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RP: ZHS [S2:E3] Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls On A Battlefield?


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"Loser buys the winner drinks for the night?" Hoshiko said somewhat quietly to Skadi who stood beside her, arms still crossed and face still impassive as she watched her team wander off into the woods to set up their ambush. She had a feeling her team would win, they seemed to at least fear the one in charge of the team in Piano and that would go a long way.

Piano for her part began to set up the ambush. A different spot as instructed, they were close to 100m further into the woods, spread out as a triangle. The twins were the bottom points, with Urutobai as the main point, and Piano acting as the floater to chase anyone down. The twins would be better suited for the bottom points as they would be able to subdue quickly. The twins and Piano all made sure to camouflage themselves in the woods as Urutobai found a good space to hunker down quietly while Piano herself sat 50m back from the group to act as a spotter and clean up. The formation was good as they could move if necessary.


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Keiko stood up from her huddled crouch beside the mud map and looked into the forest, she couldn't see any of the waiting teams members from here which meant they were at least doing a good job at hiding for the time being. "I don't have any hair scrunchies on me at the moment, I think we should be ok with just hand to hand since the other team doesn't have any ranged capability either." The red neko said thoughtfully, trying to contribute a little more than just being there, she didn't find it easy to suggest plans to a team as she'd been a lone fighter for a long time.

"Miss Hoshiko, Miss Aven. How long do we have until the game commences?"


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"Hm." Skadi grunted in agreement with her colleague, arms crossed as she watched the two teams split up. A small smirk formed on her lips. "Don't forget, I like wines from Hanako's World."

"Five minutes, Keiko. Use them wisely." the teacher replied. Then, she fell silent again next to Hoshiko.

"I hear a new place opened up on the north side of the city..." Skadi muttered.


"So what's the plan, guys? Faster, but more dangerous, or slower, but less exposed?" Addaiel asked, looking over his map and presenting two routes to the objective drawn in permanent marker with all sorts of ambush spots circled and notes jotted here and there. "I'd like to reiterate that I am not the most skilled fighter here. Buuuut... let's be real- Keiko could probably handle a double team from the twins, and Gunny and I could rush Urutobai."


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“Understood, I shall.” Keiko replied when told they had 5 minutes.

Looking towards Addial again she shook nodded. “I believe I could handle the two of them if it came down to that however, our aim is to make it to the end without losing anyone and the more we fight the greater the risk of being taken down.” Keiko rubbed her chin slightly. “I propose sticking in a tight formation to maximise our combat ability. Though I will seek out and engage the twins if that approach is how we decide to play.”