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OOC SINS of Anisa - Official OOC


FM of Nepleslia
At the time of posting, the OOC is currently in the normal boards. Because of this, please respect site rules and the age barrier =3=/ this thread, however, will be reserved for the OOC discussion, memery, and more surrounding SINS of Anisa.

@SirSPT @Ametheliana and @raz can EAT MY SHORTS and this notification :L and I look forward to anyone else who signs up as I push the recruiting in the coming days.


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I'm strongly considering this as I have a character in the works that can easily be molded for SAINT Ops. Specifically the kind you're planning on running. So let this be my interest check.
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FM of Nepleslia
So, I believe I've now got @SirSPT @WolfsGhost and @Speeder01 on-board for some SAINT adventures, which does bring me to the minimum number I needed/set as a requirement to launching the plot. I know there's also some SAINT members without homes, so I encourage any of you to consider SINS of Anisa. I'll need to handle going through characters and making sure the ranks all check out (there's really anyone allowed as long as they're under a specific rank AFAIK from my talks with SAINT specialists). I'll likely be getting the wiki for the plot page up, followed by Part 2 of the "intro thread", and then the GMPC duo up before I start directly doing approvals. While it sounds like a lot, this is actually pretty basic in scale of my other threads.

So please, start preparing your ideas. There's an interest check to better guide you, but you can contact me directly to ask for more info =3=/ (the Interest check = )


FM of Nepleslia
Update; Plot Page is now launched.

Hoping to catch some of ya soon and start getting things ready so we can push into our first thread. I will also be providing a follow-up post soon, as I left the start thread on a cliff-hanger rather intentionally to base it off the pass/fail status of the plot. If you haven't, I encourage you to read the first part and try to get yer hypes up... or at least learn some about the mysteries SHIBUI MAME, THE BEAN CHUSA and her accompanying companion Baku. These two will be GM tools, but I want to make them colorful enough that while they appear sparingly/over comms, people feel a connection to them and understand the plot is about the entire form of SAINT, not just SINs... which is weird, given the name... but I guess it's because we just play as SIN agents, rather than it was intended to ONLY be one part of SAINT. So yeah.


That's all, really. Start making memes quick.​


FM of Nepleslia
I guess I went and did part 2 but forgot to share it. Here all u Anisa buds go. Going to be reaching out further, trying to start locking in the intro JPs and/or assisting in character transferal/approval, in the next week or two. I will be absent on Friday/potentially Saturday, as I got to get the 3rd Doggo of the House, but beyond that I hope to start hearin' from the people who had put their name in the basket for the plot.


FM of Nepleslia
Idol list so far:
  • Takaki Iki (Speeder) - The nerdy, but charming idol; she uses her brain and guile to seduce the hearts of her audience and fans!
  • Ida Yoshimi (SirSPT) - The tough delinquent idol with a penchant for guns and weapons; she's tough on the inside and cute on the outside!
  • Yuki Watanabe (SirSkully) - The cutesy, fun loving idol with a heart of gold; she's fiercely loyal and protective of her fellow idols while just wanting everyone to get along!
  • ??? (Noodlewerfer) - The robot-impersonating idol; she's totally a robot and you'll have to accept that!
  • Yamasuri Himiko (SageShooter) - The rough tomboy sports star that seems gifted athletically; She can get along like one of the guys, but dies to be seen as a girly girl, yet always seems embarrassed when given the chance.
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Character name: Yamasuri Himiko

Idol type : the Tomboy sports star that seems to be giftes athletically. She can get along like one of the guys, but dies to be seen as a girly girl, yet always seems embarassed when given the chance.
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