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Commissar Farzi

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Kikyo...for the Iron Company in spite of its war-torn nature it could be considered something of a promised land, especially given the circumstances they'd originally found themselves in They stood side by side with the Norians when the Creathel sought dominion or destruction-though the two may have been mutually exclusive for them. Unfortunately, circumstances forced them to evacuate back to their home universe of Valhalla. What was supposed to be a respite, however brief instead became a vicious campaign that ended with them successfully rescuing a number of civilian settlements and an emergency trans universal jump that found them in the Sector once again.

Unfortunately, the jump to Kikyo ended up burning out most of the slamdrives of their vessels, forcing them to make an emergency landing on a highly toxic, seemingly uninhabited world...unfortunately this was proven not to be the case-but their new hosts proved all too eager to make their acquaintance. Not one to back down from a fight, and doubly so against an incredibly hostile alien race the Company has decided to remind them that just because you're big, ugly, and have an army, doesn’t mean you should be using it.

Grab your gun and dig in Yeoman-its time to start stacking bodies.


The premise of this RP is that the Iron Company has arrived back in Kikyo, and unfortunately has found themselves having kicked a virtual hornet's nest-the planet, a toxic dustball called Sandraker by the native Mishu and having the colorful nickname of Hel’s Arsehole by the yeoman themselves, and after several months of skirmishing, things have begun to heat up rapidly. Players will take on the role of the boots-on-the-ground troops engaging the gribblies and their thralls with the goal of pushing off the planet and then sweeping the Sector clear of any remaining presence. It's going to be a long haul, and given who they're facing, things are going to get ugly fast.

The overall success of missions is in the character's hands-a misstep could see an entire squad annihilated and the loss of vital resources, be it equipment, manpower, intelligence, and even raw materials that could fuel the war effort. There’s a good chance over the course of operations of potentially running afoul of one of the larger factions-this is especially true in the case of Yamatai-as they take a dim view of mercenaries operating within their sovereign territory. Of course, while a concern, it is not a large one. Death is a very real possibility in this RP, so plan accordingly.

Side Missions and Requisition
Of course, as they are mercs-there’s always an opportunity to make a little extra cash or snag some extra gear on the side; every little bit can help increase the overall odds of survival, as well as long as characters have the prerequisite clearance they can also get a little extra gear by requisitioning it directly from the Company’s logistical cohorts. Of course, even with being as efficient at scrounging as they are, the Logistical Units still end up screwing things up from time to time this may result in a unit getting someone’s dirty laundry to some of the more potent and exotic pieces of equipment. Of course, that doesn’t mean a damn if they aren’t trained to use it.

Characters will earn Requisition as they progress through missions or can exchange battlefield salvage that they acquire over the course of the RP for extra gear from the company armories. However, there is a slight chance of not getting what you want, or need for that matter.

Looking for players for rank-and-file infantry with mechanized elements(mostly tanks), and command personnel for possible Co/Side Mission GMs.