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RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 8: The Search for Wakaba

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He had to admit, her green irises looked stunning and well…it would have been difficult to just NOT show any sort of change, but with the ruffle of his hair he grinned when she slipped off of him and went back to look at his vitals. That was when the familiar hiss of the doors hydraulic mechanisms moved and the pilot took a look away from his data pad as Sakuko put the box down and ran over angle gave him a affectionate hug and kiss. The hazel haired pilot was not shocked by this and returned the embrace and kiss to commemorate being back where he belonged.

After a few moments he pulled away and as she explained about bringing him clothes from the fabrication machine he took a look and smiled. “It is good to be back, and I’m happy that you came here to see me. The clothes are amazing. I’ll go change, I assume I’ll need to go with you to see the captain afterwards?” He asked as he took the box to a bay and pulled a curtain closed so he was at least being somewhat of a gentleman…considering the thoughts in his head since awakening and with Poppy then Sakuko. Yeah a private change was needed…

After he was dressed in his underwear and shirt sleeved shirt, he dressed in his uniform and opened the curtain as he was getting his jacket where he wanted it. His hair was still a bit messy, but…he kind of liked it, and with a hand to use for a comb he quickly slicked it back. In the mirror, he recognized his face was devoid of the scars he suffered in the crash and his mind blanked for a moment before he came back to normal. “That’s…much better,”. He said with a satisfied sigh. “Thanks again babe.” He said and gave Sakuko another hug and kiss. After retrieving the box for disposal he then looked at Poppy. “Thank you for your work as well…I owe you…and I’m being serious. I know this is an occupational thing, but if you need anything in the future. Let me know.” He would say before giving the medic a wink and then he went back to Sakuko. “So where to next?”
Without warning the door into the medical bay burst open as Thaddeaus came into the med bay. "BROTHER!!" Thad shouted out as he ran over to Zan and attemped to give him a big hug. "Oh my god, it really is you. I heard some shit went down and then you was back on the ship." Thad had released Zan and took a step back to give him a look over. "So, everything check out OK? Poppy wasn't messing with the size sliders or anything?" Thad asked as he looked over towards Poppy. "So cool to have the team back together again." He then looked towards Sakuko who was hanging close to Zan. "Oh, did I interrupt anything here? After getting put back together I'd not blame you for wanting to make sure the bits and pieces worked if you know what I mean." He said with a slow wink towards them both.

Thad took a moment to go sit on one of the clean beds. He figured this might get Poppy fired up a little bit since he'd not messed with her for awhile. "So welcome back and we are off on our next grand adventure. Seems a ship was lost and now has been found I think. Should be pretty standard rescue mission."
Armor Bay

After finishing his tea, he headed down to the Armor Bay and started working on his armor to get ready for his mission to rescue his fellow soldiers aboard the Wakaba. After arming his armor with a gauss gun and missile launchers, he began calibrating his targeting systems.
Medical Bay

Yuri walked into the med lab, carrying a pad. “Poppy-Sempai, I’m ready to get to work, ” she said as she stood there in her crisp clean medical uniform. Zanwen’s appearance was noticed, and recognized him from the hemosynth tanks. From the fact he didn’t appear to have breasts, meant he wasn’t a Neko, maybe a Minkan. “Oh, welcome to the Resurgence! I saw you in the tanks” she said to Zanven, as she took note of his appearance, and Sakuko’s and Thads. “and you're.. Someone I haven’t met yet, hiya I’m Asakura Yuri, a new medic trainee working under Poppy-Sempai” Yuri said as she introduced herself to him.
Zanven’s next move was knocked off balance as Thad walked in and greeted the Minkan with a big hug before telling him he was glad to be back. Of course Zanven chuckled and as soon as he was freed he gave Thad a handshake before a bro-hug one armed. “Hah! If she did mess with anything I am sure I would remember. Though I am happy to say that I feel a bit more…open now than how I was in the past. Funny thing I guess.”

He said as he saw the look Thad gave to him and Sakuko, but this time he did not just outwardly disagree or play it off. He looked at Sakuko and gave her a wry smile that basically said that was pretty much what he was thinking.

A couple of minutes later and another member of the crew entered the room. A new face whom the pilot was unfamiliar for and after a brief exchange of words Zanven the pilot reached forward. “A pleasure to meet you Yuri, as you have probably known me since I was being remade…regardless, the name is Zanven Brax, most just call me Zan…or if I’m out in the field it is usually Solo. I am the Itto Heisho pilot that has been away for a bit. Glad to be back.” He said with a grin.
Armor Bay

Sanda had remained rather aloof for the first part of the trip. She refused to admit it, but the events on Gashmere had affected her deeply. There were some nights she had woken up in a cold sweat on the verge of screaming. She had never in her life had any trouble sleeping but over the last few weeks had suffered from insomnia. She was far to stubborn and proud to talk about it. Even to her closest friend Yayoi.

Sanda spend her time locked in the VR room running do or die scenarios. She had done them before, but this was different. Before it had only been every once in a while. Now it was every other day. Running intense scenarios that left her unable to stand at the end of them. Then the next day spending hours in the dojo, practicing. What daemons she was trying to exercise wasn't clear, but it must be working because after a while she seemed a lot less standoffish.

