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SANDRA [SANDRA] Newer Fleets Make Progress

Newer Fleets Make Progress

Ketsurui Military Sector - The Second, Third, and Fourth Fleets each today received a Iori-class Star Fortress from the First Expeditionary Fleet, which had four surviving Iori Star Fortresses (of its original five) and four newer Zodiac Star Fortresses. The move gave each of the newly rebuilt standard fleets a mobile base and shipyard to call their own, while leaving the First Expeditionary with five Star Fortresses (1 Iori, the Ketsurui Star Fortress and 4 Zodiac [Cosmos, Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo]).

Two Chujo, one from the First Fleet and one from the First Expeditionary Fleet, were promoted to command the Second Fleet and Third Fleet. In command of Second Fleet is Taisho Fensalir Kelrina, former commander of the YSS Ender IV and long-time friend of Taisho Yui, and in command of Third Fleet is Taisho Anzai Saya, a loyal and very intelligent officer formerly in command of the YSS Yamato, a Chiharu-class flagship in Taisho Irim's fleet.

The First Fleet also shed 45,000 Ayame-class Cruisers.

These moves by the First and First Expeditionary are part of the Star Army's initiative to "share the love" over all parts of the Empire. In the past, the Star Army has been accused of showing favoritism to the aforementioned fleets because of their closeness to the Ketsurui.

Finally, the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, while still on inactive status, is beginning to reconsolidate and could be as ready by as soon as next month. Fourth Fleet, meanwhile, has assumed control of the Bard Cluster under Taisho Shimizu Akina.

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