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SYNC SARA-Rikugun Daisy III Memo


Banned Member
RP Date
YE 44.5
TO: Taisho Mizumitsu Benji, Chief of Staff, Star Army Rikugun
CC: Taii Mikael Harris, Star Army Giretsu, Star Army Rikugun
FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Director, Star Army Research Administration

Taisho Mizumitsu,

Further to our discussion after the last SASO Command meeting, I'm formally authorising my side of the formation of a joint SARA-Rikugun testing battalion.

Usually, the vetting, development and testing of new technologies is SARA's territory but you convinced me in our last conversation that the Daisy is solely tied to your forces and that they should therefore have a greater than normal influence over SARA's role in its 10 year review.

I remember you mentioning Taii Harris as potentially being the CO of this batallion, so I'm copying him in. I've already vetted my choice for XO of the batallion from SARA and will send the info over soon.

If I may suggest, Harris could lead the initial stakeholder meeting for the Daisy II 10 Year Review, it may be a good entry into the field of SARA for him. I've already set it up through the regular channels so all he needs to do is lead the meeting and the necessary people will join. I'll be listening in, but other than that, it would be interesting to see how he runs solo on the assignment. Consider it a sort of trial period.

Director Iemochi Feyani