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RP [Psychopomp] Old Associates


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RP Date
YE 43
RP Location
Lethe Station
Lethe Station, CEO's office

Romanov thrummed his knuckles on his desk, it had been quite a few years since last he talked with Kyro. He never would have guessed that some hick from the middle of nowhere would've been able to become king of an empire in just a few years and then to have it all crushed bringing him back here. He had granted the man's people asylum merely for that fact that if he could place him back to their home that'd be quite a big favor that'd be owed to him and the system was quite rich in resources and manpower, something Romanov needed for his planned expansions of the company.

Opening the door to Romanov's office, an obscenely large Osman entered in through. His head having to duck underneath the frame of the door, else he would have banged his head against it. The large man was none other than Kyro-vek Draguun, the man who up until recently was the Imperius of the Monarchy of Dovania. His signature neutral expression sat as he stepped forward into the room further, pausing a few feet away from Romanov's desk.

With a long pause of silence, Kyro finally gave a nod, placing himself at parade rest, "Romanov." He introduced himself, acknowledging the fact that he was called here. His person no longer wrapped in bandages as he had healed from the injuries he had sustained from the DSS-Xuno crashing into an asteroid field.

"Kyro," Romanov gestured to the chair opposite himself. "please have a seat."

Glancing down at the chair that Romanov had gestured to, Kyro walked up to the chair. Grabbing the back support as he sat himself down. Once seated, he turned his attention back to the man and stated, "You've summoned me." His Osmanian accent still present even after being away from home for years.

"There have been quite a few... developments since last we met. You've made quite a name for yourself albeit infamous. I'd like to catch up and work over terms of your asylum while you are here." Romanov maundered. "It is quite a shame that you were targeted by the Kuvexians and took the most damage from it."

"Please, one at a time," Kyro asked, his hand being waved forward as he seemed distressed by the mentioning of the Kuvexians. His sterling cold eyes baring down across the desk to Romanov before adding, "What conditions do you offer?" His questions being kept simple and short, allowing the CEO to carry the conversation while he sat back and observed, taking in everything.

"Well as you know the company has been around for quite some time. Through our specialties, we've been able to expand and garner some wealth to our name enough to finally start the construction of infrastructure. I hope to have the company fully independent, it's something I pride myself on. However, with the recent war, I have realized that if we wish to do so we must be able to defend ourselves. That's where you come in I wish to have the Xunoks and Dovanians help us with the setting up of these facilities and infrastructure as well as having you be able to provide us with raw materials once you get back on your feet." Romanov seemed to almost ramble speaking in a honeyed tone.

"Please, the formalities are not needed. Give me the demands you seek, it is already obvious how heavy of a debt that I owe you and your company." Kyro stated, knowing that this was all just to show face. However, he was not in the mood for a formal speech or being roundabout with the situation. What Romanov did was a high risk, Kyro knew that, and part of paying that off would be expensive. Kyro just needed to know how deep in the hole he was.

Romanov sighed. "Alright then. Psychopomp will have full rights and ownership to any advancements you make while in our care, you will help with any projects we ask of you and once you are capable to you will ensure that Psychopomp will not be caught defenseless when it comes to space combat this means that the Xunok navy will be at my disposal if need be."

After hearing the hammer drop, Kyro's hands clenched the fabric of his pant legs. The demands were exactly what he expected, "I am going to assume that you already know that I have limited personnel who are educated in piloting, let alone space travel. The only Captain we have left is the one who operated the DSS- Xuno."

"I am aware of the Xunok's lack of modern tech and practices," Romanov stated. "However you did an exemplary job training those that you had been able to. With that being said I am willing to provide you with the resources needed to conduct more intense training on a wider scale to get them space ready."

"I trained Infantry and Marines. Most of our pilots and ship captains were taken when they fled into NDC space. Not to mention what happened after they did, but I'll save that for later." Kyro retorted before tilting, "I can agree with those terms. However there is the matter of the retired and youth, I will not send anyone younger than fourteen to do any labor. They're too valuable to be used as work mules. Nevertheless, I can agree with this, but as I had stated, there are those who cannot work due to varying conditions."

Kyro pondered for a moment on the thought as he then added, "I believe we may have anywhere from forty to sixty unable to work. Although, some of them may be able to if given cybernetics. That will obviously have to be added to my tab..." His cold gaze locking back to Romanov as he had given his piece for the moment.

"If they require cybernetics then they shall receive some. As for the young ones, we do have schooling facilities for the young ones and the old could be placed in caretaker roles for the youngest." Romanov replied interlacing his fingers before placing them on his desk and leaning forward slightly a cold gaze now upon his face. "We can fold those who do not want to learn into the PMC and have them trained with the others."

