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RP Psychopomp: Deep Space Dregs


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 43
RP Location
Deep Space
Deep Space | Date - YE 43 | Destination - Unknown Distress Signals

Current Location - Kikyo sector grid 0524 PP LLC 'Merchant' Fleet

"Mercantile Mamba this is Voodoo Zero One approaching the signal we received previously NDC encryption still reading. The call looks clean."

"Affirm Voodoo, close in and see if we have any activity."

The two Jinkan escorts of the Merchant fleet that had broke off to investigate the distress they picked up while enroute for a trade with some Freespacer contacts closed in on their source.

Upon approaching the distress signal, the two escorts' would make visual contact upon a large war vessel. The class of ship being an older model of the SS1, a NDC frigate. From first glance, it was apparent that the ships engines had suffered significant damage. Much of the hull having sustained extreme superficial damage. It was not clear if the ships hull was compromised at the moment.

No signal was sent from the vessel aside from it's distress signal. Leading to the assumption that the vessels communications may be damaged or not operational.

The bridge door aboard the first Jinkan Class opened as Ydrin McMaster stepped in. His gaze falling to the back of the head of the Captain of the vessel before he stepped in further to face him from their left. Equipped in his PsychoPomp Basic Combat Uniform, he brought up his tablet, typing up a comment before hitting play on the application. The speakers turned on as the robotic voice played, [Engines and weapons are all operational Captain.]

Taking a glance up to the screen, the mute's brow frowned as he recognized the vessel's design. Commenting with, [I see we're now taken to rescuing Duskarians?] Having had changed the tone of the automated voice on the application to sound slighted.

"Looks like Duskarian yeah though refugees or corpses will be sorted out soon enough. Get prepped for a board we're gonna make a sweep and see if we can salvage anything. We'll be docked in 15 all of my hails are picking up no response so we'll be doing this manually."

As if to complicate the situation further, a second SS1 became visible as a cluster of asteroids cleared from view. The second appearing even more damaged than the first, with all of its weapons having either been ripped off or damaged beyond repair.

Ydrin's frown dismissed as he gave a haphazardous shrug, [It would appear we have more than what we expected.] He quipped before making his leave, exiting the compact bridge without another statement. His golden eyes peering up to the ceiling in discontent. His lips sucking against his teeth to paint an annoyed expression. 'Just what I need, more NDC shenanigans, hopefully we don't have to deal with survivors. I rather *not* deal with them again.' The young man thought before returning his gaze back in front of him.

15 Minutes of Preparation Later

The Jinkan pulled alongside the first ship and got docked. The airlock was then pressurized and the doors opened. "Alright you assholes don't break anything the damn things teetering as it is. Keep your suits on and zippers up we don't know what the reactor looks like would rather not have any of you get stuck in sick bay for the next few weeks cause you caught somethin. In and out don't take more than 30. Get your feet beatin and eyes and ears workin you're on the clock shit heads."

All ready to deploy, Ydrin raised his GP-1 Assault Rifle up and aimed towards the entrance of the airlock. Staying in the rear of the small 5 man search team. His eyes peering through the visor of his helmet as his heart rate began to spike. The adrenaline already kicking in before he had even stepped out of the airlock. The anxiety of his first search mission settling in as they entered into the ship.

Upon the PsychoPomp team entering the ships airlock, there were no bodies or signs of life anywhere. The room they had entered illuminated dimly by the light from their own airlock, as the room they had entered appeared to be completely barren. Upon first glance, it would already look like the ship was abandoned. None of the lights aboard were on and the only systems working was minimal life support.

The sudden sound of the ship waning to the subtle turns it made while adrift in space could send a chill down any new blood's spine. The hallow and stale air slowly closing the environment around the team. Claustrophobia baring down the necks of them along with a sense of unease attempting to intimidate them from entering any further.

The team spread out and went about the normal tasks of diagnosing the general state of the ship and ensuring that it was safe for them to let their guards down. Textbook shit far as anyone was concerned the place appeared abandoned anyways so most of the team just wanted to get this shit over with and get back to the fleet.

