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Suggestion Put RP Excerpts and/or "Fluff Text" In Wiki Pages


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@Whisper wrote:

"On the wiki stuff, I like seeing bits of RP fluff in an article. Makes it feel a bit less technical and more real, without taking away from the contents. The Freespacer articles always really impress me because they feel more 'lived in'. The 5th edition D&D books do something similar and I think they're better for it. I'm planning to do something similar for NDC articles going forward - taking bits of RP I really like and working them back into the articles as quotes or creating RP fluff for them directly."​

This seems like something that'd would a good idea.

If this idea is popular, I'd like to implement it by adding spaces for fluff into the wiki page templates, and over time adding this type of content to existing wiki pages.


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A year ago when Yuuki and I started working on things in the Yugumo Cluster we made an agreement. Anything we made had to get screentime. So for example Takeda House has appeared in several RPs including the Open Holiday Party for YE 43 since it was made (I still have to update the page, giving references to those RPs). I think this is a great idea because it fits well into this quiet promise we made, I think referencing RP into things on the wiki definitely helps add flavor!


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This happens all the time as it is, especially in older articles, but a place for it in templates would be cool to foster it in new articles.