Jabbing his fingers towards Romanov, Kyro remarked, "YOU do not know this, but I have a 'person of interest' among the youth. I will have full control over what happens to them, is that understood." Stating it as fact and not making it a request. Making it clear that he would not have whoever the young person were being in the hands of anyone but himself. "Standard protocol is for all of them to be conscripted, the men at least. We do not conscript or enlist women. Cultural beliefs, so, unfortunately, that is non-negotiable." The large man then waved off his hand, "Miss Foreman can explain them further to you if you wish to understand the basics. It's not worth covering entirely at the moment."

Romanov chuckled. "Please, Kyro when have you known me to be unreasonable? I merely said if they do not wish to learn that they could join with the PMC if that is not palatable to you, do you perhaps, have another suggestion for how they can earn their meals?" He stated leaning back into his chair.

"I do not disagree, there is a logic to educating them for combat. Every young man who turns sixteen is to be sent off to the military academy to be conscripted for two years. Or at least that's how it was. Just remember that the Xunoks will not be easy to persuade from changing their ways. However, it is not impossible." Kyro remarked, answering Romanov before including, "Just leave the youth problem to them, we will handle it. As for how they will earn their meals. I have a suggestion." His gaze averting away from Romanov towards the closed door behind him. "If you were interested in hearing out what it is I have to say?" The large man stated as he turned back to the CEO. His lips cracking a smile beneath his large beard, confident in what he had in mind.

Romanov raised an eyebrow. "You do have my interest Kyro. What do you have as a suggestion?"

Reaching into his coat, Kyro retrieved a small pocketbook. As he proceeded to flip through the pages, he appeased Romanov's curiosity, "I could be deployed along with the most skilled of my people. We would do exploration for systems to be used for harvest and for colonization. Along with this," The man paused as he had found his page. Turning it and slid it across the desk towards Romanov, "I wish to hunt down pirates. Especially Kuvexians. This could help bring in salvage, treasure, and give Psychopomp a better image in the eyes of the system. Exposure, one could say. Plus, it may be interesting to get a hold of Kuvexian DNA for your testing would it not? Use their own people against them."

Raising a finger he pointed out, "However, this would mean I have to capture records and persons. Not only to find out more about who they are but to punish them for their actions. This will inevitably place a target on us, but I have another plan for this. I suggest that a fleet for the PMC is constructed. I would like to have control over one for my own missions. Then use the profits to pay you back, as well as to pay off the youth's keep."

"I can provide you funds to get you started." Romanov posited. "However, past that, you will be counted as a secondary service to the company thereby lessening the backlash we might receive from your actions. You are free to move about as you wish but if things get out of hand I will step in. With all of this being said I will be sending a monitor along with you to ensure you don't fall out of line with the contract. Is this agreeable with you?"

Before Kyro could answer, they were both interrupted by a small child peeking through the door, "HELLO?!" He exclaimed loudly before entering. The small auburn-haired child running up to the desk, the top of his head just barely peeking over the top of the desk. His hands reaching up as he looked over the top to Romanov, "Ooo, he looks cool!" The young lad said in excitement. "I wanna tattoo like that!" They said pointing at his arm, the child's arms struggling to aim it at Romanov's arm due to the height difference and desk being in the way.

"Yes that's acceptable-" Kyro answered before turning his attention to the small child who interrupted their meeting. "Why are you here small one? We are busy doing work."

Romanov nodded. "I'll have the paperwork sent to you later go and spend some time with family. I look forward to your future achievements." He stated grabbing some paperwork out of his desk and beginning to read it over.

"But I wanted to see the scary man that I heard them talk about." The child protested as he ran around the desk to Romanov's side, "Hi! I'm Uniform! I'm going to be big smart like my mommy!" He exclaimed, holding out his small hand out to Romanov, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Womanyav."

Kyro shook his head amused, "Very well, it would appear Miss Kingsley's son seems to have an interest in you." Gesturing to Uniform as he stood up from his seat. The large man watching the child attempt to gain Romanov's attention.

"It would appear so," Romanov stated not particularly moving to engage with the child. "Your naming choice is a little peculiar. However, I must return to other matters I wish you luck on you're endeavor and await your first report."

"Come now young one, it is time for you to return to the caretakers." Kyro went over to pluck up Uniform into his arms, "Till next, we meet." He bid to Romanov before bouncing the young boy in his arms to amuse him. Taking his leave soon after.