to loss as I thought."

"Umm, Kakutama-Shoi?" A sprite with reddish orange hair called as she came up behind the trio. She stood at 5'1" she was a little curvy and it showed through her bodysuit uniform.

"Well then, we should go get ourselves something to eat then," Serizawa as he started to lead Sora back to the wardroom. He noticed the short sprite addressing Yuriko but thought little of her and figured Yuriko was going to have some work to do.

"Hai!" Haru said as she finished with her last bits of the dishes and began to dish them out into bowls to take out to the tables. Smiling and huming lightly now.

"Mmm?" Yuriko said as she turned around, now facing a sprite. "Oh hello there, something you need sweetie?" She asked kindly. On the Sakura and Plumeria she had always treated the sprites well.

"Lunch is being prepared, would you like to eat?" Aki asked as she bowed low to Yuriko, who seemed to be smiling at the sprite.

Yuriko smiled a little more now. "Of course! But first, tell me your name? Please?"

"Okay... now." Sumaru accessed MEGAMI and then requested for a ship wide announcement to be made, his voice carried over the internal intercom. "Dinner is served, if you could all make your way to the ward room now please hurry, else it'll get cold."

"I'm Aki ma'am, a pleasure to meet you, and to be serving under you." Aki said as she stood straight, and cocked her head to the side. "Ma'am...there seems to be a person in the starboard power armor bay...she is grumbling over there not being any power armors. Long red hair, ponytail, dark complextion..."

Nana slid a hand around to the back of Dagsuz's head, nuzzling him gently and smiling faintly. The rumbling in her throat dies down a bit and she leans back some, breathing out heavily in a sigh, "I understand. Well, I don't.. I don't personally know, but.. if you need to talk about it.. I am here." She brushed back his hair, placing a small kiss on his forehead before beginning to stand up... very slowly, however, "Did you want to get out of here..? Or.."

Sora followed after Serizawa, her smile had softened a little and she shook her head at the thoughts again. Let it go. She thought grimly to herseelf.

Dagsuz leaned slightly into Nana's touch, eyes closed and a smile teasing at the edge of his lips. His arm caught her around the waist as she started to stand, however, and he spoke without opening his eyes. "I am curious... Where would you like to go, given the chance?"

Nana blinked several ties, looking down at Dagsuz for a good, long while. That was certainly an odd question. Resting a hand atop his head, she took in a deep breath before thinking quietly to herself, "Well. Anywhere I haven't yet been, I suppose."

"Oh! That must be 'Tenshi. She tends to become fussy over such things, she is an armorer by trade." Yuriko explained as a small inventory window would pop up in front of 'Tenshi's face a selection of harpies, sylphs, mindies, and daisies would be loaded shortly, with moduels for them all.

"Ah, well, food?" Aki said rather simply.

"Of course." Yuriko said happily as she followed after Aki, Sora, and Ichi.

Datenshi blinked lightly at the message window. With a huff she saw she still had some time to wait as she flopped to her rear in front of the table, stomach growling a little. She wasn't in the mood to eat though, having heard the announcement before hand.

Serizawa led his lover into wardroom and pulled out a chair for her to sit in. The meals were already served, much to the scientist's surprise.

The over head decorations sparkled, and shined, and the wall ones winked with lights.Got to love holographics. Aki mused as she seated Yuriko.

The sun hit the horizon, setting the skies aflame. The accumulated clouds burst into orange immediately around the bright disk, pinks and purples. Dagsuz tore his gaze away from Nana as he slipped his other arm around her again. He looked off into the sunset, quiet for a long moment as the sun sank lower and the glow spread further across the sky. "Then, I think it's only fair that you take me where-ever you want to go, as I've already imposed my destination on you," he said, turning over the room control to Nana.

Sumaru was standing off to the side, bowing his head and gesturing for everyone to sit, for now he'd wait to eat. Hoping more would arrive soon, or all his hard work would go to waste, and he couldn’t have that happen now could he? Maybe he'd go and get that armor after all, grab the rest and toss 'em in here... it was a nice thought for the time being, but instead he just stood there over by the entrance to the kitchen.

Sora sat down in the offered chair with a soft smile. "Thank you, Ichi-kun," sge said softly. She looked over at Sumaru inquisitively and wondered if he had cooked this on his own or with the sprites. She tried tosearch for a piece of informatio that wasn't there with a soft sigh. Her memory gap was bothering her.

"....I couldn't really picture or say. I have not a clear image because I have no idea of what is.. out there, yet. Not entirely." Nana seemed a bit bothered by that, rubbing gently at the back of her head and giving a small sigh. She made herself comfortable, though, nuzzling herself against him, "...besides. I.. I like what you showed me." Fairly pleased for the moment, the soft, almost hypnotic purring started up again as she engulfed Dagsuz in a tight hug.

A message soon came to Yuriko's attention, a request to board. Seemed that the Asamoya already had their first transfer. "Greetings Shoi Kakutama Yuriko, Santo Hei Fujiwara Saya reporting for duty." She was quick about it, having already been on the base.

"It wasn't a problem at all," Serizawa told Sora. He then occupied the seat next to her and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Yuriko perked up a little at the message. "Oh? Well, only here for a few hours, and I already have my first transfer!" She said somewhat happily. The Shoi sent a message back. "Permission granted, please use the ventral airlock." She sent back, refering to the top airlock. It'd be by far quicker then the one they'd used. "A sprite will be sent to escort you to our wardroom."

The very Japanese plate was full of flavor and color and done to the best of the very multitalented pilot’s abilities, the sauces were almost just like home, so you know they were done amazingly. Sumaru stared at the door for some time with both arms crossed, his lips slowly pursing to one side as he grew impatient. It was never good to ignore some one's hard labored meal they prepared for you, but it was fine. He'd soon bring it up later, maybe by embarrassingly making announcements one by one for the people that weren’t there... or, he would if he could. Sumaru was much too shy for that, the poor thing.

"Sumaru, please set another place? We have a new transfer." Yuriko asked the Santo Hei politely.

"Ventral...? Erm..u-Oh! Ventral right hai! I will see you soon Shoi!" The girl seemed scrambled and a little confused, but otherwise alright as she made her way to the appropriate airlock, awaiting just at the door to be let in by the sprite.

Dagsuz happily melted in Nana's embrace, and the landscape once again began to blur. A few moments later they found themselves in the center of a sort of garden. Flowers grew in carefully placed arangments from the grass, two large, blooming cherry trees overhanging and filtering the light of a bright, full moon with a blue glow about it. The whole garden was rather small, shaped like a bowl with them in the center. A short wall all the way around created a horizon of uniform, cracked grey stone. The night was cool, a mild, gusty breeze occasionally sweeping through the overhead branches. "Then I'll be happy to share the places I've been." Dagusz said as the final details coalesced.

The airlock opened, and a sprite stood just below it, the ladder extending down from the begining of the airlock, to the deck. The blonde haired sprite stood there, hands underneath her small chest as she tapped a foot lightly, waiting.

"Still feeling a little off from the restoration. The gap in my memory is troubling me but there's really nothing I can do to fill it," Sora replied softly to Serizawa. She looked down at the plate of food and finally asked, "Sumaru-kun, did you make all of this on your own?"

"Huh..." He'd snap back form his growing irritated stair, hearing his name. "Oh, sorry. Yes ma'am, my pleasure." Sumaru would then take a slight bow then slip into the kitchen to prepare another plate, he'd ask one of the sprites around him if they'd mind placing another chair at the table, which we can assume that they would. Sumaru was glad he had cooked too much, because he still had enough for seconds and the new recruit. The trappish armor pilot, chef extraordinaire, filled the plate just like the previous ones. The light battered shrimp tempura placed on a nice bed of lightly fried rice that had the light flavor of soy sauce and vegetables' oil. Then after that, the corner of the plate was filled with the vegetable sir fry. Sumaru made sure to prepare two little bowls of his homemade sauces; sweet sweet and sour. And the potent soy. Placing the two on the other upper corner of the plate then making his way back into the room. "I did most of the work, with some help from Haru-san the sprite here in the kitchen who looked after all of the other stuff while I prepared the meal, all the recipes are my own and there's also desert so eat up! Oh, and you can thank Aki-san for the decorations and setting the table."

Saya had a dufflebag in her hands as she stepped into the airlock, floating rather then worrying about tripping. "Greetings! I am Santo Hei Fujiwara Saya! Happy to meet you." She bowed lightly to the sprite before straightening up. "Who are you?"

"Eh? Kyuuka, a pleasure, the Shoi is waiting for you in the wardroom Fujiwara-Hei. Please follow me." Kyuuka replied as she began to float down the hall, towards the wardroom, it was a straight shoot, and wouldn't take that long.

Saya nodded lightly and floated down the hallways after Kyuuka quietly, observing the area around her, yet not the area in front of her.

Kyuuka led the woman down the zero-g hall, which was basically a straight shot to the wardroom. The blonde sprite walked into the happy seeming dining area, and cleared her throat, and bowed to Yuriko. "Ma'am, Santo Hei Fujiwara Saya has arrived."

Saya dipped into a forward bow. "Greetings, I am Santo Hei Fujiwara Saya, glad to meet you all!"

Yuriko looked up from her food as a new sprite entered, and announced the new Santo Hei. She stood up, and gave a short bow in return. "Welcome aboard my ship Fujiwara-Hei, we were about to enjoy some lunch, care to join?" She asked looking to see if Sumaru had set a place for her as requested.

"Hm? Oh! Yes please very much!" Saya giggled a little and placed her bag by the door before she sat down at the table somewhat near Yuriko, giving a space for anyone else to take a seat.

Aki crept over to Kyuuka, and up behind her. "So sis, what brings you out of the med lab?" The orange, and reddish haired sprite asked, standing there perfectly at ease as the slimmer, blonde haired Kyuuka turned about glowering a little. "I had to escort her," She pointed to Saya." Up here, though I'm glad for the break, Fuyu was getting on my nerves."

"Oh don't blame Fuyu; it's just how she is." Came a call from the kitchen, Haru sticking up for the normally cold sprite.
Star Paul: There was already a place set out for the new recruit, though mind you there were many open spots. Which caused the armor pilot chef quite a bit of sadness, not seeing the rest of the crew there to enjoy his meal, he had hoped that they'd all be able to enjoy. He still didn't take a seat, reluctantly standing by the kitchen entrance with his eyes to the main door in hopes the rest of the crew would make it.

"We've only been alive for a few hours and she's already a cold hearted wench if you ask me." Kyuuka grumbled. Aki merely sighed, and placed her hands behind her head.

Haru hmped and threw shrimp at Kyuuka, aiming for her head.

Saya giggled a little at the two sprites but remained silent regardless, watching the others with interest.

Yuriko frowned, wondering where the others were; there had been a ship wide announcement after all, and Dagsuz, Cherry, Nana, and Kessah were still missing.

Aki lunged, mouth open, and nabbed the flying shrimp, not even bothering to take her arms from her head as she happily held it between her teeth, grinning a little in Haru's direction before she chewed it up, and swallowed.

Kessah strode into the wardroom finally, she having had to pry herself off from Cherry's hugging (Which proceeded to groping, naturally) when she made to go get some food. Cherry herself wanted to be alone, and remained else where. With a wave the small techie greeted everyone and took a seat at the table rather quickly.

Saya looked the newcomer over and returned the wave with a smile, patiently waiting to see that she could get some food. She wasn’t sure if they were waiting for the others or not.

Sora and Serizawa seemed already to be quietly enjoying the meal so it would look okay for Saya to join in.

Kyuuka stuck her tongue out at Haru, having seen the flying shrimp coming at her before it was intercepted by Aki.

Yuriko saw Kessah enter, wondering where Cherry was, and for that matter Tenshi. She sent a little text message to each, a small, bouncing holographic window would pop up in front of them, asking if they would like to join everyone for lunch or not.

"Sumaru, I know we have wine onboard, do you have any on hand right now?" Yuriko telepathically asked the pilot as she sat there, still awaiting a response from Cherry and Datenshi.

Cherry replied after a moment with a quick, short text message back of, 'No.'

Seeing the others eating, Saya quickly dove into the food, grabbing a few pieces here and there to make up a small modest plate of food. Standing up quickly, she went over to her duffle bag and grabbed herself a pair of chopsticks that seemed to be packaged in what looked like a medical sterilization bag. Opening the bag she neatly tucked the trash in her duffle bag before walking back over to the table with the chopsticks. After a quick prayer she began to eat.

Yuriko blinked at the message, and sent one back to Cherry, asking why.

Datenshi sent a message much the same, a simple "No thanks"

Haru blinked a little at the sprite and shook her head, wondering how she could get the girl back later.

Kessah got her own plate, which was just a couple of shrimp. She wasn't all that hungry, although the main reason was she didn't like shrimp all too much. Or seafood in general, for that matter, but that was just personal preference. "Looks nice."

The food and setting was amazing though. Aki seemed to have done some justice to the wardroom making it more so look like a fine dining restraint and the dishes were set and dressed in a high class way. "I had a bottle of campaign set aside in the kitchen to chill just for that request, I thought it'd be more festive and appropriate for the occasion, I'll go get it right away." Sumaru responded as he then bowed his head to the room and made his way into the kitchen, the glasses for said drinks were already set out but empty on the table, they had no proper place to store the bottle beside the table to keep it chilled, so the kitchen was the only option. After a few seconds, he'd emerge back out and start by serving the captain of the ship first.

Cherry sent a text message back after a much longer moment, about a minute. 'Because. Don't worry.'

Then he'd move over to Sora and Serizawa filling a glass of the bubbly for them each, and then to Kessah he'd fill her glass and lean over to whisper something into her ear. "There's other stuff too incase you don't like the shrimp." He'd say thoughtfully, being the nice person that he was as he had noticed her only having so very little on her plate. Then he'd move over to the new recruit and offer him a charming lightly glossed smile. Sumaru looked simply like a very slender and flat female, hips, waist and even facial features. Though mind you half of his soft complexion was covered by a veiling bang, the unexposed eye was frost blue and a small gem like star sticker was right below the corner of it. "I hope you enjoy my cooking." He'd say, though it'd sound like a she'd say.

Yuriko smiled, and inclined her head to the impromptu cook, in thanks as she took a sip of the Champagne.

Saya replied back with a nod and a smile. "Arigatou Sumaru-kun!" It seemed that the doctor was already getting familiar with the different crew member's records.

Yuriko took the time to respond to 'Tenshi, asking why she didn't want food. Honestly, they're both being childish about all of this, She thought a little irritably to herself. All she had said in way to makeup for their transgression was a simple apology to Sora after all.

Kessah just shook her head to Sumaru in a 'No, its fun' gesture. ... Sometimes I wish they'd just make... Beef stew. Or chili... Or... Something. The small redhead smirked a little to herself before picking up a shrimp and giving the other eaters quick glances, noting the five new faces (And thinking Saya was a sprite or something), and also seeing how to eat the shrimp. Its been a while.

He'd nod then giggle slightly; it seemed the doctor was quite ecstatic being so exclamatory in thanks. Then moved next to his own glass, filling it up before clearing his throat. "I propose that the new Shoi make a toast!" He said, smiling and nodding once to Yuriko in encouragement, the occasion called for it.

Yuriko had been taking a sip of her champagne when Sumaru had said that, and was now coughing, and sputtering as she had been startled.

Datenshi replied with a picture of a small stick figure shrugging.

Saya gave the new girl a wave and a small giggle as she popped a shrimp into her mouth, chewing lightly as she made sure to take care with her food so she wouldn't make a mess.

Kessah chuckled a little at her Shoi's expense, and shook her head a little in amusement as she sent her a telepathic message. "Next you'll see everyone wanting to go down on you or something in congratulations. Or something." She did, however, raise her glass up.

Saya did the same, raising her glass after swallowing her mouthful of food. Her chopsticks were placed perfectly on the edge of the plate.

Yuriko coughed a little more, seeing the stick figure, and sent one back, this time joined by another that would be herself. Her stick figure whacked 'Tenshi's over the head, and dragged her to the wardroom, tossing her into a chair. To Kessah she glared a little. "We have torpedo tubes, remember." She warned, feeling a little irritable due to 'Tenshi, and Cherry's antics, and now the slight burning sensation in her chest before standing.

Datenshi jumped a little at the message, blinking a little before she sighed and got up, dragging herself down to the wardroom to go get something to eat. After all, if she didn't have the energy, how could she mope and hide from the others? As she got into the room she made sure to sit at the table, just a little away from Yuriko, and on the opposite side of the table from Sora and Ichi.

At least I got one of them here. Yuriko though for a moment as 'Tenshi made her way in. She tapped the side of her glass, calling for quiet.

Datenshi blinked lightly at the new face and the situation, but grabbed a glass and raised it in tribute.

Kessah giggled playfully at Yuriko's comment and gave Datenshi a quick half-wave in greeting to 'Tenshi, keeping her glass up the entire time.

"To all of our friendships, may their bonds last through this war, and still be strong long after it is over." Yuriko said aloud, holding her glass high, before seating herself again, and taking another small sip.

"Here here!" Saya called out and nodded, smiling as she too a small sip. After her sip she picked up her chopsticks and again began eating, taking special care not to make a mess.

Datenshi retuned the wave and sipped down a little of her drink to the toast before she grabbed a nice big plateful of food. Since she was here, she may as well eat in earnest eh?

Kessah nodded as well, chiming in with a "Mmhm." Not real words, sure, but oh well. She took a small sip from the glass before attempting to eat the shrimp again. And this time she was successful!

"Hey Haru, got any more shrimp to toss?" Aki asked, holding her stomach a little, hearing it growl.

Sumaru nodded then took a sip of his own, before turning to the door one last time. "Well... I guess I waited long enough." He said faintly before taking a seat him self. Probably close to Yuriko and Datenshi, somewhere in the middle anyhow. "Itatakimas." He said before picking up his own chopsticks and starting in. Then heating the sprite speak about being hungry, and Sumaru being the type he is quickly swallowed down his first mouthful hard, with water chasing it down quickly after. "Aki-san, there's plenty of empty plates here for people who have chosen not to eat. Why don't you all join us? If they come hungry later, I'm sure I can prepare something from the left over ingredients in the kitchen." Sumaru offered pleasantly.

"All of the food has yet to be loaded Sumaru-Hei," Aki explained in response to him referring to the left over ingredients. "Besides, the Asamoya's food storage is multi-leveled and can reach the elevation of the starboard living area. So, we're taking on a lot of food, plus whatever Kakutama-Shoi ordered for the cargo storage." Aki explained as she wandered into the kitchen and swiped a shrimp from beneath Haru's nose.

"Aki...you're what the Nepleslians refer to as a hippy, you know that?" Kyuuka grumbled as she followed her 'sister'.

"Hey! Get outta here those are mine!" Came a shout from the kitchen as Haru threw an empty frying pan at Aki.

"Whoa!, sis, calm down, it’s only one shrimp...not like you can eat all of those, even if you do...you'd be the size of the star fortress," Aki replied ducking from the frying pan, and Kyuuka using her anti-gravity control to jump into the air to dodge it.

Kessah raised her voice a little, "Hey you two... You get to kill each other later." There were guests, after all.

Yuriko snorted into her glass a moment before she began making two large plates of food.

"Grrrr!" Came a growl from the kitchen as Haru threatened to throw a second frying pan at Aki.

Yuriko finished, putting an assortment of food onto the plates, with the proper utensils. She excused herself from the table for a moment, and began heading towards the kitchen.

Aki scratched the back of her head as she watched Haru. "Come on sis, no need to be mean, where’s the love?" The orange and reddish haired sprite asked as Yuriko walked past Kyuuka who went wide eyed, and bowed, now standing behind Aki, holding aloft two plates, that seemed to almost be overflowing with food. She cleared her throat to politely garner the two sprite's attention.

Sumaru was just glad to be eating something that tasted like home, as he shrugged off what Aki had said. He was genuine in his offer and her noting him of more food being loaded on only meant more for him to cook if someone else arrived late. But he stuck to being quiet as he ate through his plate mouthfuls at a time, but holding quite good table manners. Mainly due to his silence, but the food was just so good to him. He did have to remind him self that he cooked desert too, so he ended up slowing down at some point.

Datenshi dug into her plate, and much to Saya's horror, she was so hungry that she simply didn't care if she made a mess. The poor new girl shuddered visibly as she stared at 'Tenshi, mouth somewhat slack-jawed.

Kessah smirked a little at Datenshi and shook her head in playful amusement before giving Saya a quick glance and a tweaked brow. With a smirk she went back to her shrimp and ate the last one on her plate, and began to take sips of her drink.

"The love was in the shrimp I made with special hot sauce for myself!" Haru grumbled a little and chewed on the tail of one of the shrimp, one she left aside for herself.

"Now now girls, no need to fight, there is plenty of food for you both." Yuriko said in a kind tone as she entered the kitchen, and placed both plates of food on a counter. She'd made sure there were quite a bit of shrimp, rice, and stir-fry on the plates. Aki gave Haru a helpless look as Yuriko swept past, placing the two plates of food on a counter close to the two of them. "But it was good Haru-chan..." She commented as Yuriko stepped away from the plates. "You two deserve to dig in." She said before going back out, and gathering another plate for Kyuuka, and handing it to her with a little wink before sitting down.

"Thank you, Yuriko-Shoi! Could you take come down to Fuyu-chan too? Later even? She is down in the med bay getting everything set up." Haru asked as she nibbled at her own shrimp, eating the tail and all.

Yuriko had been about to take a bite of her own food when Haru had made her request. Putting it down, the Shoi got to her feet, and fixed a fourth plate before apologizing she would have to excuse herself again. There had been a fourth sprite? This she hadn't known, or even if they had been completed yet. But, wanting things to be fair, Yuriko left the wardroom, and stepped on an elevator, heading down to the main deck.

"Fuyu doesn't need food; she probably will suck people's blood or souls." Kyuuka muttered as she ate a bit of carrot, grumbling a little about her 'sister' and fellow nurse.
Aki shrugged as the twin plates of food went untouched, and snagged one for herself. "Haru-chan, not going to eat the food, the Shoi brought?"

Yuriko hummed a little as she moved through the passageway, and promptly entered the med bay, the plate of food being held in both hands. "Fuyu? I have food for you." She called into the medical bay, it was bigger then the Plumeria's or on par with it in sheer size.

"Hey! Fuyu is nice! Stop being mean to her Kyuuka you know how she hates it when you talk about her behind her back...” Haru grumbled slightly as she nibbled at her rice.

Fuyu was at a small desk in the med bay, her long white hair sprawled out behind her with what looked like shards of ice in her hair. The shards were really just streaks of ice blue. With her back to Yuriko, her face and complexion would be tough to see.

"We've only been alive for a few hours Haru, not like I do it everyday, all day." Kyuuka retorted as Aki seemed to be at peace, eating her food.

Haru grumbled as she glared at Kyuuka a little. "You know what I mean! When we were with big sister you were still mean!"

Yuriko peered around until she spotted a sprite; no doubt it was Fuyu, considering she was the only one in there. Not to mention that, all of the sprites seemed to have the appearance of the different seasons. "Ah, there you are. Fuyu, I brought you some food and thought to introduce myself."

"Heeeeey, lay off you two. This is supposed to be fun. After all, the Shoi seems nice been going over her records too. And our ship is also nice." Aki said between mouthfuls of rice. "So relax, chill out, and have some fun, you two sticks in the mud."

"Arigatou Yuriko-Shoi. Please leave it on the table, I shall eat when hungry." Fuyu replied her voice somewhat cold and detached as she began to go through a small list of incoming supplies.

"Hey, she deserved it, teasing me." Kyuuka shot back, munching on a large shrimp. Not to mention her chest is freaking huge compared to mine! The sprite thought irritably. Out of them all she was slimmer curve wise, and her chest was only an A cup. This seemed to be a point of distress for the new nurse.

"Why don't you join us up in the wardroom, Fuyu? Everyone is there, including the other sprites." Yuriko offered as she set the plate down.

"If you weren't always making fun of her chest then she wouldn't make fun of you!" Haru growled a little as she pointed an accusing shrimp.

"I am rather busy, I can not help it if Kyuuka shirks her duties," Fuyu replied, still busy with the lists.

"Make fun of her chest? It's big what can I say? Mine is so small it is virtually non existent, and you and Aki could probably have a fight to the death on second place," Kyuuka growled as Aki just blinked, a shrimp's tail hanging out of her mouth before it quickly disappeared.

Haru laughed a little at the comment and shrugged, causing the moderate bust to jiggle a little. "I can't help it if big sis made me gifted..."

"Actually, she is not shirking her duties, I requested a sprite to escort a new crew member to the wardroom, and MEGAMI chose her." Yuriko explained as she drew closer to the sprite.

"Has she completed her duties?" Fuyu asked aloud as she remained facing away, a rather long list of medicines opened in front of her.

"She also made you the airhead of us all." Kyuuka replied rolling her eyes.

"She's enjoying herself with the rest of the crew, I allowed her to do so. You should too you know." Yuriko commented, wondering why the sprite was so shy.

Sora ate her food rather quietly, simply just enjoying the traditional spread as she silently observed the crew's interaction with the new sprites.

