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Approved Submission SDC Himiko


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Senti Diplomatic carrier Himiko, built from the wreckage of an early Kyoko class carrier lost during the end of the Fourth Elysian War, and refitted as a Senti family ship used to ferry diplomatic teams to and from potential contact missions. It also serves as a Shuristan mining cruiser, a heavy cargo hauler, or a mobile trade station.

This vessel has not yet appeared in RP.
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Just to document on the use of the name Himiko for Yamataian starships.

Himiko was and remains used as a class name for vessels such as the YSS Miharu and the YSS Asamoya. Technically, the YSS Miharu II is from an undocumented Himiko-class Cruiser.

The YSS Himiko was a Tensaku-class science vessel serving in the Scientific Studies Service.

When the KFY Himiko-class was refitted, the first ship of that line was rechristened YSS Himiko, with the crew of the former ship transferring over to the new one. However, the ship's christening ceremony involved an attempt on the Empress' life, and the newly named Himiko was practically destroyed during the incident.

What's not clear for me is what happened afterwards. Was the Tansaku-class science ship renamed again Himiko, was the new broken up Himiko repaired despite being mostly scrapped, or was the name left unused.

That's an answer I don't have. Yamatai's faction manager would have to weight in.


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In this case, this Himiko was formerly the Capital class carrier, YSS Explorer, lost a few months after it's launch, whether to a particularly powerful macrometeorite storm or an organized attack on an underequipped and not yet fully combat ready vessel is unclear.

In Senti tradition, the first name of the last member of the previous crew to die becomes the name of the ship.

This goes to a throwaway NPC named Taii Himiko Yamamoto, who died at her post at the helm and was one of the only identifiable bodies found.

Many Yamataian systems were destroyed in whatever event rendered the Explorer a rotting hull, and the computers self terminated when the Senti managed to restore power, meaning even they are unsure of what happened, and would be extremely interested in an official report on their home's history.


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I guess I should mention, since we're going over history notes (nothing wrong with that) that there still exists an Ayame-class YSS Explorer (YC-29) which was built in YE 24 and is currently in the Star Army Museum at Nataria. Ships built in YE 24 would have all have been named the the prefix GSS (e.g. YC-28 was GSS Explorer), as the Star Army didn't use YSS yet (I think this changed at the time of the Military Centralization Act of YE 28 when the Grand Star Army became the Star Army of Yamatai).

The Star Army tries to avoid having multiple ships with the same name but they're not always successful at it. If you're not attached to the name Explorer I'll gladly provide a list of alternatives and see if I can find a named Kyoto-class that was lost around the appropriate time. Let me know what you want to do.


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I'd love to hear the list of alternatives you have! And can soft retconn what the Shuristans know about it as being inaccurate when the YSE gets their drives back.