Leaving Ydrin behind to protect the exit, the young man stood anxiously. His arms began to shake from adrenalin as he could only hear the distant foot steps from the team. The feeling that he was being watched never left him as he maintained his aim down the corridor that lead to the hanger. 'Void I really hate being the only one here...' Ydrin thought to himself as the anticipation was eating at him.

Fortunately, he wouldn't have to wait much longer. The silence being snapped by the crack of multiple burst of gunfire. Followed by the sound of metal cladding against the floor and a scuffle breaking out. Following this, the sound heavy boots began to echo down into the chamber that Ydrin found himself in. The voices of people shouting an unknown language to him grew louder as their forced march encroached onto him quickly.

"Hey greenie get in you fuckwit. We got some bad shit comin in and I'm not about to have some NMX bull take me." The captain barked at Ydrin as he was already disengaging the dock and the whine of the engines began to thrum as they spooled back up.

Without any hesitation, Ydrin spun 180 degrees and jumped back into the airlock of the PsychoPomp ship. Slamming the airlock closed behind him before collapsing to his hands and knees. His breath ragged as he was still panicking from what he had just escaped from. Whoever or whatever was in that ship was definitely not Duskarian.

His whole body began to shake as his pupils shrank, his attention hyper-focused as he was still recovering from the terrifying endeavor. Grateful that he was alive and safe, but still shook up over losing everything so fast.

The ship rattled as the pilot punched it before the docking clamps had fully released and the airlock had time to cycle briefly leaving the frigate open to the vacuum of space. After getting a safe distance he'd attempt another hail. "This is Jinkan-Class Escort Voodoo Zero One of the Psychopomp Merchant Fleet identify yourself and your intentions now before we destroy what little of your ship you have left."

Radio silence continued as the vessels still failed to respond to Voodoo Zero One. A few moments would pass before the distress signal ceased. Only to suddenly start again, then shut off. This pattern continued in differing spans of it returning and being turned off. Almost as if the ship was using it's distress signal to communicate to the Captain.

"Bloody dipshits. I mean using Trade would have been much easier than Morse but blood thirsty morons it is huh?" The captain scoffed before opening the channel again. "This is Voodoo Zero One I'm getting the Morse but your fuckin horrible at it and hospitality. I realize you're out of power but just turn that damn thing off and divert the power already."

Having finally collected himself enough to stand, Ydrin pushed himself off the ground. Making his way to the elevator. Pressing the button to head up, Ydrin looked down at his hands, realizing that he had left his gun back at the airlock. A defeated sigh quietly escaping his lips as the door to the elevator opened. No more than a few steps later, he stepped into the bridge, hearing the tail end of the Captain's transmission.

[Do we really have to go back Captain? I really doubt they're looking to be rescued after that...] Ydrin played on his tablet, not wanting to return back to the death trap of a vessel.

The pattern from the ship continued as it would finally finish out it's message:

{No. Power. Cannot. Message. Will. Be. Person. Next. Signed. Violet.}

Once the message was completed, it would cease functions of the distress signal entirely. Entering into a state of complete radio silence.

"Protocol kid now go sit down, don't puke in the cockpit or in a major walkway." He would then open a new channel. "Mercantile Mamba this is Voodoo Zero One we have confirmation on survivors, hostile in nature. Over."

"This is Mamba, Voodoo we hear you return for restock and we'll pull along side."

Taking a seat at the chair to the Captains left, Ydrin clasped his hands and began to think on what the hell they were going to do. 'There was no way that they were Duskarian, the language was far too obscure for them. But it couldn't have been Free Spacers since they communicate in clicks and other noises.' His mind raced as he turned to the Captain, being the only other person on the ship aside from himself. The realization setting once it became apparent to him that they may send him into the ship again.

[Sir, there are still two alive on the vitals. The other two are either dead or almost dead. Whoever they are, they're keeping prisoners. If we blow up the ship, we would have to kill our own people.] Ydrin played from his tablet to the Captain. Not wanting to be blamed for the deaths of his team. That had already happened before he joined PsychoPomp, and he didn't want that to happen again.