Aki hopped up onto a counter, the sprite watching the duo verbally duke it out as she continued eating.

Serizawa picked at his meal while glancing over at Sora. How are you feeling now? he asked his companion using his telepathy.

Sumaru simply continued on with his food, he as mentioned before; was just glad to be eating something familiar.

"Hey! I am not an airhead!" Haru threw another shrimp at Kyuuka.

"Because Kyuuka hates me, Haru never shuts up, and Aki is annoying." Fuyu replied.

Aki by now had finished her food and watched the shrimp zoom by, unable to get it in time as it bounced off of Kyuuka's rather small chest. "Then stop saying I hate Fuyu." She growled, wondering if Haru would float away if the anti-gravity were turned off.

Yuriko laid a hand softly on the sprite's shoulder in a comforting, and friendly way. "You've all been here for such a short time; just give them all a chance. If you wanted, you could sit by me, or we could go to the observation deck and share our meal privately if you do not wish to see your sisters."

The young Ketsurui smiled meekly at her lover before responding in a soft tone of voice in her telepathy, Better, I'm still a little upset but it'll pass. I'm still rather confused about what to think, Ichi-kun, but I'll be okay .

Datenshi occasionally stole glances at Sora, but was otherwise subdued, looking to her plate constantly as she ate.

Saya had yet to take another bite, shivering a little still at the small mess around Tenshi's plate. With another shudder Saya tried to look away.

"Oh? Give them a chance to say I suck blood and eat souls?" Fuyu replied as she turned to look at Yuriko. Her eyes matched the streaks of ice blue in her hair, an eerie color as her skin felt rather cold.
"I wouldn't let them say such things to you." Yuriko said somewhat bluntly.

Nodding while he chewed his food, Serizawa messaged Sora back, There will be plenty of time to sort everything out later on. Oh, try not to take it too hard on those two. I know it was really upsetting but I'm sure they've learned their lesson by now. I know I have.

"Too late," Fuyu said with a small shrug. After a moment, Fuyu turned back to the table. Looking over at the plate for a moment, the sprite thought it over. After another moment or so she picked up the plate and nodded lightly. "Thank you, Yuriko-Shoi, I think I will take my meal in private."

Sora sighed softly, giving Serizawa a very weak smile, replying wanly, I know they didn't mean to upset me it's just... I... She seemed at a loss as for how to describe how it had made her feel but just shrugged helplessly at the scientist.

Kessah gave Sora a quick glance before looking away again, instead resting her hands on her stomach and relaxing a little. She wasn't going to leave just yet, but she wasn't hungry enough to eat. ... Probably cake or something... Cake is good~.

Yuriko sighed, letting go of the sprite's shoulder as she turned. The Shoi turned about and walked away standing in the door way a moment. "Not giving people chances, ones that you don't even know is a pity, and not a good way to gain friends. IF we're to be working together, I do hope you learn to open up to me, it is not an order, merely a suggestion." Once said the doors closed, blocking Yuriko from view as she walked back over to the elevator, and back up to the upper deck.

Serizawa nodded upon hearing Sora's projected thoughts. He took his hand and raised it from the table so that he could pat her shoulder. Though he tried to reassure her, the physicist's mind was trying to decipher whether his counterpart was merely upset by the uninvited groping she had received or whether it was something more.

Fuyu's ears twitched a little as she heard the comment and after a moment she left the med bay. She came to the VR room after a small walk and when she entered the doors she came into a blowing snowy landscape. Sitting down in the middle of the room on a small patch of open grass in the middle of the snow, she took care not to disturb the few flowers that had actually bloomed. As she looked around, a smile cracked her face.

"Besides, you know it’s true, you've got the whole bubbly personality thing going." Kyuuka said as she nibbled on another shrimp idly.

Aki meanwhile had been keeping tabs on the Shoi, and her sister Fuyu. Granted Fuyu wasn't the easiest to get along with, she still cared for her, and could only nod in agreement when Yuriko stated the rather obvious, even if it wasn't to Fuyu before leaving and coming back to the wardroom. "Don't you two ever stop bickering?" She asked, sounding somewhat bored.

Sora pushed some hair back behind her ears and offered Serizawa a reassuring smile; she just didn't have the words and had decided to not say anything at all now.

"Sorry for being gone for so long everyone." Yuriko said rather apologetically as she reappeared, and took her seat again, her food gone cold now. It didn't matter; the Shoi ate it anyways, and enjoyed it to. The first meal on her new ship...it was delicious.

Sumaru was finished and had been waiting politely for every one to finish, pleased one way or another to see the people who were eating seemed happy with his cooking.

"It wasn't problem Yuriko. Fortunately, our bodies come equipped with hands that allow us to eat on our own," Serizawa joked dryly, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Yuriko just shook her head, giving him a funny look. "These sprites are just like the seasons they're named after." She sighed helplessly.

"If she would stop picking on Fuyu then I would be fine!" Haru said with a small glare.

"Well maybe if Fuyu stopped being such an ice queen I would!" Kyuuka glared right back.

Aki sighed, and stepped between the two. "Look, we're all sisters, under big sis. Shouldn't we be acting like sisters and not like you all hate each other with a passion?" The short sprite asked, she was in all actuality the neutral one.

Kessah tweaked a brow over to Yuriko, "... They are named after seasons?" She half wondered if it was just the standard four cycle seasons or other seasons too.

"Haru means spring, Kyuuka summer, Aki fall, and Fuyu winter." Yuriko explained as she drank her lukewarm wine. "They've the personalities to match as well."

Kessah blinked a little at the names and nodded, "... Huh... I thought Fuyu was a fish or something... Oh well. Do they consider them sisters or something, too?"

“They're sisters, and MEGAMI is their big sister. It is how these things usually work." Yuriko replied. It helped when one's fiancée' had been a former sprite.

Sora glanced over at Sumaru and smiled brightly, "That was absolutely delicious, Sumaru-kun!"

"Ah... I suppose they are the bickering type, then... I'm happy that I got the loving sister~... And... The 'inny' part is of course good too~..." Kessah giggled lightly to herself and shook her head a little.

"The fish that you are referring to, Kessah," Serizawa spoke, "is the Fugu fish, which is highly poisonous."

"Thankyouverymuch." Sumaru bowed his head when Sora thanked him for the dinner, his cheeks a little blushed now.

The medic continued smiling at the girlish young man, "You're very welcome," she replied brightly before glancing back towards the others. "Are you going to try to help out in the kitchen more often? Mango sometimes makes exceptions to her rule."

"I would like too, cooking is a favored pastime of mine when I was at home." Sumaru said with a cute smile, before then standing up and collecting dishes of everyone done. "I'll go get desert." He said as he took the pile of dishes with him to the kitchen to set them to get washed before he pulled out the traditional Japanese Takiyaki, a fish cake with sweet bean paste on the inside. But with an added Sumaru twist, they were filled with a sweet raspberry sauce. He'd then offer one to everyone, carried out on a tray with each one wrapped in rice paper for holding.

Sora looked at the fish cake a little oddly, "I know were called Nekos but..." she laughed a little sheepishly.

"It's a traditional treat from my home; it's supposed to be shaped like a fish." He had to laugh; he kinda thought he'd get this kind of reaction. "I assure you it tastes nothing like a fish, it's actually quite sweet." He'd say with a smile as he'd place one on his plate then put the remainder on the center of the table for seconds.

Kessah tweaked a brow a little and nodded, taking the piece offered to her, "I really want to say 'damn it Sumaru... Your home is a little strange'... But I've seen odder~..."

Serizawa smiled politely at Sumaru and apologized, "If this had been an actual fish cake, I'd have eaten it but I seem to be missing my sweet tooth. Besides, I think I've eaten far too much already."

Sumaru simply nodded to Serizawa with a not offended smile, he was pleased the doctor liked his food as is anyhow. Then he had to giggle at Kessah and nod a few times, "it's an odd place if you’re not used to it. But, I love it... I'm out here because I have many things to protect," He gazed down at his bite taken out of the cake, a small warm smile on his features, "one of those things is my home."

Kessah nodded a little to Sumaru as she took a bite out of the cake, and blinked a little at the taste. It was certainly a little off beat, to be sure.

Sora cautiously picked up the fish shaped cake sniffed it and gently nibbled on the fish's head, uncertain of what to expect and got hit full on with the teeth hurting sweetness of bean paste. She raised and eyebrow and continued having a little more to figure out how exactly she felt about it until she discovered that she had eaten all of the cake.

"Well," began Serizawa as he pushed away from the table and stood up out of his chair, "I think my time here is just about up. I should be getting back to work in the med lab. Sumaru, thank you for lunch and Yuriko, thank you for the tour."

Sumaru bowed his head smiling to everyone there. "I'm glad you all enjoyed it..." He said fading off, him being the girly guy he was. Took this way out of context and put to much thought into the meal and people's reactions. But that's okay; it just means he'll be in a better mood for a while.


Yuriko was inside of CIES' room, activating the Byakuren's own computer system, and the backup for the entire ship should MEGAMI fail. As she stood in the room, she sent everyone on board messages, asking if they what they would like to do to pass the time until Taisa Hanako's ship was ready.

Kessah sent a relatively quick reply of, 'Working on ship things?' via text message. She was looking about engineering at the moment, looking at the various readings and the likes.

”How bout a party?” Datenshi asked Yuriko.

"What kind?" Yuriko asked 'Tenshi as she began keying in the start up sequence for CIES.

”A get wasted and have a orgy party? KIDDING KIDDING! No...How bout just some music, a movie and some ice cream? A girl’s night?” Datenshi asked with a grin. ”Yea, we can kick the guys out of the lounge, get in some pajama’s, get some ice cream..It will be fun!”

"Lounge? The Asamoya has an observation deck, and two recreation rooms 'Tenshi. The observation deck doubles as a lounge, though I have planted flowers in the flower beds there. So if you do not mind the smell of flowers we can have it there, or in one of the rec rooms. I would offer my room as well, if you preferred."[/i] Yuriko sent back as CIES came online, and updated itself via MEGAMI. Once done, Yuriko exited the armored room.

Saya was face down in her bed, snoring softly. It seemed the poor girl had gotten no sleep, though if it was possible her room was even more clean then normal. She had been cleaning all night.

”We could do your room then?” Datenshi asked as she fiddled with the settings in the VR Room. She had her guitar with her, and felt like having a little fun.

Kessah went to check the input of the energy readings of the energized armor, not to sure if it was off or not, and tweaked a brow when the window stated it was locked out. "... Eh?"

"Alright then, I have a little more gardening to do, and please pick out a movie or two okay? Also, I had Gemini stock quite the assortment of ice cream so go through the list and pick some out." Yuriko replied, heading towards the observation deck.

"I'm fine with whatever!" Cherry chimed in suddenly, she still wandering about the ship to learn where everything was.

”Gotcha!” Datenshi replied as she strummed the opening rift to a song as the VR room around her roared to life with the sounds of cheers and applauding, a concert spread out before her as she started to play.

“A party Yuriko-Shoi?” Fuyu asked, looking up from her plants.

"It would seem so. Would you like to join?" Yuriko asked as she walked over, and knelt beside Fuyu.

Thinking it over a moment, Fuyu nodded. “I think I would, if it is okay with you? May the other sprites join as well?”

"Of course, you are part of my crew, and I would not wish for you to miss out." Yuriko replied with a soft smile as she looked over the plants Fuyu had planted.

Kessah sent Yuriko a telepathic message, murmuring softly as she waved the windows away. Apparently she wouldn't get much work done for now. "Decide yet?"

Fuyu had planted a small group of Camellias, a few of the flowers still cold with frost lining the edges of each petal. “And the other sprites?”

"You are all a part of my crew dear Fuyu, so yes, they may join as well." Yuriko nodded as Kessah's message finally arrived."On what?" She asked.

Kessah rolled her eyes a little, "On what we are doing."

"A movie in my quarters, a girl's night' as it were." Yuriko's reply was somewhat short, and clipped as she went to finish her own plantings.

"... Oh damn it it better not be some sissy girly shit." Kessah murmured and made her way to the destination.

"Kessah...a word of warning, my quarters are off limits most of the time as they are the captain's quarters. As such, the door is locked." Yuriko warned.

Fuyu smiled, sending the message out to the other sprites.

Kessah tweaked a brow as she waited for the elevator to open, and shook her head a little. "Well its not like I'm one who goes into your room for anything."

"Back on the Sakura, and Plumeria you did for sex, whippings, and to cuddle." Yuriko replied non-chalantly.

"I take slight offence to that. You and Cherry dragged me along for that..." Kessah rolled her eyes a little.

"Hardly." Yuriko sent back, her voice sounding dry.

Kessah rolled her eyes once again as she made her way down a hallway. Just because I don't say no doesn't mean I am the one that advances...

Yuriko snorted a little. "I have recorded memories of you doing so."

Kessah didn't push the subject further, not really sure if Yuriko knew what she was talking about now or not.

Cherry questioned MEGAMI for where everyone was prior to her moving to the second starboard room. A crew member was asleep. Can't have that on orgy/girls night. She pounded her fist on the door to the room in question, hoping that would be all that'd be needed.

Nothing came in reply from the room, though Saya was definitely in it.

Cherry sighed a little and pounded her fist twice more before wincing and shaking her hand. Doing that was a little painful. She tested to see if the door was locked or not, hoping for the latter.

The door wasn't locked, Saya having forgotten to lock it

"Have you decided on a movie 'Tenshi, and what genre' will it be?" Yuriko asked as she began watering the plants.

Cherry, being the loveable person that she was, burst into the room after opening the door, yelling rather loudly, "HELLO SAYA! C'mon! We are having a girl party... Or something."

”I got a few, a few romance, a few horror and a few comedies We can ask the others what they want.” Datenshi replied.

Saya lept up in shock, flailing a little as she heard the shout. What Cherry would notice was that the room was even more clean then usual. “Cherry-sama! Please do not do that!”

A volumeric window flashed in front of Yuriko, trying to attract her attention.

Cherry giggled playfully and gave the woman a wink, "Sorry~! Now c'mon! To the captain's lounge!" The former sprite gave her another wink before fleeing the room and down the hall to her fiance's room.

"Ah, good good." Yuriko nodded a little as the volumetric window suddenly popped up, and began flashing in front of her. "Eh?" She blinked, a little surprised, but none the less opened it.

The window opened with a short text message from Shoi Wasuremono, stating that she would be there shortly.

"Ah this is good news!" Yuriko clapped her hands together, forgetting they were quite dirty. "'Tenshi, we will be having a new arrival, and crewmember arriving shortly."

Yuriko quickly sent a message back, telling her to use the dorsal airlock.

Outside the YSS Asamoya, in the docking station a dark haired neko stared up at the ship, her right hand was tightly grasping the strap of her duffelbag when she heard her communicator chirp and transmit the Shoi's instructions to her. "I probably should've mentioned I was nearby," Koharu commented softly to herself as she made her approach up the ramp towards the dorsal airlock.

"Fuyu, when the time comes, would you mind escorting our new crewmember here?" Yuriko asked as she planted a Hibiscus.

“Of course not Shoi.” Fuyu responded as she stood and nodded, dusting her hands off. Already knowing where the girl would be coming from, Fuyu bowed and left the observation deck.

Saya sighed and rubbed her face, looking around for a moment. ”Shoi? What is the party all about?”

Yuriko smiled a little, her second crewmember ever...she wondered if Hanako felt like this whenever a new, prospective crewmember was assigned to her ship.

Saya arrived at the hatch a moment later, and after checking to make sure it was connected and sealed correctly, she opened the hatch. “Greetings Shoi Wasuremono, welcome to the YSS Asamoya. Please come in?” Fuyu stepped aside to allow the Shoi to pass.

Wasuremono Koharu waited a few long moments as she looked at the airlock, taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes, this was her first assignment in a long time and she was nervous. She offered Fuyu a polite smile and a short bow before entering the ship, "Thank you."

"It is a girls night Saya, movies, ice cream and the like." Yuriko responded, planting a pretty purple orchid next.

”I see, in uniform?” Saya asked as she rummaged around for something to wear.

Fuyu gave a short bow and nodded. “I am Fuyu, a sprite created by the ship to aid medical personel.” She seemed a little icy and reserved as she spoke.

Yuriko was inspecting the orchid, making sure it would be alright bore she began to cover the roots with earth."Uniforms are unnecessary. Casual clothing would be more appropriate."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Fuyu-san. I'm looking forward to serving with you," Koharu responded politely she lightly touched her right ear for a moment, letting her fingers brush against the bottom of her dark brown hair before she spoke again, "How are enjoying life so far with the Asamoya?"

”Hai Shoi.” came another reply from Saya as she began to change into some pajamas.

Fuyu shrugged lightly. “Yuriko-Shoi is very nice...I have not had much other interaction with the crew I care to share though.”

Koharu tilted her head to one side as she looked at Fuyu curiously, "Ah, I see. Where is Kakatuma-Shoi right now?"

Kessah, in uniform, stood outside the captain's suite in wait for everyone, arms crossed patiently.

“She is on the observation deck, planting flowers.” Fuyu said aloud as she escorted the Shoi to the deck.

Saya in the mean time had changed into a some pajamas with chickens running around chasing each other on the bottoms, a tank top as well, and a fluffy pillow in her grasp.

"Planting flowers?" Koharu responded softly as she followed Fuyu down the corridors, her boots thudding softly on the deck.

“Hai. We have a garden on the Observation deck.” Fuyu replied as she made her to the door and entered. “Yuriko-Shoi, I have returned.”

Yuriko was indeed planting flowers, albeit she was taking her sweet time with the orchid. The Shoi smiled a little as she finally covered it up, and watered it. Once done, she began to wipe her hands clean. She inhaled deeply, the intoxicating scents of the flowers making her smile as she heard Fuyu's voice. "Oh, welcome back Fuyu,." She said kindly, looking to the person with her. "And I am going to venture a guess, you are Koharu."

The crimson eyed neko in a white panels new pants version of the women's uniform, nodded her confirmation to the captain. She watched Yuriko with polite curiosity. "Yes, ma'am," replied softly.

Fuyu bowed to the two, her job finished she returned to her flowers, taking delicate care with the roses and camellias now. She took special care of her blue roses, the gifts from Yuriko herself.

"Well then, it is a pleasure to both meet you, and have you aboard." Yuriko replied wiping the dirty off her hands, before dipping into a bow. She quietly grabbed her gardening tools, and began to put them away carefully. "So, if I may ask, why did you choose my vessel?"

Koharu returned the bow deeply, looking up with a polite smile and lightly tugging on her right ear again. "I was intrigued by the notion of serving aboard a prototype ship under a fairly new captain. I felt that it would be a good way to start off.

Yuriko closed the little alcove, and turned her attention to Koharu. "This will be my first true command outside of battle, when I was still a Santo Juni I participated in the Battle of Nataria, captaining a Irim-class. For my first time I will not be arrogant and say I did a bangup job, but I did my fair share in my own way in protecting Nataria, and my Taisa, and fellow Nekovalkyrja, and Yamataians." She rubbed at her neck a little, her white gloves stuck into her belt. "Although I am still a little nervous about being captain." Yuriko closed her eyes, as an embarrassed smile lit her face as she looked down for a brief moment.

"It is something that does take time to get used to, I felt the same way when I first took command, Kakatuma-san," Koharu commented with a reassuring smile. She seemed like she was going to say more but caught herself. "I'm sure that you'll do fine if you keep the cost of combat in mind when you lead. It's easy to lose sight of what it means to live when you focus too much on the mission." She blushed and bowed again, "Oh, I'm sorry for rambling. Where might I stow my gear?"

Yuriko nodded as Koharu spoke until she asked where she could stow her things. " We have four officer's quarters on board, two on the starboard side, and two on the port side of the ship. All are un occupied. MEGAMI usually assigns crew quarters though I chose my own, and leave that option to you."She replied coming up next to Koharu, and smiled as she placed her hands behind her back. "Either or, I will escort you there. Also, we are having a girls night aboard the ship apparently, movies, ice cream and the like. If you could tell me what genre' of film you prefer, I can add it to the list. That is if you would care to join us?"
"I wouldn't mind an escort, but movie? I'm not sure any more. It's been a long time since I've seen anything, really," the crimson eyed neko responded with a light blush as she scratched at the back of her head with her left hand and adjusted the strap of her duffel bag with her right.

"Well then, I will not pressure you into joining us for said movie night if you do not wish it. But, have you decided, port or starboard?" Yuriko asked.

"Starboard, I guess," Koharu responded as she thought about the notion of a movie night, "Actually, I don't see why not. It'll give me a chance to get acquainted with the crew."

Datenshi opted to show in the observation deck, her eyes scanning around. “Hey Yuri-chan! Where y-...Hey, New crewbie?” Datensh asked as she looked to Koharu. Seeing the panels, Datenshi dipped into a bow. “Greetings Shoi, pardon my actions.”

Yuriko nodded, and stepped past Koharu, stopped and waved her on before walking again."Ah 'Tenshi just in time." She greeted good-naturedly. "Allow me to introduce Shoi Koharu Wasuremono. She just arrived."

The bridge officer's ears perked curiously at the change of Datenshi's tone but offered her a polite smile before returning the bow. "It's all right, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Have there been any other takers besides myself, you and Kessah on movie night?" Yuriko asked as she waved them both to follow her.

“Heh thanks.” Datenshi bowed her head again before she nodded to Yuriko. “Yep! We got Saya, the sprites, You, hopefully Shoi Koharu here, Cherry, Kessah, and myself.”

With a more relaxed smile, Koharu followed Yuriko, stepping off with her right foot as she walked at a relaxed march.

"Well then, here we go." Yuriko replied as she lead the through the starboard side of the ship. She waved to Kessah as she passed by her room. The interior of the ship's deck lined with soft, creamy white cushions, and soft, yet bright lighting. "As you can see we have quite a bit of room on the Asamoya, though I will not be so lonely on this side of the ship anymore, since you will be just down the corridor." She replied sweetly before coming up on both officer's quarters. "And here we are, they're numbered, one and two, please take your pick."

Datenshi followed after the two, looking Koharu over up and down. With the shake of her head she remembered the last time she got all grabby with a Ketsurui and immediately banished the idea from her mind.

"Two, I guess," Koharu responded with a bright smile after another moment or two of thoughtful consideration. It took her a few moments to register that she had seen these women in a fleeting instant at the Empress's Palace several months earlier. She blushed lightly with a light tug on her right ear before she said anything, "Oh. You were the ones that found Yuumi-sama."

"Myself, Shoi Kohosei Sora Ketsurui and Taisa Hanako Ketsurui yes." Yuriko replied as she opened the door, and stepped into the room. The room itself wasn't that bad. It had a large transparent Zesuaium window, a nice, and comfortable queen size bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, and a work desk with a reclining chair. "I must admit...afterwards when we went to the Empress's palace, it was the first time I ever set foot there, and saw the Emperor himself."She smiled a little at the memory. "Carrying on a brief, and slightly argumentive though in no way offensive conversation with him was enjoyable. Not to mention seeing Taisho Yui again."

“They did, I just kinda floated there after getting knocked around...” Datenshi admitted somewhat pathetically.

Koharu offered the two nekos a smile as she set her duffelbag down on her bed, glancing around at the lush room. "Oh wow, this is much different from the nests," there was wonderment in her voice. "Completely different than what I'm used too."

"The room can become the nest configuration if you prefer." Yuriko offered. "The Asamoya offers a little bit of diversity in its room accommodations."

"Oh, I see. This is fine. Change is a good thing," Koharu commented with a light laugh. She shook her head for a moment as she tried to remind herself that a completely new start was what she had wanted, after all.

"Change can be both good and bad. But I like to see it as good." Yuriko smiled a little. "Also, unfortunately there are no restrooms in your room, we passed by one on the way here. It is near my suite, as is the laundry room there is also a recreation room with books, video games, and a Virtual reality room."

"Wow, this place has everything! If you ladies could give me a moment, I'd love to get settled a little before I join you for our movie night," Koharu smiled a little awkwardly as she scratched the back of her head a little.

Datenshi shrugged a little, mostly quiet around the two Shoi. “I need to get changed anyway, come help me out Yuri-chan?”

"Oh! Of course of course." Yuriko replied to both Koharu and 'Tenshi.

“Goodie! I went shopping recently too! Gotta have some comfortable stuff for the new room eh?” Datenshi asked with a grin as she snagged Yuriko’s hand. “See you in a bit Koha-chan!” The red head proclaimed as she started off to her room.

Yuriko just blinked, and waved as she was suddenly led out of the room by 'Tenshi.

Koharu watched the women leave as the door slid closed behind them, she took a very deep breath and closed her eyes as she let herself fall backwards onto the bed. "Shoot, I'm slipping in and out of who I am again," she muttered softly to herself as she idly wondered how her old surviving crew were doing.

Datenshi tugged Yuriko to her room which had been arranged in the nest style. Hopping over to the closet, she made quick work of pulling out some pajamas. All black pajama pants, she wore a black sports bra as well, and grabbed her full body pillow, “Ready?” Tenshi had never covered herself when she was changing.