Today she was in the Armory, going over her power armor and weapons. Norita the Armorer always did an excellent job in keeping all the armors in top shape, but Sanda liked to inspect her stuff personally. She saw Tanaka doing the same thing. She hadn't spoken to the new Joto Heisho much, but Trowa spoke very highly of him so that was good enough for her.

Sanda finished her check on her PA and glanced over at Tanaka. "Everything checking out, Heisho?" She asked.
Armor Bay

Yoshiro had just finished up arming his power armor with his favorite weaponry and calibrating his targeting systems for said weapons when he heard someone asking about his armor. "Everything is checking out okay. Just finished the calibrating for the targeting systems for my armor in case I need it." Yoshiro said. "Ah, where are my manners? My name is Yoshiro Tanaka, joto heisho of the infantry. And you are?" He looked at Sanda, curious as to who this person was.
Poppy wtf Thad.png

Medical Lab

When Poppy saw Thad burst into her workspace, the one she'd kicked him out of on multiple occassions already, she left out a grunt. We he sat his ass on one of her sterile medical beds, her eyebrow twitched. "What brings you to my medical lab, Thad? I told you not to come back unless you needed medical care. Are you injured in some fashion? Or is it a mental thing?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips. Her expression softened as her trainee came in. "Oh, hey Yuri! Yeah, we might get some more crew beams to us like with Zanven so I'll show you how to make them some bodies from scratch to sleeve their consciousness in them.

"Let me show you to our cabin," Sakuko offered Zanven, holding his hand with both of hers.

Sanda raised a tattooed eyebrow. That was not what she had expected. His politeness threw her for a second. What was with this guy? He seemed so innocent that Sanda wouldn't have been surprised if doves nested in his hat. That thought made her chuckle.

"Nito Heisho Sanda Hoshi, Rangers and Giretsu." Sanda said as she continued looking him over.
Medical Lab
Yuri smiled as Zan introduced himself to her, and recollection sparked a memory in her mind. “Oh! Mom told me about you, she said you’re a brave, honorable soldier” she said, her eyes taking note of Sakuko offering to take him to his cabin. Thad’s presence was noted, but she assumed Poppy was able to handle him. But she recognized the man. oh, he’s a naughty man too! her mom had told her about Thad, mostly as a cautionary tale to try make her daughter avoid him. Yuri’s attention went to Poppy and she nodded her head. “I’ll look forward to it, Sempai!” she said to Poppy
Armor Bay

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sanda-heisho. How long have you been a Ranger?" He asked as he was genuinely curious about it. "It could not have been easy to get in." He polished his armor as he spoke to Hoshi.
Armor Bay

Sanda snorted. Doves definitely nest in his hat. "Since Basic training." She said with just a hit of pride in her voice. "My drill instructor thought I had great potential for Stealth and Survival so she put in a recommendation for me to go straight to Ranger school after Basic. I killed it. Specialized in 2 of the four certifications they had at the time. Finished in the top 5 of my class. Was headed for a Rikugun legion when news of a huge offensive was being planned. So I volunteered to go aboard a starship. The Resurgence. The offensive was Glimmergold. Been with the ship ever since then."
YE 45.4

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

Gabriela's fingers danced over the controls of the helm. The Resurgence's main engines began to power up, the slight vibrations barely perceptible in the deck beneath their feet. On the main viewer, the unknown star system began to grow larger as the ship moved forward. The greenish-blue hues of a nebula were faintly visible, creating a stunning backdrop for their exploration.

"Activating turbo aether drive now," she announced as the starship moved forward, sending the Resurgence heading deeper into the system. The crew waited in anticipation as they moved closer to the source of the mysterious signal, each second bringing them closer to potentially dangerous territory.

All the while, the Resurgence's sensors continued to scan the surroundings, feeding information to the bridge crew. The tension on the bridge was palpable as they waited for a signal confirmation, the crew silently performing their tasks with a heightened sense of alertness.

"Approaching the source of the signal," Gabriela announced, her voice steady despite the growing tension. "Prepare for possible contact."

"Why would the Mishhuvurthyar be all the way up here?" Kalena pondered aloud.

Captain Aoba's gaze stayed fixed on the main viewer. "It. could be anything from exploration to expansion, or even a lost ship.They're unpredictable," he replied.

"But it's something we should be prepared for," he continued, standing from his chair. "All hands, battle stations. Shields up, weapons ready but hold fire until we have a confirmed target. Let's hope this is a misunderstanding or a false alarm, but be ready for anything."

The quiet beeping and humming of the ship's systems became the backdrop to the organized chaos that followed, as crew members rushed to their posts, and the Resurgence braced for a possible encounter with one of the Star Army's most formidable enemies.

Koyama had only ever heard stories of the SMX, and their more modern incarnation, the NMX. Some from her sibling, more from veterans and the ample databases crammed with all manner of horrors one may wish to learn of the Mishhuvurthyar. It all made her more than a little nervous to face something that had terrified the entire sector for years and still loomed like a boogeyman even after the last war.