"Yes I can see I have an OGU too kid. It's going to be in the hands of whatever boarding party they put together now. We just have to wait and see what happens." He guided the ship back towards the fleet with his wingman in tow.

As they flew for a bit the captain would break the silence. "How are you feeling kid? You alright? I know these things can be rough."

Taking a moment, Ydrin typed up a response on his tablet. Taking a moment to read over before hitting play, [Fine, just shaken up due to what happened. I didn't really expect for them to be taken so quickly.] A short pause lingered as he had to type up a follow up, [This is something that I was not expecting. Maybe an alien creature or maybe some pirates that we snag. Definitely not anything like the simulations or games... It's much more, random. And that shit is scary.]

Sitting in silence, the Mute didn't know how to continue further with the conversation. His hands gripping tightly to the grips of his tablet.

"Real life is rarely like the sims kid. None of us expected this, the hillbillies in there shouldn't be able to move much depending on how long they've gone on minimum life support. I'm sure its just some scared folks not knowing what's going on or some Mishu BS either way its not in our hands or realm of control." He began to start the docking procedures as they approached the fleet.

[The fact that there is someone there responding to you is more than enough to be worrying. I don't know Morse code, but it sounded like it nonetheless. What did they say?] Ydrin remarked before it became a question. Curious as what the message from the ship that had almost killed him stated.

Hearing the ship begin to dock with the fleet, Ydrin stood up and began to double check his belongings. Already knowing he left his primary weapon downstairs in the airlock. 'Great, that's something they're going to rip my head off for.'

"Nothing that you need to hear." The captain stated as he let the ship sift to its automated procedure for docking. "For now I'm heading to the sick bay for a check up while you get in with the boarding party."

The ship would settle and the airlock cycle as the captain made his way out and off to the higher decks to give his report and get to the sick bay.

Following behind the Captain, Ydrin instead headed off to the airlock. Upon shortly arriving, he'd reach down to pick up his fire arms. He then changed the setting on it to safety before slinging it over his right shoulder. Taking a step through to enter into the other ship as he took a quick glance around. 'Let's hope that this next go around is not as bad...' Ydrin kept to his thoughts before stepping out of the new ship's airlock.

Ydrin would get grabbed by someone walking past. "Come on they're waiting on you." The man also in fresh attire went with Ydrin to the boarding craft for the next expedition into the freighter.

His eyes went wide as he was suddenly snagged by someone else and dragged along. Not contesting against their grip, Ydrin went along with them into the boarding craft. He took advantage of the short period of time he had to look around at the others. Seeing who else was with him and what they were equipped with.

30 minutes later

The boarding craft came into dock and the airlock opened after the team of 12 had time to set up to defend against any hostility.

Along with them, Ydrin stood, weapon ready as he waited for there to be hostile contact. The event that transpired no longer than an hour ago still fresh in his mind. Even though he was still green, the comfort of being in the squad gave him confidence that they at least stood a better chance than last time. 'Please. Don't call to split up.' Ydrin prayed as he was still on standby for the go ahead to enter into the vessel.

Within the halls of the damaged frigate, a young woman's voice bounced off of the metal walls of the ship. Her soothing voice welcoming aboard, "Apologies for before... I was initially under the impression that you all were pirates. Please, come in, I do not wish to give a bad impression." The voice spoke, yet no one stood in the room as it remained dark and empty. A dim light emanated from the hallway off to the port side. A small shadow casted standing elongated in front of the door.

No signal was given to enter. Nothing was even said at all the group inside the boarding craft stood tense waiting for someone to approach or danger to appear. It was clear that they wouldn't move until they were sure of the situation they were in.

A small frame stepped out from the dim light, turning to face the team as only half of them was illuminated, the other was concealed in their own shadow. She appeared to be a teenager, her long platinum white hair falling down to her back, nearly touching the back of her knees. The visible half of her face revealing a wary smile, "I am Princess Violet Foreman of Ichika. Appointed Domestic Diplomat for the Monarchy of Dovania, the Imperius had informed me that you are a welcome party aboard the DSS-Xuno." Violet stated as she introduced herself in a rather weak and cautious tone. Having noticed the fact that the entire team was pointing firearms towards her.