Yuriko nodded, by now used to 'Tenshi doing such things. "I will have to change when we get to my room, though we haven't yet gotten snacks..." She pondered.

“Heyyyyyy Tenshi-chan! I got the ice creammmm!” Came a shout from the hallway as Haru came trotting up the hallway, her arms wrapped around some ice cream.

With a smirk, Datenshi stuck her tongue out at Yuriko. “Ohh yea, I could be a Taisho, no sweat.”

"Convenient."Yuriko remarked as she walked out of the room to see Haru there with ice cream. "You however have forgotten bowls, napkins and spoons." She added, and teased before drifting off towards her room, waving them along to follow.

“Says you!” Said Tenshi as she looked back to the sprite trailing behind Haru, her hair a soft yellow color like a daffodil. The girl had the bowls, spoons and napkins, and seemed to have a little trouble with them all before Tenshi went to help.

"Forgot the ice cream scoop it seems." Yuriko replied as she peered over her shoulder.

The said instrument was clasped under the napkins in the new sprite’s hand. “Actually Yuriko-sama, I have it.”

“See? Taisho!” Datenshi said as she cackled.

"A Taisho must know many things, like, what is the Shoi's favorite ice cream for example." Yuriko replied holding a finger up, eyes closed.

“Chocolate! Least that's what you had last night!” Datenshi said as she stuck out her tongue. “Otherwise I would guess you for...a mint chocolate chip...”

"Both wrong." Yuriko said non-chalantly, as she was still floating, and spun about. "Chocolate chip cookie dough, and I also have a love for triple chocolate ice cream, and the kind with the little chocolate covered cherries in it."

“Ahhh Well you know, a Officer must know her own crew well! What is my favorite ice cream hmmm?” Datenshi asked, tempted to toss a spoon at the girl.

Yuriko kept on going, wondering if they shoudl go ahead and get Koharu."I have never seen you even eat any. So I would not know."

“Oh come on! I always snuck down to grab some when Mango was asleep!” Frowning a little Datenshi shook her head. “Oh well, nothing special. I like vanilla bean ice cream.”

"And that is why I did not know, you snuck into the galley to get ice cream." Yuriko said with a nod of her head as she went to her door, and unlocked it. The door slid open, revealing a rather plush interior. It was larger then the officer's quarters, it seemed as it had its own living room. Off to one side was a large desk with a work terminal, and a nice and soft looking couch, there was even a small tab;e and two chairs. On the wall hung wall lamps permitting a soft glow, giving it a very comfortable atmosphere. The carpet was a nice rich red, and shaggy and soft beneath unbooted feet. "okay everyone, please make yourselves at home. I will go and change." She said simply before she entered, still floating it seemed as she disappeared into her bedroom.

Datenshi waved the small group into the room, letting her eyes peer around the area to take in the details. With a small smirk and a nod as she laughed a little at the two sprites who seemed awed by the room. She wasn't sure though if it was due to being in the room, or the room itself, but they seemed giddy.

“Oh! The other sprites said they would be up soon, they are getting changed Shoi.” Haru said aloud, eyeing the bed a little.

"That is fine Haru, you can put the ice cream on the little table in my living area if you wish." Yuriko called back as she opened her walk-in closet. Next, the Shoi disappeared inside of it, and began to undress.

Kessah smiled a little as she also glanced around the room. Somewhere while she was waiting she apparently switched out to a tank top, although still keeping the uniform pants. She didn't want to feel to out of place, after all. And her pajamas was her birthday suit, and she didn't particularly want to wear that~. Although she certainly was smiling. She hadn't had done something like this since five years ago.

Yuriko soon came out in a set of light violet hued pajamas with little hearts on them. The Shoi's pajama shirt was of the button up variety, and she hadn't yet as she stood at the door way to her bedroom. Thankfully her chest was mostly covered save for the outlines in between her breasts. "Please, make yourselves at home. Chairs, couch, floor anywhere is fine."

“Haiii!” Haru said as she and Ame deposited the items on the table, and soon Haru had wandered over to the couch, hopping up like a small child. Smaller still Ame hopped up into Haru’s lap and snuggled into the girl. “Oh! Everyone this is Ame, she is my little sister.”

Koharu, meanwhile had almost started to doze off in her nice new bed when she forced herself to stand up with a soft sigh. It'd be bad to stand them up on the first bonding activity, it's something that I never got a chance to do with my crew but, it seems like it might be a good idea. She thought to herself as she leaned over and removed the knee pads from her uniform pants. She wasn't exactly sure what sort of dress code that this gathering called for but she assumed it was casual and it would be expected for her to be out of uniform. She tossed her kneepads onto her bed and removed her uniform shirt, deciding to just wear the white undershirt that was beneath it as she exited her quarters and looked around the corridor. "Now.. where is this happening at?"

A orange and reddish haired sprite exited her quarters just as Koharu did, except a little further down the hall. She seemed to be dressed in the standard work out uniform. Across the hall however, another sprite emerged equally dressed, except her workout t-shirt was black.

"So!" Yuriko began happily as she began to button up her pajama shirt. "How is everyone this fine evening?"

A third sprite soon entered the hallway, dressed in a buttoned down shirt that reached her knees, the same bright white color as her hair.

The bridge officer's ears perked when she saw the other sprites emerge from their quarters. She suddenly had the impression that she was going to be overdressed for this but she just wasn't comfortable enough with the new crew to wear any less clothing. "Excuse me, little sisters, where are we meeting at for this movie night?" She asked politely.

“Great! How bout you Yuri-chan?” Datenshi asked, a spot staked out already on the floor. Patting the floor where she was laid out at, she gave Yuriko a grin.

“It is in Yuriko-Shoi’s room.” Came the reply from the taller sprite. Fuyu was taller then the normal neko, taller even then Yuriko.

"Thank you, I know she's on this side but would you mind me following you there?" Koharu asked politely again as she lightly tugged on her right ear. It was a fairly rectorial question but she had felt the need to be polite about it any way.

"She's in the starboard side passenger suite." Aki replied with a little yawn. Kyuuka tsked a little seeing Fuyu, but none the less held her tongue.

"Not at all Shoi." Kyuuka finally replied, and began down the hall.

Fuyu let out a small sigh, hearing Kyuuka as she looked away. Oddly enough there was a soft blush on her face.

The crimson eyed neko offered the sprites an appreciative smile as she walked along after them, again stepping off with her right foot in a relaxed march. She curiously glanced around her as she followed, trying to take in as much of the new scenery as she could in the little doses she was getting at the moment.

"Oh just fine...I've been going over personnel files, trying to find more crewmembers." Yuriko said casually as she came to sit beside 'Tenshi.

“Oh? Still wanna get some more? We got the new Saya girl and Koharu, what else do we need?” Datenshi asked.

Saya had staked out a place on the floor as well. She seemed fidgety as she looked around the room, clinging to her pillow tightly.

The trip wasn't far, just down the hall, and across from the laundry room Kyuuka stopped at the door, and announced themselves, and Yuriko gave them permission to enter.

Koharu toyed with her right ear as she entered the room, and smiled shyly as she glanced around the quarters with an appreciative whistle. "This ship is amazing, it doesn't feel like a warship at all.."

"We need power armor pilots..." Yuriko said with a little sigh as she leaned back against the couch. Just then the door slid open, and Kyuuka stood in the door way, the blond sprite in her workout uniform. "Good evening Shoi." She greeted merrily as she entered, only to plop down beside the woman.

Fuyu bowed as she entered. “Greetings Shoi.” Though oddly enough she sat beside Kyuuka, about a foot between the two.

Saya seemed even more fidgety as she looked around the room, bitting her lip as she eventually placed the pillow on the ground underneath herself. “So...Where is the screen?”

"Oh this is very much the warship Koharu-chan." Yuriko replied hearing the comment. A list of weaponry popped up, six subspace encased particle cannons, an aether beam cannon with pulse, and beam firing modes, torpedo launchers with both AS-5 and AS-7 torpedo compliments, weapon pods, and the new regenerative shielding functions were all listed, as were the damage outputs, range, and firing rates.

"Hello Fuyu, and welcome to my quarters." Yuriko greeted the sprite.

"Akamaru-Hei is in charge of that Fujiwara-Hei." Aki replied some how she'd appeared laying on the couch, and yawned.

Haru waved to Aki as Datenshi spoke up. “Bah don’t be so formal! Just call me “Tenshi okay? Anyways, the veiw screen will be provided by MEGAMI. So! What does everyone want first? Comedy, Romance, Action or Horror?” She asked, looking around at the others.

The dark haired neko's eyes opened wide as she scrolled through the ship's list of weapons and armor. "This sure beats the Hell out of fighting Angels with spears," Koharu commented in an awed tone and a short chuckle.

"Angels?" Yuriko asked, blinking and appearing a little confused.

Koharu looked at Yuriko and blushed a little as she tugged on her right ear again. She quickly commented in a very sheepish one of voice, "During the first Heavenly War the Army of the Heavenly sword fought the Elysians with spears and chain armor. That was after the plague and before we were Yamatai. I'm a bit of a history buff, seeing how far we've come is amazing."

Datenshi looked up at Koharu, tilting her head a little. “Seriously? Spears and chain armor?” She tilted her head a little.

"Yamatai was called...Gesrhintall was it not?" Yuriko asked, looking like a little girl, wide eyed as she was being told a story.

With an awkward chuckle and another tug on her right ear, Koharu nodded. "Seriously, spears and armor. We also had... tails. Yes, it was called Geshrintall still."

“Tails? Ho-...Like the Konohanans?” Datenshi asked.

"We?"Yuriko asked again, tilting her head.

Koharu looked increasingly uncomfortable as she shifted her weight from one foot to another. "Nekos. We had cat tails. I'm not too familiar with Kohanian anatomy."

"Oh...forgive me if I am asking too many questions...History is something I love to hear." Yuriko replied apologetically.

Datenshi nodded her apology as well. “Sorry Haru-chan.” She said as she looked around. “So! Question is still up! What are we watching?”

“A horror movie.” Fuyu said aloud, echoed by Haru and Ame.

“A action movie please.” Came a reply from Saya.

"It's okay, I tend to just kind of lose myself in thought sometimes. I spent a lot of time... learning the history so it's kinda hard to turn it off. I might've spent too much time by myself as well, I forget when I'm vocalizing or when I'm thinking something at times," the bridge officer offered in a sheepish tone of voice and idly twirled her finger at her shoulder, it was a motion not unlike what someone would do with a strand of hair, except for the fact that Koharu's hair was not that long and ended at the bottom of her ears.

"That is quite alright Koharu. I know how you feel, I tend to do that when I am engrossed in repairing or trying to build something." Yuriko chuckled a little as she heard 'Tenshi. "Horror movie."

The bridge officer looked a little relieved when the questions stopped and they redirected their attention towards their movie. She smiled a little as she settled herself in an available seat to get a good view of the screen. She noted to herself that she would have to try to be more mindful of her mutterings if she didn't want to answer questions.

A window popped up in front of Yuriko, and she stared at it, reading the text. "Oh! Everyone, please excuse me. Something has arrived for me, and I must go retrieve it." The Shoi rose to her feet, and bowed as she left her room.

Datenshi frowned a little as she shrugged and sighed, before looking to the screen. Her own choice was for a horror movie as well, so it seemed that the horror movie had it. “okay, guess we gotta wait for Yuriko to get back.”

Koharu watched Yuriko leave curiously, tilting her head to one side before settling back into her chair. She petted the arm enjoying the texture of the fabric against the palm of her hand. She smiled softly to herself.

"Oh...so that's why she left." Kyuuka murmured. The sprite snuck a glance at Fuyu, and tsked again.

“Wh-What?” Fuyu asked as she looked to Kyuuka.

"It is not you." Kyuuka replied eyeing Fuyu's buttoned down shirt. "I would think she'd be drawn to that."

Aki yawned a little in response.

Fuyu blinked a little, confused. “What are you talking about?”

"Your outfit leaves one to wonder what is beneath sister." Kyuuka replied casually.

“I see...Seems that is all you care about sister.” Fuyu said in reply.

"I care about other things besides what lurks beneath your clothing." Kyuuka stated, an eyebrow arched. After all, she did help in the milking. Not to mention she'd had her hand down her sister's pants the last time so she had a pretty good guess.

Yuriko soon returned carrying a small ornate box with Kessaku Electronic's emblem emblazoned on the top. "I had hoped they would be sending these soon." She said smiling as she walked back into the room.

“Doesn’t seem like it at times...” Fuyu said aloud as she looked away from Kyuuka and to Yuriko.

Kyuuka sniffed, and looked away.

”Your never interested in just speaking with me, with just relaxing and doing something I want, or bringing me to something you want to do...It’s just bickering and sex it seems...” Fuyu said, deciding to take this to a more private area.

"Are you even interested in the things I do?" Kyuuka asked her sister as she was now eyeing the box Yuriko was carrying.

”Yes I am...” Fuyu said in reply as she spotted Yuriko as well, waiting to see what it was.

"It is my first invention." Yuriko beamed as she came back to her spot, and gently rested a hand on the top of the box. "I sent in the design awhile ago, and it has been recently approved. These are the first to ever be produced by Kessaku." She explained proudly as she opened the box, revealing two bracelets. One was gold and the other silver in color. Both had a small crystal clear jewel imbedded in them, and if one peered close enough, could see internal systems within the bracelet. "They're called Multi-function bracelets." She explained taking the silver one out and placing it on her wrist. It took but a moment before the jewel blinked, and turned white. "The jewel color corresponds to your rank, but, that is not all this bracelet does." She smiled happily.

"So, you're into video games, sword play, martial arts, and rock music?" Kyuuka asked, looking over past Yuriko at Fuyu.

Koharu watched Yuriko and her new gadget curiously, "It's very pretty. What else does it do?"

”The art of sword play, when performed correctly, is a beautiful display of fluidity and elgant grace. Martial arts is the same, the art of turning the body into a weapon with the careful training of the body and mind...” Fuyu replied, turning her eyes to her sister now.

"It has subspace, and radio communications, real time translation for major languages, a personal organizer, sub-sentient AI, a volumetric display for the organizer function, a small built in microphone for voice commands. However, you can imput commands via telepathy, or the volumetric display. That is not the best function however...I also added an in built life sign sensor system. It has a range of six meters. It is also powered wirelessly on Yamataian vessels, and when planet side, or not on one, has a battery life of three weeks. However, I was unable to add the intended PSC device. But, I may build a variant to include a small personal shield."

"Oh, and what of the games, and music?" Kyuuka scoffed.

Koharu smiled brightly and whistled impressively again. She really couldn't find the right words to say just how cool she thought the bracelet was.

”I can learn to enjoy them...” Came the reply as she looked to her sister still.

Datenshi’s ears twitched as she heard Yuriko and grinned, picking the words Koharu couldn’t. “Damn Yuriko...Thats fucking awsome....”

"Eheheh...."Yuriko blushed a little, suddenly feeling very nerdy. "So! Have we all decided on the movie?" She asked, trying to change the subject as she put the bracelet back into the box.

Kyuuka kept looking over at Fuyu, now wearing a somewhat disbelieving look."And why would you put the effort into it?"

“Horror! Prepare to be scared girls! I got this old horror flick, was supposed to be BIG when it first came out...” Datenshi said aloud as she looked up just as MEGAMI opened a view screen to show the movie title pop up, “From beyond the limits of space they came.” Was the title just as a small ship flowed past the title. “Supposed to be a survival horror I think...” Datenshi said aloud.

”Do I need a reason outside of sisterly love...?” Fuyu asked.

Kyuuka tsked again, and looked up at the screen. "This is the first time you have ever said that to me."

”Because most of the time you leave me in such anger that I wish nothing more then to just rip out your vocal cords and shove them up your ass so you really will be talking out of your ass...” Fuyu replied as she looked to her sister, leaning her head on the girl's shoulder.

"My my, someone is being affectionate tonight." Kyuuka remarked as she placed an arm about Fuyu's waist. Aki went slackjawwed for a moment. Since when in the world did those two get along?

"Scared? We shall see." Yuriko replied as she folded her arms beneath her chest.

”I know, I just want to though...” Fuyu replied as she snuggled up a little closer. Haru likewise was shocked, blinking at the two snuggling sprites.

"I'm up for whatever everyone decides on," Koharu commented brightly, still petting the arm of the chair she was sitting in.

"Anyone ever tell you you're cute when you're like this?" Kyuuka asked gruffly as Aki sent Haru a message. "And here I thought I would first see a Mishhuvurthyar tap dance then those two actually cuddle."

”Tell me about it...I think this is gonna scare me more then the movie...” Haru replied to her sister as she snuggled into Ame further, hunkering down for the movie ahead.

Already in the movie, a human ship had been discovered, remains strewn about the hallways with bits of gore hanging from various consoles and chairs. “Ohhh gory!”

Kessah frowned a little at this, a memory popping into her head. Although she was indifferent to it. "... I know how this ends~." She shook her head amusingly and eyed the two cuddlers out of the corner of her eye, reminded of her sibling's similar exploits.

"Reminds me of the frozen moon." Yuriko remarked, yawning a little, seemingly unphased.

“Then keep it to yourself!” Datenshi said to Kessah as she tossed a pillow at her.

Fuyu, not one really for the gory aspect of horror movies, seemed a little uneasy as she snuggled into her sister. In truth she had simply said horror movies so she could get closer to Kyuuka.

Kessah giggled playfully as she was swamped by the pillow in question, falling to the side. She decided not to give it back or anything, and instead, after sitting up again, set it between her legs and wrapped her arms around it similar to her person. It made her feel more comfortable, even if it wasn't Kerigan. She could pretend.

Yuriko rolled her eyes at the two as she kept her eyes fixed on the screen.

Kyuuka's hand dropped down to Fuyu's waist, resting her head on her sister's as she continued to watch.

The movie continued in the usual thread that these movies went; Killer kills, heroes slowly die off, Killer gets more gruesome, time starts to run out, final showdown. But oddly enough, rather then the normal showdown where the killer is killed, the hero actually died, losing her life in a rather nasty way. All through out the movie Fuyu would squirm or jump at certain parts, clinging to her sister all the more.

Datenshi blinked slightly at the ending, a little shocked that the hero had died. “Wow...” was all the normally talkative neko could say.

Sumaru was on board the Star fortress, his baggage in tow as he made his way slowly to the Asamoya. His usual bright colored star sticker was black and devoid; the young pilot still had the transfer orders displayed on his personal data pad, which he carried in his left hand. He had only just left the Elfin Princess moments ago, to some reluctance. The only thing that gave him any comfort in tearing him self from the person he has sworn to protect; was the thought that he'd get to serve that ship again, more so importantly her. The thought of being able to cook more often was a nice thought, but no where as rewarding the thought of protecting someone he cared for. Though he was a solder, even she had told him that, and this way he could also protect lives. Maybe get a little closer to his crew mates as well. It was a shame he was so distant from them. Well, I guess this is what they call a second chance... or in Sumaru's case. A third, considering the downing of the Plumeria.

Shiny black boots 'clanked' on the metallic flooring of the Star Fortress, white stockinged legs carrying the female forward. Tsukade Eilae's uniform was brand new, her midnight blue panel standing out. Long, golden hair flowed freely behind her as she made her way down the arm, finally reaching the hatch that would lead to the ship she was assigned to... the Asamoya. Taking a small breath of air, she opened a holographic window using the nodal system, sending a message to the captain of the ship, her startling blue eyes peering into the screen. Bowing her head respectfully, she spoke. "Shoi Yuriko, Santo Hei Tsukade Eilae requests to board."

Kessah giggled a little playfully at the occasional Fuyu scream, although that was to be expected. "Mmhm. There is a sequal, oddly, where some people take a mop and knock the thing unconscious. Very odd." Kessah squeezed her Keri pillow a little after she was done and smiled to herself.

Yuriko just kept watching, tsking a little. A window appeared before her, causing her to jump a little, and bump into Datenshi. "Eh?!" She said sounding a little startled until the person on the screen spoke. With a little sigh, she looked over to her friend, and offered an apologetic look. "I am sorry everyone, I have a new crewmember to meet. So please carry on without me." She replied to her friends before turning her attention back to the window. "Permission granted, please use the dorsal airlock to enter. I will meet you there shortly." With that, the window winked closed, and she rose to her feet, and into her bedroom to change into her white paneled uniform.

Kyuuka meanwhile was inwardly grinning, so, Fuyu didn't like horror flicks... "You do not like these kinds of movies?" She asked.

“Blehhh....damn new people always gotta interupt stuff...no offense Koharu-Shoi...” Datenshi said aloud as she put in a comedy this time.

Fuyu shivered a little as the movie ended. ”I do...jus tnot the gory parts...”

Kessah nodded a little, "Be sure to bring her to us, Yuriko~!" She glanced over to Fuyu and Kyuuka again before sending 'Tenshi a encrypted message, "Awh, sisterly love. The best kind of love~."

Eilae let out a small sigh of her own as Yuriko disappeared from the screen, a small tinge of fear running through her body. She was naturally worried about her first assignment, entering through the hatch and making her way as commanded to the airlock that would allow her to enter the Asamoya. Brushing idly at her uniform as she finally reached her destination, Eilae stood stock straight, waiting for the Shoi to make her appearance.

"But you're a nurse, you work with gore sometimes...it is a part of our jobs." Kyuuka pointed out, resisting the urge to let a hand slip inside of the shirt. She however lifted it up enough, and laid a bare hand against the soft flesh of her sister's waist. "Sis....maybe you should tell Haru to stop giving you that extra scoop of ice cream...."[/i] She suggested, sounding sincere about it.

Eilae stood in the main passage way of the Asamoya, floating there as it was a zero-g environment. The walls were lined with soft, cushions, with the occasional cloth strap for those who were not Nekovalkyrja to use to propel themselves along. The Shoi immediately left her room, and soon began making her way towards the main passage.

The sneaker counterpart to the uniform led the sorry looking Sumaru to the airlock, his frost blue eyes casted low. Not noticing the world around him, hiding behind his face veiling bang. Half of that pretty well looked after feminine face hidden away behind the soft white bangs, a natural light blonde that only gave him a gold tint to his hair which glowed in the light. Sumaru was short for a male, but to the untrained eye or first, second and third glance. (Sometimes even 4th.) Sumaru looked perfectly like a girl, from his slender hairless body with such a girlish waist, to his cute and very modern feminine fashion. His face was lightly make-up’d, with a blue eyeliner and lightly pink glossed lips, stylish silver rings in his left ear in three places going up. All that aside, his demeanor and voice wouldn’t help any either. Just moments after Eilane passed through the airlock, Sumaru looked up and called up one of the communication displays and sent out a call to the CO of the ship, first adjusting his uniform as he waited for the Shoi to pick up.

Fuyu sighed, about to reply to the comment about being a nurse, before she heard the comment at Haru. Blinking a little she looked to her sister, a look of hurt and confusion. ”And why do you say that...?”

”Cute isn’t it? Wish I had a sister...” Datenshi replied back.

"Well, because..." Kyuuka began, and took firm hold of Fuyu's side, as if to emphasize what she ment.

Kessah smiled softly over to Datenshi and gave the women a light wink, "Well you can count me as your sister I suppose. I count you as family, after all." Naturally this conversation was making her 'homesick', although a little sadness wasn't to big of a deal.

”I-..” Was all Fuyu could say, a look of hurt now crossing her face as she pressed herself away from Kyuuka, cuddling her knees to her chest. Obviously her body was a sore point for her. Atleast, her size was.

”Awww Thanks Kessie...Uh-oh. Looks like somethin went wrong...” Datenshi said, spotting the two split.

"Mm. Well they aren't the loving sibling type, you know... It happens on and off. No worries." None the less Kessah couldn't help but shake her head again at the two in amusement.

Yuriko blinked, at the second call within the last few minutes. "Yes?" She said as she picked up, coming up on the main passage.

"What?" Kyuuka asked, looking confused. " I was trying to be helpful..."

Eilae slowly propelled her way forward, jump from cushion to cushion with relative ease, her hair trailing/floating in the zero-g environment. She finally made her way to the end of the passageway, silently waiting for Shoi Yuriko to present herself.

”That hurts you know...Big sister made me this way, she thinks I look nice like this...” Fuyu said in reply.

"Why does it hurt? I was being honest, and trying to be nice!" Kyuuka replied, sounding a little annoyed, she had honestly been trying to be nice.

Cherry meanwhile actually managed to doze off quietly during the previous movie. She was taking a cat nap.

Eilae waited, fingers nervously toying at the edges of her bodysuit until finally the inner hatch opened. With a few quick steps forward, she entered the main passageway, glancing around.

”And would it be nice to say that you should talk to big sis about getting a bigger chest?” Fuyu retorted, regretting the moment she spoke the words.

"Seems I've been transferred under your command Kakutama-Shoi-San: Nito Hei, Hasegawa Sumaru requesting permission to come aboard and an audience with you at the earliest possible convenience for a private chat." Sumaru said rather dryly, the look on his face seemed not too pleased, but not irritated or depressed.