Arriving at the starboard doors of the bridge, Mineko was putting on her a Type 37 field jacket as they opened for her. She flung her arm through a sleeve as she bowed curtly and found her console. She hadn't been able to uncover much more than Kalena had from her room, so she was quick to heed the call to battle stations and take up a place amongst the bridge crew.

"Welcome, Mineko," Aoba nodded a greeting to his trusty intelligence specialist.

The interference of the spatial anomalies made it difficult to see what they were dealing with until they got much closer. Finally, they were able to recognize two NMX Scout Ships approaching them.

"Enemy contact confirmed. Two NMX scout vessels incoming," Kalena announced. "Looks like they spotted us, too. They're heading straight towards us."

Silently, Mineko set about pulling up any details she could find on the NMX ship, noting its harassment-focused weaponry and hefty battlepod bay. With her shining red and blue eyes, the analyst looked from her console to the captain.

"Understood," Aoba responded. "Communications, send a broadcast message to the NMX vessels. Let them know we are a peaceful mission from the Star Army of Yamatai and ask them to state their intentions."

"Mishhuvurthyar vessel," Gabriela transmitted, "This is the Star Army of Yamatai gunship YSS Resurgence, NG-S1-575, we are conducting a peaceful rescue mission, please state your intentions."

"Status on their weapons?" Koyama asked, looking toward Kalena.

"They're already firing," Kalena grimaced.


There wasn't much Mineko could say in these moments that wouldn't infringe on the coming words of the officers around her, so she stayed quiet as she worked. Two scout ships stood little chance against a gunship, so where the Mishhuvurthyar's sense of confidence came from was her main concern. Mineko started bringing different sensors back online, focusing her sights on what aether wavelengths the Ks-MIES-E3010 had detected. The analyst scoured for more dusty orange aether signals from other NMX ships in the area.

"Sir, the armor bay has enemy combatants within it," Mineko said, the words came as a shock even to the analyst, like someone else was speaking around her while she kept her digital mind on the sensor readouts within it.

"They bypassed the shields?" Koyama asked aloud and to no one in particular.

Aoba grunted. "Kuso! Koyama, see if you can get to engineering and work with Pidole to reconfigure the shield harmonics to prevent them from phasing more attack units though our shields. Mineko do you want to get down there and help the armor team? If your gut says go I'm not stopping you," he offered.

Koyama rose smoothly to her feet, keeping her connection to her station active while making for the bridge's exit as quickly as she could. "Pidole, I'm on my way to engineering. We've hostiles aboard that somehow phased through our shields. Mishhuvurthyar hostiles." dropping the name for added weight. The Star Army had long since developed countermeasures to older Mishhu phasing capabilities. And they seemed to no longer be up to snuff.

Aoba’s question was so sincere that it brought Mineko out of her reverie with the sensors momentarily. It felt like what anyone would do- run to where the metaphorical fire was in order to stamp it out. But what her heart was telling her was to keep looking for the cause of the fire. Why two lone scout ships had the confidence of a full group of harassers continued to hold her attention.

“I’d like to figure out what I can about this attack from here, sir,” Mineko said with a pained expression as she weighed the consequences. If there was nothing new to discover about the NMX presence from the bridge, one less fighting body down in the armor bay could make a big difference. But, even as she said her words, she was looking back to her console, eager to keep at the MEGAMI’s sensors.

Medical Lab

Poppy heard the alert and immediately pulled off her uniform and started putting on her AMES spacesuit. "Zanven," she said, "You should probably check with the XO to see where your battle station is. I'm not sure if we have a starfighter onboard at the moment."

Armor Bay

Yoshiro had just finished polishing his armor when he heard the alert and got into his armor. "Alright, infantry, get in to your power armor and get ready for deployment." Yoshiro said as he made sure that his armor was fully functional. "Make sure that your armor is ready."

"Roger that," Cassie replied, and quickly got to her armor and suited up. "They, uh, sound hostile. Norita, give me all guns and missiles I can carry."

"Hostility is to be expected from the NMX." Yoshiro said with a grimace. "Missiles and guns for me as well, Norita."

When the armor bay doors opened to let the power armor team out into space, somehow the Mishhuvurthyar were already waiting outside and several of them poured into the armor bay!

"Oh, shit!" Cassie shouted as these huge, reddish-pink monsters pushed into the bay. They were as tall as the entire deck and were about the size of a van, with a dozen or so tentacles and a gaping maw on their underside and a crab-like head on the top with more multiple sets of glowing green eyes. They appeared to be protected with armor-scale force-fields that protected them against weapons like the LASR, because when Cassie started shooting, they didn't go down immediately. Any time they looked at one of the Resurgence crew, that crew member got a ringing headache and heard the sounds of people screaming.

"Tanaka to bridge, we have boarders in the armor bay. Moving to engage and repel." Yoshiro said.

