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Request for fighter conversion.


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RP Date
21 YE 44.5
TO: Star Army Research Administration
FROM: Asami Sakurai, Fort Hikari.


I wish to propose a fighter conversion for a Kawarime, i will be sending my schematics as well.

Modification of the Super Kawarime into a stealth fighter.

Added radar absorbent paint.

Ke-V8-W3100 Turbo Aether Cannon moved to the nose and hidden behind retractable panels for added stealth.

Ke-T8-E3101 Science Sensor Package moved to the sides of the craft where the Arther cannons where can rotate in special sensor pods.

Maintains the internal ordinance bay and enlarges it to mount more ordinance. Landing gear has been moved to accommodate this.

Wing pylons remain but can be detached for added stealth and additional pylons are mounted to the outside of the wing like the 2x variant.

Eventual modifications will include engines from the Teiatsu to make it faster.

Glory to Yamatai.

Asami Sakurai


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TO: Jôtô Hei Asami Sakurai, Fort Hikari
FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Valentine
CC: Shôshô Chinchu Rhikiya, Fort Hikari

We have received your schematics and proposed conversion.

My engineers in the Development Division have advised me that the changes are possible, and will send you instructions and guidance as to how best implement these.

Shôshô Chinchu, please assign an appropriate fighter to the Jôtô Hei for purposes of this R&D project. The various parts required for the refit will be sent to your nearest Star Army Logistics depot for usage.

As of now, Jôtô Hei Asami, you can consider this project authorised. You will find that your Star Army PDA will now have access to the SARA network, which is also accessible every Science Officer and Engineer in the Star Army. Please utilise the contacts and forums on that platform if you have any further questions.

Please advise us on how the project progresses. If you successfully complete the project and it is a viable refit that can be used elsewhere in the Star Army, you may be eligible for an Innovation Award.

Best of luck,
Chujo Iemochi Feyani,
Director, Star Army Research Administration


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TO: Star Army Research Administration
FROM: Asami Sakurai, Fort Hikari.


Forgot to include the revision of the internal weapons bays to accept heavy and light armaments which is included in the schematic but not listed in my last message.

Glory to Yamatai.

Asami Sakurai.


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TO: Asami Sakurai, Fort Hikari
FROM: Star Army Research Administration

Message received. We'll see about having the required items shipped to you whenever we can. The Director is in a meeting with Logistics now with the newest set of paperwork, and your request just about found its way there in time.

All the best,
Shoi Nimaki Nobunaga
Development Liaison, Star Army Research Administration