"Welcome!" Yuriko called from a little ways down the passage, the Shoi wore the white paneled dress variant uniform of an officer with a Shoi's rank pin on the brest of her uniform. She had long violet hair that had blue right at the tips, and violet hued eyes, and wore a kind smile.

Yuriko stopped in her tracks as she heard Sumaru's voice, stopping a little ways off from Eilae. "Sumaru, please come aboard."

Sapphire eyes locked instantly upon the Shoi, her expression neutral as she stood, arms at her sides. Eilae bowed deeply the next instant, keeping a rather stiff posture as she righted herself, walking towards the Shoi. "Its a pleasure to be on board, Yuriko-Shoi."

Kyuuka shot Fuyu a glare that could pierce Zesuaium. "I never did, and I never will!" Her mental voice loud, and angry sounding as she jumped to her feet.

”Well that's what it sounds like!” Fuyu replied just as angrily, her voice projected outwards now as she dropped the encryption by accident.

Kessah coughed a little, intending to get the two sister's attention, "Settle down you two."

The screen then would close as soon as the white pin ended the conversation and Sumaru would follow in though the entrance, going through with proper procedures before soon floating in after the Santo Hei. The trapish young and small pilot was carrying two loaded military bags, one over his shoulder and the other in his right hand, sorta relived to have the weight off his body as he entered the zero G halls. He silently waited for Yuriko to talk to him before approaching her. Besides it looked like she had a new recruit to tend to first.

"Well excuse me if I actually took the time to try and be helpful to you!" Kyuuka yelled, and stormed out of the room.

Fuyu watched her sister storm out, emotions fighting a war within her before she simply stuffed face in her knees again, crying silently into her skin.

”Ah sisterly fights...that's one thing I never missed...” Datenshi said as she watched Fuyu sadly.

"Yeah... Keri and I never really fought. When she got pissed off with me she'd bite my breast or something... And not in a sexual way. It stings like a motherfucker." Kessah replied with a smirk before sitting up, discarding the Keri-pillow for a moment and going over to Fuyu and giving the poor woman a hug.

Fuyu simply sat there, not really responding.

Kessah then proceeded to faintly rock Fuyu back and forth in the hug, rubbing the woman's arms with her hands. "Whatever she said wasn't true... Sisters need to bicker once and a while, you know?"

"It is a pleasure to have you aboard." Yuriko replied kindly to the girl, bowing. "If you wish, we are having a movie night in my quarters, and you would be most welcome."

Datenshi placed the movie on pause and sat up, watching Kessah and Fuyu now.

Fuyu sighed and sniffled a little. “But we were doing so good tonight...We were happy, agreeing with each other...”

"... Fuyu mate... You two are sisters. Sisters, unless they are overly incestious and even then, have fights. Siblings in general, actually. Its just how nature goes." Kessah calmly spoke, continuing to comfort.

“But it is all we do, fight fight fight...We can never get along..” Fuyu snuggled into Kessah now.

Aki tsked as she and Kyuuka were now bickering over telepathy. Thankfully it was encrypted. "Haru, have you been giving Fuyu extra scoops of ice cream?" She asked out of the blue.

"A movie?" Eilae kept her posture straight, trying not to move an inch with her superior in the vicinity. She quickly shook her head, strands of her hair rocking back and forth with the motion as she grew even more nervous than before. It was ackward being the new person on a ship, and even more ackward to suddenly be placed in a social environment with people she didn't know. "I would no wish to be a bother, Yuriko-Shoi."

Kessah didn't mind the snuggling, and snuggled back more so then before, "And you are siblings. Seriously, thats how it works. Fighting, bickering, yet still loving on a occasional basis."

Fuyu nodded a little to Kessah, letting out a sigh as she shut her eyes for a few moments. After she felt calmed down, she simply stood up. “Arigatou for the night...I am tired though, Goodnight.”

"If that is your wish, I will have someone escort you...ahh...goodtiming!" Yuriko exclaimed as Kyuuka came grumbling up the main passage, The sprite stopped, and looked dead at Yuriko, eyes wide. "As I was saying I could have someone show you to your new quarters so you may get comfortable and settle in." " Are you alright Sumaru?" Yuriko asked, encrypting her telepathy so that only herself, and Sumaru could hear it.

Kessah frowned a little and gave Fuyu a quick cheek peck after she jumped up a little to reach the target in question. "Night then..."

Eilae's eyes followed Yuriko's falling on Kyuuka with a trace of curiosity in them. Eilae bowed again to the Shoi, a trace of a smile appearing at the corners of her lips. "Thank you Yuriko-Shoi."

Sumaru watched the new recruit try to soften her way around and felt an all too well known feeling of sorry-ness for the girl, he had been there too. But for now he would remain silent, watching the girl and stuck in his thoughts. Then his attention was turned to the Shoi as he was messaged, returned in the same manner. "I will be, thank you for your concern." Sumaru said plainly and rather monotone, obviously just avoiding the topic.

"You wished to speak to me, after I know Eilae is settled in, I will do so. And I really do hope you will be alright Sumaru...you are my friend,and I care deeply for you." Yuriko replied sounding very sincere about that. "Kyuuka dear, could you show her to her new quarters?"She asked the small blonde sprite who nodded. "This way then." Kyuuka replied, floating off towards the starboard section of the ship.

Tsukade Eilae bowed briefly to the sprite before following in it's path, sighing mentally as the fear and nervousness began to ebb away. Once she made it to her quarters, she'd be able to relax. She hadn't met anyone besides the Shoi and the sprite, yet she doubted the crewmembers would be that interested in herself. Hopefully she could do her own thing without anyone bothering her too much.

Sumaru simply nodded his head in a slow bow as he waited. There was not much else he could do, though mind you he did fidget slightly, but that was only normal for Sumaru. Shifting his weight and looking down to check his nail polish.

"Well now, we are alone Sumaru. Please, follow me, could I tempt you with a beverage? Tea, coffee, juice, water?" Yuriko offered as she floated towards the wardroom.

"So, new huh?" Kyuuka asked as she arrived on the starboard side of the ship.

Eilae blinked at the sudden question, her eyes drifting away from the new sights of the ship to the sprite. Eilae replied to the question a moment later. "Yes."

"No, thank you though." Sumaru mentioned. He was usually seen with a cute brand of energy drink in a pink can for a reason; the poor thing was slightly addicted to the stuff, so he made sure to bring plenty of his own which would account for the overstuffed second military bag he carried with him. But that was aside the point, and only meant he'd just drink one of those instead. He followed quietly behind Yuriko until they'd reach the Wardroom, and then in the gravity he'd be quick to place his bags beside the door for the time being and waited for his CO to pick a seat.

"Well, you should be fine, the Shoi seems to like you, and don't worry, I am sure the crew will too." Kyuuka replied as she came up on the enlisted quarters. She selected one, and entered. It was a little small, a single twin sized bed, and a small white desk and chair were its only furniture. There were wall compartments for storing clothing, and other items. "Here we are, however, there is no bathroom in here, so you'll have to run down the hall. There is a bathroom right beside the starboard laundry room."

"Well then, the wardroom is not where I wish to take you to talk. But, what is behind the ward room is. "Yuriko explained as they entered. She felt her feet hit the deck, and waited patiently closeby for him.

Eilae slowly entered her quarters, glancing around the room once as she took it in. With one hand she brushed a few strands of hair from her face, bowing her head to the sprite again. "Perhaps. Thank you for showing me to my room."

"Not a problem, if you want, there is a movie night going on in the Shoi's quarters down the hall in the starboard passenger suite. Most of the crew is gathered there. Casual clothing is permitted, though you could go as is if you want. Last time I was there, they'd just started a comedy." Kyuuka bowed, and exited the room before heading to her own quarters. The sprite mumbled, and planted herself on her bed, burying her face into her pillow.

"Oh... my apologies then." Sumaru said as he went again to lift his heavy bags. Though with some ease, as for the oddity that is Sumaru he had loads of strength and muscle packed tightly into that girlish figure of his. He silently waited the Shoi to lead him to their destination.

Yuriko led the Nito Hei up, and into the observation room, the large transparent zesuaium windows offering a spectacular view of space as the subtle scents of the flowers that she herself, and Fuyu had planted would tantalize both of their senses.

"Oi, Haru, is Fuyu mad at me?' Kyuuka asked the sprite dully.

”I think she was crying as she left...I didn’t get a good look. Ask Kessah-sama.” Haru replied.

"Bleh..."Kyuuka muttered as she decided to ask the technician. "Kessah-Hei, is Fuyu mad at me?"

Kessah couldn't help but jump a little as the voices in her head apparently began to speak to her. Unexpected telepathic messages always unnerved her for some reason, but she answered all the same. "Well yeah, in a sister to sister way. More hurt, I think. What'd you do?"

Eilae watched as the sprite exited her new room, sighing briefly as she went to her bed, planting herself down upon it. A movie? She mused silently to herself, thinking over her recent interaction with the captain of the ship, and the movie the crew was watching. She ran her hands gently along her hips, smiling briefly to herself at the new uniform she had received. She suddenly stood up, pulling free a small pad of paper along with a pen, starting the journey towards the starboard passenger suite.

"It is private" Kyuuka said bluntly.

"Psh, Fine then. But in anycase... Say sorry or something." Kessah wasn't put off by the bluntness, half expecting it, so her tone was calm all the same.

The starboard passenger suite wasn't too far away all things considered. The laundry room was right across from it, and the bathroom Kyuuka had mentioned before was right beside the laundry room.

"I know I know." Kyuuka muttered, sounding like a child being scolded by her mother,

He hadn’t been up here before, but the sight above was nothing more to him but cold desolate space. To Sumaru, it just looked like the place he was to be spending the remainder of his short expected life fighting in. The flowers were a nice touch though; his eyes fell from the battle field above to the flowers below, stopping to kneel beside a bright pink hibiscus for a second. A slight smile appeared on his lips as his thoughts wandered towards home, as he used to love the pink vibrant flower during it's summer bloom, to him it was a link to fond summer memories of festivals and just the wonderful free feeling. Though all in an instant, because the Nito Hei was here for a reason, to which he quickly stood and followed in behind Yuriko.

Yuriko took a seat in a nearby recliner, and crossed her legs at the ankles, hands in her lap as she watched Sumaru "May I ask why you requested to speak to me privately?" The Shoi asked rather politely.

Eilae frowned to herself, pausing right outside the suite, one hand plucking at the rather tight body suit. She never really liked the outfit, thinking it accentuated her body too much to her liking, yet she wanted to make a good impression by using the standard uniform. Taking a deep breath, she entered the suite, trying to locate the captain's quarters where the movie was taking place.

In truth, the whole suite was the captain's quarters. Eilae would be stepping into the living area, a soft, and inviting couch was nearby, with a large desk and work terminal and reclining chair off to the other side. There was even a little table, and two chairs. On the wall hung lamps that would provide soft lighting once on. Even the carpet was nice, it was a rich red color, shaggy and soft beneath her feet.

Sumaru stopped a few feet back as she went to take her seat, letting his bags down on either side of himself and crossing his arms behind his back professionally. "I did not expect such a setting for such a conversation, Yuriko-Shoi. The truth is I merely wanted to request permission for my armor to be moved into your bay, we could had such a conversation in the halls. But now that we're here, I guess this would be a better chance for me to get to talk to you. Since I never did get too close to Tasia Hanako, and I did have some disagreement in her actions. Tell me; what do you plan for me to do under your command, Yuriko-Shoi? I guess it would be better to know what you plan as my role onboard your ship and in combat." Sumaru seemed quite professional about this all.

Yuriko frowned a little, seeing the change in the young man."Sumaru, I know how you must feel about being re-assigned...but this is out of my hands."She said rather helplessly with a gentle sigh before continuing. "You are combat arms are you not? What is it combat arms do? They fight, and they protect their ship, and their crew. It is a hard job, and a daunting one. Trust me...I know for I started off just like you, as combat arms." Yuriko continued on, as a few of her past battles played out in her mind now. "Taisa Hanako is a good leader, some of her choices may have not been the proper ones, but we are not perfect beings, and are bound to make mistakes. It is only by making mistakes that we learn to not make them again, and to gain experience from them.

You survived the Battle of Nataria, and lived to tell the tale. Hanako chose you for a reason, as she chose all of us, she saw many good qualities in us, and many opportunities for greatness. I wish for you to do the same job you did aboard the Taisa's ship. To be one of the best pilots it has been my privilege to know in all my time aboard the Sakura, Plumeria, and my brief stay aboard the Elfin Princess. Plus...you are a good cook. And I would like to try your cooking again." She spoke, wearing a soft, and gentle smile. "As for your power armor, I will make an exception, I will remove on of the Daisies we have in our power armor bays, and have yours loaded. However, I have a question to ask you." Yuriko took on a somewhat more serious expression "Rank aside, how do you feel about this?"

Aki nudged 'Tenshi with her foot, and pointed to the door. "New crewmember."

Eilae glanced around, her anxiety increasing again as she took in the rather social scene. Positioning herself next to the door, she gently leaned against the wall, holding the small pad of paper against her waist, her pen resting between the fingers of her right.

Datenshi blinked and shook her head as she was roused from her slumber. “Hm..? Oh! Hey there newbie! Grab a spot and a quart of ice cream!” Datenshi patted the floor beside her.

Kessah blinked a little at Aki's voice and hopped up again, once again discarding the Keri-pillow and made her way over to Eilae. "... Hello! I'm Kessah... And before anyone else but Yuriko gets to say it, welcome to the ship." She gave her a playful, actually meaningless wink before sitting back down with her hugged pillow next to 'Tenshi.

Eilae blinked as she was approached by Kessah, quickly standing up straighter as she bowed. "I'm Tsukade Eilae. A pleasure to meet you." Her blue eyes drifted over to Datenshi then, politely shaking her head. "I'm quite alright over here. Sorry if I disturbed you."

Kessah shook her head a little, and noteabley didn't return the bow. Unless another nod counted, but a smile was included. "Well, make yourself at home then."

“Get your cute little ass over here before I gotta grab you and bring you over.“ Datenshi said aloud, serious for a moment before she fell over laughing.

Kessah couldn't help but giggle playfully as well, giving 'Tenshi a playful punch to the side.

“Thank you.” Sumaru said in response to her decision to load up his power armor, it had become dear to him. "I hope that you have learned from her mistakes just as much as I have then..." Sumaru said, rather boldly at first. But not without grounds, for the young pilot was the one who was left helpless in that battle as he watched both ships in their destruction. He was inexperienced in those grounds; no matter of training could prepare a young one like him for the sights he saw. After a moment of his eyes falling to the flowers, glancing aside from Yuriko for a moment to collect some composure, he let out a sigh... reliving him self as she mentioned their ranks being put aside. "I believe Taisa Hanako is a good ship commander, and I'm sure she's an amazing comrade, but I just didn’t agree with her headstrong actions. It's all I'm saying... she could have handled things a lot more smoothly and as such I hope you will instead.” He then felt almost like she was rather just instead going to offer her mothering advice again, so he silenced himself to collect his more personal thoughts. He knew his place in that sense, but would she be using her armors more prominently in combat? Would he be acting as a free agent in battle, or commanding a group? These were all important questions and more in which he meant in the first place but never got out, guess we could pin it on Sumaru’s quiet and submissive demeanor.

Eilae simply blinked again, a little confused at first. Her face still masked her feelings of anxiety quite well, striding over towards where Datenshi was situated. She carried the pad of paper beneath her arm, staring at the floor besides the woman. "What is your name if I may ask?"

“Datenshi, but you can just call me ‘Tenshi.” Datenshi said aloud as she patted the floor beside her. “So whatcha wanna watch? Action or comedy?”

"No preference," Eilae stated simply. The new female slid to the ground besides Datenshi, her bottom resting on her feet, the pad of paper resting on her thighs. Her gaze was removed from the woman she had just met, staring down at page in silent contemplation.

"I paid dearly at Nataria, Sumaru when we...died. I paid so dearly I had so much grief within me I thought I would likely pass away from it. Some of Taisa Hanako's actions were not agreeable there...when my ship was destroyed...so was the tiny life growing within me, my baby died." Yuriko wore a sad little smile as she placed a hand on her stomach. "I will tell you something. Something I told no one. We once had a Ketsurui Samurai aboard the Sakura, the ship we had before the Plumeria. She was a dear friend to me, but she was transfered to the YC-28, the SAINT vessel. Before she left, she asked two things of me, and one more in a letter. To watch over Hanako, and protect her, and to protect the crew. The third was to become strong. I have protected Hanako as best I can, and to protect the crew."

Kessah shrugged a little to 'Tenshi, "You pick, naturally." She then sent the woman a encrypted telepathic message smirking a little to her, "'Tenshi... No groping or anything to her, alright? No need to scare her."

“okay, action it is!” A action movie blazed onto the screen, along with all the explosions and gunfights anyone could want. ‘Tenshi nudged the girl and nodded to the screen. “Hey hun, screen is up there...”

Sumaru simply turned back to Yuriko then bowed his head. "I am sorry for your loss; I believe I understand what you’re trying to say, so I guess this conversation is over. Thank you for your hospitality and reviving my armor, I look forward to serving you and your crew. If that is all Yuriko-Shoi, I would like to get to my quarters." Sumaru said, with no real tone in his voice other then formal and professional, bringing back the feeling of rank.

"Sumaru...why are you not yourself?" Yuriko asked after a moment.

The newcomer continued to stare blankly at the piece of paper, her heart beating rather quickly at being so close to people. She tried to forget about her surrounding, beginning to think on what she might draw when she was suddenly nudged from her thoughts. Adrenaline shot through her body as her heart skipped a beat, remaining motionless for a few seconds before finally glancing at Datenshi, hearing the sounds of the movie for the first time. "Oh.. sorry. Did I do something wrong? I can leave if you wish." Obviously, Eilae hadn't really heard what Datenshi had said.

Kessah smirked a little at Eilae's actions and sent Datenshi another message, "... Definately don't do anything to her, she is probably easily scared~."

“Nah, but snap out of it hun it’s a all girl’s night! Means movies, ice ream, and sometimes dishing if we have the chance too, but not a big enough ship really.” Datenshi said as she slipped her around the girl’s shoulder, hugging her to her. “So relax and have some fun okay?”

"I am myself, I'm a solder of the Star Army of Yamatai. If there is combat, I am deployed. If I am needed else where, I am transferred. And until I get a high enough rank to start to have the responsibilities of choices, I go and follow orders as my superiors see fit." Sumaru responded to Yuriko in the same manner as he had before, formal and distant, even slightly cold.

Eilae's whole body tensed as Datenshi's arm slipped through her hair and around her shoulders. Her eyes immediatly darted to the screen, hands gripping the pad rather tightly as she replied to Datenshi's words. "Yes, of course. My apologies Datenshi-san." Eilae's voice remained controlled and smooth, yet her anxiety had increased ten-fold, unaccustomed at all to her present conditions.

Yuriko got up from her seat, looking hurt as she listened to him. He had been such a sweet, yet somewhat shy young man. The Shoi walked past, stopping a little ways. "I miss the real you already Sumaru." She said in a soft tone of voice before her boots could be heard on the floor of the wardroom, then nothing as she entered the Zero-g passageway.

"You have been assigned starboard enlisted quarters number three Sumaru-Hei." MEGAMI's kind, and even sweet female voice replied before going silent.

Seeing the girl tense as she did, Datenshi slipped her arm off quickly. “You okay hun?” She asked.

Koharu had appeared to have zoned out in the nice, lush chair as she petted the fabric on the arm- not unlike you'd pet a dog or a cat.

Kessah had leaned forward to watch the results and gave 'Tenshi a light elbow after, "She is uber shy... Er... Really shy. That or nervous around you, but anyway... Be slow~."

Eilae glanced at the woman, tilting her head to one side as if confused. "I am perfectly fine, Datenshi-san. Did I accidentally give any indication as to otherwise?"

”Kessah...this is slow for me come on you know that...” Datenshi said to Kessah before looking to Eilae. “Yea, ya gripped the pad tightly and you tensed up. Come on hun we are all friends here, it’s a ship and if we can’t relax it will be tough. Rather then have you meet everyone else in a more high strung setting, we are able to have everyone meet the new members in a more relaxed and laid back setting. Understand?” Datenshi said, placing her hand on the girl’s.

Sora nervously bit her lower lip as she looked over at Serizawa as they approached the YSS Asamoya. "I hope they aren't going to be upset that we're leaving, Ichi-kun."

Yuriko finally realized where she had been going, and promptly turned around, somewhat in a small daze. The Shoi circumvented heading towards the wardroom again, and took the long route, and finally came up on her suite. Yuriko entered, eyes downcast as she heard the door close behind her. After a half hearted sigh, she walked back towards her bedroom, not saying a word to everyone in the living area.

Koharu had seen Yuriko's mood drop and looked after her, her ears pressed back against her head in concern. "Kakutama-san?"

Kessah elbowed 'Tenshi playfully once more before she looked over to Yuriko, and tweaked a brow. ... damn it.

Datenshi watched as Yuriko sulked past the group, wondering what was going on. With a sigh she flopped back to the floor with a huff.

"I'm here to do my job," the golden haired female answered. Her eyes however drifted over Datenshi's face, ponderously for a moment before looking over to the movie being projected. She continued to stare blankly at the screen, holding back the natural desire to tense as the red-headed female placed her hand on Eilae's own.

Yuriko just went into her room, the sound of someone landing on the bed could be heard.

The crimson eyed neko frowned as she toyed with her right ear for a moment before looking away from the door and let her eyes swept across those that were still gathered.

Kessah shook her head a bit, and decided not to bother Yuriko or anything. Instead she tweaked a brow over to 'Tenshi and then back to the movie.

“If your here to do your job and only that, your gonna crack hun.” With a huff Tenshi rolled backwards and to her feet, before she walked over to Yuriko’s room. Knocking on the side of the door Tenshi waited. “Hey Yuri-chan? Mind if I come in...?”

"How can someone go from such a sweet, happy, and kind person to someone that is cold and professional, all over one simple transfer?"Yuriko asked Koharu in a hurt tone, making sure only she could hear. "I do not mind 'Tenshi." She said half-heartedly from her bed, face propped up into a pillow.

Eilae pursed her lips briefly before shaking her head, a barely audible breath of air leaving her. She returned to look down at the still blank piece of paper, a faint smile moving to her lips as she got a sudden inspiration. Slowly her pen drifted over,, beginning to draw something.

Well, it usually means that the person lost someone they cared deeply about. Koharu responded telepathically to Yuriko. There is no hell like seeing someone you love get pulled away.

Kessah didn't look to 'Tenshi when she stood, knowing what she was going to do. Datenshi had a better chance of cheering Yuriko up, after all. Kessah kept managing to piss her off. With a short side glance to Eilae's drawing she continued to watch the movie. That she had seen already.

Sumaru stayed a little while, in the observation deck. Returning to the Hibiscus flowers in bloom, he knelt down beside them and lifted a delicate hand to the petals gingerly brushing his dainty fingers across the surface with a tiny smile. Loosing him self in a rush of memories, his sight fixed on the flower, Sumaru felt the area around him become familiar. Being lost in a memory of long ago when he used to watch his sisters dress up in their kimono for the summer festival, they would wear these flowers in their hair. His mother would hum this song and sing a few lines here and there as she worked hard at preparing their outfits. Sumaru absentmindedly began humming the same tune to him self, the Asian melodic music would echo quietly in the area around him. The sound was soft, kind and even haunting in a sense, but unlike his mother’s sweet tune, Sumaru’s version seemed distant and sad, his true emotions playing out for the flower to listen and offer its mute sympathies and comforting image to invoke such beloved memories.

Datenshi was slow moving into the room, watching Yuriko closely. “You okay Yuri-chan?”

"I lost such things...my father at Nataria, my unborn baby near a nebula, forty light years away from Yamatai, and yet I have not become cold, and emotionless." Yuriko explained to Koharu. "It hurts me to see such things happen to others."

Eilae stroked the page gently with the tip of the pen, pausing now and again as she thought about how she would continue. All that was really visible was half of an oval, since the picture had just been started.

"No 'Tenshi...I am not. Sumaru has been transferred to the Asamoya...except he is not himself." Yuriko muttered into the pillow.

“Is Nana with him?” Datenshi asked as she came to the bed and sat down.

It's a different type of pain, and a different method of coping. They might just be young. Koharu replied telepathically again, understanding the feeling. Death is something far more permanent and less frustrating than a transfer or someone moving.

Yuriko shook her head. "I do not know 'Tenshi.""I know the feeling of being transferred...but to see someone go from happy, and sweet, to as they are now just...it just is not right."

“Well that's why...” Datenshi said aloud, leaning back on the bed. “That boy was head over heels for the girl and felt attached to her.”

I don't think it is either, but hopefully, we'll be able to help him when he comes out of his depression. The bridge officer suggested telepathically with an inward sigh.

"I did not feel that way when I was transferred to the Sakura...I left all my friends behind." Yuriko protested softly. "I hope you are right."

“Some people take it differently hun.” Datenshi said. Thinking for a moment, she looked to Yuriko. “Not to bring up a sore point, but remember how you felt when your father always transferred?”