Cassie screamed as one of the Mishhuvurthyar focused on her, "WHAT THE HELL?" she shouted, "Fuck I can't fire missiles in here," she added. "Maybe not aether either," she said. "Fuck it," she said, grabbing Pidole's aether saber off the technician's armor storage rack and unleashing the beam into one of the invaders, which blew out the light abvoe her from the shockwave.

Yoshiro heard Cassie scream and moved to engage the Mishhuvurthyar. "Cass, you ok?" He asked with concern as he stabbed one with his aether saber rifle.

"Yeah," Cassie panted, taking cover behind Pidole's Mindy.

Sanda had been in the Armory when the alert came. She got suited in in record time. As the Mishhuvurthyar came pouring into the ship, Sanda went to meet them head on. Armed with a plasma rifle with her Aether bayonet attached, she sliced into the first one she met.

As Sanda closed with the Mishhuvurthyar and sliced at it, it inverted the gravity around her and sent her slamming into the ceiling, and then dropped her and then did it again as it backed away, leaving a trail of neon pink blood that turned into insects as it separated from the creature.

Sanda had not been expecting the sudden gravity change although she should have remembered it from simulations she had fought. She had never even seen a real Mishhu before. The blow knocked the breath out of her. But she recovered quickly. "Así que les gusta jugar rudo, ¿eh?"

"I'LL EAT YOU ONE INCH AT A TIME," one of the Mishhuvurthyar threatened Cassie, smashing through rows of unoccupied power armors and carts of mini-missiles to get to her. Cassie hit it with a glancing aether blow to its personal shields, giving it a smoking gouge in its skull but not killing it. Pink sparkles appeared as nanomachines began self-repair on the affected area.

"You will have to get past me first monster!" Yoshiro said and slammed his aether blade and twisted in the face of the Mishhuvurthyar attacking Cassie.

As Yoshiro stabbed at the Mishhuvurthyar it caught him with its shield and then shoved him back with a gravity manipulation field. "GET REKT" it taunted, pulling out an aetheric minigun. Orange aether spewed out all over the place as it sprayed the area Yoshiro had gotten launched from, but it wasn't super accurate fire so he wasn't get hit too many times.

"I count four of them total," Cassie helpfully commented. "I'm marking them as Alpha through Delta on the targeting scanners and I'm thinking we target them as a team," she suggested.

Sanda suddenly appeared behind the Mishhu with the minigun. She had done a micro teleport behind it and slashed at the weapons energy pad before jumping away again. Leaving behind a flashing present on the other side of the monsters head.

"NANI?" the Mishhu said, trying to turn around but it was too late, her blade struck true and the Mishhu was caught off guard by Sanda's attack.

"We have fought and defeated you in combat before, monster!" Yoshiro said with fire in his voice

(OOC: Continue in Armor Bay section below)


With the call to battle stations, Okimi had quickly dashed to her quarters, secured her knitting basket into a locker and made her way towards her assigned damage control station, pulling on her AMES suit as she went. After arriving, she performed a quick visual check of the station's contents to confirm that everything was present and matched the inventory. That done, the caretaker prepared to hurry up and wait.

"Huh, because THAT isn't disturbing in the least." Okimi muttered nervously in response to the booming threat, trying to ignore the deep-seated discomfort that was taking root somewhere around her stomach. Oh wait, she recognized that sensation. Fear. Dread. Horror. Mostly just artificial datum to date, Okimi realized that now she could properly label those feelings and wasn't sure whether that could be considered a good thing or not. For now though, she did her best to push the feelings down until there was a safer time to process the new sensations.

"Okimi, this is the captain, report to the armor bay to fight intruders!" the caretaker was ordered.

"Aye, Captain!" Okimi replied, all the drills in basic training coming back to her as she smoothly drew her service pistol from its holster, without really thinking about it. Deciding speed was probably a virtue, the caretaker utilized her inertial control systems to float a couple of inches off the ground and began making her way to the power armor bay as quickly as she could.

Armor Bay

Trowa had been on his way to the Armor bay when the attack came. The one eyed Nep was a veteran of the Second Mishhu War. He was in his Daisy and began to lay down precision fire with duel 50mm gauges cannons.

Yoshiro's aether blade glowed with deadly intensity as he taunted the Mishhuvurthyar.

As Yoshiro approached the Mishhuvurthyar "Beta", it collapsed into a puddle, went under him, and reformed behind him, grabbing his body and his arm that held the aether blade and then tried to brute force him into hitting his own head with the blade.

Cassie very carefully aimed an aether saber shot at the Mishhu "Delta" as it stalked her across the bay and into the passageway between the armor bay and the shuttle bay. As soon as it rounded the corner she let it have it. "Someone hit Delta from the back while it's on me," she requested. "Center passage!" she added.

Okimi wasn't sure exactly what she was supposed to do, beyond the whole, go to where the fighting was and try not to hit her own side. Fortunately, when she came out of the vertical passageway, it was to the sight of what her training informed her to be Mishhuvurthyar, located just outside of the armour bay. The caretaker blinked before her training kicked in once more and, after stabilizing her position through inertial control, raised her service pistol, switched it to pulse mode, sighted down it and pulled the trigger, sending a trio of energy bolts down the corridor.

