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Approved Character Ray Bishop


Inactive Member
Name: Ray Bishop

General Information
Species: Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Family/Creators: Parents, deceased, died during angel attacks on Yamatai.

Faction: Independent
Occupation: Engineer
Rank: Freelance
Current Assignment: Freelance
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 160

Build and Skin Color: Lean, lightly muscled, agile. Slightly pale flesh colored skin
Face and Eye Color: Flesh, gray eyes
Hair color and Style: Brown hair, just below shoulders, pony tail

Distinguishing Features: Red scrunchie

Psychological Characteristics
Personality: Lazy, loves to lounge around and to play with his machines. ray dislikes heavy work, with only the occational drive to get things done kicking in near deadlines. Ray is easy going and tends to shy away from arguments or anything that would make him have to think to hard.

Likes: Sleeping, naps, girls, machines, ‘his' ship
Dislikes: heavy lifting, diet soda
Goals: enjoy self thoroughly
After QIS left the Star Army Ray was stuck on Yamatai. After finding the ‘man made paradise' to based on conforming to a certain standard, ray decided to leave and find his own place to live. After building his own ship and giving away the majority of the responsibilities, he tries to live as comfortable as possible.

Engineering: developed while working inside of QIS as a engineer for advanced propulsion systems, relying mainly on the flexible schedules of the industrial sector to keep his personal lazy habits from affecting his job performance.
Construction: developed while working inside of QIS as a engineer for advanced propulsion systems. While he did not personally perform much actual construction work himself, a knowledge of the subject was required to aid in designing propulsion systems.
Starship Operations: After learning extensively about starship propulsion and internal workings, a small understanding of the operations onboard a starship was needed to further his studies of propulsion systems.
Vehicles: . Engineering and construction were taught to him as he worked in assembly and later RnD while Starship Operations and Vehicle skills were learned as the need to test his lab's systems increased.
The skill areas are missing the descriptions. Also, as a whole this character is very bare-bones.
Zack is RPing a captain again?

*giant anime sweatdrop*

Joking! Joking! ^_^;;

Having his face color be "flesh" is a bit of a cop-out, though. I know you can do better than "generic human flesh color", Zack. :)
I didn't plan on making this to detailed so I could expand on it as the plot for the ship is expanded upon.

I updated the skin color discription.
  • Skill descriptions missing.
  • Personality could be much improved
  • Names of family members would be nice (not required, though)
No, no one's required to fully utilize their skill areas. Character approved.