Hearing her mention her name, Ydrin could have swore he heard the name of that government before. It was on the news a few years ago for a diplomatic mishap with Yamatai. Turning his gaze to the team lead, he awaited for what their call would be. She seemed to be alone, and at the very least unarmed. So it was not like she was an obvious threat. 'Great, a princess. Just what we needed.'

A signal was given, a gun stowed, and a one of the members walked out a few feet. "We come from Psychopomps Merchant Fleet. We received your distress signal while on a delivery and came to assist. You attacked us while we were assessing the extent of the damage and looking for survivors. We currently have you classified as pirates. What are your plans?" The armored figured stated to the diplomat.

The young woman bit her lip in uncertainty, a wary look donning upon her as she responded, "Well, if you would allow me to be frank... I think it would be in my people's best interest for us to leave. However, that being said, we are a cautious people. So, allow me to apologise for my protectorate's actions." Violet referencing the attack from earlier, her gaze setting down the hall as she gave a small wave for someone out of sight to come down.

"They're all alive, at the moment anyhow, two of them are critically injured. If you are trusting enough, I would like to take you to the Imperius. And, before you request, he is unable to come down himself. Having sustained significant injuries after we were damaged by the wormhole." She asked just as the four missing team members from earlier were lead through the door by two taller men. The critically injured ones having bandages wrapped around them and IV bags connected to their arms.

Another signal was given and two more soldiers walked out one of them swinging their rifle behind their back and pulling out medical supplies while the other stayed ready scanning the 3 Dovanians with their rifle. They made their way over to the injured team members and began work on them while they brought them back onto the ship.

The mediator watched all of this before they turned back to Violet. "You are to remain here while we converse with our people to see what to do about this current situation." They turned around and walked back into the boarding craft with the others.

"Leaving- So soon..." A man said with a discomforted tone, the floor beneath them shaking as a large man stooped through the doorway. The large man towering almost 7 feet in height behind the much shorter Violet. His left hand holding onto a wrap of bloody bandages that held up his waist. A thick accented voice retorting, "Make sure Romanov hears this, The Drop Bear is still kicking." His voice filled with a sense of confidence himself knowing who they had run into.

Violet turned around worried as she held her hands out to the large man. Her small hands attempting to push the uniformed man back, "Kyro, you need to go back to the med bay!" Exclaiming as she didn't want him to fall over or over exhaust himself.

Ydrin followed the rest of his team back into the ship, however the sudden appearance of the massive man caught his attention. Tapping the shoulder of the mediator and gesturing back into the ship. Unable to say anything he pointed directly at the large man who had just entered into the room. His name was not familiar, but when he mentioned Romanov, he figured it was enough to call attention to.

The mediator nodded taking a quick picture with his helmets camera and sending it off to the right people. The boarding ship would undock and fly back to its mother vessel as they awaited word on what to do.

Watching the PsycoPomp team leave into their own ship, Kyro gave Violet a reassuring smile, "Worry not Miss Forman, the situation will be resolved shortly. You need to learn to relax." The large man stated, his wounded voice attempting to calm her. Resting his hand upon her shoulder, he gave an assuring nod before turning back into the hall and returning to the medical bay.

A few hours later

The ship was bustling now word had come down to grant the Dovanians asylum and to be as courteous as possible when dealing with Kyro specifically. Boarding craft were getting prepped to head back out to pick up the survivors or to take care of those in need of medical attention. People passed back and forth as they went about the varying tasks to prep the ship itself for onboarding all of the refugees.

Ydrin stepped over to the mediator, tapping them on the shoulder to gain their attention. Using his tablet, Ydrin typed up a question before hitting play on the application, [So who are these people anyway? I know that they were allies with the NDC before falling off the face of the sector. Just seems like a waste of time to take them all in just because the big dude said Romanov by name and called himself 'The Drop Bear'.]

"Don't really know much. Far as the records show he's an old associate of the company, probably has something to do with that." The mediator stated, "We are currently to get them back and on their feet some sort of deal is supposed to be done after that."