Yoshiro fought against ths Mishhu who was trying to force his head into his blade. He used his jets in his boots to push the Mishhu into the wall as hard as he could.

Trowa heard the request from Cassie and moved. He quickly saw Okimi and was glad someone else was on hand to aid Cassie. Together they came up behind Mishhu "Delta" and began to pour fire into it from the rear.

Trapped and taking heavy weapons fire from both sides, the Mishhuvurthyar "Delta" collapsed into a smoking pile of goop in the middle of the passageway, its body riddled with holes. Several chunks of it ran off in the form of rat-sized insects trying to escape.

"Are you alright Heisho?" Trowa asked Cassie. Then noticed the rat-sized forms trying to escape. "Don't let any of them escape!" Drawing his plasma pistol and making rapid yet precision shots thanks to years of practice and his cybernetics.

"Okimi, blast the leftovers!" Cassie pointed at the insect things.

Okimi blinked, wondering if she should be feeling something for having killed a living being, even if it was a monstrous enemy. Then Cassie's command registered and the caretaker shook off her introspection and began sighting in on the small motive lumps of alien flesh. To improve her accuracy, she depressed the trigger only to the halfway point, sending single bolts at each target.

So far, there were two of the four Mishhuvurthyar down, with Charlie and Delta gone this left Beta in the armor bay firing its minigun and Alpha seemed to have disappeared somehow.

Sanda did another micro teleport against Beta. Slashing at the tentacles that held Tanaka. Even in the middle of the fight, she realized that there was one target missing. "Anyone have eyes on the fourth Mishhu?"

Tanaka nodded in thanks and proceeded to kick it so hard he pierced it in the stomach, then activated the power armor's foot rockets, melting from the inside out. "It's on the bridge, Cassie, get there as fast as you can!" He shouted after he checked his sensors.

With the combined efforts of the team, target Beta was finally subdued and dispatched.


The ship rumbled and rocked as volleys of aether fire glanced off its shields in the two-versus one battle. "Evasive maneuvers," Aoba ordered. "Gabriela, show them how nimble a Fuji can be!"

"Aye, captain!" the navigator anthro nodded, grabbing her joysticks. "Time for a little blink tactics."

The analyst had filtered out all of the tachyon signals. She felt they were the most probable cause for the Wakaba being jettisoned from known space in the Kikyo Sector to this strange, far-flung region, but they were extraneous information in the heat of battle with the NMX.

With the tachyon signals out of the equation, the readings needed to be pieced together and the gaps had to be filled in with the MEGAMI and Mineko’s own guesses. There were signals that pattern matched the Mishhuvurthyar technology, but being able to differentiate a scout from a whole city run on the dirty orange aether meant a bit of work on the their part. Mineko pulled her dark grey jacket off quicker than she had pulled it on and hung it over the back of her seat before her palm went up to push into her forehead.

“Captain, I think I found something!” Her bangs now disheveled, the analyst’s mouth hung open as it turned wide into a smile as she spoke, then a grimace that clouded her tone as her next words took on a serious realization.

"It looks like there are other Mishhuvurthyar ships in the system, but out of range for now. What is really concerning is that some of these signals indicate a planetary installation, possibly a base from which the scout ships port."

"It sounds like we should come back with a larger force," Aoba said. "Let's leave the system before we get outnumbered too badly. Perhaps, though, we can sneak in a stealth force like a small armor team, without attracting attention. Next, we'll..."

"SURPRISE" Mishhuvurthyar Alpha cackled as it burst into the bridge, immediately going for captain Aoba and choking him with a long, thin tentacle. It began shooting up the room with a stolen plasma rifle from the armor bay, blowing up Gabriela's console and sending her tumbling to the ground missing an arm. Another tentacle slammed into the middle of Kalena's body, impaling her and swinging her around like a ragdoll. Finally it dragged Aoba into its mouth and started eating him.

Mineko’s blue and red eyes went wide beneath her sruffy bangs as her left hand reached for her sidearm. She propped it up but Aoba was so caught up in the Mishhuvurthyar that Mineko couldn’t get a clear shot.

“Kalena!” Mineko shouted to the Taii in a bid to get the starship operator in on the action from another angle, but she was already impaled. "Gabriela!!" Mineko yelled, desperation leaking into every syllable of the pilot's name. Mineko strafed to the side, hovering a bit so that she had a height advantage. She aimed for the soft flesh just above where Aoba was —had been, now that it was dining on him— and she shot three bursts of her NSP's heaviest mode.

The Mishhuvurthyar dropped Aoba, or what as left of him, as it recoiled from the impact and lowered its thick, armored skull to block Mineko's shots, pulling back towards the bridge door, where it went back out into the ship's passageways.

Without pause, Mineko fell to the side of Aoba, checking his vitals as she looked on at the limp bodies before her.

It looked like Aoba had been partially dissolved by stomach acids. When Mineko touched his neck to check for a pulse it burned her hand. The captain was either dead or about to be. Perhaps Poppy could pull off one of her miracles, though.

