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RP SASAIC Class 6: Week 1- The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!


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RP Date
RP Location
Fort Ingestrie on Tatiana
Soldiers from across the Star Army sat packed into the tiny transport. Some were fresh faced soldiers, just out of Basic, a few were Junior NCOs and officers ready to test their metal. As a mustang who joined the Medical Corp, Vec was among the oldest of the trainees.

After graduation, the newly minted Wilson-Shoi's request to rejoin the 171st Combat Rescue Squadron had been met with a strongly worded suggestion to instead report to Fort Ingestrie for Advanced Infantry School first. A direct conversation with his old CO Fujiwara Koda, now a Chusa, left him even more confused. He wasn't the only one from the 171 being sent to the new AIS program, nor would he be the last. They seemed to be rotating every combat element of the squadron through. Something big was on the horizon. At this point they were rumors upon rumors, but according to Fuji, the scuttlebutt was that people up top were planning a big reorg involving SAINT and Rangers and stars knew who else. Somebody wanted CSAR units in the mix and apparently the 171, arguably the most high speed CSAR team in the entire army, still needed more juice. All of that was fine with Vec, he'd spent his entire enlistment jumping at the toughest assignments, but he wasn't a young man anymore. The last twelve years at Star Army Academy of Military & Medical Sciences had honed him into one of the Empire's finest healers. If he still had what it took to survive the next eight weeks, he'd emerge as one of the Empire's finest killers. The time imbalance, twelve years vs. eight weeks, wasn't lost on him.

Becoming a healer was harder than becoming a killer. He'd been a killer before enrolling at SAAMMS.

As the transport's ramp dropped and his fellow trainees began to disembark.

"Welcome to the Fort Ingestrie..." said a member of Cadre at the foot of the boarding ramp "You will proceed t to the crimson footprints in a fast and efficient manner. Now get off my trailer and form up!!!"

Vec started in a trot, but as he saw some of his classmates take off in full sprints, he double timed it. Duffle still slung over his shoulder he slammed to a stop on a pair of red footprints. Out of habit he threw his left arm out parallel to the deck as a spacer and dropped it to his side. Trying not to pant, he stood at attention, with his eyes at the middle distance.

Maybe he'd been wrong about healing and killing.

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Standing among the trainees was a tall silvered hair woman with purple streaks in her hair. Standing next to Vec with her duffel bag, she did not put much effort into standing at attention beyond what was needed to be done. She did not look happy to be there at all, but her sense of loyalty to the Empire kept her from completely voicing it.

Once all 100 trainees were corralled to the crimson foot prints, the double doors leading into the interior of the Giretsu School. Compared to how it would look 4 years later, the surroundings were pretty spared. In the distance to the east and the south, you could see the dreaded "paradise" beaches where the Sea Surf exercises were notoriously carried out. With the constant breeze that could be felt, anyone aware of the experience was already bracing themselves for it.

After a few moments of tense silence, the 4'4" green haired Joto Heisho began to loudly give the trainees the standard Senior Instructor speech. Within it was the information on what was expected from the trainees and what they would expect from the 5 instructors. Save for one male, all of them were equally as small as the Joto Heisho. Almost like they were from the same batch.

Once she was done, each of the junior instructors began shuffling the trainees who had their proper packing list items to the power armor bay while those that did not were sent to the unit supply store.

Being assigned a M10 MCAS by sequence of where they were standing, the woman none too happy to be there was placed right next to Vec yet again. She looked at the armor and just sighed as she started to physically read the manual she picked up next to it.
Even after pushing himself physically at the Academy, Vec was beginning to worry if he wasn’t prepared for the physical aspects of SAIC. But four hours to familiarize himself with a manual? After years of qualifying exams, late night cramming sessions, writing an entire dissertation, he knew how to skim a document and get the important bits. Thumbing to the table of contents he began identifying components, mentally checking them off. A lot of the base components were similar to the Daisies and Mindies he’d trained on at the Academy. The odd armor seemed to be a hodgepodge of both, an attempt at a modular go anywhere do anything piece of kit.

After his first pass over the manual and armor, he performed a slower closer inspection checking parts against their diagrams and manual instructions. Hmm, those couplings near the battery pack are corroded. This thing’ll power off on me. Oh, and there’s some damage here on the actuator for the left elbow. He finished his inspection and didn’t find any new issues.

Stepping back from his suit, he performed an about face and shot an arm stiffly into the air, fingers balled into a loose fist, and bicep against his ear. He’d raise his hand Academy style unless they told him something different.

The tiny instructor approached him, “Permission to speak, Trainee!”

“Please direct me to the replacement parts and tools, Instructor,” Vec snapped out, eyes forward, “I need to repair the power couplings to my suit’s battery pack and suit’s left elbow actuators.”