Yuriko winced a little at that. "He did not have time for me even when I lived at home 'Tenshi."

“But I am sure you were able to see him since you’ve been in service right?” Datenshi asked.

Eilae paused again, this time her lips creasing in a frown. She was heavily critical on her own work. Slowly her hand began to drift back to the page, her body leaning over it slightly as a picture began to form.

"They shouldn't be," Serizawa replied to Sora. "This is what it means to be in the military." He took Sora's hand into his to comfort her.

The crimson haired neko gently squeezed Serizawa's hand as she walked into the dorsal airlock into the Asamoya. She spoke out loud to address MEGAMI. "MEGAMI-san, could you tell me where everyone is located?"

If only they knew the truth, but even that... was hidden to himself at most points. Sumaru was a confusing one, just as complicated as a girl and stubborn as a guy. A total mess to deal with on most occasions, but loads of fun on his better days. Alone in his song, Sumaru felt the cold reality of steel and space fade back around his warm memories of home. A long drawn out sigh and then he collected his things and quietly headed to his appointed quarters, his mind still surging with a storm of mixed feelings. The only thing he had right now keeping him grounded was his whole reason for being here, to protect his home... and lives, like his parents that should never have to be sacrificed for the better of the nation.

Kessah once again gave Eilae a passing glance, although waited for her to finish before actually attempting to see what the picture was. In the mean time, she paid attention to the movie.

"Everyone is currently within the Shoi's suite, that would be the starboard side passenger suite." MEGAMI replied.

Serizawa glanced over at his lover and asked, "Are you ready? Or do you need a moment?"

Sora took a deep breath and nodded to her lover, leaning against his shoulder for a moment as she gathered her resolve to bid her friends goodbye. "Ready, as I ever will be, Ichi-kun."

Yuriko finally sat up on her bed. "Only once." She muttered.

Perhaps simply lacking imagination at the moment, a face began to appear upon the page, quite distinctly that of Datenshi with her head turned towards the spectator. Eilae's lips pursed again, working on the neko-ears rather carefully at the moment, eyes closing now and again as she tried to recall the picture.

Datenshi frowned a little, giving the girl a few moments, before shrugging a little. Wrapping her arm around the girl’s shoulder to hug her softly.

Yuriko returned the hug gratefully as her shoulders sagged. "I hope he is not like that forever."

Serizawa nodded and said, "Well, lets not delay any further." With his free hand, he opened up the airlock and led Sora into the Asamoya

Koharu had starting pressing her hands together nervously as she wondered who had changed so much to upset Yuriko.

“Well if he is a night with me will cheer him up eh?” Datenshi laughed a little and gave Yuriko a nudge, giving the girl a tight hug now.

Sumaru finally arrived at his quarters, lowering his bags to the side of the bed, he decided against unpacking for now, he had grown tired of the whole process of packing and unpacking so soon. First when he arrived on the Plumeria, then again soon after on the Elfin Princess, he just finished packing up so unpacking now was out of the question. Instead he dug through his bags for his personal music player and large studio headphones. Then after finding his data pad again he pulled it out to begin writing on the project he had begun after that night he had hit his head, it was a tale set in ancient times. To which he had to do much research, which was why the story had not gotten longer then two pages. But none the less, it was a tale about a commoner who had fallen madly in love with a princess and at the cost of being found out and killed for treason; he’d fake a noble knight title with hopes of one day getting to her and confessing his love. Sumaru hadn’t added much else, but he was playing with many different ideas in his head of epic battles and the two characters being tossed through turmoil but coming out together in a much brighter end. Oh the boy still had his head stuck in fairy tales, but it was a wonderful way to manage the harsh realities of fighting in a war.

Eilae stopped suddenly, still staring down at the picture critically. The picture was rather nicely drawn, capturing each strand of hair on her head to the shine of the woman's lips. She suddenly gave a small sigh, looking up at the still playing movie as she pondered briefly if it was a smart decision to come into the suite. Glancing back down at the picture, she tore the page free before speaking out loud, addressing Kessah. "Is there a trash dispenser somewhere?"

Yuriko just shook her head a little. "If anyone else were to be re-assigned to my ship...I hope they would not be like that."

Kessah blinked a little and looked around, "Uh... Maybe. I am not sure myself... Tends to not be, though... Why do you need to throw something away? Can I see~?"

Eilae stood up, arching her next backwards to straighten her hair somewhat. She nodded briefly, holding the paper and the pad together under her right arm. "Yes, I need to throw something away." She stared unblinkingly at the woman for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. "I draw sometime. Though I'm not very good.. and I think I'm lacking imagination at the moment."

Sora walked along the corridors holding Serizawa's hand. She seemed fairly nervous despite her smile.

Kessah mocked a pout but nodded, "Oh fine... Um... Ask MEGAMI! MEGAMI, Where is the nearest trash dispenser?"

Eilae nodded once, turning her head away as she silently stood, her face still remaining rather stale in expression as she awaited MEGAMI's answer.

"Do you have something that needs to be recycled?"MEGAMI asked.

Kessah tweaked her head over to Eilae, "She does, yes."

Serizawa guided Sora to Yuriko's suit without delay. The thin Yamataian knew that the faster they finished their goodbyes, the better. They quickly reached the door to the suite and Serizawa commanded, "Inform the Shoi that Serizawa Ichi and Ketsurui Sora are here to see the crew."

"There should be one in the Shoi's suite by her work desk." MEGAMI said.

Kessah smiled over to Eilae, "There you go then, mate."

Eilae bowed her head politely to Kessah in thanks before walking over to the Shoi's desk. She paused briefly as she found the container, dropping the single sheet of paper inside.

“That makes two of us hun, I don’t wanna have to fuck every upset person on the ship...Wait...damn it we need more mopey people! Come here Yuriko you need love healing!” Just messing with her, the red head playfully tugged Yuriko to the bed.

Yuriko tugged back as MEGAMI announced people at the door to her suite. "Excuse me 'Tenshi." She said politely, peeling herself away as she made her way to the door. The Shoi had the door open, her standing right in the doorway.

Datenshi sighed a little. “I swear to god we must go through cycles...First we are all worse then a fresh batch of neko’s in bed, then we go into a mopey depressed state, then back to fucking like rabbits. Can’t we just stay in the middle Yuri-chan pleaseeeee?

Sora offered Yuriko a sheepish smile that almost gave the impression the neko felt gulty about something, "Yuriko-san."

Kessah raised a brow and looked back to the bedroom as she caught the last bit of what 'Tenshi said. She was some what disturbed, although she expected it some what.

Koharu watched Yuriko emerge from her quarters and looked towards the door curiously, unsure of what exactly was going on.

Yuriko smiled as she saw Sora, and gave the woman a hug. "Welcome aboard you two." She replied kindly, before stepping to the side, offering for them to enter.

The young Ketsurui returned her friend's hug warmly and stepped inside the suite. She looked at the others in the living area for a moment with a momentarily sad smile. "I guess you heard about the transfers but.. we came by to say goodbye."

Kessah frowned a little and nodded to Sora, pausing the movie as well. Even though it was in the credits. Oddly short movie. "Awh... Cya, Sora... Ichi."

Eilae glanced over to Kessah before following the woman's gaze to the brief commotion of the two people that had recently shown up. The only signs of nervousness were the fingers of Eilae's hands that were toying and plucking at the bodysuit she wore. It was getting a little too crowded.

Datenshi perked up as she heard Sora. Frowning, she stood and moved over to the doorway to see the two. After a moment of screwing up the courage, Datenshi walked forward and wrapped her arms around Sora’s shoulder, pulling her into a light hug. “I hope you two do well on your new ship. Make sure you keep her happy got it Ichi?” She pointed a finger at the man in question before turning back to Sora. Leaning in to whisper to her, “Sorry for what happened, I got carried away and I acted stupid.”

"The transfers are going...slowly. I was only just notified of Nana, and Dagsuz transferring here. Sumaru has already arrived.." And now has the disposition of a bratty child She thought the last, keeping it to herself. "I had been wondering when you two were going to arrive...and I have a going away present for you Sora." She quietly walked over to the couch, bringing a box with the Kessaku Electronics emblem on the top. The Shoi opened it, and revealed two bracelets, one silver, and one gold. "I sent the designs for this into Kessaku awhile back, and they sent me the first two to ever be produced." She explained, and took the gold one out, and extended it to Sora.

Sora returned Datenshi's hug and offered her friend a soft smile, "I know you didn't mean to upset me, I forgive you Datenshi." She looked at Yuriko and the bracelet curiously, taking it into her hands, wide-eyed. "It's so pretty!"

Datenshi smiled widely, glad to have the weight off her shoulder as she rolled them a little before she simply stepped back, letting the two talk.

"It is called a Multi-Function Bracelet, I made sure Kessaku included a set of instructions on its uses." Yuriko explained, and found the small data pad at the bottom of the box, and handed it to Sora.

The crimson haired neko smiled brightly, sliding the bracelet onto her right wrist as she took the data pad in hand and quickly glanced over it, "Aw, thank you so much for this, Yuriko-san."

Serizawa nodded at Datenshi. "I will be sure to keep her happy. No doubts there." He eyed the bracelet Yuriko gave to Sora and said, "Gold suits you, Sora."

Eilae slowly tried to make her way out of the suite quietly without being noticed. She let out a small breath of air, brushing her hair out of her eyes as she stepped out into the hall.

"You are quite welcome Sora-Chan. And please, keep in touch with me you two." Yuriko replied closing the box, and standing there smiling very little.

Kessah did indeed notice Eilae, but she wouldn't tell anyone~. Instead she kept her eyes on her two now former-mates. ... Somewhat ironic that the ones in a monogamous relationship are the ones leaving...

"I'll do my best," Sora replied, biting her lower lip a little to keep her composure. "Do you know where Sumaru-kun is hiding? I heard you say he was here but I don't see him?" She asked quietly as she suddenly remembered that the young man has sworn to protect her as a knight.

Tsukade Eilae slipped past the group easily, making her way down the cold halls of the ship to her room. Entering, she laid down her paper and then pen, sitting down on the bed with a sigh of relief. It was rather nice to be away from the large number of people.

"MEGAMI?" Yuriko asked as Sora finished her question.

"Starboard enlisted quarters number three Shoi." MEGAMI promptly replied.

"Thank you, MEGAMI-san, Yuriko-san.I think I should go find him and say goodbye to him," Sora gave Yuriko and Datenshi both a big squishy hug before she backed away and bowed deeply to them both.

Datenshi smiled, looking to Yuriko now as she let out a sigh. “Imma miss her...now I got the biggest rack on the ship you know...” Datenshi grabbed her chest and wobbled them a little before she nudged Yuriko. “So I guess the gal’s night is over?”

To all in the room save Sora, Serizawa said, "It was a pleasure serving with you all. Farewell. May we meet again in the future." He bowed to the crew of the Asamoya and left the room.

Kessah rolled her eyes to 'Tenshi, "Not by much! Mine's... Almost as big, to scale..."

“I’m still big-ger!” Datenshi teased.

"Correction, Fuyu's are bigger." Yuriko replied as she nodded. "And yes...I do believe it is over. Tomorrow I have a little something planned, as the armorer of the ship 'Tenshi, I do hope you know what I am planning." She replied as she bowed to the two as they left.

Kessah stuck her tongue out at Datenshi, "And you are still memorized with licking my breasts whenever you get the chance..." And damn it I hate Power armors...

Koharu had watched this all occur passively with a shy smile. She rose from her seat, "Good night ladies. It was fun. I'll see you all in the morning," she said softly as she made her way to the door as well.

"Sleep well Koharu-Shoi." Yuriko said kindly, giving a short bow to the woman as she left.

Sora walked with Serizawa to the quarters that MEGAMI had directed them to. She knocked on the door and politely called out, "Sumaru-kun?"

“Training? Wooo! And I mean non-sprite Yuri-chan. I guess I gotta go compare with Fuyu now..Hmm...” Datenshi pondered lightly.

Kessah giggled lightly and shook her head, "Nah... I don't think she would enjoy that to much. Anyway! Sleep. Sleep is good, m'yes." Rather slowly she stood up and stretched upwards with a yawn.

"They are crew none the less." Yuriko commented, as she went and retrieved a few extra blankets, covering up the sleeping Aki, Haru, and Ame.

Saya had somehow zoned out and collapsed on her side as well, her pillow still under her rear.

"Across the sky..." He was singing, loudly but sound proofed so Sora and Serizawa outside wouldn't hear any of it. "I will fly!" The song broke into a feverish solo before another quick bout of epic lyrics. "Forgive me my weakness, through battle flames high I will prove my worth once in the morrow yet to come, parrels naught for the knight of valorrr! Dragons may siege, and heroes may fleeeeed but for you my queen I will fight with honor for my leeeige! Truth knows no master and love knows no bounds, with those as my shield and sword, I will defend these grouunds!" More epic solo, and then MEGIMI alerted the bouncing rocker to his guests arriving. He stopped his little show as he was standing now on his bed holding a energy drink in his hand as if holding onto the neck of his air guitar.

Eilae slowly rolled fully onto her bed, closing her eyes in exhaustion as she fell asleep upon the bed, on top of the covers.

Yuriko covered the sleeping Saya as well, and wandered into her room, bidding Kessah goodnight as the door to her bedroom slid shut.

"MEGAMI, who's currently at the door?" Sumaru asked as he quickly fixed his hair, outfit and tossed the energy drink on the bed. "Shoi Kohosei Sora and Ittô Hei Serizawa Ichi." MEGAMI would obviously respond promptly. Sumaru would stop his approach to the door in his tracks, his eyes lowering to the floor. 'I guess you can't just tell them I'm not home can you?' Sumaru said in his head, feeling the heavy burden from before return to him. He hesitated, his hand lifting to the door with his delicate digits pressing against it for only a moment. Then he recoiled, taking a step back with his head low and his bang falling back into place.

Kessah waved Yuriko good bye after verbalizing it, too, and was soon chased by Datenshi down the hall to their respective rooms.
"Ano..."A very small, childlike voice said from behind Sora and Ichi. A small hand tugged at the end of Ichi's uniform top. "Excuse me..."

The young Ketsurui stood in front of Sumaru's door toying with a long strand of her crimson colored hair. She pursed her lips together into a near pout. Her bright green eyes seemed almost about to burst into tears, Sora was truly trying not to cry about leaving behind the crew members she had come to consider friends.

Serizawa felt the tugging and and heard the voice. He looked downward and asked, "Uh, yes?"

A small sprite (obviously still maturing) stood there holding an ornate box she had green hair and golden hued eyes. "Ano...You are Ichi-kun yes?"

Serizawa's brow quirked at the little sprite. "Yes, I suppose I am. What can I help you with, little one?" he asked quizzically.

"Ano...Yuriko-Shoi asked Shii to bring this to Ichi-kun, she says he should have going away present." Shii held the box up, standing on her tippy toes. It was a small ornately carved wooden box.

Serizawa smiled and took the wooden box from Shii's hands. "Thank you, Shii. You've been very helpful." He lifted the lid of the box up to see what it held inside.

Sumaru was watching through a small display called up to see them outside his door, the look on her face wreak havoc inside the young pilot. To the point that he only felt more self hatred, he knew what he had to do... this may be his last chance, even if Serizawa was there. Sumaru took one deep breath, his mind going blank and a sudden adrenaline rush filled his mind making him almost jittery in his spot just standing there, as if ready to charge into a battle. The door soon opened, and out stepped the Nito Hei with a determined look on his face. He approached Sora, put an arm around her waist and pulled her close... boldly in front of Serizawa he moved and kissed the Ketsurui princess. "I'm sorry, I will do what I have to do here first Princess, and then I will find a way to protect you.

No matter how I do it.” Sumaru said to her as he nodded his head and then quickly stepped back and turned to Serziawa with a fierce look in those sharp blue eyes. Sumaru’s frost blue slanted eyes were that of a beast at that moment, those were the eyes of a person with purpose. “Don’t you let any harm come to her, you can do what you want here and now. But if I hear any harm has come to her and you could not defend her. I will never forgive you.” Sumaru said, even bolder. But he was a wreck in these moments, so totally unsure of himself but even more so sure all at the same time; he held his arms down at his sides tightly and waited the man’s reaction.

Sora's eyes went wide with surprise as Sumaru pulled her into a kiss. She stood blinking, rather confused when the kiss was over. The young Ketsurui princess in her confusion, was unable to maintain her composure any longer and did the last thing that she wanted to do this last visit, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

The smile faded from Serizawa's lips and he closed the lid of the box he had been given when Sumaru confronted him. He glared at the man, his blue eyes having turned a cold shade of their usual color. "If such a thing should ever happen," he replied sharply, "then you would surely spite the dead." With that, Serizawa turned to his weeping lover and pulled her into an embrace, allowing Sora to cry on him.

Sumaru then took his leave, pressing his tongue to his teeth and sucking in sharply making a 'tch' sound as he watched the green panel turn to Sora, and then with sad eyes he turned to the girl and bowed low and sent encrypted to her telepathically, "Please be careful my princess, do not forget me… it is all I ask..." With that said, Sumaru slipped back into his quarters. The door shutting and becoming locked. Sumaru pressed his back against it, and slowly slid down his shaky hand daintily lifting to his lips to touch them gingerly with a confused and lost look on his face. He had to leave her for now, serving this ship would be the fastest way back to her and no matter what... until he was there to protect her, he would do what ever he could.

The Ketsurui princess cried quietly into her lover's shoulder as she tried to regain control of her emotions again. Sora forced herself to snap out of it and looked up at Serizawa with wide, teary eyes as she bit her trembling lower lip. She didn't say anything for a few moments before she looked towards the now closed and locked door.

"There's no need and try to be tough," Serizawa whispered while running his fingers through Sora's long hair. "I know this has been hard for you so take as much time as you need."

"I know but, that went badly, I don't want to part on such a note," Sora replied softly back to Serizawa, returning her gaze to her lover from the door. "But, I guess, I have to play this hand since it's all I have now." she sighed as she closed her eyes for a moment, pressing her thumb and forefinger together on the bridge of her nose. "I want a second take."

"Pretty lady shouldn't cry."Shii said her litte voice coming from not too far away. She was still a little thing, standing at only three feet tall. "I think the pretty lady is very sweet, and very kind." The little sprite replied looking up at Sora with her big golden eyes.


ON: YSS Asamoya (The Next Morning)

Morning soon came to the crew of the Asamoya, after a night filled with movies, goodbyes, and new arrivals. It had been an eventful first night for the new ship, and the morning would prove to be just as eventful. Yuriko had awoken very early, and made her way down to the starboard power armor bay. The Shoi had donned a Mindy 2A Power armor, and left the ship, requesting that Gemini release a few combat drones. The Shoi's armor had moved away from both the station as the drones sped out to her location.

Messages had been left for everyone, stating there was power armor combat training today. The little volumetric windows hovered over their desks. Judging from the time stamp, they'd been sent fairly early in the morning.

Koharu had been unable to sleep and had opted to spend her time in the observation deck looking through the ship systems on a volumetric screen as she sipped a large cup of tea. When she received the training message she slowly got herself together and made her way to the starboard power armor bay after depositing her empty mug in the dirty dish area of the wardroom.

Kessah grumbled a little to herself. She had only recently exited the more loving slumber part of her day and lay in bed. Attempting to revist that moment of her day. The message made her stop her lazy attempts, and instead lean forward and crawl out of bed to get some clothes on.

The crimson eyed neko selected a Daisy for herself from the starboard power armor bay and sighed lightly as she undressed to get inside of it. There was a furious blush on her cheeks despite the fact that she was alone for the moment in the large bay.

Cherry groaned in a annoyed fashion at the loud ping MEGAMI added along with the message to wake the former-sprite up. She however would have none of it at the moment and instead hid her head under the pillow and tried to go back to sleep, ignoring the small pings.

Sumaru had gotten sporadic sleep, and even so... it was still harsh. Though he would never let anyone else know his little weakness, Sumaru was without the pink star plushy he had brought with him on his first assignment to the Plumeria. It was the only thing that could help the poor thing sleep, and in the destruction of the ship he had lost that too. But all that aside, his mind would leave him no peace as all his memories of the passing time since his departure to training camp interrupted his dreamless slumber, for what seemed like so long ago, to even a lot longer before to the day of his parent's death in the crossfire long ago in the confrontation on his home planet. Even plagued farther by his recent memories and feelings towards Sora; his ordered departure from her, out of range of being able to protect her. Sumaru was up when the message was relayed to him, there was no way he could remain asleep. So, still dressed in his uniform bottoms and shirtless, he got up from his bed with a hand pushing through his blonde bangs and walked over to his desk and looked over the orders. “Well at least I’ll be able to get this frustration out…” is all he said before turning back to his unpacked bags and began getting his stuff out to get ready for the day, though with some speed of course as not to be late. He had gotten quite good at getting ready quickly to keep up to military standards without losing his own style.

Yuriko; meanwhile, had been training for several hours, aether energy blades, hacking, and slashing as she sped from target to target. The drones had weaponry of their own too. Albeit nothing overly dangerous, simple lasers that once fired and connected with a target, announced where they had been hit. One had come close, and Yuriko disengaged the aether blades, holding her left wrist as the forearm aether projector began to spew out a hail of aether pulses at the drone, causing it to explode. The sub machinegun feature was useful, albeit only with close targets as she danced backwards, a trio of new drones coming out, firing there little lasers as she ducked, and dodged.

Staring up at the Daisy, the bridge officer sighed and climbed into the power armor and let it close around her, as activated the armor's system. She grimaced at the feel of the cockpit and the wriggly catheter organ. "Give me a spear and chain mail any day! This is creepy... I feel like I'm inside of a Seraph," Koharu muttered as she ran through the system start up protocols and checks.

Yuriko continued on, a laser coming up from her left, only to be blocked by the forearm shield on it. In response, below the shield, her right hand there now, after two seconds, a beam of aether came out, and burned through the chest of the drone. Yuriko sighed as she thought that these were all too easy... Either they were indeed easy to defeat, or she was simply getting better. But, thinking the latter a better choice.

Kessah didn't take too long to actually get clothing on from her nude sleep, and was down to the portside armor bay. After a quick query to MEGAMI on which armor was 'hers', and receiving the answer of any of them, she entered the first one. I hate these things. With a light shudder as the fleshy bits made a seal around her small body, she couldn't help but let out a meep as she was violated by the catheter organ. ... Fucking... Tease armor! Grah!

Koharu flexed her fingers as she slowly made herself accustomed to how the armor moved. She had disliked her power armor training course in her retraining but found it a necessary evil with ho things had changed in the four years Chiharu had been dead. The crimson eyed Shoi's Daisy could be seen hopping around and going through a normal physical training warm-up routine.

Sumaru was the last one to arrive in the armor bay, his make up only done lightly and his eyeliner done in waterproof so he didn't sweat the blue into tears. He smiled when he spotted his armor in the port bay, the young pilot had become quite fond of his machine and as such it was a welcome sight instead of the rest of the people he did not want to see at this very moment. His first action was to dig out his sisters' hair clips, his good luck charms, and pin up his bang up to the side to keep out of his eyes. Then he began to get ready and suit up and run a once through over his systems before taking a deep sign and a moment of silent meditation, to clear his head and hype himself for the combat he was about to engage in. "Alright Wish, let's show them what we got..." Sumaru whispered to his armor before announcing his departure. “Nito Hei, Hasegawa Sumaru now leaving the Asamoya.” He said before moving out the armor bay and towards the rest of the morning gatherers for the training course, or to him... a refresher course.

Truth be told, so far only Yuriko was the one out, and had been out for several hours. She was some distance away from both the ship, and star fortress, the weak flashes of aether weaponry being used could be seen in the distance. Just then, four more combat drones popped out of Gemini, and sped off in that direction after a series of weak, white flashes of light.

Kessah shook her arms side to side a little and twisted as well, getting used to the sudden added thickness the Mindy in question gave her. I hate these things... Why? With a sigh she set and locked the helmet in and began to rush our of the bay, flinging herself out for shits and giggles before speaking over the radio, "Yeah, Kessah here. I'll be over there in a moment, Yuriko." Thrusters applied, her armor began its way to the location in question.

Once Koharu was satisfied she wasn't going to make a complete fool of herself she maneuvered herself out of the power armor bay and advanced cautiously towards the flashes of light in the distance.

"By all means, take your time." Yuriko replied off-handedly, the Sylph wing pack on her back allowing her to go a little faster. Though now she sped about wildly, throwing off the drones targeting.

Sumaru advanced to the edge of the combat training area promptly as he kept an eye on his HUD to watch his CO work her way through the drones. He stood silently waiting for orders, he wasn't about to interrupt her session, even besides that Sumaru has still no idea what the purpose of this exercise was, there was no briefing. For all he knew, the Shoi just wanted them all out there so she could pick off targets and then watch them do the same. During the wait time though, Sumaru was going over his pre-made play lists he had programmed into the AIES for combat, there was a few epic rock lists and some smooth hip-hop for those casual day in the office feels and of course a large list of blood pumping techno and cool trance. Sumaru was much better with music; it was just a personal thing.

