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Nepleslian Orders Purchase Offer


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To Ms. NicAlasdair,

My organization is interested in purchasing 30 of your Wulver rifles as well as 2000 rounds.

We do not have any Davis Alliances but we do have gems, gold and silver to trade for it. Our planetary economy has never been integrated into the galactic economy so we hope we can make a fair and equitable trade.

Our merchants say that your country is the best to source reliable gunpowder firearms.

If 30 gemstones will suffice, please let me know so that I can direct one of merchants to make the payment and accept the delivery.


Aekos Sersilin
Senator of Essia, Ambassador of the Separa'Shan


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From: Deidre NicAlasdair
To: Aekos Sersilin

It depends on what kind'ah pre'ety pre'ety gemstones y'offerin' meh. I like Emeralds. If they're Emeralds, y'gotta deal.


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Emeralds can be arranged, madam. I will contact our merchant cartels and see what they can do.

Have a good day.