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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP: ZHS [S3:E1] It was a Three Hour Tour.


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RP Date
Early YE 42
RP Location
Zenjikaze High
Early YE-42
Zenjikaze Training Grounds

Hoshiko stood over the group of students, glasses on and the half cut jacket that hugged her upper body tightly and stopped just below her chest, her hands were stuffed into the pockets toward the bottom of the jacket which lended her a rather aloof stance and look over the group. It was a jacket she had picked up over the winter break during her little side adventure away from the school and had frankly only returned to the school just minutes prior to her class. She was still in her SAINT uniform, the dark black field operative suit under her jacket with the small lights at her hips and sides glowed the soft purple light.

She had brought the students back and worked them into the ground on their first day back, just to run them through the ringer and as a result many were off recovering in various spots of the field within a dozen or so yards of the small Neko, and she waited for them to recover a few moments before she began to speak.

“Welcome back to the school year children, so glad to see you all again. This weekend we will have a bit of an event… A field trip of sorts. Here are your permission slips, get whoever you need to sign them and follow the instructions on the sheet. We will be starting on this upcoming Friday and we will return on Monday. Your supplies that you will need are listed, bring anything else you feel you need but understand this is a field exercise field trip. Do not pack heavy…”

Hoshiko pulled out a small data pad and with a few taps and swipes, had sent off her permission form, the supplies list, and a small synopsis of just what the exercise would be.

I _____ give permission to my child, _______, to participate in the upcoming overnight training course. I understand Zenjikaze is not to be held responsible for any injuries or issues that may occur during the weekend.
Needed supplies:
[*]Sleeping Bag
[*]Rations to last three days
[*]Non-Firearm hunting tools
[*]Fire starting tools
[*]Concealment equipment
[*]Anything else the student believes they will need.
Field Exercise Synopsis:
Starting Friday morning, the students will board a bus to be taken to the woods at the base of a nearby mountain range to spend the weekend in the woods and actively participate in field exercises that simulate real operations for reconnaissance. They will stay in the woods through the weekend and return to school the following Monday where they will write a field report of what occurred during the mission, what went right and wrong, and what they could have done differently. This will be a large portion of their grade this semester, and any student who does not go will remain behind and perform research on a topic of the teacher's choice.

With the message sent out to the students before her, Hoshiko would dismiss the class and simply... disappear herself. She had things to set up and get ready within the woods after all....


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Gunnhild stood in the field with both arms raised back behind her neck so that the school's less mythical tigress could draw more air into her lungs, her faintly yellow skin baring a light sheen of sweat that made it glisten faintly in the early morning sun as the punch-cat stalked a few circles around a group of her classmates - she was bare-foot as usual, clad in a sports-bra and pair of baggy basketball shorts as she continued panting lightly, tail tracing lazy circles behind her.

"Right, what do I need to shove into my bag~" she spoke aloud to nobody in particular, eyes flicking about as they scrolled over the digital document when suddenly a look of disgust filled the neko's face.

"Wha~ no guns!?! Miss Hoshiko what the f~" Gunnhild's blue eyes scanned the area quickly, frowning as their spookiest teacher was nowhere to be found, and so with a small huff she threw herself onto the ground and simply resigned herself to staring up at the sky.

"This is going to suck~"


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Keiko had found a nice quiet area of the field to rest from the day's training, since getting back from her time away from the school she'd spoken to practically no one aside from informing the faculty that she had returned and was now "More capable" of performing her duties as a Divine Queen. Staying locked away in her room for the last week had given the red neko plenty of thinking time and studying time, this exercise was a bit of a surprise but nothing she couldn't handle as long as she managed to work with her team.

Looking over the document she wondered who would technically be signing the document for them but figured they could probably do it themselves as a sort of waiver. Looking over to the teacher she briefly considered asking to stay behind instead but decided that despite how innocent the note made it sound Hoshiko would probably be quite annoyed with her for skipping training. Standing up from her crouched position the girl wandered off towards her room to pack, she didn't need much extra than what the note already called for and it didn't take her long to pack up rations and a few spare sets of clothing both long and short. Another mystical trait she'd picked up from her absence was the ability to be ready to go in minutes when it came to packing supplies.

Keiko hadn't seen their teacher since the note was sent and figured she'd gone invisible and run off somewhere to do something, as a precaution she always kept her door and windows locked these days and never slept too heavily to avoid being pounced on like last time. With a shake of her head she pulled up the note once more and filled it out, sending a copy back to their instructor.


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Early YE-42
Zenjikaze Training Grounds to the dorms

As the young Neko stood there, silent and not allowing any other gathered students to distract her as the announcements were made. She also considered staying back, but knowing that this was a class that may help her to graduate from the school with perfect marks, she decided she’ll have to participate. Though most of her classmates were tank born Nekos and thus didn’t really need to get another’s permission, she, on the other hand, would have to.

She knew most of the list was already available, she could get a sleeping bag from the school stores, perhaps, and so that just left a non-firearm hunting tool. Her ears twitched when she had heard the Neko close by her’s outburst. Though she thought a Firearm might be useful, she thought perhaps this was training for if they weren’t able to get a gun or perhaps a gun has lost power and couldn’t fire.

The Teacher’s disappearing act both surprised and impressed her, and so she left to get ready, first sending a message to her mother along with the form since it was required of her to send it to her mother.

She was silent as she got ready, waiting for her mother to send her reply back with the hopefully signed form.


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Suzuki Akira, wearing a Rikupat version of the Type 37 uniform, watched silently as the spook smoked them. She also remained silent when she decided to announce to them their little field exercise. Akira had to suppress the massive grin that would have spread across her face at the mention of fieldwork.

But her eyes snapped over towards Gunnhild when she heard the complaint just as she was about to leave. "The focus is recon, student. But since you seem to have energy to complain and you are on the ground, front ((push-ups))... back ((flutter kicks))... go ((running in place)) until I get tired." Akira said. She wasn't screaming at her, but there was definitely some projection of her voice going on.


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Gunnhild raised one strawberry-blonde eyebrow from her spot at the floor at the newcomer who so boldly approached her, the tigress about to mouth off before noting that they clearly weren't a student, the yellow girl simply frowning from her prone position before speaking, "I run so often in my own time that this is nothing... plus I need to go pack my shiz so... okay do I really need to do that now?" Gunny persisted, lifting her legs up to her chest before flicking herself up onto her feet, hands resting on the wannabe-gunslinger's hips as she frowned harder at the Rikupat-clad stranger.

"Who are you anyway?"

Across the sector Makoto's message reached her mother's inbox, Evangelin Mikratos continuing to work on a Mindy's damaged SPINE interface as she looked over the form, quickly signing it and sending it back with a single line of text.

"Remain vigilant and stay safe, daughter."


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There is brief microexpression of disbelief on Akira's face that one would have to really be paying attention to see. The rank stripes on the sleeves of her uniform and the hinomaru on her left arm should tell the student exactly what she is. So she either hasn't been paying attention or doesn't care. All equally worrying traits to Akira.

She walked up and looks up to Gunnhild. "Your new SACQC/Power Armor Instructor, Chui Suzuki Akira. And that will be Suzuki-Chui to you from now on. Now you can do as you were told or you can receive a reprimand in your records. The choice is your's Grimsdottir." she said, maintaining the same level of command voice as before, though there was a note of lightheartedness in the last sentences as she modulated the pitch of her voice as if it was a challenge.

Akira was aware of Gunnhild's physical prowess, she is a Neko after all. All Akira wanted to do was take her time away due to the disrespect.