Koharu sighed as she looked through the heads up display and made herself comfortable using the Daisy's systems. She activated the active camouflage for a few moments and tested the armor's holographic projection system, creating an image of a red haired neko fairy floating to the left of her position. "This is interesting."

MEGAMI sent an order to Sumaru's, Koharu's, and Kessah's armor's AIES, switching them from live combat, to training mode. The weaponry was disabled, in their place they'd have to attain a target lock on their fellow crew.

The Mindy's thrusters flared to a stop not to far away from Yuriko, floating a little in space. Kessah blinked a little at the read out, which she set up to say more of the technical details of the armor, said that the weapons were disabled. "Well then, Shoi-iko. This time I can't hide in the cannon. Awh."

"You hid, where as you, Ichi-kun, and Sora-chan had the numerical advantage." Yuriko replied via the radio, coming up on a drone, and slammed her fist home into it before activating the forearm projector's blade function, a now gaping hole in it as she quickly backed away as it exploded. "Where is 'Tenshi, MEGAMI tells me only you, Sumaru-kun, and Koharu-Chan are out here."

Kessah nodded a little and grabbed a mostly burnt out drone that floated over to her, idly scanning it while speaking of the radio, "Well I am not that great in power armor, so hiding in a tunnel isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe." She tossed the drone to the side uncaringly before continuing, "I think they are still asleep."

"Even if that tunnel is the aether shock cannon, an anti-fleet weapon, and main cannon of a starship?" Yuriko asked as she destroyed the last drone. The aether blades disappeared, and her Mindy floated amongst the debris as she went over the training session. "I am happy to see you all got my message of a training session today. We won't be using weaponry, but rather a simple lock on. Once locked on, you're dead depending on the area you lock on to" She explained, her armor simply drifting there now. "I did mention this was voluntary after all Kessie."

Kessah spoke after Yuriko was done, "... Well it’s not like it was ON at the time or anything. And was it? Oh well."

"I'm not going to be very good at this Kakutama-Shoi, but I'll do my best," Koharu said quietly through the Daisy's comm system and deactivated the little neko fairy she had projected. She had decided to keep her active camouflage on as she drifted away from the others.

Sumaru simply kept quiet, left alone to his own thoughts as he awaited the official order to start the training operation.

"Koharu-Chan, why that particular armor?" Yuriko asked, as she went over the power armor lists, noting a Daisy, and two other Mindies were gone, one being Sumaru's, the other the one Kessah was piloting.

I thought it had good potential for hand to hand combat and good defensive capabilities.I'm not really used to ranged fighting outside of a space ship, Koharu responded less than confidently back to Yuriko. She seemed concerned that she had been incorrect in this assumption.
"We are doing training exercises using the AIES' lock on feature. Dodging, and evasive maneuvers are a part of it." Yuriko explained.

Will this armor not be suitable for this exercise? Should I switch? Koharu sounded confused again as she further queried Yuriko.

Yuriko frowned a little, she'd been hit four times it seemed. The Daisy is capable of spaceflight, but it is a ground forces, or rather could be a ship boarding armor. So, the choice is yours truth be told. Yuriko added to Koharu. "Kessah, Sumaru-kun, you both may begin at anytime you see fit." Yuriko ordered over the radio.

Okay, I'll go switch then. I apologize, my inexperience is showing in this field. The bridge officer hurried back towards the ship to switch her power armor choice for the exercise.

It is okay, we are all prone to our own inexperience. Yuriko replied reassuringly to Koharu again.

Kessah nodded at the order and her Mindy's thrusters flared to life once more and charged just below Sumaru's rather quickly, the techie attempting to swat Sumaru into a spin just for fun.

"Orders received..." Sumaru announced before he began his movements with Kessah's charge in mind. Though the outlines for this particular exercise seemed rather annoying at best, he complied by first engaging FTL speeds and moved only a meter away from his current spot as he tired to in that maneuver to float back over Kessah and start off the exercise as the hunter and not the hunted.

Once Koharu had returned to the ship she quickly switched from the Daisy to a Mindy 2 based from Yuriko's suggestion for the exercise. Once she was all powered up and secured she activated the armor's cloaking capability and hurried back to the training area, watching her AIES display for blips on her radar as well as any visual confirmation of her targets.

Yuriko, meanwhile, engaged her Mindy's STL engines, and began to make her way back towards the ship. Keeping the aether generator on for such lengths of time were bound to be bad for the armor. She however was keeping close eye on Kessah and Sumaru as she sped along, towards the Asamoya.

Kessah meeped out loud; although, not over the radio, when the blip on her radar was higher above then where she was suddenly. In retaliation to this she flared her thrusters again, this time charging directly up to Sumaru. It'd higher hit him (And Kessah would mock him or something.) or at least get him to move to avoid that free lock on.

Koharu watched the flaring of thrusters and pointed her weapon at Kessah's Mindy, trying to get a lock on the woman's torso while she was distracted with Sumaru.

Sumaru let Kessah close her distance on him and waited for his lock to clear, the time she spent gaining ground only meant she'd collide with him and he had a fraction of the time already to begin his lock on. He'd take the blow, that didn't matter much as completing the mission. If she pushed through him, he'd only continue to try and remain to gain a lock.

Kessah indeed continued after her collision with Sumaru, intent with the idea that he would at least be spinning a bit and thus having to realign himself at least a little before attempting to lock onto her. In the mean time there was someone locking onto her, as so helpfully stated by AIES. In retaliation to this she continued going in the same direction and tried getting a lock onto Koharu.

Koharu maneuvered her Mindy erratically, making it a point to not remain in any one place for more than a few seconds as she tried to maintain a lock on the torso of Kessah's Mindy. She remained cloaked and did her best to minimize her thruster usage to avoid detection.
Spinning was not an option, Sumaru was already bracing for her impact as Kessah slammed into the bulk of his armor it would cause a pool-ball effect and simply send him backwards with her momentum and with that he'd just keep concentrated on the lock on with her have been slammed into his armor, this of course with the Mindy's advance movement system would easily be taken care of. Sumaru did suffer though, she had pushed her armor into his at a high speed and if not for the hard shell he'd be suffering more then the bruises expected from the blow, but that was easily ignored, he was trained for it after all.

Kessah half wanted to quit already and go get breakfast. Maybe some waffles. Haven't had waffles in a while. All the while she broke off from her line of (her) death and instead a random jagged zig zag while all the while attempting to keep a lock on Koharu. Stand still so I can say I did something, damn it.

Koharu threw up a holographic projection of another Mindy before her actual position and had it moving in the opposite pattern of her movements, she started to use her thrusters more strongly now to send her Mindy's zip zags into a more erratic pattern as she varied the strength and speed of it. She tried to remain out of the lock, being mindful of Sumaru's position as well.

"Kessah, you have been 'destroyed'." Yuriko called from the ship, monitoring their progress.

The holographic Mindy 2 disappeared again and Koharu stopped moving again. She sat and watched Sumaru for a few moments as she tried to debate what she should do next.

Kessau cued a semi dramatic explosion using the holographic imager from the Mindy, the 'fire' of it all resulting in the image of a waffle. "Shame then... Now to decide to be a target some more or go get breakfast... Eh." She neutralized her movement via thrusters as she spoke over the radio, keeping the waffle image for the moment.

Sumaru watched his second target stop in her movement, this was his turn. He did the same thing as before and rushed by her with a FTL jump to come out a meter above and three meters back from Koharu's position, with his arms up he began his locking sequence as he waited her move, starting with the upper hand again in this situation.

Koharu activated her Mindy 2's teleportation unit in a moment of sudden movement and disappeared in a flash of light as she heard the warning beeps of the AIES lock.

Sumaru's unit was the one equipped with NSBs, so like before in the battlefield he dispersed all twelve simultaneously with his NDSs to set up and surround his unit in an array of the small drones to search for her location and update his HUD with that information as soon as they'd get a sight of her. Though during this, he moved up and down in a large figure eight track to keep him self from being a static target. It shouldn’t take long because of the FCS was dynamic enough to begin a locking process once the AIES was locked to her location, so all he would have to do from there is point his armor in the right direction after locking on.

When the Mindy reappeared a few yards behind from where she was originally located earlier Koharu decided to simply to key up her CFS to divert its power to its shielding and propulsion properties since they weren't using their live weapons and launched her Mindy at Sumaru's, zig zagging in her path towards him. She had decided that this wasn't her field and to just use what she did know.

Kessah finally made up her mind and the image disappeared, her Mindy making it's way back to the Asamoya. It’s waffle time. I wonder if we even have a waffle making thing... Pancakes will do, I suppose.
A few meters down, and a small, quickly closing distance away. He didn't have much time to react, with her moving sporadically like that there was no way he'd be able to pull the same quick and simple tactic on her as he did Kessah. So as he waited, counting the seconds before her lock would almost be complete, because as a pilot he'd know that off by heart, then with her close and the lock-on only a fraction of a second away from completing, Sumaru would perform a quick and tight back flip over Koharu's armor. With that trained movement he’d also do it with an attempt at placing his feet on her back to push her off balance. Though during the whole thing, we would expect his FSC to begin a lock-on attempt as these things were simply automatic.

Oddly enough, Koharu wasn't going for a lock. Instead, she quickly turned to slam her armored fist into Sumaru's helmet before the CFS violently shoved the two Mindys away from each other again.

Dateshi sighed as she looked on at the others while they trained. With a yawn she stretched out a little and looked to her own suit. With a grin she decided to enter the fight herself. "Hey you two, hope you two don't mind if I hop in the fight?" Datenshi asked as she slipped in her suit, making sure her Hornet's nest module was hooked up correctly. Setting her helmet securely on her head, she stepped to the doors of the armor bay and stepped then out into space.

And with that entire movement he ended only just barley touching his feet to her armor when her fist slammed into his helmet, sending his armor head over heals literally with the blow because of the impact. But with the gaining spinning momentum, Sumaru waited until facing downward before engaging his thrusters to force his machine in a outward loop to gain plenty of meters distance and facing up from far below Koharu's position and beginning to lock-on while quickly pulling back to gain more distance incase she tried to charge him again.

Koharu didn't charge again and instead made a dismissive gesture at Sumaru, "Now, I'm assuming you're the reason why Kakutama-Shoi was upset yesterday and why my.. niece left here upset as well. Treating your family like crap because you're feeling depressed doesn't give you more ability in combat. Get the hell over it." She spoke clearly through the open channel she let the lock stick, she sounded irritated. "I think I'll let the kids play with their toys, Kakutama-Shoi. I'm too old for this shit." She started heading back towards the ship.

"How bout a fight with me Sumaru?" Datenshi asked as she slowly drifted towards Sumaru, grinning in the comm window that popped up. Already she was scheming some evilness to toy with the boy.

'Beep beep beep... ding;' Lock-on... but it didn't felt worth it, like he didn't deserve the result. Rather more he felt he deserved the blow to the face, because he did make Sora cry and was quite an ass to his new crew, and he knew it... he was up all night without any peace as well. He only felt him self being pushed farther and farther into a corner that he couldn’t escape, even in battle there was no freedom. "You'd never even begin to understand..." Sumaru said aloud to his self, though the com was disabled. Datenshi would be drifting towards a limp laying Sumaru, his arms and legs held out in a position you'd see some one floating in water look like. He didn't respond to Datenshi, his own side of the com window didn't display anything; he disabled outbound communications for the time being.

"Oh god damn it, you people gotta stop being so damn Emo! Get the hell over it!" Datenshi shouted in a open channel, her frustration evident. She had been cheerful and normal lately, trying with the girl's night last night to cheer up the girls. Yet two sprites had left in tears, Yuriko had nearly had a break down, and now Sumaru and Koharu? Datenshi needed them to get over it if she was gonna be sane much longer.

Yuriko had been in the kitchen with Haru, making breakfast as Koharu's voice came over the open comm channel she'd left open. "Oh my...Koharu-chan, I did not know you cursed like that." She remarked, not sounding offended, but somewhat amused. "Would you care for breakfast?"

Haru giggled a little, hearing Yuriko speak as she flipped an omelet in the air. With an eep she twitched over and caught the omelet as it came down. Looking back to Yuriko she laughed and gave a small "v" sign for victory as Ame began to clap her hands.

Kessah giggled a little at 'Tenshi's yelling and sent her a message over the com as she entered the armor bay... Upside down. Luckily, the power armor was well armored and what not to absorb the blow, although it still fucked her pride. In the ass. "Don't worry 'Tenshi... I'm not emo yet, so you can always fall back on me and I can share stories of my sister and I making out or something using the VR room."

Yuriko smiled a little to Haru, and began pouring waffle batter into the waffle iron. "Quite the crew we have Hmm?" She asked the sprite as she added a few blueberries to the mixx for the next batch.

"Hai, Yuriko-sama! They are funny at times." Haru smiled and giggled as she began to cook some more eggs, this time scrambled as she added a little cheese and onions into them.

Yuriko just chuckled good-naturedly a Haru's words.

Koharu stormed into power armor bay and liberated herself from the Mindy. She was in such a state that she simply picked up her uniform from the floor and walked naked to the showers to cool her temper.

"Breakfast will be awaiting you Koharu-chan, I hope you enjoy waffles...and Haru is making omelets." Yuriko Said as she continued on, her telepathic voice was cheery, as if what had happened last night, hadn't happened at all.

"If you'd like that match Nitô Heisho, Akamaru-san... I'd be willing to." Sumaru responded, his voice sounding devoid of emotion now as if he was lost. Sumaru’s PA and him still free floating out in front. "How about a live combat exercise with blades only?" Sumaru offered, thinking the `Tenshi her self would be a better opponent for such an exercise, in the sense that the two of them were trained enough not to kill the other... though maybe she'd slip.

"What's the point if your going to fight like that. A dead shell can only fight so well, true skill comes from the soul and the willingness to fight..." Datenshi said as she drifted back to the armor bay, muttering about stupid emo people always ruining her plans.

Thank you, Kautama-shoi. I'm going to shower and clean up a bit before I go back
out there and beat that boy's head in. Please excuse my temper, Captain. The crimson eyed neko responded telepathically in an agitated and forced mental voice. I'm sorry to have given up in the exercise prematurely. She added as she walked into the showers, throwing her uniform to one side and turned on the water, banging her head lightly against the stall wall with a loud "thunk."

Kessah mock pouted at the lack of response from 'Tenshi, although paid it no more attention as she unlocked and slid off her helmet and began to free herself from the armor. After she put on her socks, panties, and bra she spoke out loud, hopping her legs into her uniform pants, "MEGAMI, could you ask whoever is doing cooking, if anyone, could make me... Oh... Five waffles? Thank you~."

Datenshi was soon in the bay and stripped out of her suit, muttering still as she headed to the showers herself. Seeing Koharu hitting her head on the wall, Datenshi walked over and waited. As she lifted her head up again to bang it against the wall, Datenshi swatted it. "Would you cut it out? Dipshit out there is the one that should be doing that, not you." The swat was a light one, only meant really to get her attention as Datenshi sighed and took the shower next to the girl.

"Give him time Koharu, it hurts me to see him like this, but moping around does not help...I am captain of this ship, and I cannot afford to be like that all the time." Yuriko's voice taking on a kinder tone now. "You are a good person from what I have seen of you Koharu, and wise too, not to mention you have quite the colorful language. But, you do not need to apologize for your temper, I cursed so badly last night I would have put a Nepleslian marine to shame!" Her telepathic voice sounded amused, and she even chuckled telepathically about it.

Sumaru just remained there for the time being, he had no reason to float back at the moment. Instead he switched on the music he had loaded to 'Wish's' AIES and quietly listed to a slow tempo’d array of haunting Asian strings, the music cascading over his troubled thoughts. His life strangely spiraling out of control, ever since... ever since that mech slammed into his home, if only it had happened differently. He'd still have his parents, he'd not even phantom being out here... he'd be home, a working man and even maybe... a loving young husband to a beautiful bride.

"The Shoi, and Haru are currently preparing breakfast Inonori-Hei, I do believe the Shoi is preparing waffles as well, before you placed your order." MEGAMI's voice sent back, sounding as if she were observing.

Koharu laughed loudly despite herself and it projected telepathically back to Yuriko as it overrode whatever it was that she was going to say in response to it.

Datenshi blinked lightly, watching Koharu now as she tilted her head. "Man… I didn't think what I said was that funny but hey, if you wanna laugh- be my guest." The red head said aloud as she began to wash herself clean.

Yuriko smiled a little as her telepathic voice sighed, and she herself took the first batch of waffles off the waffle iron. "It helps to have had a Nepleslian for a father, though he was quite the gentleman, he still had that streak in him."

"Ah... Thank you MEGAMI!" Kessah smiled a little upwards as she tugged her shirt on the rest of the way. Being that she only floated around for about five minutes she really didn't need a shower, so she skipped it. Instead she moved rather quickly out of the bay and made for the wardroom, thinking to herself along the way. ...Hm... MEGAMI watches over us all the time... Makes sprites... Which happen to usually have sex-- Oh diety that I do not believe in MEGAMI watches us naked. Us masturbating and having sex and... I probably shouldn't be slightly turned on by that. Ugh. To clear her thoughts she brought up the mental image of a stick figure Kerigan crudely drawn on a blackboard bitch slapping Kessah of a similar design over the head. It was oddly liberating.

Koharu giggled to herself as she shook her head at Tenshi and finally calmed down enough to actually wash herself. I can imagine. She replied to Yuriko giddily telepathically. As she calmed down she started feeling guilty for losing her temper on Sumaru during the exercise.

"I maybe new to the commander role, but I know it takes patience, and kindness. Both of which I have in abundance, that does not mean I cannot be stern however." Yuriko explained as she whipped up the next batch of waffles. "Besides, imagine coming home one day from shopping, seeing your father come to greet you, and all of a sudden stubbing his toe on the coffee table, and him letting out a string of cursed words you have to ask PANTHEON the meaning off, let alone you never hearing him ever say such things before."

Kessah burst into the door, her stomach giving one more complaint with a growl of her hunger prior to the bursting, and she raised her arms up high and yelled out in a gleeful voice, "Waffles! Delishious... Uh... Waffles! Whoo!"

"Wish... could you point me in the direction of Tatiana?" Sumaru asked his AIES, it wasn't much to program it to recognize a new name. The advanced mapping computer would easily find its own current location and then shift the PA to face the planet so far away, it felt even farther when you don't have the means to just be there in a instant. With an outstretched hand grasping for the far off spec on the endless horizon, Sumaru began to talk inwardly, directed in thought to his sisters. “Tell me… do I really deserve such pity? Have I really suffered? The world out here is so big, their lives all have dealt with so much more then me… but does that make my pain not real, or invalid? Damn it all, why can’t I just… just be fucking normal?!” Sumaru shouted in anger, forcing his arms out too his sides in a burst of not being able to deal with his current self.

"Ano... Aki-chan...why is the crazy lady yelling about waffles?" Shii asked as she sat beside the bigger sprite. Little Shii's feet didn't even touch the floor, they just dangled off the chair. Aki meanwhile had been staring at Kessah the whole time until Shii spoke up. "She isn't crazy Shii-chan, she's just like I dunno... like that I guess. Though I've never heard of anyone so enthusiastic about waffles before."

Koharu inwardly grinned, projecting the image to Yuriko as she listened to the warm voice in her head. She quickly finished her shower and turned off the water, pulling a clean towel and drying herself off before redressing. It's always refreshing to see someone cherishing their memories. Is your young man back inside yet or should we haul him back in? Koharu asked concernedly.

Ame flailed her arms up as well and giggled. "waffles!" She shouted out, hopping up with Kessah. Haru giggled a little as she watched the two.

Kessah felt some what loved with the reaction and let her arms drop. "What? Waffles are good. And I am hungry. It’s a simple math problem of Waffles plus Hunger with additional Kessah equals crazy Yammie hell bent on getting some good waffles~."

"Sumaru-kun, everyone has returned, I think you should too, breakfast is being served very soon. So please come back." Yuriko's voice would echo in his helmet.

"I just asked him to return now. He was free floating." Yuriko sighed a little. "Like waffles Koharu-chan?"

"Orders received..." Sumaru responded to Yuriko, his tone completely empty. The young armor pilot would begin a return route for the port armor bay, and slowly allow the AIES auto controls dock him. After landing, he'd make his way out of his armor, and then turn to look up at the face. Offering it a soft smile, and a small bow. "I'm sorry you have such an incapable pilot Wish, but I will do my best to see that at least your not left mad at me." Sumaru said to the silent machine, before making his way over to the locker in the bay to dress up in his uniform, unclipping his sisters' hair clips to hide his face as he made his way back to his quarters.

Absolutely Kakutama-san. I can't remember when I had them last though, Koharu commented rather sheepishly in her telepathic message to Yuriko. She walked out of the showers, fully dressed again and feeling refreshed as she made her way to the wardroom.

"Ano...maybe Kessah-san should ask Fuyu-chan for counseling on her liking the waffles..."Shii offered, sounding a little unsure of Kessah's explanation.

Kessah shook her head a little to Shii and smiled, "No no no~... I'm sane. Really. Totally sane. Yep... Er..." She tapped her chin for dramatic effect before continuing, "... Say, I haven't seen you before. Who are you, little mate?"

"Ano...I am Shii, nice to meet you waffle lady..." Shii was very small only three feet tall with wavy green hair, and large golden eyes. "Shii helps Kyuuka-chan, and Yuriko-sama. Shii likes Yurik-sama, she is very nice."
Ame shot over to Shii, hugging the girl to her. "She is my little sister!" Ame hugged the girl to her tightly and giggled playfully.

Shii just wore a big grin as Ame hugged her.

Kessah giggled softly and the two and shook her head in amusement. "Yuriko is indeed. Now then, in this meeting of fates, I realize I don't know you either." She smirked a little, attempting to put in big 'fancy' words in for flair as she looked to Ame with a soft smile.

Koharu entered the wardroom with a sheepish smile as she settled herself in a chair, tugging on her right ear nervously. "Oy," she said simply, unsure of what else to say.

The smells of three distinct kinds of waffles would soon waft out from the kitchen, along with it the smells of various omelets.

"OH! I am Ame, Haru's helper!" Ame said as she nodded a little and giggled, swaying with Shii back and forth.

Well we always need a person who talks in Third person. It brings diversity and something to laugh at while drunk. Kessah nodded to Ame and gave the two a playful wink as her 'expertly keen' waffle senses alerted her to the scent. "Now then, I am Kessah... No one's helper as it were. I smell waffles..." With another quick smile Kessah wandered over toward the kitchen in the pursuit of said food items.

Yuriko soon emerged from the kitchen and past Kessah, carrying a large tray with the three kinds of waffles, regular, blueberry and some with strawberries. She had even brought syrup, plates, knifes and forks, and butter out as well as napkins. "Who’s hungry!" She called happily as she placed the tray on the table.

"Ah ah ah! Gotta wait Kess-sama!" Haru said aloud she finished with her newest egg creation. A group of eggs sunny side up, all connected.

Kessah turned on her heels and followed Yuriko all predator like, taking a seat right next to the tray in question, "They look delicious~." They are waffles. You can't go fucking wrong in the process of making waffles.

Koharu looked up at Yurikio with a smile, "Smells great!" She waited patiently, noting that Sumaru was still absent. She frowned, she thought that maybe was had been perhaps unduly harsh with the boy.

"You'll have to wait until the rest of breakfast is done. It won’t be long now." Yuriko said rather bluntly, staring dead at Kessah. "Shii!"

"Haaaaaaiii!" Shii called, as she was still being rocked by Ame.

"You and Ame guard the waffles from Kessah here okay?" Yuriko asked, keeping her eyes on Kessah.

"Yes ma'am! Shii will watch the waffles, and keep the Kessah-san away from them." Shii replied as she looked up to Ame. Yuriko smiled as the sprite locked gazes with the tray, and Yuriko disappeared to help Haru finish.

Haru followed out Yuriko with her egg creations, nothing to serious as Ame snagged a few eggs and nibbled on one.

Sumaru arrived at his quarters, and passed through the door allowing it to close and lock behind him. He didn't bother to join the rest of them, at this moment in time he felt like it's be better if he'd just go and cook him self something much later if need be... and besides that, Sumaru wasn't in a eating mood. He plopped down backwards on his bed, interlacing his fingers in behind his head as he lowered him self onto the pillow. The room was quite empty, as he didn't bother to unpack yet, so the blank ceiling became accustomed to him for this entire night and day here. His thoughts would not leave the pilot alone, and for a long time he was sure they wouldn’t. "Maybe... maybe, I'm not that knight, Sora-chan... maybe, I'm just a silly boy who had a crush..." Sumaru said aloud.

Kessah visibly pouted to Yuriko with a disgruntled grunt as she leaned back in her chair, arms crossed. "You are so cruel. Now I am going to have to corrupt the sprites via telling them stories about you."

Koharu stood up from the table. "Kakutama-Shoi, I'll go retrieve Hasegawa-Hei from wherever he is lurking for breakfast, please excuse me," she walked out of the ward room and asked MEGAMI Sumaru's whereabouts and went where she was directed.