Mineko was near Aoba's console and turned on comms to the ship, "Resurgence crew, there is a Mishhuvurthyar on deck three near the bridge, all hands..." She added, "Captain down, requesting medical aid to the bridge."

To the MEGAMI, Mineko, "Please engage blast shutters on the bridge, engineering, and MEGAMI room."

Poppy arrived at the bridge but was locked out by the blast shutters.

"MEGAMI, let Poppy in." Mineko said, she was checking on Gabriela at the moment, but stood to manually open the door for the medic.

Armor Bay

Trowa suddenly received an alert from the ship's MEGAMI. His eyes went wide. "Contact on the bridge!" Sanda heard the alert and cursed. "Thunder here. On it!" She said as she sprinted for the Bridge.

Yoshiro dashed after Trowa, ready to give him covering fire.

Trowa cursed as he heard that the Captain was down. Things were not looking good at all. Leaving the last Mishhu to Sanda, he headed for the bridge to see what needed to be done to get the ship back into action.

Okimi was worried about the crew that had been on the bridge, but knew there was nothing she could do for any of them at the moment. She also wasn't trained enough to help hunt down a mobile enemy and would likely just get in the way. What she could do however, was make a visual record of the Mishhu remains and residue, ensure it was all sufficiently deceased and then deploy all the chemicals she could find until the Resurgence's decks were unsullied once more.

Before anything else though, it occurred to Okimi to take a slow look around the power armor bay, just to make sure there weren't any injured crew in there in more dire need of her immediate attention.

Deck 3 Passageways

Beryl and Sakuko opened fire on the last Mishhuvurthyar as it exited the bridge. "There it is!" Sakuko shouted, "Armor team, Sakuko, we have it spotted in Deck 3 forward, on the port side, it's going for the airlock!"

Sanda rounded the corner at a dead run. Practically flying using her suits thrusters. As soon as she saw the Mishhu she opened fire, still flying at it.

Having grabbed a rifle with AP ammo, Yoshiro chased the remaining Mishhu. He saw it as Sanda fired at it and he fired into the Mishhu with AP rounds.


Finally, the last Mishhuvurthyar went down, shot to bits as it tried to escape through the airlock but the airlock control panel wasn't accepting the commands to open from it.

The Mishhu lay dead, crushed under Yayoi's armored boot as she glanced over. There was a odd look on her face.

Yoshiro was exhausted and sat down, blood and gore from the enemy covering his armor. "Damn and I just had this armor cleaned." He said tiredly and promptly fell asleep.


Poppy rushed into the bridge, stopping to look at Aoba's remains. "Fuck," she grunted. Next she checked on her friend Gabriela. "Tourniquet," she said, grabbing one out of her medical kit. She tossed it to Mineko, "Can you put it on her and get her to the medical lab?" Finally she went to Kalena who was bleeding out and get her on a stretcher and started giving her hemosynth. "I've got to get her in a healing tank," she explained and started moving her. "Aoba I'll have to respawn from a backup."

Trowa was right behind Poppy. He couldn't believe the damage on the bridge or to the bridge crew. It looked like Mineko was the only one still in one peice. Trowa moved over to the Command chair and began to do damage control. They needed to get the ship out of the system fast to regroup.

Happy to have living company amidst the bodies, Mineko was quick to speak, "Blunt force trauma to Gabriela. I-it ate Aoba, I don't know if he's alive or not. B-backup is probably best. Kalena, it impaled." She stopped looking at the Taii to look at the tourniquet she was working.

With a sharpened tone Mineko said, "You got it, Poppy-Heisho." She didn't want to think about what she had seen anymore and focusing on the work was more comforting than anything, even if it was on the pilot's unconscious body. With a hurried glance at the captain's dead body, Mineko left the bridge with Gabriela over both her arms. She saw Trowa at the controls, doing what Aoba would have done in this moment. She remembered that Aoba had anticipated an ambush and her face set in a resolute grimace as she left.

The bridge was filled with a haze of acrid smoke from being shot to pieces and the ship continued to shudder as it took hits from the Mishhuvurthyar ships.

= = =

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Trowa sat in the Command chair as he quickly ran through damage control. He transferred power from the weapons to the shields and engines then gunned the engines to full. Despite the damage the Resurgence had taken the ship still danced around the enemy Mishhu ships long enough for Trowa to plot a course out of the system. As the ship jumped into safety, Trowa slumped a little in the chair. That had been a short yet extremely bloody little action. He still had on his Daisy PA so he took off the helmet and wiped at the sweat that had gotten into his right eye. His left glowed red. He didn't bother wearing his eye patch to cover his cybernetics when he was in PA.

Trowa took a deep breath. It looked like he had command of the ship at the moment. XO Koyama was assisting Engineering at the moment and he was the only person on the Bridge. He looked around at the damage that destruction that one Mishhu had done. How had it even been able to get this far into the ship undetected? Were there only four enemies or had there been more?

Suddenly warry, Trowa put back on his helmet and secured the bridge, closing the blast doors again. He activated the comms. "Attention all hands. We are remaining in lock down. Infantry teams are to check and secure every part of this ship for possible hidden contacts."

