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Approved Submission Ranger (MOS--> Qualification)


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Submission RP Example
Submission URL
List Any Unapproved Sub-Articles
URL: Star Army Giretsu Qualified on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: I simply updated the history demibear has created in RP in YE 44.

URL: Star Army Fleet Scout on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: I changed it to indicate it is no longer an occupation.

URL: Star Army Infantry on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: Added a paragraph about rangers in "Training"

URL: Star Army School of Advanced Infantry Combat on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: I updated that it serves as a qualification for Rangers, the Ranger patch, that it goes longer, and additional training activities.

URL: Star Army Infantry (Ranger Qualified) on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: I want to delete this page. It is copy pasta and rank designation for wip occupations and occupations that have been folded into other MOS or qualifications. If I cannot delete the page, I will have to gut it and create a stub.
Submission Faction(s)
  1. Yamatai (except Elysia)
Submission Terms
  1. I agree
Main Article Updated URLs: Star Army Rikugun Ranger on Star Army Space Roleplay --> Star Army Ranger on Star Army Space Roleplay
Changes: I have changed the page so that Rangers are a qualification —which is what Wes wants of Rangers— taught by SAIC. Further, I have pulled from other rikugun units like fleet scouts, real world recon units, what I have seen of the Star Army role play GMs utilizing rangers, and questions I sent to ranger players to update the page. I added "purpose" to the template and took away a few pieces, like skills. The patch stayed the same while the formal duty version has the cherry blossom pin from SAIC.

Personal Notes:
My first character was infantry and I was the original person to update the infantry article from a stub, so it feels like my duty and full circle to make the infantry understandable to new players. The School of Advanced Infantry Combatis something I submitted but is not being used and I thought it fit really well as a school for rangers and a way to get the triple cherries back in RP. I hope this update makes the MOS less confusing and gives creative space for people that want to play Rangers in Star Army's role play setting.

@Wes I chose the patch I think looks coolest. What patch do you want to be used, though?
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
A combination of the Giretsu and Rangers is an interesting one. Especially since that is how people tended to play either of them, lol.
Yeah, Wes asked for both to be made into qualifications but I was like, "Giretsu are gone though..." And tonight I considered bringing them back per his wishes, but I kept running into the problem of how they could be made different enough from recon without being only "elite rikugun". I'm glad you approve since I reference your Rikugun changes of Ye 45 a lot.
I was planning on making their return. But honestly merging the two is best.