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Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act


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Mochi laughed and laughed hard, as soon as Katsuko said 'adjourned'. He began replying as soon as that word was uttered, such that most of what he said was caught on camera by virtue of speaking over the Premier. "Premier! Surely you don't intend to challenge my intentions and overstep your bounds by commenting on the contents of a Proposal rather than points of order regarding it, then shut down my legally-afforded ability to respond to it?" He gestured broadly, shaking his head with an incredulous look. Everyone in the gallery was seeing this, many pulling out streaming devices. "I thought better of you. Adjourning a session after opening it to further comment like you did. I would like to bring to order an emergency session immediately on your conduct. Your role in this body is to mediate and moderate, not to attempt to belittle its members and then run away when called out on trying to do so. It dishonours the name of Ketsurui."


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Chizuru raised a hand. “Senator, it was I who suggested adjournment. While I understand politics can be a frustrating business, as Steward, I would be well within my right to signal the Sergeant at Arms to step in.” the coffee-skinned Neko stated as gently as possible. But then, saying such a thing could not be put in such a manner. "I would rather this retain some civility between those that help govern the Empire and her people."

“Seeking adjournment simply allows for those parties involved to come to a consensus without what has currently transpired. An agreeable resolution for all involved. I would ask that you please see it as an opportunity and not an affront.” What else could she do?


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"An opportunity." The Senator for Virginia echoed, "That it surely is." With that, he disappeared and the spider pad which has shown him volumetrically now scampered off down a hallway.


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Senator Hanako appeared and said, "I apologize for missing the first part of this but I did take time to read the bill and it is nothing more than a power grabbing an attack on my family. To remove Ketsurui Fleet Yards as a major corporation, and conveniently, simultaneously elevate the business bearing your family name? How convenient! You are bolder than a Mishhuvurthyar procreation specialist and greedier than a Kuvexian broker. The Empress was right about you. Whenever voting opens again, mark Yamatai's vote as 'No'."


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The above post is pending a edit. KFY was being removed but KZ (it's parent corporation) being added as it was never classed as a Major Corp.


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Flopping heavily back into her seat and unbuttoning her pinstriped suit-jacket to reveal the front of her silken blouse, Takagawa of Koukotsu inhaled deeply as one hand limply danced on a datapad.

"I have objections but, as usual, they are not the same objections others carry. The solution to the objectors' problems, Senators, is simple. Reduction of scope. One reason I became a Senator was, as I would read the news, I saw bills fail for single clauses when the rest of the bill died and was never addressed, though it otherwise comprised legislation sorely needed." She tapped a few times at something volumetric that was projected above the pad. "I already have a provisional amendement second part for consideration during this adjournment." Hitomi paused for a moment before pressing 'send' on the datapad.

"Which, I must reiterate, I moved to adjourn to keep this bill from dying completely, just as I did with 116, not to kill it." Then she looked squarely at Katsuko's projection. "I must remind the Premier, Senator Hanako, and Senator Iemochi, that the Premier's Yugumo Corporation does indeed use Yarvex, a restricted material, in its civilian ship hulls, and the sole reason it may do so is the trust it gained by being an associated contributor under SAMIC to the Star Army's military efforts, albeit as an adjunct to Ketsurui Zaibatsu and as a former subsidiary of NovaCorp as MFY and thus Tamahagane Corporation. Being granted such a chance assuredly altered the fortunes of the company for the better, and undoubtedly that chance saved the lives of many aboard one of those ships more than once. Other companies, and the citizens who rely on their services and products, should be able to get this chance. With that in mind my amendment will include a formal resolution urging the Star Army to clarify its procedures to apply for acceptance into SAMIC, even those which do not produce war materiel– armies require more than weapons to run, after all. We need to make sure others have their fair shot, no matter what they make."

Hitomi then turned her eyes on Mochi, with a mischievous smirk on her face: "I will not, however, speculate on what Iemochi Adult Entertainment would do with access to Yarvex Foam." Pausing a beat for transition she then continued, "However, I also postulate that it is likely that the Senate deciding whether or not to allow militarily restricted products for civilian purposes does indeed constitute infringement on the Star Army's functions and responsibilities, despite the Senator's insistence to the contrary, as there is no other reason for the restriction of a material. Deciding when, where, and by whom those materials are used, whether for or outside of military purposes, is well within the mandate of the Star Army to protect and defend the Empire."

Hitomi then turned to address the Senate as a whole. "It seems that other than some unfortunate wording on section two, it is really only section four that is the primary seed of these objections, ne? Please consider this during the adjournment."

The preamble includes mention of Military Centralization Act of YE 28 as relevant prior legislation as follows:
  1. To clarify on the Corporate Support Act of YE 23, Military Centralization Act of YE 28, and Star Army Military Industrial Complex.

Sections 2 and 3 are removed and replaced with the following:
2) All prior designations of Major Corporations in the Corporate Support Act of YE 23 and Military Centralization Act of YE 28, as well the means of adding and removing entities from that list are now superseded by the functioning of the Star Army Military Industrial Complex, and inclusion therein fulfills all requirements to be a Major Corporation as defined in those Acts.

Section 4 is removed.

Section 5 is replaced as follows:
3) The Senate formally resolves to insist the Star Army do its utmost to make accessible the procedures for becoming an authorized restricted materials manufacturer as a member of the Star Army Military Industrial Complex to all Yamataian entities, that it have a means of adjudicating such for entities who solely produce non-military applications of restricted technologies, and that its criteria for acceptance are clear, unbiased, and fair, and not overly restrictive that would be against the spirit this legislation.
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Some time after leaving the senate session, Pierre sat with their hooves perched in their chair in their commandeered office as they began drafting a message. Senator Iemochi had been right in more ways than he realized. Since time immemorial, military advancements had trickled down to help civilian populations and spurred on further innovation in new directions for the populous. Beyond that, those innovations often spurred new military innovation. They grabbed a peach shaped stress ball off their desk and began squeezing. If the damn Star Army didn’t want to be outmatched by civvies, Pierre had a simple suggestion, Get good. This protectionist crap is shooting us in the butt in the long run.

If the NGFP was to get off the ground, they’d have to look outside of the usual suspects. Ketsurui had done a fine job on the Mamushi, but they just didn’t have the ordinance to make the most of it. Pierre entertained a grim daydream about their time as a platoon leader, imagining calling in a CAS mission only for fleet to drop one of those Strategic Aether Bombs and atomizing the entire battalion. Osman had the munitions to actually make the NGFP a terror on the battle field. There were reports that the Azalea II would be testing some OHI munitions on their Mamushis. Pierre wanted to see that in action.
A pair of ideas that had been bouncing around just below their antlers finally took shape. First a quick message to Shosa Haas: a request to ship out with the Azalea’s crew as an observer and permission to befriend Senator Iemochi, as one officer to another, obviously. When Pierre’s terminal pinged a response, the faun began drafting a SYNC to Taii Imoechi.