Deck 3 Passageway

Sanda had removed her helmet and was retying her hair into a pony tail when she heard Trowa's orders. She quickly secured her helmet back over her head and looked at Yayoi. "Lets get moving Blade." She said as she raised her rifle. She would start at the top and work her way down to the lower decks. She paused a moment and saw Tanaka passed out on the ground. Even though he outranked her, Sanda gave his a kick on the leg. Not very hard, just hard enough to wake him up. "Lets move sleeping beauty."
Medical bay before the attack.

Zanven laughed at the fact that he was rumored to be brave and he responded the best way he could. “Well thank you for at least calling me something I don’t believe I am…and it’s a pleasure meeting yo…” That was when the ship entered its battle mode as warnings sounded and orders were given quickly. Zanven looked at Poppy and Sakuko before looking at Thad and Yuri. He knew he had to go, coupled by Poppy stating the same he nodded and reached back to Sakuko before pulling her in and giving her a kiss. “Looks like showing me toMy quarters will have to wait…there’s work to do…I’ll try not to die this time.” He said before nodding to Thad as they all needed to report to their stations. Hearing that the ship may not have any fighters he shrugged, he would at least go check.

As the attack commenced

Zanven had set off in a run as he knew that something was terribly wrong. He was already wanting to get back into the fray even though he had just awoken. A couple of explosions rocked him, causing him to sway back and forth before he made it to the hangar. He gave a look around before finding a comm as he hailed the bridge. Zanven Brax to bridge, the hangar appears to be good to go, where do you need me?” He asked as he breathed heavily for a moment waiting for an answer…
Yayoi was surprised at how fast she got suited up, and how fast she’d moved into her attack. She was like a crazed monster as she attacked her foe, before she came to her senses, and found a dead Mishuu, which she promptly crushed beneath her feet. She glared at the creature with a feeling of anger and hate, but also glee, these creatures were Yamatai’s old enemy, and now they were hers. They’d joined the Rixikor as her targets today. Too bad for them Yayoi wasn’t one for mercy or surrender. “Copy that, Lightning!” she replied and stepped forward.

The ship caretakers would likely want to have words with her, as she was now leaving Mishuu bloody and gut prints on the formally nice and clean floor beneath her. More blood and guts spilled as her hidden blades went back into her gauntlet, the system keeping the blades cleaned. I hope Yuri’s safe somewhere.., unless these Mishuu want themselves upgraded to be higher than Rixikor.

[/b]Medical Lab[/b]
Yuri was smiling as she listened to Zan speaking and observed the interactions all around, then the attack happened. Since Yuri wasn’t given an order, she remained back in the Medical Lab. Moving to the Hemosynth tanks. Poppy had promised her that she’d show her how to make bodies, but when she heard that Captain Aoba had been killed, she knew she’d really needed to know that info now! “uh.. Megumi, what do I do? How do I bring the Captain Back?” She asked to the ship’s AI, but with the situation happening, the chances for the AI to be distracted were high.
Medical Lab

The white floor of the medical lab was slick with splatters of blood.

Mineko managed to get Gabriela to the medical lab, a little worse for wear but still breathing. "Yuri, put her in a hemosynth tank to regenerate her missing arm," Poppy directed the young medic. "Make sure to set the mode to humanoid," she reminded her. You don't have to cover her head, just the arm."

Meanwhile, Poppy was doing her best to save Kalena. The healing tank was doing its job, filling with a soft red light as it worked on regenerating her flesh and healing her wounds. It would take some time, but it was their best shot at saving her. "I'll start up the respawn sequence for the captain once she's stable," she told the others. Suddenly her eyes shot wide and she stared at a scanner display. "It's an egg," Poppy suddenly said, immediately putting both hands into Kalena's belly and pulling out an ugly Mishhuvurthyar egg, which she rolled into the corner of the medical lab. She pulled out her NSP and a loud CRACK filled the air as she blasted it into a steaming mess.

Deck 3 Passageways

Sanda, Beryl, and Sakuko finally managed to breathe a sigh of relief as they saw the last Mishhuvurthyar fall. They quickly moved to secure the area and make sure there were no more Mishhuvurthyar left on the ship. In particular they were searching for any of the insectoid creatures that formed whenever a Mishhuvurthyar spilled its blood.


The Resurgence shook violently as Trowa punched the ship into high-speed transit, causing the entire bridge to shudder. But it was a good sign, it meant that they were finally leaving the system and getting away from the Mishhuvurthyar.

“Transit initiated,” MEGAMI confirmed. “Shields are at maximum. Damage report coming in… we’ve taken heavy damage to multiple decks. The armor bay is in bad shape, and we’ve got a hull breach on deck four. Repairs are already underway.”

The alarms were blaring, the ship was in chaos, but they were alive. And they were getting away from the Mishhuvurthyar. It was the best they could hope for under the circumstances. A sense of calm began to settle over the ship as they left the system behind. They were still in danger, but at least they were no longer being attacked. The Resurgence had survived another day.

