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RP Ryu-Mizumitsu: Home at Last


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Uesureyan Fortress
Uesureyan Fortress
Interview 72

Sitting in a room within the Uesureyan Fortress , a brunette woman with cybernetic markings on her face sat at a plain table. The pink prisoner yukata clearly identified what she was in the current situation she found herself in. She understood why though, who was going to believe that the mental consciousness of one invidual took over the body of another one. At one point the individual was known as Ryu Masaharu. But Masaharu was not going by Ryu Waa-wan in honor of inadvertently snuffing Chu Wa-wan out of existence. He had both of them memories, which made it more painful for Masaharu.

Wa-wan spent months working odd ends to make her way back to the Kikyo Sector and a few more months of find a smuggler sympathetic enough to get her into Yamatai space since opportunities to meet the SAoY were slim. But she did indeed finally find someone, a Nepleslian Red, willing to smuggle her into Yamatai space so she could make contact with the Star Army. What she didn't expect was to be caught right out of the gate, making her look even more guilty than she wanted to.

Wa-wan expected that someone was going to interview her on her claims to be Masaharu, but she was not expecting his turn of events. Something she needed to stop saying. Opposite of Wa-wan at the table was a Star Army clerk by the name of Yoshinaga Narumi. Personally knowing Ryu Masaharu, it was decided that she was the best person to interview and see if Wa-wan was telling the truth.

Narumi coldly stared at Wa-wan for a few moments before she looked down and opened a volumetric screen to document everything. Wa-wan just look back apologetically, not really sure what to say to his old friend hating his current form. It was not like she had a choice in the matter.

"State you name."

"Ryu Wa-wan"

"You are not going to claim you are Ryu Masaharu now?"

"I told you and the others already, it is the name of this body. Mentally, I am Itto Hei Ryu Masaharu. Serial number 544-1322-1343."

Narumi typed in the provided answers, but her face was still visibly angry.

"Where are you assigned."

"YSS Artemis, we were on a mission in Kuvexian Space.“

"And how did you end up in this state of being you claim?"

"I told the last group of investigators with the black belts, during a mission I were ambushed and separated. We got separated and I was transferred around multiple times before I ended up as some lab. I don't know why they were going after, I just know my head was constantly hooked up on some machine and it the pain was beyond my ability to explain. Then one day one moment I was hooked up to the machine and the next moment I found myself in Wa-wan's head." Wa-wan explained, tired of explaining her situation.

"If that is the case, why do you not want to return to your old body?"

"Because it would dishonor the life I have taken. Even if I actively did not want this to occur. If I ever find out where and who did this to us, I am going to burn that place with a thousand suns so everyone knows and remembers the crimes they have committed." Wa-wan coldly said, staring right at Narumi. The level of hatred and anger made broke down Narumi's instance that this woman was lying about being her friend.

Leting Wa-wan cool down a bit, Narumi took the time to look at the medical reports (which Wa-wan could not see) that were taken when Wa-wan entered prisoner intake. Because a whole host of nanites and other implants of unknown origin and function, the woman was very much a human. One report mentions an unusual amount of inactive nanites within regions of the brain responsible for memories and personality traits.

To: Taisho Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako
From: Nito Heisho Yoshinaga Narumi

Currently in the process of interviewing Prisoner 787-232-878G. If she is truly Ryu Masaharu as she claims to be, what options are there in re-instating the individual into the Star Army of Yamatai? Pending the results from the Harbingers, I think the individual is unlikely to remain in active service.

Yoshinaga Narumi
Nito Heisho, Star Army of Yamatai