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SACN Results of communication Monitoring: Freespacer/Mishhu Comm


Inactive Member
TO: Empress Motoyoshi Katsuko,
CC: Mistress Taisho Ketsurui Yui
Taisho Motoyoshi Saito

The Ayame-class Cruiser is being controlled by a group calling themselves Freespacers, and has met with Melisson. They've agreed on free passage through each others' space, and the Freespacers asked for Mishhu phasing technology...to which Melisson replied to take it from the Star Army by way of hacking, as a way to prove themselves to her.

TF-54 Asuka Special Operations Force,
Fifth Expeditionary Fleet
Report received. Thank you for the valuable update.

-Taisho Yui
Imperial Dispatch, Quantum Encryption Active>>Routing 5th Expeditionary Fleet>>Duplication Taisho Yui

Report Acknowledged, Standby

>Pause 5th XF Routing>>Open Black Nova>>Taisho Yui

Taisho Yui,

This communication displays an intent to gain unauthorized access to the PANTHEON as well as the illegal operation of equipment under ownership of the Empire.

I recommend we consider further action, and the involvement of SAINT. Please ensure these Freespacers understand our resolve.

At this time, I also would like to recommend Chujo Motoyoshi Misato for a leadership role in SAINT. She has been running Intelligence in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet for a long time, I believe she would work well under you.

Empress Motoyoshi Katuko
Very well. She may lead SAINT.

As for the Freespacers, I will teach them to fear us.