Upon hearing nothing but silence he thought about what was going on. Quick on his feet he went to a computer he was familiar with tocrun diagnostics when the Nodachi was on board. So far there was chaos as there were multiple hull breaches as well as casualties and firefights. “Damn it…why can I not make the right fucking choice.” He said before seeing one of the large wrenches that was leaning up against some other tools as he quickly just armed himself with a few pieces in case he got in close quarters…he was a Giretsu graduate after all.

He was going to at least get to the armory so he could at least have proper ordinance…then he was going to make his way up to the bridge…. Grabbing a data pad for a personal comm he twirled the wrench one time before setting off again. Adrenaline started to take over as he ran down the corridors, he had a mission of his own choosing and if the bridge was fucked up, he knew how to fly at least…
Medical Lab

The sound of her own voice shouting for Kalena and Gabriela rang through Mineko’s mind as she looked at the two starship operators. Calling for them had been like a plea against reality as they had both already been struck by the Mishhu. Hollow-eyed, Mineko was amidst the happenings of the med bay lost in her thoughts. She was starting to absorb what had happened when Poppy’s quick movements caught her attention. Mineko stood with wide eyes, ready and with her pistol out by the time Poppy’s shot rang out.

Mineko took a ragged breath, looking down at the floor as she holstered her pistol. The change in her own expression meant she felt a little annoyance on her face. Blood had splattered onto her and was drying now. She didn’t want to leave, but knew it would be some time before Aoba, Gabriela, and Kalena were at their best again. She just wouldn’t know when they’d be up if she left now. It was a new problem to solve and her mind was happy to have something to work on and fix.

Her slender fingers dug under her boydsuit’s sleeve and she took off her watch from within and set it atop on one of the med bay's refrigerators before slipping past everyone.


On the same deck, Mineko had deposited her bodysuit in the laundry room and walked half shivering to the stand alone shower units. She usually cared more for covering up, but she couldn’t imagine anyone in the showers now. And even if they saw, in this moment she couldn’t imagine caring. She was focused on what they were saying in the med bay momentarily through her connection to her multi-function bracelet, surmised that nobody was back to consciousness yet, and got into the summery shower.

As the water fell, she felt her mind going back to the bridge, chewing over it like a piece of fat she shouldn’t quite get down. She wanted to see the chink in the armor, the reason Aoba had died and Kalena and Gabriela had been left near dead. What could she have done better? Why hadn't she shot faster? What would have been different if she had been hurt? She thought about what they would have done if they had been left unscathed instead of her; what they would have done better.

Aoba's death became what she really thought, about, though. He was lucky to come back, even with ST. That thought made Mineko take in a sharp inhale, one that caught on something inside her. She tried to tug at her breath, but all she felt was the hot feeling of tears, warmer than the water falling somehow. They felt like knives on her cheeks and she scrubbed them, pulling off the caked-on blood, as well.

She thought of how lucky he was and wondered if her parent, or parents, had known that they wouldn’t be as lucky. It was very unlikely they had known of the special circumstances that befell them. They had died on Nataria when the Kuvexians had taken down the ST network there and made it impossible for anyone to be brought back. Mineko had never faced death outside of the vague umbrella that had been held over her upbringing as an orphan of Nataria.

But now that she had seen it, she just kept thinking how lucky Aoba had been and it just kept making her cry to think that.
Deck 3

Sanda had taken her team and started up in the roll bar of the ship. The observation deck and science labs then worked her way down. Each room they came to the entered weapons raised and ready to blast anything that moved. Once the room was cleared visually, they had to do a sweep with scanners for any signs of Mishhu. Blood trails or slime or even spore readings. It was hard work. Not physically, but mentally. First their was the fatigue from being on such high alert, ready for a fire fight behind every door. The other danger was as thing progressed, it was easy to start relaxing and not doing a proper job of it. That mindset would make it easy to miss something.

Luckily though, most of the crew were veterans who took their job seriously. Sanda also made sure to set up some sensors in each room that would go off if any Mishhu were detected. That way nothing could slip past them and hide where they had already cleared. They finished clearing deck 2 and moved down to Deck 3. As they marched through the wreckage near the airlock located right next to the bridge Sanda's motion sensors detected movement. The Ranger swung her rifle around right as Zanven came into view.

"Zanven?" Sanda asked slightly surprised. The last she had heard Zanven had been MIA presumed KIA. She had been part of the team sent to locate him but the mission had not gone smoothly. Zanven had been caught in an explosion on an infested station. She hadn't realized he was back in action. Sanda was glad he was back. "Hey Flyboy. Are you here to give us a hand clearing the ship?" Sanda glanced over at the bridge blast doors. That must be where he was headed. To give Trowa a hand with the ship. "I'm pretty sure Trow.." Sanda stopped herself. "Shosa Yamamoto has locked himself on the bridge at the moment but with all of us here for cover I'm sure he'll open up."

Sanda moved over to the door and activated the comm. She quickly whistled a short tune into the mic. After a few seconds, the blast door opened up. Trowa stood behind the command chair with his side arm trained on door but lowered it when he saw everyone. He glanced over towards Sanda and chuckled. "What is going on?" He asked.
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