Ame giggled, quickly downing the egg she had before Yuriko saw as she nodded to the girl. "Haiiii Yuri-sama!"

Exhausted from the exercise, Sumaru turned to his side in the bed and pulled the pillow over his head, pressing two fingers to the pillow like a gun to his head. "Bang..." he said, before going silent and letting his mind drift for a while, doing his best to avoid any and all thought. The girlish trap lay limp for the time being, soon if he was lucky... he'd get back those hours sleep he missed during the night.

Koharu stood outside Sumaru's quarters looking concerned at the door before she spoke out loud, "Hasegawa-Hei? This is Taisho Ketsurui Chi...." Koharu stopped herself and banged her head lightly against the door..

Sumaru lifted his body from the bed, and sat up quite droned. But as the empty shell he now is, the impulses of duty followed through. He knew the codes and rules, so as such he acted on them and moved to his door and opened it for Koharu and as it opened he was already bowing low, with his eyes to the floor. As per noble and military regulations, he was not to speak first and so because of that he didn't.

Yuriko soon came back out, and smiled. "We wait for Koharu-chan..." She said seeing the woman not there, though she knew why.

Kessah mocked an angry shaken fist into the air before slouching down a little, attempting to be patient as she ate the waffles with her eyes. Not physically.

Koharu took a deep breath and placed a gentle hand on Sumaru's shoulder. "Hasegawa-Hei, I'm sorry for saying that to you earlier. That wasn't fair. I actually know what you're going through quite well and it never gets easier. I doubt that Sora would want to know that she's done this to you and I doubt that you want to feel like this. It isn't healthy to wallow in despair and regret," she said quietly.

"Ketsurui Sora-sama did nothing, it was me who foolishly acted wrongly and believed I was more. I now understand my place, I am a solder, my only duty is to fight where ever there is a battle field and I am to go where ever I am ordered, nothing more." Sumaru said in a way that hid his tone well, but there were hints of truth under it he just could not hide. Those slivers of anger, frustration and immense sorrow are hard to hide for any non actor.

"That's pure bullshit. This isn't about guilt or who acted wrong. Emotions are like that, they do weird things to your brain and heart. I have no clue what happened between you and Sora prior to arriving on this ship. If you really care for her and if you really are her friend, at least, try not to kamikaze yourself. Okay, that's all I ask. You have family here that misses however you were before," Koharu paused, she wasn't sure of how to proceed anymore and just decided to be honest. She felt awkward as she pulled the boy into a friendly hug. "I'm about four years and a lifetime out of practice at this, so I apologize if I’m coming off as bitchy. We're about to go back into war at some point, I need your mind here on the now not the ‘what if’s. If you want to be nothing but what your job dictates, then you at least owe yourself a fighting chance to survive. Life is far too short and precious to be dwelling in uncertainties and the past. Look, there are waffles of all sorts, grab something to eat and then bugger off for the rest of the day or whatever Yuriko thinks you need to do. I don't care, just join your friends in the ward room and have something to get some of your energy back, ne?" The crimson eyed neko coughed awkwardly as she let go of the boy, blushing lightly.

"I... would have rather you punched me, to tell you the truth." Sumaru admitted as he shrugged slightly and pursed his lips to the side a moment. "I... don't have any family here, I barely friends here, I've never even had the time to spend with this crew more then a small chat once or twice... and, before I arrived here I promised Sora-chan that no matter what I'd protect her, I can't even do that. She died, and I ran away when I could have protected her... if she dies again, I would never be able to forgive my self!” There's that emotion he was signature for, Sumaru seemed to be talking purely out of emotion now, the truth unfolding.

"Okay, we can play it like that" Koharu replied as she decked Sumaru as per his request.

Sumaru stood there as best he could, one foot shifting to soften the blow, which was a clean unchallenged blow to the side of his face. His head was forced to turn with the impact, and he even spat out blood from a cut inside his cheek. "I... don't know wither I should thank you or just ask you to kill me instead." Sumaru said as he turned back to look at her. "I'll... take that hug now..." Sumaru said, as he brought up both hands to cover his eyes to hide his crying face. The poor thing was a wreck, as said before... as stubborn as a guy and as complicated as a girl.

"Are you done now?" The crimson eye neko pulled the feminine pilot into a hug with a sigh. "Look, I will always stop short of killing you unless you're a viable threat to the crew. I'm just saying there are better ways of coping then running into doorknobs or falling down stairs." Koharu hugged Sumaru lovingly. "It's okay to feel things, just don't get too wrapped up in them. You do have friends here."

"Friends or not... I just don't know what I'm fighting for anymore, and... The reason I thought I had; is already involved and deeply in love, I was such a fool to have kissed her, I just couldn’t handle not being able to be with her, or so far from her that I couldn’t protect her if I tired. Even more so, I got my self into this mess, and even have this ship pissed off at me and no matter what I do, I can never fit in. I just... don't know anymore, at all..." Sumaru sobbed into her shoulder, and with him this close she'd be able to notice a very feminine scent to him; Sumaru's personal strawberry candy smell.

"They aren't pissed at you. I was but I feel better now. You'll fit in somehow, it takes time, don't fuss about it. You want waffles, yes? Nice fattening waffles... there might be some ice cream left in the kitchen too if you want to drown your sorrows in a tub of sugary goodness. But seriously, Sumaru, it was a kiss. You might've been in love with her but it's not the end of the world, you will find someone of your own. Just remember, this is a warship, not a dating service. Romance doesn't come until at least mid-mission," Koharu soothed as she tussled the boy's hair. "I'm kidding, don't worry about it. It'll happen when it happens."

It was no use trying to cheer the boy up in that aspect, he didn't want such a romance, and he was already too infatuated with Sora and his illusions of being a knight to protect her. The grip of such forbidden fairy tales was powerful. Maybe one day he'd snap out of it, but then what of his promise... for now he just nodded once with a collecting sob to regain some composure. Then just as he was wiping away his tears, in that moment of silence... his tummy made a quiet growl in protest to his not eating after all that work. "I... guess eating, would be a first step then..." Sumaru said with a half giggle as he looked down to his stomach and then shook his head slightly before returning a warmer smile to the girl, though sorrow evident in his eyes, it would be okay... at least, for now.
"There she goes again." Kyuuka remarked as she helped Aki with the cleanup work. The blond sprite muttered something under her breath about Kessah, and waffles making Aki shake her head.

"She's checking star charts." Aki replied, Kyuuka merely nodded absently as she took a tray of plates into the kitchen for Haru.

Tsukade Eilae glanced briefly at Yuriko as the woman left the table before lowering her eyes back down to her own plate, picking at her bowl of salad thoughtfully. She ran her fork through a slice of tomato, bringing it to her lips before biting into it, finally finishing her breakfast. She picked up her bowl, glancing around once. "Do we each clean our own plates?"

Kessah giggled a little into the half waffle sticking out of her mouth at the comment she heard. It was the last waffle; a strawberry one to be precise, and she already cleaned her plate. It was left over and she just ate it because no one else seemed to want it.

"I'll take it." Aki called, and walked over to Eilae, holding her hand out.

Nana poked her head into the room, gave a glance about, and then shrank back out again. She had made herself scarce in order to get a second look at some of the ship's systems. She had a bit more time, being a part of the crew now, so she would suck up all the knowledge she could. It was a bit tiring, as she'd only recently learned of the Plumeria's makeup and now had to go about learning about this ship. A small sigh, and the pink-haired techie leaned against the wall just outside the wardroom, quietly going over a few things in her head and tucking her arms beneath her chest.

Eilae bowed slightly in thanks, gently placing the bowl in Aki's hands before standing up from the table. As usual, Tsukade Eilae was dressed in her new and neat uniform, her boots shinning in the light of the dinning area. "Thank you. I appreciate it," she said, a faint trace of a smile on her lips.

"You're welcome." Aki replied with a small bow as she took the platter that had contained the waffles as well before disappearing into the kitchen.

Kerr found his way to the Asamoya's airlock after a little searching. The large, muscular Yamataian had a large bag filled with his basic issue equipment slung over his shoulder. He eyed the airlock for a moment and then used the holographic display unit to have MEGAMI notify the Shoi of his arrival.

Kessah gave Aki a light wave as she swallowed down the large piece of delicious waffle. She then went around after Nana, who she saw for the brief moment and waved to her as she made her way over. "Hiya Nana... Whatcha doin'?"

Yuriko was going over a large three dimensional representation of the Great Southern Nebula, the holographic image hanging there in the air. MEGAMI notified her of a new arrival,and the Shoi quietly granted permission to board as she continued planning. MEGAMI also informed him to head towards the sensor dome of the Asamoya.

Nana snapped out of her daze and quickly shook her head, reaching up and combing a hand through her hair, "Oh. Just thinking." That was the simple, answer, anyway. She straightened up, smiling faintly towards Kessah, "I kind of skipped out on breakfast. I was... busy."

Kessah tweaked a brow and crossed her arms a little, "Oh? You missed the waffles. Very good things, waffles are. But how are you, Nana? Not having any ship shock or anything...?"

Eilae quietly slipped away from the breakfast area, leaning her back gently against a wall with her hands clasped behind her back. She was still a new recruit, and she hadn't the faintest idea of what to do upon the ship. She didn't want to appear as a slacker, so Eilae simply gazed around the wardroom and resisted the urge to explore the ship.

"Pretty lady was going over the Asamoya's systems."A small voice responded from behind Kessah.

The pink-haired Neko shook her head slowly, slumping back against the wall. "..If that is what you call it, then maybe there is a little. I don't know. It's just something different to get used to. It was one thing to just see it, but now that I will be working with it.. well.." Her own voice trailed off before she blinked and leaned forward, peeking to see who was hiding behind Kessah.

A small sprite with green hair, and big golden eyes stood behind Kessah, she was still a small little thing, as she stood there, hands behind her back, as she coyly returned the Nana's peeking look.

Kessah blinked a little at the voice and shook her head, speaking to Nana as she glanced back, "Well no worries... Take your time." And now, fully looked back she looked to the speaker in question, or at least tried to, "... The girlish part of me wants to resent you calling her the pretty one. And... Apple?"

Kerr entered the Asamoya through the airlock after receiving authorization. "Sensor dome? How the... Oh, right. MEGAMI, show me were the sensor dome is." MEGAMI provided Kerr with a holographic map that he used to navigate to the sensor dome. Upon entering, Kerr saw Yuriko and recognized her rank. He bowed and said, "Santo Hei Josef Kerr reporting for duty, Shoi,"

"...Apple?" Nana blinked, her eyes going wide. Maybe she hadn't been paying much attention, but she could have sworn the last time she saw that particular Sprite, she was... smaller. Rubbing lightly at the back of her head, she peered towards Kessah, "...is that....?"

Yuriko turned about at the voice, hands at her sides. The large nebula, with it's multi-colored hues still behind her. "Ahh..welcome Josef, I trust you did not have a hard time finding my ship, or this particular place?" She asked politely, bowing a little as she offered him a small smile.

"Ano...my name is not Apple, I am Shii." Little Shii greeted herself, dipping into a bow.

Kessah slapped her forward in her moment of stupidity and nodded, "Yeah... Shii. Sorry, you looked like Apple."

"...Who is this?" Nana looked curious, but clueless at the same time. "I guess I've been doing too much snooping and not enough...meeting."

"Shii's name is not Apple, Shii's name is Shii, crazy waffle lady." Shii replied, folding her arms across her chest and nodding as she looked over to Nana. "Pretty lady should not snoop, if pretty lady is a part of the crew, she does not need too."

Kessah mock shook a fist in Shii's general direction, "Kessah. My name is Kessah. Not crazy waffle lady, damn it."

Josef straightened himself out and shook his head negatively. "Nah, these MEGAMI things are really useful in a pinch." He looked at the nebula for a moment, still a little in awe of Yamataian technology.

"Oh..well. My name is Nana!" Though she was grateful that Kessah earned the title of 'crazy waffle lady' and she had obtained the much nicer nickname of 'pretty lady'. She'd be mock preening if she were alone, "Pleased to meet you, Shii." The pink-haired Neko offered a small bow and a pleasant smile.

Shii had taken the opportunity to run around Kessah as Nana went into her bow, and now hid behind her leg. The small green haired sprite peered about it, an ear twitching cautiously. "Mean lady is scary..." She stated, looking dead at Kessah with her big golden eyes as she held onto Nana's leg now.

Kessah spun around to face Nana and Shii and pouted. It was a real pout too, she was a little hurt. "Heeeey. I'm not mean. I'm the nice one. The one in the back that's odd because she is a foreigner, really. So I'm sorry for scaring you, Shii dearie~."

"MEGAMI definitely has her uses, not to mention being able to track a billion targets from pebble sized, to the size of planets." Yuriko replied good naturedly. "She is also has a sweet personality. So, Josef, you received my transfer notice, and are here now, may I ask just what it is you're good at?"

"Aw. Kessie's not mean. She's just a little weird. But, it's okay, because that's why we like her." Nana nodded solemnly, giving a somewhat sheepish grin to Kessah while reaching back to pat little Shii on the head.

"Ano...Kessah is just weird?" Shii asked as her eyes closed at the patting before opening again.

Kessah nodded a little, not even giving Nana a evil glare or anything. She was right, after all. "Yep. I'm the spaceball that makes no sense of the group."

Shii blinked, bringing a finger up to her lower lip. "Ano...what is a spaceball?"

"A fun term for a spacer, shii. Not to be mistaken for Freespacer, mind you." Kessah replied with a slight smirk.

Nana went quiet, merely watching Kessah for the moment, lifting a hand up and pressing a finger to her lower lip.

"Kessah is weird." Shii surmised.

"And thats why you love me~." Kessah added in.

"Ano...Shii doesn't love you. Shii thinks you eat too many waffles." Shii commented, keeping the finger to her lower lip.

"I'm a fighter pilot," Kerr replied proudly, balling his right hand into a first and striking it against his chest, "and the best damn fighter pilot you'll ever see. Not only that but I can pilot just about any kind of small spacecraft you can throw at me. However, I am restricted in power armor usage. Due to my size, I can only fly the Harpy.

"Now we're making sense!" Nana snapped her fingers and then smiled with a nod. Shii's words made the techie wince and clear her throat, deciding that now was a good time for a subject change, "So, what are the.. um, plans for today? Do we need to report to Yuriko-Shoi soon?"

Kessah giggled a little at Shii and shook her head a little, "Dunno. Yuriko will probably tell us soon. And waffles are delicious, Shii. And healthy. At least Dad said they were."

"We also have Daisies on board in which you can pilot in addition to the Harpy, also, if you are a fighter pilot, I have a Ryusei fighter on board. If you are up to the job, it is yours, in addition to whenever you are needed for power armor combat duty." Yuriko responded, smiling a little still. A bit rough around the edges... She thought, keeping it to herself.

"Waffles make you into a piggy."Shii replied with a little giggle before looking up to Nana. "Big sister says Yuriko-sama is talking to the big man in the sensor dome." She blinked a little, and looked back to Kessah.

"...One or two is healthy, but how many were you eating, Kess?" Nana murmered cooly, brushing nailless fingertips against the chest panel of her uniform before glancing down at Shii, "Big....man..?" The candy-colored techie's mind went places, before she shook her head to clear it, "Ahh, who? What?"

Kessah nodded a little, "Only sixish. Not that many at all." She then sent Nana a telepathic message, just to be a bit of a tease, "Awh, you get another fellow to attempt to seduce."

"Big sister says his name is Jo...J...Jos...Josef...Kerr." Shii had a little difficulty saying the name, but finally managed. "He is a big man, he is tall,and muscular. Big sister says Yuriko-sama is smiling at him."

Kerr nodded, "The Ryusei will suit me just fine, Shoi. With the right payload, that baby can do anything. But if you need large ships taken down, I can fly an Uriko too."

"....Six? You pig. Ever heard of 'too much of a good thing'?" Nana crossed her arms beneath her chest and leaned back against the wall, minding Shii. Shooting Kessah a glare, she would respond with her own telepathic message, lips curling into somewhat of a frown, "Don't get make fun of me for having needs that aren't getting met."

Kessah shrugged a little, "Six isn't that much. Its like... Well, only six. Just because I'm small doesn't make me hungry, ya know." "And why? That's the most fun. Teasing you because you aren't getting any."

"We can produce Uriko bombers, however due to the technology we have on board our capacity to carry shuttles or fighters is reduced to only two. And the Asamoya is quite capable of taking down big ships herself, she may not look it, but she packs a lot of firepower." Yuriko replied as she shut down the hologram. "We will be departing shortly, and may need your skills soon, so I hope you will be ready?" She asked, eyebrow arched.

"Shoot, does a hungry dog drool over steaks?" responded Kerr in a jovial tone. "Of course I will be ready, Shoi. I was born for this. But first, if you don't mind, I have a question. Where do I bunk at?" He lifted his large bag up off of his shoulder and showed it to Yuriko.

"...I hate you." Was Nana's only response to Kessah, though the smirk on her face suggested that the words weren't entirely serious. Maybe just a little serious, however, because Nana's frustration had reached levels never achieved.

"MEGAMI?" Yuriko asked,the computer, letting it answer his question. "Starboard side, enlisted quarters room four." The computer replied before going quiet.

Kessah wasn't able to repress the slight giggle that came out of her as she gave Nana a playful wink, "Well then... I wonder if Yuriko has anything for us to do."

"Pretty lady is soft." Shii pointed out, gently poking Nana's thigh.

"..We could go check. Or we could stand around here looking stu--" Nana visibly tensed under Shii's poke, her bright blue eyes immediately dropping to stare at the little Sprite, "--pid. Ahh..thank you." Lifting her eyes to Kessah, her expression dropped visibly, to something a whiny child might make just before.. well, whining.

Kessah let out another giggle and shook her head a bit, "Don't worry. They are innocent, they aren't coming onto you or anything." "I vote laze about not doing work for now. Its usually most effective at catching a Shoi's attention I hear."

"So," Kerr began while looking around the room hesitantly, "does this mean I'm dismissed or do you need me to do something first, Shoi?"

"You are dismissed for now, I will notify you when we move out." Yuriko replied and bowed before she turned about, and re-activated the hologram.

Shii hugged Nana, and giggled a little.

"I don't care if they're innocent, my ladyparts still react to it." Nana smiled outwardly, giving Shii a gentle nudge away from her legs while she pulled down on the hem of her uniform, edging her way toward Kessah, "..I have been working, as best as I can. I can't very well help maintain things if I have no clue how they work."

Kessah shook her head a little and sighed, "You should ask Cherry for help, Nana. She'd be glad. And don't worry, this ship is easy to figure out. At least for me. So you can be my henchlady if you can't."

Shii stumbled a slightly, and looked at Kessah, and back to Nana. "Asamoya is powered by four Aether generators, it has a big big capacitor system, and has gravimetric engines on the main part, and the little ship attached to it." The little sprite explained as she stood between the two, hands behind her back.

"Shii knows how the ship works." Shii nodded brimming with confidence.

Kessah nodded a little with a playful smirk, "You have the homefield advantage... And I know how it works, too. So we need Nana to catch up then."

Kerr returned Yuriko's bow and left the sensor dome to find his quarters. "Well, MEGAMI," he spoke aloud, "be a doll and help me find my quarters, would ya?"

"'Tenshi? Are you busy?" Yuriko asked over the internal comms, as she stared at the map.

"Kessah lady does not know how the shields work, or the energ....ene...energized armor works. Or the drive thingy." Shii replied blinking as she stared up at Kessah.

Kessah shook her head quickly, "Nope. I know how the energized armor works. The other two no... But Yuriko locked that out. And the armor, but that's not that hard to figure out."

"Not at all Shoi, whatcha need?" Datenshi asked, looking up to the ceiling as she wiped off some dust from her shoulder.

"Of course Kerr-Hei." MEGAMI replied, a holographic representation of a rather shapely neko in uniform popped up in front of him, and began to walk towards the starboard side of the ship.

"I have our first mission planned, and would like to know what you think of our weapons, torpedo, and power armor compliments." Yuriko replied.

"...Thank you for the information, Shii. I just think I need to have a close look at what I can. I'm a hands-on person." A slow nod, and Nana began to idly bounce on her heels, nibbling at her bottom lip, "Kessah is right. I need to catch up." She paused to scratch at the back of one thigh before slumping back against the wall.

"And to that question I pose another. Do you plan on taking on a entire fleet on our own, or just a few star bases?" Datenshi asked in a joking manner.

Kyuuka tsked as she came up behind Kessah. "Kessah-hei, I wouldn't be saying things like that, all things considered we are after all a part of the ship."

"Do you think I went overboard?" Yuriko asked now, wearing a small blush on her cheeks to match the nebula.

Kessah jumped a little at Kyuuka's sudden appearance. damn it why do they KEEP DOING THAT?! It was a little unnerving. "But its fun to tease. Its a playful competition that she will surely mock strangle me for later."

Kyuuka shrugged as Shii came up, and outstretched her arms. The blonde sprite lifted Shii up, and Shii hugged her neck. "Just remember that when you're working on a particle cannon or the aether beam cannon then Kessah-hei." She replied non-chalantly before going back into the wardroom.

"A little, but a variety like this will help us in the long run." Datenshi nodded a little.

Fuyu was beside her sister, her arms crossed as she sighed. "Kyuuka is right Kessah-Hei..."

Nana stood upright and gave a smile to Kyuuka as she walked up behind Kessah, the pink-haired Neko suppressing a little giggle as she slid her hands behind her back. She did feel a little out of the loop, being one of the newer crewmembers who had kept away from everyone in her short time aboard, and here were these Sprites suddenly popping up when they'd really been there all along, "..Kessah, you just bring out the best in everybody."

"I also added more torpedoes to the cargo bays..." Yuriko admitted weakly as she began to plot out their course.

Kessah jumped a little at the appearance of Fuyu, although she wasn't as much out of no where. She smiled a little up to Nana and gave her a playful wink, "That I might. So anyway... How are you two?"

"Hah seriously? Good lord Yuri-chan I'd think we were gonna take on a few star bases with how much you got on this ship..." Datenshi said as she chuckled a little.

Fuyu smiled somewhat oddly, well it was a warm smile, something not seen on her often. "I am feeling okay today."

"We are at war 'Tenshi, not to mention where we will be passing through we may need it." Yuriko explained as she sent a map of the Great Southern Nebula to her, and their projected course. They'd be passing below the bard cluster.

Nana stood back, curiously eyeing the Sprites. Now, she felt very much out of the loop. Her eyes seemed to lock on Fuyu for a good, long while, before she turned her attention back on Kessah. She was quiet, pushing off of the wall and brushing herself off, tossing her bubblegum-pink hair over her shoulder and shaking it back to a state of pseudo-neatness.

Eilae finally let out a small breath off air, removing herself from the wall as she glanced around the wardroom once. Pursing her lips briefly at the lack of people about, she slowly started off towards her room on the starboard side, her eyes lowered to the ground in silent contemplation.

Kessah smiled a little to Fuyu and tweaked a brow over to Nana questionably, but paid her no never mind. "Well good then! And a smile, too. Makes you look pretty cute if you don't mind me saying so..."

'Tenshi raised her left eyebrow and whistled low as she looked at the course. "Why so close to the cluster?"

Fuyu smirked a little, slipping back into her normal expression. "Thanks..."

"It is the quickest route, I altered the original flight path to be directly in between Talori, and Bizankro. We should not receive much, if not any resistance. And we will be maintaining stealth conditions during our travel." Yuriko explained leaving the sensor dome.

Kessah nodded quickly with her usual smile, "You're welcome, Fuyu mate. And you, Kyuuka...?"

"Kyuuka is like gone now." Aki stated coming up from behind Kessah as she yawned.

Kessah shook a fist again, "... Well damn it. She is like one of those ninja types, disappearing and appearing... Making me jump."

Saya blinked as she saw the med bay in the condition it was in. Her left eye twitching a few times, she walked into the bay to take in the full range of damage before she fainted.

"What do you expect? She is quick." Fuyu replied as she followed after her sister.

Nana shook her head slowly and then turned, beginning to quietly slink away from Kessah and the Sprites. She did not seem to be upset or anything, but she was silent as she took off from the group.

Kyuuka sighed as she held onto Shii. After hers and Fuyu's little 'excursion' they'd forgotten to clean medbay two. The two sprites had, had a lot of sexual tension it seemed as she smirked, remembering just what had happened earlier that day. The blond nurse came up on the medbay, intending to clean it before anyone saw, only to see a fainted Saya. "Oh fuck me." She muttered, and Shii just giggled.

Eilae stopped at the door to her room, blinking a few times as if examining it before turning and pressing her back against it. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts,shaking her head a few times to get her hair out of her eyes before letting out a tired sigh. Eilae wasn't much of a morning person, and it wouldn't be too harmful to rest her eyes a few moments.

Kessah stuck her tongue out to Fuyu for a moment before she shook her head, "Although I have to ask Yuriko what milk this is... Usually I hate milk, but this stuff is great..." She was mostly talking to herself and she began to wander off.

"Oh yeah... Yuriko-sama like pre-ordered the good stuff you know?" Aki explained before Kessah wandered away, sighing on the inside.

