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SYNC [Secured] Dr. Shinichiro Tomoko to Mistress Taisho Yui - Urgent Mishhuvurthyar Weapon


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RP Date
YE 45.7

To: Mistress Taisho Yui,

Upon analysis of recently encountered Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar, in bodies sent back from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in the Kosuke Sector. We have found an anomaly in the autopsy data for these Mishhuvurthyar that does not match any previously encountered. Unfortunately, one of our laboratory technicians found out the hard way, and we were unable to successfully stop the weapon's process. From what we theorize these Mishhuvurthyar are carrying a new body adaptation, which includes a stinger and glandular sac at the end of one of the tentacles. The sac contains femtomechanical and genetic materials that match the current hemosynthetic model for the NH series and completely bypasses our current scanning and detection abilities. We have determined, through letting the virus, which we are calling the Mishhuvurthyar Hemosynthetic Virus (MHV), run its course in quarantine, that it uses our own femtomechanical system and genetic repair systems against us, overrides the body into producing Mishhuvurthyar physical features and then causes a rewrite of the digital matrix of the NH series mind. The way it mimics our own systems is absolutely fascinating and I must admit, I find it humbling to see such progress in our enemy. Previous patches applied to combat the parasite-types are ineffective against the virus. We are beginning to work on heuristics for detection and patching this vulnerability with no success as of yet. I am sending this urgent message to you, that our troops are under serious threat in the field.

I will be remaining at my lab indefinitely, and have my staff on constant rotation and we have heavy quarantine procedures in effect for dealing with MHV.

In your service,
Dr. Shinichiro Tomoko
Lead Hemosynthologist, Ketsurui Zaibatsu