• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

SARP Poetry/Writing

Inspired by a separate discussion with @Ametheliana I have decided to create a thread for people to brainstorm, write, critique, and edit poems, short stories with the end-goal of injecting them into the setting as IC works. This setting has far too little literature and IC written works (read: None), and I think it would be cool to work together to create some stuff to flesh out the cultural side of SARP a bit more.

The same goes for IC artwork, paintings, music, etc.


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I'll start: It's a propoganda poem opposing the Empire and the Imperial family.

The Mighty Empress

I recall the day the cat-girl came
To seek out those for service.
To bribe young fools to serve as tools,
To serve the mighty Empress.

Her posture stout, she cried out,
In her crisp, bright uniform dress.
"Line up, line up! Come forth, young pups.
And serve the mighty Empress!"

"You'll sail the skies, we'll glamorize
Your lives of meager blackness
For none withhold the fame to those
Who serve the mighty Empress."

But this upset a Nepleslian vet
Whose loyalty was endless.
"Don't let her scheme! Resist!" He screamed.
"Don't serve the mighty Empress."

"Do not be fooled! Don't live a tool!"
The man tried to impress
"She sells but lies, you'll trade your lives
To serve the mighty Empress"

"No free will, no hope until
escape you from the captress
She'll steal your soul and identity whole
When you serve the mighty Empress"

And yet I signed, made up my mind,
Blinded by the temptress
With vows of fame, and Glory's name
To serve the mighty Empress.


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See that death poems
Give up all of the rights
To silence of death

Emboldened flower
From its fate does not cower
Opening only to fall

My ears hear the pain
When hemosynth is loosened
Drip from a struck vein

Written by Rei the samurai.