"'Tenshi, have you gone over the weapon systems of the ship yet?" Yuriko asked as she came up on the armorer's position.

"Fuyu, remember that mess we made?" Kyuuka asked, staring at Saya.

"Sadly I haven't had the chance, I've been fixing the suits up and checking through all the armory weaponry." Datenshi replied as she looked to Yuriko.

Fuyu blushed a little as she heard what Kessah said before she wandered back towards the medbay. [/i]"Yes we were going to clean it up now, why?"[/i]

"You would be...surprised at what we have in the way of ship based weaponry." Yuriko said with a little smile as she wiped a smudge away from 'Tenshi's cheek.

"Oh no reason, the doctor just found it, and fainted on the floor." Kyuuka's sarcasm seeping into her telepathic voice.

'Tenshi laughed a little and sighed. "I must look a mess, but these armors are so great I love them! And the mods oh thank you Yuri-chan!" Datenshi swept Yuriko up into a tight hug, swinging her back and forth like a rag doll.

"Shit! Are you serious?" Fuyu said in shock.

Kessah merely wandered aimlessly about the ship at a slow pace, sending Yuriko a rather simple and quick text message, the window popping up near the Shoi; 'Please unlock the experimental things so I can at least look at them. Maybe make sure they are connected correctly so they don't explode on use? -Kessie'

Nana did much the same, wandering about as much as she could. She was trying to clear out her cloudy thoughts more than anything, so that she could more effectively work. Hands behind her back, standing straight, she headed off, glancing around. If she ran into anyone else, she wouldn't be too surprised.

Yuriko made a little sound of surprise, but returned the hug. "I went through a lot to get ahold of a Mindy 1H model." She replied as she was being swung about.

"Well, I don't think I wouldn't lie about this." Kyuuka said flatly.

Yuriko sent back a short, and somewhat firm message. 'No, too dangerous for you to toy with.'

"Wait you got a 1H model?! Where where!!" Datenshi looked about the bay in shock, wanting to see one of the newer models badly.

"Shit shit shit! Hurry we gotta start cleaning before she wakes back up!" Fuyu said in reply as she started to nearly run to the medbay.

Kessah sighed angerily and yelled up to the ceiling, hopefully for no one to hear, "damn it YURIKO I AM A FUCKING TRAINED PROFESSIONAL! 19-- ... Oh shit... 20 soon. Cool. Birthday soon." After her slight bout of anger Kessah calmed down once more and walked to her room to send her sister a message.

"It is in the starboard armor bay." Yuriko said blinking a little now at Datenshi's enthusiasm.

"Well, I'm already cleaning, though I must admit...it was fun, and felt reeeeaaaaalllly good." Kyuuka smirked a little, watching her sister run via a volumetric window as she cleaned. Even Shii was helping.

"Lemme see lemme seeee!" Datenshi's eyes were wide as she set Yuriko down, spun her around and nearly shoved her towards the bay. "Go go go!"

Fuyu slid to a stop in front of the medical bay doors, her chest nearly causing her to slide further as she gripped the door frame of the bay. With a grunt she hoped into the bay and began helping to clean up.

"Anyone ever tell you you look sexy when you run sis?" Kyuuka pointed out, wearing a small smile as she continued cleaning.

Yuriko nodded, a little shaken, her hair disheveled now as she exited the port side armor bay, walked across the hall, through the decontamination room, and into the starboard side armor bay. The Shoi walked over to a set of power armor, two large cannons poking out from behind. "There it is, a Mindy 1H model power armor." She explained, pointing at it before stepping aside for 'Tenshi.

"Eeeeeee!" Tenshi shouted like a kid as she shot over to the armor, looking it over. "Ive always wanted to get my hands on one and tinker around inside! OH! You think that the fabrication room could make the pleasure sensor in the suit for the newer models?"

Fuyu laughed a little, not really caring at the moment as she lifted and moved the now muttering unconscious doctor from the floor to a bed that was still clean. "We gotta hurry or she may wake up!"

Kerr had made it too his room without any issue, thanks to MEGAMI's assistance. From there, he had unpacked or at least he tried. After about fifteen minutes in, he got fed up with moving clothes and equipment and, for the time being, left a half unpacked bag next to the foot of his bed. He left his room and stretched a little, figuring he'd take a little stroll to explore the ship he had be assigned to.

Yuriko just shook her head, mildly amused as she watched Tenshi. "I do not know, however, we can produce Mindy 1F models." She offered.

Kyuuka smirked a little as she handed Shii a box of ruined medicines, telling her to go and dispose of it. "True, we do need to hurry, though I'm feeling a sense of nostalgia right now, that and the image of seeing you nude, and covered in your own milk." She quipped, went a little red in the cheeks, and continued cleaning as Shii returned.

Nana trailed a hand along the wall of the ship as she wandered along, other arm dangling at her side. She was silently letting her mind wander over things, mainly all the information about this ship that she had yet to process. Cringing, she paused, turning and leaning against the wall.

Eilae's eyes remained closed, still leaning against the door to her room, unaware of the new recruit unpacking only a few doors away. She was in a state of half-awakefulness, arms still crossed in front of herself.

"Maybe we can do it later in a area that is easier to clean." Fuyu said as she smiled, blushing softly.

Tenshi stopped just before she took the plating off the arm of the suit. "Re-...Really? Oh Yuriko I swear I will be good if you make me a 1H pleaseeeee?" She begged sounding all to much like a high school girl.

"Ano...we cannot make Mindy 1H models, besides, the power armor bays are filled to capacity 'Tenshi." Yuriko replied with a little frown as she rested a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Besides, the pleasure feature on the 1F wasn't all that great." She commented non-chalantly with a small smirk.

"If we do not hurry soon, I may jump you here." Kyuuka teased, though she somewhat ment it.

Only about a dozen steps outside of his room, Kerr spotted the first member of the crew that he had ever seen, a good-looking blonde with gold skin., leaning against a door leading into another one of the ship's sleeping quarters. "Howdy there," greeted Kerr with a nod. "Santo Hei Josef Kerr. I'll be serving on this ship now."

"It is if you can tweak it enough to give a good shock!" Tenshi said aloud as she petted the model. "Aww...to many? Well if we lose one in battle can we get a 1F?"

Fuyu merely giggled and wiggled her rear a little as she began to clean the mess of milk up from around the bed.

Kyuuka saw this, and snuck over, and behind her sister coping a feel on that once wiggling rear and kissed the side of Fuyu's neck before handing her a towel.

"We shall see 'Tenshi, I just do not want to loose the power armors with the pilots inside of them." Yuriko replied

Uncharacteristically of her, Eilae's head slammed backwards, hitting the door behind her with a resounding crack as she was shocked out of her half-sleep. Fear flooded through her at the thought that a high-ranking crew member had discovered her dozing, yet she quickly calmed down as she registered the man's words. Blushing furiously in embarrassment while gripping the back of her head with one hand, she bowed rather awkwardly. "Santo Hei Tsukade Eilae. A... a pleasure sir."

"Course not course not!" Tenshi waved her hand aside and laughed as she looked back to the Shoi.

Fuyu eeped and swatted her sister, giggling playfully and wiggling her rear some more. This time though she made sure to evade should her sister come for her again.

Kyuuka just sent a few mental images of what she wished to do to Fuyu, smiled, and went back to work cleaning.

"I suppose I should gather the crew together now. After all, they will need to know of the situation." Yuriko sighed a moment, and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"Ehh...Hope you don't mind me showing up a little messy?" Datenshi said as she looked down to her uniform which looked a little messy.

Fuyu blushed as she received the pictures and busied herself with work.

"That looked like it hurt," Kerr spoke in a concerned tone when he saw Eilae hit her head against the door. Even he winced a little. "You alright?"

"You may be out in the black soon enough 'Tensh."Yuriko replied as she took the armorer's hand, and led her from the bay. "You have a lot of new toys to play with, and who am I to deprive a neko of her pleasures?" She snorted a laugh at what she had just said as she led 'Tenshi on.

Kyuuka finished off the counters, and began wiping the floor off. "Oh yes Fuyu, and I have needles too." She replied, as she straightened the boxes on the floor out.

Fuyu's ears twitched as she looked a little shocked at the comment, her blush deeper now as she went back to soaking up the milk from the floor.

Datenshi nodded, lacing her fingers in between Yuriko's as she giggled a little. "Thank you mommy for my new toys!" Datenshi said in her best childish tone.

Eilae's arm whipped back down to her side as her face heated up further, trying to ignore the dull ache in the back of her head. She shouldn't look so incompetent in front of any crewmember. Nodding once to his comment, she replied "Yes, of course. I didn't hit my head that hard. Are you a new crewmember?"

Yuriko winced a little at being called mommy, but continued on.

"I'm almost done, how about you sister?" Kyuuka asked,

Tenshi eeped and frowned, hugging Yuriko now with one arm. "Sorry sorry..."

Fuyu shrugged and rolled her shoulder as she stood up. "Finished..."

Kyuuka was standing there, and walked over to her sister, and took her by the hand. "Good." She arched an eyebrow. "Shall we leave before the good doctor wakes up?" The sprite asked as she flipped a needle between her fingers expertly.

Yuriko smiled weakly at the hug. "It is okay 'Tenshi, don't worry."

Kerr nodded, "That's right. Just got here maybe half an hour ago." He flashed Eilae a wide, smug grin. "Y'all got lucky. You just happen to have here the very best fighter pilot in the whole damn Star Army."

"No it's not again I let me being to excited get the best of me..." Datenshi said, tugging Yuriko into a tighter hug.

"Please..." Fuyu said, taking her sister's hand as she led her out of the bay and down to the showers.

As the sprites left the bay, Saya slowly awoke with a groggy whimper. Her eyes peering around the room now, she was a little shaken. "Wha-...Ohhh..." She said before flopping back to the bed with a sigh, chaulking the image of the destroyed medbay to a halucination.

Yuriko returned the hug, and broke it after a moment. "I will be fine...don't worry 'Tenshi, right now we have people to round up."She said as she led the armorer into an elevator and up to the upper deck, and into the sensor dome.

Kyuuka chuckled a little as she was led out of the room, and down to the showers.

Tsukade Eilae tilted her head to one side in curiousity, immediately regretting it when her vision began to spin for a moment. She took a quick step back, leaning against the wall for support, but quickly giving a rather awkward smile in return to mask the pain. "Welcome... aboard sir. I'm rather new myself, and knowing that the best fighter pilot in the Star Army is watching my back in combat is quite a relief."

"So how many newbies do we have?" Tenshi asked as she was pushed into the elevator. With a small sigh she waited for the ride to end.

"Three." Yuriko replied as they entered the sensor dome. "One of them you may like, that is if you're into the tall muscular kind of guys."

"Ohhh! We got another guy? Awesome! How muscular?" Tenshi was already drooling.

Yuriko brought up a holographic model of Josef for her viewing pleasure as she brought up the Great Southern Nebula again. "Fairly." She replied, and quirked an eyebrow as she went over the map. "You know, now that I think about it, I've never been with a guy, though Taisa Hanako once spoke of getting me and Taisa Rufus Sydney together."

"Sydney?! Seriously?? Jesus why wasn't Hanako ever that nice for me..." Datenshi pouted a little as she heard of Yuriko's luck, though the new guy was definitely a looker.

Kerr was oblivious to Eilae's lightheadedness. He was too caught up in his boasting. "Damn right you're relieved. I'll blow those squid-looking freaks to bits!"

Yuriko merely shrugged. "I could have seen him while we were docked at Nataria a few months ago, though I decided not to." Yuriko replied off-handedly as she went ship-wide. "Attention crew, please assemble in the sensor dome in fifteen minutes, I repeat, please assemble in the sensor dome in fifteen minutes, that is all." The comm went dead. "Though I must admit I have always wondered about him..." She purred a little.

"I heard he is fucking huge...Like that Saito guy." Datenshi grinned, a daydream coming to mind that involved her, a throne, and the three men naked and fanning her.

Gathering herself up quickly, Eilae's eyes finally took in the man before her. She blinked a few times, her sapphire orbs resting on his chiseled features and muscular build. She concluded that he was indeed quite handsome, producing slightly more reddend cheeks. Masking her embarrassment easily, she seemed to regard him cooly as she nodded again. "I look forward to seeing you in battle then, Kerr-san. I hope you're enjoying your stay upon the YSS Asamoya."

"My friend Reiko, you know the one, the samurai in training on the SAINT ship, YC-28 had her way with Saito." Yuriko remarked.

"Seriously...?! Jesus why do I never get ANY of the breaks!" Datenshi slumped, mock crying as she pouted.

"She said that he was indeed huge, though it hurt her. In the end, it turned into a three way apparently." Yuriko began studying the nebula again. "I always wondered what it'd be like to be with a man. All I have ever had is women, and one who used hemosynthisis."

"It's great! Nothing like the real deal pulsing inside, the he-...Heh sorry.." Datenshi laughed a little and rubbed the back of her head.

Slowly Saya moved to her feet and made her way up towards the meeting place.

"Oh yeah. You can call me Joe," Kerr told Eilae. "Well, we better get going. Looks like the captain wants us in the sensor dome." Kerr started to make his way for the sensor dome. He muttered under his breath as he walked, "I JUST came from there."

"Well, perhaps I will experience it one day. We're going to be meeting someone at Hotaru Star Fortress named Yaichiro Kage by the way." Yuriko replied, and turned to face 'Tenshi. "In the meantime, while we're in route, I would like weapons issued to the crew, and the power armors prepped and ready, but not now, wait until this meeting is concluded."

"Ohhh! Yaichiro Kage? The old engineer from the Sakura?" Datenshi asked aloud as she nodded a little.

"Yes, I sent him two messages, and well, I even asked if he'd care to speak to me over lunch or dinner." Yuriko said as she brought a hand up, and coughed a little.

"As you wish, Joe-san." She brushed briefly at her clothing, collecting herself mentally before following after the retreating form of Kerr, the smallest of frown twitching at the sides of her lips. She wondered what the captain wanted them for.

"Bah! And lemme guess I get stuck watching the ship?" Datenshi said as she mock pouted, her arms now under her ample bust size.

"We would likely be docked inside of Hotaru." Yuriko commented, meaing no one would have to be on the ship.

"Does that I mean I get to tag along? I mean you got Cherry so I don't think you two do the out of relationship sex, but I'm free and more then willing! Sides it's been to long since I had a real guy." Datenshi sounded a little needy just then.

Yuriko smiled a little. "Actually...we do do the out of relationship sex thing. Neither I or Cherry believe in monogamy. I just have not seen someone who interests me."

Kerr returned to the sensor dome and bowed toward Yuriko. He spotted Datenshi and grinned for a second. This place is great, he mused. Nothing but good looking girls on board. Beats the hell out of looking at a bunch of ugly Neppies all day long.

Tsukade Eilae slipped into the sensor dome behind the man, standing a few feet away as she bowed respectfully to Yuriko before straightening herself up. Her hands were placed behind her back as she stood at attention.

"He is totally eyeing me...Pleaseeee can I kiss him please?!" Datenshi begged from Yuriko as she eyed the guy up and down.

"Meeting first, kissing, and sexual encounters later." Yuriko sent back, sounding very amused as the rest of the crew showed up. "Please everyone, at ease." She replied, looking at Eilae." Our first mission is fast approaching, and will actually begin after this meeting."

Sudden excitement raced through Tsukade Eilae at the prospect of beginning her first mission. She was usually awkward around other people, but during combat there was a release of the restraints, where she could be herself. Eilae visibly relaxed at Yuriko's command, simply standing silently and awaiting her next words.

"Awwww no fun..." Tenshi sent back before she looked to Joe. "Hey there cutie...How bout later I show you the armor bay since I bet your gonna be down there often enough?" Datenshi said, her tone leaving out just how much of the armor's he would actually see...

Saya twitched as she walked up to the others, seeing Tenshi covered in oil and filth. It took all her restraint and willpower not to faint.

MEGAMI, please activate the PSC. Yuriko sent to the computer, putting an end to the telepathic 'buzzing' she knew would be from 'Tenshi. "Now!" She began, clapping her hands together." We will be heading towards this." Yuriko turned about, and pointed to the Great Southern Nebula."We will be using it, in conjunction with our stealth systems, and the Continuum Distortion Drive for cover as we make our way to the Yūgumo cluster. However, I expect enemy resistance along the way, and have tried to plot the safest route.

Kerr looked around the room a bit, looking a bit confused. He finally caught 'Tenshi's gaze and gave her a quick, affirming nod before focusing on Yuriko's briefing.

Tenshi growled a little as she heard the PSC activate, but grinned none the less as she caught the message from Kerr. With the message, she turned back to the screen, oddly enough completely professional now as she listened to Yuriko.

Yuriko gave 'Tenshi a purely innocent smile before continuing. "We will be passing directly in between Talori, and Bizankro, meaning, we will be far enough from both to avoid detection. Should we encounter any Mishhuvurthyar along the way, we can quickly get out of there, or destroy them and move on. I doubt there'd be anything bigger then a scouting party out here anyways with how things are."On the map a little representation of the Asamoya went along its chosen path. "Once near Katsuko's Nebula we will enter, and make our way through, and then use the Creepy passage as cover, but, we will need to be careful of the volatile gasses of the nebula."

Eilae nodded silently, keeping her expression neutral as she masked her nervousness. She hadn't really seen any real combat, and the mission sounded very dangerous.. they'd be deep within enemy territory after all. She glanced briefly at Datenshi, eyeing her thoughtfully. Datenshi and Yuriko are certainly not new to this sort of thing... I'm sure we'll succeed.

Kerr scratched his head a little at the display, not really understanding much of it save for the fact that they weren't looking to fight a great deal of enemies along the way. This fact made him frown.

Datenshi's skin vision picked up the second pair of eyes on her as she felt a grin split her lips, her teeth being shown off now as she thought to herself. My my my, seems my luck is turning for the best...

"'Tenshi, as I said before, distribute weapons amongst the crew. And have the power armors ready to go incase we do encounter enemy ship's and they decide to launch their own pods, or Rippers. You'll be the armor wing leader." Yuriko continued onward now. "You should know why I want weapons with the crew 'Tenshi, if a Ghost type infiltrates this ship, I want it neutralized before any substantial damage can be incurred. SMGS should do the trick, though I would like a burst rifle for the bridge, along with an SMG for myself, I have my NSP and knife with me already."

"And yes, we will be issuing weaponry to the sprites." Yuriko added.

"Understood Shoi, I will have three rifles on the bridge, and every sentient being on the ship will have a SMGS at their side." Datenshi gave a quick salute. "Other weaponry by choice?" She asked to clear the matter. "Also, all the armors are ready and have been fully checked out and approved. Some have variants, and some do not, so it is by choice for whatever people wish. At least one of each variant has been loaded onto a armor for quick use."

The order that Yuriko gave to Datenshi drew a smile from Kerr. He certainly loved guns and if he were getting an upgrade from the standard NSP, it was fine by him.

"No no no 'Tenshi, only one burst rifle for the bridge, the others should go to critical areas." Yuriko added, though she nodded in regards to the armors. "Josef, we may need you in the Ryusei, so be ready at anytime please."

"Understood, one in engineering and one by the main computer?" Datenshi asked thoughtfully.

"Not a problem, Shoi," Kerr replied enthusiastically. "I'll be the first one out."

"The NIWS is housed there 'Tenshi." Yuriko arched an eyebrow.

"That's where she sleeps? Alright then sorry. So the bridge and engineering then?" Datenshi asked.

Eilae herself didn't quite understand what the Shoi and Datenshi were speaking of, yet she continued to listen carefully to their conversation, hoping to perhaps learn something of the ship she was now living in.

Yuriko nodded. "Should we be boarded, I will unlock the weapon lockers on all three decks as well." After that was said, she looked over to Eilae, and Josef, wearing a polite, and calm smile. "Any questions? Now is the time to ask."

Eilae shook her head slowly. "None that are important to our survival, Yuriko-Shoi."

Kerr looked at Yuriko for a moment, pondering any questions he might have. He finally shook his head, nothing having entered his mind.

"Only the ones I asked you before the meeting." Tenshi said aloud.

Yuriko sighed, and inclined her head. "As you wish." She replied before looking back to the nebula. "MEGAMI, de-activate the PSC, and engage aether generators three and four."

"Hai Shoi, Aether generators three and four coming online, fifty percent output confirmed and climbing, PSC de-activated, and back to normal operating status." The computer replied, her voice still its usual soft, and kind tone. Yuriko rolled her eyes a little at 'Tenshi. "We have possibly a life threatening situation on our hands, and you're still thinking of that?" She asked, surprised.

"Course I am! Come on it's been a while...Sides if we are gonna be going into something like this, I wanna at least work out some kinks before anything...." Datenshi said aloud, sticking her tongue out playfully.

"When this is over, I will gave Taisa Sydney your regards." Yuriko teased before clearing her throat. "Koharu, please get to the bridge and take us out. "MEGAMI, once we are a sufficient distance away rig for stealth running." The computer complied as Koharu bowed, and exited.

Eilae glanced between Datenshi and Yuriko, plainly not understanding what was going on. Tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear, she waited patiently to be dismissed or to be given orders. She wasn't supposed to speak unless spoken to. She was the lowest rank after all.

Kerr stood there silently, trying to be as patient as he could be, and waited for Yuriko to dismiss them.

"For me or you, cause if I don't get to help you're so dead." Datenshi glared evily at Yuriko before she laughed.

"Josef, you are dismissed, if you wish to look over the Ryusei, it is in the starboard multi-function bay." Yuriko raised both eyebrows at 'Tenshi and smirked slightly. "Oh my yes, for me, and no you cannot help. I think unleashing you on a star fortress is like letting the NIWS loose on a Mishhuvurthyar ship." She chuckled.

"Bah! Your no fun..." Datenshi grumbled, crossing her arms as she looked away. "Fine! But I get Yaich-...Hey! I'm not THAT bad okay?" Datenshi's ears twitched a little as she finally comprehended what Yuriko had said.

Yuriko held her stomach and laughed before she slowly stopped. "I was joking! I am sure Taisa Sydney is busying preparing at Hoshi no Iori anyways. And besides, if anything were to happen," {i]"Yaichiro would be mine, you have had all the guys minus Dagsuz and Serizawa to date. Time to share now sweetie."[/i] She replied, sounding amused.

Anxiety and worry filled Eilae was Josef was dismissed while she was not. Had she done something wrong? Was her uniform not in satisfactory? Nervously mulling these things over in her head, Eilae shifted her weight from one foot to the other, trying her best not to appear anxious in the least.

"What guys! Those are the only guys sides the ones I had to HUNT down on the last Iori!" Datenshi pouted a little as she replied back. "Are we dismissed Shoi?"

Having been dismissed and seeing Yuriko and Datenshi immersed in a conversation, Kerr decided to leave the sensor array and head toward the starboard multi-function bay where his Ryusei awaited him.

"You are 'Tenshi, Eilae is not however." Yuriko replied smiling.

"Try not to break him in too early." Yuriko added to 'Tenshi.

Tenshi tsked lightly as she tease Eilae, walking past her with a pat on the shoulder. "Calm down cutie, nothing's wrong." She said as she walked past.

Saya waited to the side quietly, fidgeting with her uniform as she held her breath, letting Datenshi pass.

Eilae's spirits dropped considerably lower, yet she managed to maintain a somewhat calm disposition. She inclined her head slightly to Datenshi as the woman spoke to her telepathically, holding back a shiver at the brief physical contact.

"So, Eilae, are you fresh out of basic?" Yuriko asked, she was still smiling, and her tone a little motherly.

"Yes Yuriko-Shoi," Eilae replied, keeping her voice as neutral and detached as possible. She didn't want to offend the Shoi anymore than she already had.

Yuriko still smiled as she leaned against a work table. "Do not worry, everyone's first time out on the battlefield can be jarring, mine was. I had to board an enemy battleship alone." She smiled a little more at the memory. "Then out run a star exploding...though that part was both fun, and scary. But what I am trying to say is this, it maybe your first time, but it is a learning experience. You will do fine, and you will come back to us, I have faith in your skills, and you as a person, that is why I chose you to be on my ship." The Shoi walked over to the girl, and gave her a small hug. "Once we reach Hotaru, I will even help you with your power armor piloting skills, and show you a few pointers if you wish. But now, now I need to get to the bridge!" Yuriko waved to Eilae, and left.

Datenshi grinned as she made her way down to the armor bay. "Oly oly oxen free..." Datenshi called out to the bay, and at the same projected it into the other bays in hopes of having Joe hear her.

As Yuriko continued to speak, Eilae's anxiety began to ebb away, nodding slowly to the experienced woman's words. She offered a faint smile of her own as the captain talked about her own experience before she felt Yuriko's arms drag her into a hug. Much against her own will, Eilae tensed at the closeness, her nervousness returning until the captain pulled away and left. Sighing and shaking her head somewhat in confusion, Eilae turned about and walked off towards her room.

Yuriko soon arrived on the bridge, with their course plotted, the YSS Asamoya began it's journey, and first mission through enemy territory, and towards the Yūgumo cluster.